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By: Meghan Ochs Photos: Cool Haus, Bliss Pops, Atalantis Gelato, Rolled Mountain Creamery.




eghan Ochs is passionate about many things - animals, skiing, fitness, travel, the outdoors, coffee, and good food. Her friends and family too. The order of these interests depends on the day. In between all of these things she occasionally finds time to put her thoughts to paper. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. I’ve always loved this acronym as it has become a recurrent theme in my life. Recently, in an attempt to satisfy my sweet tooth, my taste buds and I toured Reno. I had an epiphany when I realized this well-known phrase also applies to my favorite frozen desserts. I started my tour of locally made and handcrafted summer treats at a place that may surprise many people - the Atlantis Resort and Casino. Here, 40-50 tubs of gelato are made daily for their cafes and restaurants. The flavors are incredibly unique; Cactus Flower, Funky Monkey, and Almond Joy among others. All of the ingredients are always fresh. This was immediately evident. The Pistachio flavor tasted like fresh nuts right out of the bag and the Peach was incredibly smooth and light with little peach pieces in it. Those early mornings spent by the Atlantis staff making fresh gelato have paid off. The first stop was a success and my taste buds were pleased. My second stop was a smaller, lesser known venue in Reno. However after meeting Dillon Vance, the young entrepreneur behind Rolled Mountain Creamery, and trying his delicious ice cream rolls, I imagine this will not be the case for long. Dillon discovered the technique for making his ice cream rolls while serving abroad in the Marine Corps. He wanted to bring this unique way of serving ice cream to northern Nevada. Despite being a new business, he has achieved great success. The instant popularity of Rolled Mountain Creamery is likely due to his obvious passion for the process, attention to detail, and the quality of the ingredients. There are already two Rolled Mountain Creamery locations in Reno. Both have two machines, an abundance of flavor options, and of course they make their ice cream with the good stuff: real vanilla bean, real sugar, and heavy cream. Be sure to go at least once, and don’t forget your chopsticks! Next up was Simple Ice Cream Sandwiches in Midtown, Reno. Hoch Family Creamery in Minden, NV supplies the cream for what may have been the best and most unique ice cream sandwich I’ve ever had. The blueberry ice cream was so creamy it tasted like muffin batter. The icing on the proverbial cake was




that it was sandwiched between a Doughboys Donut. Simple Ice Cream Sandwiches has partnered with local bakery Doughboys Donuts to provide what may be the sweetest partnership in all of Reno. For only $4 per sandwich, I can’t wait to go back and try them all! Finally, I stopped by IceCycle Creamery. IceCycle also has two locations in Reno and officially began their business in 2014. The flavors in this creamery are as unique as the story of the creamery itself. The original store front was a bicycle with a freezer on the back. Thus, the name “IceCycle” was born. Innovative flavors include, but are certainly not limited to, Chocolate Salted Lavender, Fried Chicken and Waffle Cones, Earl Grey, and Maple Bacon. The shops’ owners are proud Nevada natives so fellow Nevadans will love the hometown feel and pride of an ice cream shop with a Home Means Nevada flavor. I have often wished I was a Nevada native, and the fresh sage and pinenuts in this flavor made me wish this once more. Regardless of my heritage, I will be back and will most likely be on my bike. Cool Haus Ice Cream Sandwiches and Bliss Pops are two companies also in the frozen treats market. Neither have a retail store in Reno but both have regional ties. Cool Haus with headquarters located in Culver City, CA, is sold in local grocery stores and has one of the most creative business stories I have ever heard. Try one of their sandwiches and as a bonus, you will learn something cool about architecture. Bliss Pops is an exceptional popsicle company, in the heart of San Francisco, that is striving to take a more natural, healthier approach to the classic popsicle by using fresh ingredients and adding a Mexican twist. Bliss Pops are the best way to feel satisfied and healthy after eating a popsicle., As Leonardo DaVinci said, “Simplicity is sophistication.” As it turns out, simplicity is also fresh, local, and handmade. The results are some incredibly delicious ice cream and gelato. For those of us lucky enough to live locally, it gives us the chance to get some incredibly delicious ice cream. I’ll take a KISS for that!

Bliss Babe July/August 2017  
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