Bliss Babe January/February 2017

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VINO wan·der·lust a strong desire to travel


T MARTIN CODY President and Founder of Cellar Angels, a leading direct-to-consumer company which also allows every customer to select a charity during their transaction and Cellar Angels donates proceeds from the transaction to the charity



here’s a magic in travel which, when allowed, takes hold of your soul and transports you into a shared space with nature. Be it the rhythmic sight and sound of rolling surf upon the sand or the mesmerizing swaying of grapevines in the breeze, travel is indeed magical. When we put down the smartphones and get more in the moment, we experience more and our lives are fuller as a result. Here’s an excursion to help welcome you to the Cellar Angels’ inner world of wine wanderlust. It matters little how you enter Sonoma County; from the north or south the main thoroughfare is U.S. Highway 101. What matters is getting there and getting off the beaten path. Sonoma County is large-

nearly twice the size of Napa County-and has the Pacific Ocean as its entire western border. The topography and landscape, like the 400-plus wineries calling Sonoma County home, are varied, eye-catching and, yes, magical. Nearly dissecting the county is the 101, and there are a great many starting points all along the highway for your daytime Zen pursuit. A Cellar Angels’ favorite is the town of Healdsburg. One could easily vacation within the town of Healdsburg for a week, never dine at the same location twice, taste exceptional wines at dozens of tasting rooms within walking distance, and have a vacation of a lifetime. However, it’s what resides just outside the town’s limits that will have you smiling from within. Sonoma’s rustic and laid-back style is evident five