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COLIN'S CORNER by Colin Smith


by Angela Ramirez





by Robin Mercer

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by Maya Reyes Klein



by Kylie Rowe

12 CLAUDIA GESTRO by Tim Forkes


by Mena Spodobalski




By Emily Reese

by Jackie Peacock

17 TAKING ROSÉ SERIOUSLY by Michael Christian






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by Ashley Brune with The Biggest Little Group

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by Ashley Brune with The Biggest Little Group

by Britton Douglass

WINE SECTION: 30 Bliss Babe explores

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by Ryan Coulter

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with Nello Olivo aka “The Grapefather” by Meg Steinitz

by Melissa Castalady



WELCOME to Bliss Babe Magazine! If you’re just joining us, you’re in for an incredible journey! July and August in Northern Nevada are literally buzzing with excitement from Burning Man to Hot August Nights, and Artown to The Great Reno Balloon Races. If you can’t find anything to do, well then, you’re doing it wrong! Check out our calendar of events on Page 41 and be sure not to miss the latest and the greatest in the Biggest Little City. We have so many exciting things to share with you. They include our dearest Mayor Hillary Schieve, Colin Smith from Roundabout Grille, Bliss Babe Adventures in Wine Country, Clayton Beck Creative and upcoming sports journalist Claudia Gestro! We want to send out a special thanks to our new contributors that include the KPS3, Clayton Beck Creative, The Bauserman Group, Minor O’Hara Advertising, Design on the Edge, The Abbi Agency, The Biggest Little Group, El Dorado County, Tim Forkes from the LA Post Examiner, Britton Douglas, Kylie Rowe, Tony Spiker and many more! Most importantly, a big THANK YOU to our dedicated readers. We look forward to providing you with exciting articles and features about women who are making a huge impact in the Nevada and Northern California, area as well as the most influential women nationwide. We welcome Burners from all over the world to the Biggest Little City, and before you head out to the Playa for Burning Man, be sure to check out some of these hot spots to prepare you for the dust and your entry back into the default world: RAWBRY in the Basement, Spavia, Jungle Vino, Hello Yoga, Dorinda’s Chocolate, Tahoe Paddle & Oar, Bff Cafe, and Fine Vines, to name a few! So hang with the Bliss Babes and we’ll get you through the dog days of summer! Bliss Babe magazine is a women’s beauty, fitness and lifestyle multi-platform publication, which empowers women to be their best at any level, age, orientation and life stage. Our goal is to assist women to fulfill their desire and passion, giving women the opportunity and tools to live a life full of purpose while becoming physically and mentally fit. Through the use of captivating editorial content, stunning photography, riveting videos, published across various mediums including: social-media, mobile, email, print, website, Bliss Babe will serve its readership in the Nevada and Northern California area with the latest fitness and fashion-forward trends, technology, health advances, beauty, spiritual growth, personal development, and various other tools and services to help women become their best. Bliss Babe’s intention is to encourage its readers to share their story and experiences so we can all learn, grow and build a thriving network of women who want to support one another, from the Battle Born State to the far ends of the earth. Wherever you are at this very moment reading Bliss Babe, we wish you an amazing journey filled with many miracles and blessings. Never stop believing in yourself! Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Remembered! Yours Truly, Leslie McCarroll

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by Tony Spiker Models: April Earl & Mena Spodobalski Clothing Provided by: Hello Yoga

by Yvette Auger



Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve


ON THE COVER: Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve Hair and Makeup by: Tres M Benzley of Caliber Hair and Makeup Studio Photo of Hillary Schieve by Alicia Santistevan

Claudia Gestro

At The Top Of Her Game!


Roundabout Grille

BLISS BABE explore El Dorado Wine County


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Photo of Claudia Gestro by Antione Verglas

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I’m thrilled to be part of Bliss Babe Magazine writing about FOOD! Introducing Roundabout Grill to our community is a great milestone for me and my wife, MaryBeth. Many of you remember our restaurant, Roundabout Bistro in Somersett, or have been a client of ours through our Roundabout Catering business. But nothing makes me more excited than to be back in a restaurant – this time in the beautiful space at the Whitney Peak Hotel – reuniting and reconnecting with our local customers and friends that we’ve come to know over the years. By: Dorinda Vance When thinking of art, images that come to mind are of wooden paintbrushes, paint-splattered smocks and a fresh blend of delicate colors drying in the corner. If you ever peek through the kitchen window of Dorinda’s Chocolates, you are guaranteed to see the same tools. One look, and you will realize that their craft is truly an art. A tasty, tasty art.

Dorinda's Chocolates offers wine by the glass and by the flight. Enjoy these fine wines individually or pair them with some of our award winning pieces! Glasses, flights and pairings are available any day of the week during store hours from 10am -7pm ALSO, every Friday night from 5-7pm experience wine and chocolate pairing events

We Ship Nationwide • 775-432-2024 • RENO HEADQUARTERS

775 Riverside Dr. Reno, NV 89503


SQUAW VALLEY 1960 Squaw Valley Rd. Olympic Vallley, CA 96146


NORTHSTAR 5001 Northstar Dr. Truckee, CA 96161

Whether it’s a custom piece created for a business, a seasonal piece that doubles as a centerpiece for a family dinner, or a creative way to propose to that special someone, nothing is beyond the skills of Dorinda’s Chocolatiers. If you ask any of these artisans, they will tell you that the first step of tempering chocolate is an art in and of itself and is the most important step in any creation. Tempering is the process of heating and cooling chocolate before you use it to shape and mold. Proper tempering gives your chocolate the opportunity to fully set and gives it a lovely snap! It even keeps your chocolate from sticking to any mold you may be using. The chocolatiers at Dorinda’s Chocolates use the delicate process of hand tempering. Once complete, a multitude of delightful confections can be created. Chocolate Covered Cherries are just one of the many pieces that are hand-rolled in our quaint Reno kitchen. Other hand-rolled pieces include the Naked Line,

like Naked Raspberry, Naked Hub Espresso and the Naked 70. Different from rolling, but no less rare, are the hand-dipped pieces that Dorinda’s offers. Award Winning Sea Salt Caramel, DoriO’s and Chocolate Dipped Pretzels are dipped by hand. Handcrafting is known to be a dying art in the chocolate industry but Dorinda’s Chocolates is not ready to give up on the original techniques. Exclusively available at Dorinda’s Chocolates for the state of Nevada, is Rolled Ice-Cream. A custom base, customer selected ingredients, a lot of skill and even more noise combine to create this exciting technique. As the base cools it is spread into a thin sheet and rolled into a final product as artful as any chocolates you can find. Art is great to look at, but some art can be eaten! Each step taken to handcraft the perfect chocolate takes time, patience, skill and the will power not to eat your work. So, the next time you find yourself in Dorinda’s Chocolates, enjoy a feast for your eyes!

Photo by: Debbie McCarthy


The Essence of Roundabout Grill

My Creative and Business Style

When our guests visit Roundabout Grill, I want them to simply enjoy tasty, straightforward, delicious food. Nothing complicated. Nothing you cannot understand. I want the food to give you a big hug when you experience it. Our goal is to deliver comfort food, with a little bit of a twist, at a value to our guests. I don’t want pretense or 30,000 verbs in a menu description. I just want a place that our guests will enjoy, relax, relate and feel comfortable. If you’ve visited the space before, we intend to create more intimate areas and develop more warmth, so you feel more comfortable. We’ll still maintain a superb bar and experiment with some fun menu items, but everything is intended to be approachable, relatable and consistent. I want people to feel like they’re walking away with a full tummy at a good value, keeping things relatively simple and clean in our approach, to enable our guests to have a wonderful time when dining with us.

I’m often asked what my style is. I love being creative and innovative, but I think what’s most important is working with great ingredients and developing a sense of a family-oriented culture in our evolving downtown neighborhood. Everything in food is coming back to being value-driven and high quality. We take a lot of pride in being a family-owned business with team members that have been with us for years. We feel it is necessary to maintain that culture and sensibility as we grow. I’m lucky because my wife, MaryBeth, is the brains and I am the creative brawn. She has been integral in implementing and maintaining these values in our business. She has five kids so she knows a lot about family, but she knows a heck of a lot about business, too. These values are going to shine through in everything we do.

The Deets I want our community to know that Whitney Peak Hotel offers free valet parking for Roundabout Grill guests. There is also free validated parking in the parking lot across the street (the blue one with the beautiful murals on it). I also want our guests to know that we offer a killer Happy Hour from Monday-Friday between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., as well as a beautiful Sunday brunch. We look forward to seeing you and getting to know you!




Maya's Easy and Fun Guide to Summer Fitness

By: Richard Jay



inding motivation to get in shape for summer is difficult. Going on a laborious, sweaty run in the middle of the summer is something most of us dread. Simply looking at Fitspo, Instagram or Pinterest is not always going to give you the inspiration you need to actually follow through. So how can you keep yourself motivated to be healthy and fit over the summer? Take a look at some of these tips. They might be just what you need to get moving! ◆ Get a good pair of running shoes! These shoes are going to be your new best friends, and they need to be perfect for you, regardless of what kind of exercise you may be doing. Make sure they fit and are something you’d be okay with wearing, even when you’re not working out.

◆ Get a workout buddy! Find someone who will keep you focused on your goals to eat healthier and stay active. Partner workouts can be fun and are rewarding when you get to experience them with someone else! ◆ Get a schedule! Making a schedule for workouts can help you stay organized with your fitness, especially on days where you need extra motivation. Making a list of what exercises you will do on specific days will help you see progress and keep you going! ◆ Get motivated by starting off slowly! Enjoy the outdoors. Exercise can include starting off with walking around the neighborhood with your workout buddy. Being outside and moving burns calories and will make you feel great about your fitness.

Maya is a sophomore at Damonte Ranch High School who spends her free time playing violin, running cross country, playing lacrosse and when she's not waiting impatiently for Finding Dory to come out, she's fostering kittens for the Nevada Humane Society.

photos by: Lauren Klein

MOM SENSE | A Personal Style Diary Dressing a tween is not particularly easy.

By: Robin Mercer, a stay-athome mother of a kindergartner and a tween, as well as 6 four-legged critters that reside at her home. She is inspired by anything that makes daily life easier, meaningful and fun. 8


These budding fashionistas are in the know about the latest styles, enjoy keeping up with fashion trends, and abhor the idea of making a fashion faux pas among their peers. As a parent, you want your child to feel comfortable and confident around their friends while understanding the issue of age appropriate clothing; that is, appearing cool without sending the wrong message of being too “hot”. Added to the challenge of finding clothing that both tweens and parents can agree upon is staying within a budget to not break the family bank. As if these issues weren’t frustrating enough, finding clothing in the proper size for these growing, maturing kids only gets harder as tweens develop. Many clothing stores, that up to this point were the cornerstone of your child’s closet, cease carrying anything after size 12, and while larger stores do offer junior sections, not all parents are fans of the tumultuous dressing room discussions that can ensue.

With 1 in 3 Washoe County schools at 30 or more years since their construction or major renovation, the need for proper funding is clear. A total of $781 million in construction and repairs is needed throughout the district to remove asbestos, fix leaking roofs, replace failing ventilation, and alleviate overcrowding. Beyond the critical infrastructure needs schools face, many—including our newer schools—are severely overcrowded. Twenty percent of Washoe schools are operating significantly over capacity, leaving them with no other option than to create makeshift classrooms. Brown Elementary is just one example: there are six modulars on the playground and plans for more; the computer lab has been moved to center court to

allow for an additional kindergarten room; and the GT kids meet in a cordoned off hallway. We need 16 new schools by 2022. Without them, double sessions in classrooms, that are in need of repairs, are the reality for students.

THE BOTTOM LINE: OUR KIDS DESERVE BETTER. The Washoe County School District is planning for both, and WC-1 will be the solution to keep double sessions from happening. THE SOLUTION: How will WC-1 work? With an increase in the county sales tax of 0.54%, a long-term funding solution to address the infrastructure needs of schools will

be created. All of the money from this increase would be dedicated only to capital expenditures, and cannot not be spent on anything else, per Nevada law. The 0.54% increase would capture transactions from tourists, new businesses, and residents of Washoe County, making it truly a shared responsibility. The planning and decisionmaking will not just be a school district effort. The Community Oversight Committee, set up through Nevada law of community members and stakeholders, will provide accountability for the capital monies raised and aid our district in making fiscally responsible decisions. Educational infrastructure affects us all, and the Community Oversight Committee gives the proper answerability that our governing bodies need.

For further information and to join the Coalition of SOSWashoe and WC-1 Business Advisory Council, contact Richard Jay at or 775-232-7466.

WC-1 is about our students and the future of our community. Vote YES on WC-1 in November.

WHERE'S A TWEEN PARENT TO TURN? The answer: THE INTERNET Some parents find shopping online for their tween to be easier thanks to the three P’s PREVIEW: Parents can preview the site and place approved styles into the site’s shopping cart to peruse with their young adult together. PRICE: In addition to control over the style of clothing, parents can make decisions regarding the price of items, ensuring they stay within the family budget. PATIENCE: Should discussions between parent and child get heated, it's much easier to take a break while keeping items in a virtual shopping cart and return to them later. When shopping with your tween, remember to encourage your child to have fun while expressing themselves, yet still remaining true to who they are. Accessories are a great way to do this without spending too much money on trends that might go out of style. This also might be a good opportunity to introduce the responsibility of buying and taking care of their clothing by asking your tween to contribute a portion of their allowance, babysitting, or lawn mowing money towards the purchase. With these tips, and the suggested internet sites listed below, you can create the perfect style for your tween!

䰀䔀䄀嘀䔀 夀伀唀刀 倀䄀匀吀 䤀一 吀䠀䔀 倀䄀匀吀 圀圀圀⸀䔀嘀伀䬀䔀䘀䤀吀⸀䌀伀䴀      ⠀㜀㜀㔀⤀ 㠀㈀㜀ⴀ㄀㤀㤀㔀     㠀㤀㔀 䔀⸀ 倀䄀吀刀䤀伀吀 䈀䰀嘀䐀  簀  刀䔀一伀 㠀㤀㔀㄀㄀



The Buzz with

Having been coined the Downtown Darling, because of how much time I spend near Reno’s iconic neon arches, it is rare that anyone sees me too far away from my hive and buzzing around other areas of our city. Usually, I am too bee’sy. However, even a Queen Bee needs to explore to see all of the incredible buzz around town beyond my favorite hives. Our town is changing into a swarm of economic development, marvelous marketplaces and vibrant national news. While flying around to check out what all this Reno buzz was about, I landed in Midtown for lunch. I would like to take a moment to clap my wings in applause for of group the business owners that have made the Midtown District flourish. Founding female entrepreneurs Mayor Hillary Schieve and Jessica Schnieder had a vision for this area and they were right in seeing it as an upcoming collaboration of new food tastes, breweries and a much-needed local retail center. The original vision continues to grow and this District’s latest commercial, dining, and retail draw is The Sticks, developed by some of my favorite local minds, Bernie & Tim Carter of the Carter Brothers. This modern marketplace is the new hive for Two Chicks, The Mustard Seed, HelloYoga and Fountain of Youth. Midtown continues to establish itself as a cultural staple and buzz-worthy spot with its eclectic feel and home-grown flavors, all while enhancing Reno’s urban and financial attributes. I lift a honey glass in tribute to you, Midtown District, and to each of you worker bees making our area a better place to dine, dish, sip, shop, and live. I am proud to be a part of the Biggest Little City!

Photo credit by Theresa Danna Douglas


Bees ness (New Business and/or milestones for companies)


Kylie Rowe is the Vice President of Relocation and Agent Services at Dickson Realty. She is an advisor to the Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship and a two-time University alumna with plans to complete a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2017. Every year, The College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno organizes the $50,000 Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition. This year, not one woman was on a team that made it to the finals. We found this to be a major issue because it's not reflective of our community. There are plenty of female entrepreneurs and women involved and highly engaged in our entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a way to engage more young women in entrepreneurial activities, the Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship decided to launch a women's initiative. With the help of an excellent team and a $10,000 gift from U.S. Bank, we hosted an evening with over 100 women. It's the start of something big, bringing University student leaders and women in business from the community together for the first time. We hosted an event catered completely by female founded businesses, including The Cheese Board, RAWBRY and Sugar Love. I was the emcee for the evening, announcing the Ozmen Center's intent to build awareness through a video project that highlights female achievements in entrepreneurship, provide support for a newly formed student club on campus that addresses professional women's issues, and integrate strategies for greater inclusivity into entrepreneurial activities. Before the introduction of Reno Mayor Hillary Shieve, I shared how inspired I was to see the face of a beautiful, blonde businesswoman



all over yard signs indicating her run for Reno City Council At-Large. Now as Reno's Mayor and the owner of two small businesses in the city of Reno Clothes Mentor and Plato's Closet–she is the epitome of a role model for an aspiring, civic-minded, female entrepreneur. We were honored that the Mayor joined us for the event and officially proclaimed May 26, 2016, as a day for Women in Business and Entrepreneurship. For the next portion of the event, our entrepreneurial spirits emerged. Women were divided into groups to brainstorm then pitch a specific strategy, project or program that the Ozmen Center could implement to benefit our students and Reno at-large. Many of the ideas involved developing mentoring relationships among women in college and women in the community, and there were discussions around establishing funds to specifically invest in women. At the close of the program, we encouraged women to continue the conversation by signing up to participate as a student or community member in the new club addressing professional women's issues, and female business owners and entrepreneurs were invited to join our video project. Media and event participants shared incredibly positive feedback and are already seeking ways to harness this momentum for bigger and better ways to increase young women's participation in business and entrepreneurship. Join the Project | #wmn4ent | Ozmen Center

Sticks Sketch-Up: Sticks Facebook Page | @KyRoBiz

The Riverwalk District is used to laying down a welcome mat to new businesses, social ventures, community events and civic collaborations. The Riverwalk was proud to put StartUp Row, Dine District and Arts & Culture campaigns on their map. It hosts the international entrepreneurship House of Genius sessions and even has Reno’s first Parklet within its boundaries. This District dedicates themselves to supporting merchants and business owners beginning their commercial journeys. Nellie Davis, owner of Outsiders Salon, has shown herself as an exemplary example in assisting others getting started, like Grace Lee, owner of Natural Warrior Tea. These two ‘boss babes’ are joining together to host a Tea Tasting in the Our Alley Parklet next to Arlington Towers in Roff Way. Commerce combinations like this give me entrepreneurial goosebumps. I can’t wait to have high tea with these two business women; they know that you get more buzz with a little honey. •

After winning the Reno City Council’s Sharktank, Mt. Rose Elementary School students are moving forward with their pitch to bring honey bees to our Reno area for an urban gardening campaign. With the help of Mayor Hillary Schieve, Councilwoman Naomi Duerr, myself, and some downtown property owners, we are working to make their pitch a reality. The concept is to install bee hives on top of high rise tower properties downtown, where there are gardens, to help our region’s ecosystem and metropolitan landscape. This campaign derived from two brilliant young ladies has been used by Hyatt’s around the world, just over the hill in San Fransisco, and will be implemented this Fall. Stay tuned and close to this Queen B to learn where you can hear these actual bees buzzing, and even grab your own jar of locally grown and created honey.

There is nothing hotter than a summer romance mixed with sultry economic development. Oh, you think it is just me that flutters my wings at this passionate combination? Soon you will get to see this coupling too, as we watch the University of Nevada (UNR) and The City of Reno continue to make progress to becoming a college town by working together. Beginning this spring these two power houses started their first action of making a connection corridor, a reality. Reno City Council approved the Gateway District plan; this plan is an update of UNR’s master plan which is in part dedicated to tying their student base to the downtown area in a safe, sustainable, and positive route for students and families. They will be able to utilize and travel between the campus and attributes of downtown, like Aces Ballpark, the Arch District and the museums in the Liberty District. The pairing of the two will be a beautiful relationship, and I will continue to expand the hive that love to live in and buzz about.



Parklet Photo: Matt McIver

By Britton Douglass



ll sporting events on television have multiple cameras, with operators, assistant cameramen and television talent. Then there are dozens of people working in the satellite trucks that deal with audio, video, graphics, producer of the script and employees who do errands during production. What is rare is a sports journalist who does everything alone: The script, camera, audio, interviews and press conferences — especially if that reporter is a woman. From the first moment she stepped onto the basketball courts and baseball fields as a reporter, Claudia Gestro impressed many with her talent to do more than three jobs at the same time. She doesn’t have any assistants or producers to help get interviews or with the production. She takes care of her clothing, hair and makeup herself. Plus, she carries everything from stadium to stadium, arena to arena. “When I decided to start this career I did not know how to use a camera. I went to journalism school, but they never taught us how to use a camera. I started on the radio,” she said when asked about her beginnings as a sports journalist. Claudia began her television career when she lost her job at a radio station. “The Lakers were the first team that I started covering when I was at Sirius XM 569. At that time, it was a dream come true. I was a fan all my life until I became part of the media.” She then worked for a Spanish language station, covering the Dodgers. When the station changed its programming, Claudia scrambled to find another media outlet and found an international outlet in Venezuela. “With all the political problems that were going on, they needed someone here in the United States to cover the games.” Once the baseball post season was over, the Venezuelan station asked

NELSON RAMÓN CRUZ MARTÍNEZ SR. is a Dominican professional baseball right fielder and designated hitter for the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball. He has also played in MLB for the Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Rangers, and Baltimore Orioles.

Left Page, Photo by Malachi Bañales Right Page, Photos by Antoine Verglas 12




Claudia to be their U.S. contact. As a result Claudia covers all the major U.S. sports. “I have a lot of passion and I never want to stop. Even though there are times I ran out of energy, I never cease to finish my project. There are days when traveling, I slept in airports when I had to cover the Super Bowl, World Series, the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Final, but I like it. ” Claudia does find time in her schedule for herself. She gets up early in the morning to do her regular workout routine plus makes her own meals daily, which are healthy. “It can be difficult sometimes with all the running around but is worth it to do it. When I started this business I gained 15 pounds by eating junk food in the press boxes. I finally had to stop and started a new diet and lost 15 pounds in 20 days. I was very strict with myself but once I lost the weight, I felt so much better,” she said.

Claudia was born in Peru. At an early age her mother

immigrated to Miami, Florida, so Claudia was raised by her grandmother. When Claudia was 13 she moved to Miami to be with her mother and began to attend school and learn English. After graduating from high school, where she played basketball, Claudia studied at Florida International University and earned a degree in journalism. While attending college she became a Hooters girl, a job that paid her college expenses and opened some doors in modeling. Claudia became so popular as a model that she produced her own calendar for 2013, featuring swimwear designs made by her. Along with all these talents, Claudia likes to sing. She recorded her first album Dormido, dedicated to her grandmother who passed away a year after Claudia moved to Miami. In 2008, Claudia packed her car with all of her belongings, her two dogs and moved to Oceanside, California, to work at the local Hooters there. Once the opportunity to move to Los Angeles was opened, she did not think twice. It wasn’t easy. “Obviously, with social media nowadays, people can find you so quickly [and] put you in a category. When I started nobody knew me and only because they saw a pretty face, or just my modeling career, they assumed that I was not smart.” In less than a year, she began doing video sports reports in English for the Los Angeles Post-Examiner. She also produced her first reality show “Reality Press Box.” She has traveled to Australia, Canada, and across the United States — and she does everything alone. Claudia’s philosophy was “Do it yourself" when she started her career. She just decided to go ahead and do it. “When I was modeling I made a lot of money. Once I changed my career, my life changed. I had to start all over again. It was a struggle but I adapted. I love what I do, and I don’t do it for money.” Photo by Malachi Bañales TIM FORKES started as a writer on a small alternative newspaper in Milwaukee called the Crazy Shepherd. Writing about entertainment, he had the opportunity to speak with many people in show business, from the very famous to the people struggling to find an audience. In 1992 Tim moved to San Diego, CA and pursued other interests, but remained a freelance writer. As a Marine Corps veteran, Tim has a great interest in veteran affairs, primarily as they relate to the men and women serving and their families. Along with an interest in people adjusting to and making a difference in the new millennium.



By: Mena Spodobalski Summer is here, and along with it comes road trips, more time outdoors, and lots of amazing traveling. All of that can take a bit of a toll on your exercise regime, but it doesn't have to mean missed workouts because you can’t get to a gym. I love to carry a jumprope and an exercise band with me on va-

cations, but if I don't have those handy, there are so many great and basic exercises you can do anywhere. Whether you have equipment or not, you are sure to love the workout I have put together for you, and the best part is that it can be done anywhere! All you will need is a towel, a timer, and water!

You will do all the exercises at your maximum heart rate for 20 seconds. That's it! 20 seconds of work, with 10 seconds of rest. You can do anything for 20 seconds, so give it all you've got! You will have your total workout done in less than 20 minutes. How is that for a quick and effective fat burning workout on the go? Jumping jacks 20 seconds Rest 10 seconds Push ups 20 seconds Rest 10 seconds Do 4x

Squats Rest Jump lunges Rest Do 4x

20 seconds 10 seconds 20 seconds 10 second

Plank Rest Bicycle abs Rest Do 4x

20 second 10 seconds 20 seconds 10 seconds

Burpess 20 sseconds Rest 10 seconds Plank up downs 20 seconds (in a push up position, alternate dropping to your elbows and back up, repeat)

Rest Do 4x

10 seconds

That's it! You are done! Make sure to start hydrated with this great water treat that will have your whole family enjoying water—not soda and sugary sports drinks! In a pitcher add 1 liter of water with 1 cup raspberries, handful fresh mint leaves and 1 lemon (sliced). Let sit overnight in fridge. The longer it sits, the better the flavors blend. This combo is delicious and refreshing! Feel free to experiment, try out other fruits, and find the flavors you love!

The Chocolate Walrus and Sierra Nevada Chocolates By: Emily Reese is one of the original Queens of Midtown. After leaving her career of law enforcement due to a life-altering injury, she followed her intuition, purchased the Chocolate Walrus, and became an empowered small business owner. She has grown her business into two burgeoning establishments of Midtown: The Chocolate Walrus and Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company. The Chocolate Walrus has something for everyone, and Tammy feels privileged to get to play a positive role in helping people in the area of personal intimacy. If you are heading to Tammy’s store, you are going there for intimate

items and sexy apparel, but she prides herself in allowing her customers discreetness by using the backdoor if they need to. She feels she has some of the widest variety of customers, but generally females are the main people who patronize the Chocolate Walrus. Tammy explained why the Chocolate Wal-

rus is needed: “Life can be a rat race. Kids, cars, mortgage, bills, school clothes…and we forget about sexy time. We exist to add a little spice to relationships…and I tell customers that I should be in their budget every single month.” Which makes sense. If you go into the Chocolate Walrus, people walk in happy, because they know that whatever they purchase will go to good use in the area of intimacy and will help improve their relationships, even “spice them up a bit.” People walk in happy, leave happier, and end up seeing the value in visiting the Chocolate Walrus frequently. Chocolate itself goes hand-in-hand with happiness, relationships, and intimacy. Tammy’s other business, Sierra Nevada Chocolates, is a natural fit next to her Midtown boutique. It started off being x-rated chocolates sold in her store, with a recipe from her family, and morphed into chocolate being made in other forms because it was so decadent. Many of Sierra Nevada Chocolate’s adult-themed specialties are evan sold outside of the United States. One of the many lasting impressions that Tammy leaves on people is her generous spirit. Sometimes Tammy has to remind herself that she is not a non-profit business. At one point early in her entrepreneurship, she was giving to everyone and everything. “I mean, how could I not?” That was a huge learning curve for Tammy. “What can a small business realistically give,

still stay in business and create a profit?” Now, her new rule rule is to give to one group, organization or person just once a month, and she generally stays within her favorites, which is kids, the disabled, and elderly individuals. One way that she gives on a continual basis is through Chocolate Walrus’ line of Rock City Wigs. For every wig they sell, they donate a wig to someone in need who has experienced hair loss from medical issues, and Chocolate Walrus pays for the shipping to anywhere it is needed. Not only is Tammy one of the original Queens of Midtown, but she is royalty for helping others in their personal, intimate lives as well as her philanthropy toward the community. Make sure to go to the Chocolate Walrus and Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company so you can experience the happiness that both of them can bring to yourself and to others. JULY/AUGUST 2016 ❤


Taking Rosé Seriously Rosé has gotten a bad rap over the years.

Photo by Jay J Aaron


By Michael Christian


have been helping friends celebrate their 40th birthday for more than a decade and have wondered how I'd feel when it was my turn. It's easy to call the 40’s as "over the hill" when you're in your 20’s and 30’s. So I was curious how it would be for me when I rounded that corner. Would I feel old? Would I feel fit? Would I be strong? It does not come as a surprise to me that the most consistent group of people in my BODYpow classes are 40-something. My classes have a range of ages, from high school and college athletes to veteran fitness and beginner 50-60 year olds. Anyone can BODYpow. But the 40-something age group is always strongly represented. This group understands that results are more than just physical. They self-regulate to their own fitness level and make

adjustments as their strength increases. They are patient with themselves. They do not judge or compare. They overcome vulnerability with internal focus. This group sees fitness as a top priority, understands the overall health benefits of a consistent exercise routine, and knows that taking personal time to feel strong is actually a very selfless act. There’s no reason to stop working out as you age. I workout just as hard today as I did when I was training at a national level in swimming 20 years ago. Training at an older age requires more behind-the-scenes diligence so that workouts can continue to be effective and injury-free. Proper nutrition, enough sleep, and "muscle pampering" are key elements to maintaining my personal training style and my chosen way of life. Exercise

preferences vary. Goals differ. But these are a few simplified tips I use which can help maintain any fitness regime as the years start to accumulate.


I eat plenty of protein to help repair worked muscles. I don't avoid carbs completely, because they are important for energy. I try to avoid refined sugars and processed foods to reduce feeling lethargic. I workout while hydrated and replenish immediately after training. Calories in, calories out.


I turn in early most nights and take a 25-30 minute power nap during the day fairly often. Lack of sleep directly affects the energy level I need for my workouts.


I incorporate stretching into each BODYpow class I instruct, but I also take more time to stretch on my own when I'm feeling stiff. Epson salt baths help alleviate sore muscles and monthly massages and/or acupuncture have become more of a necessity than a treat. Now that I have reached my 40’s, I have my own answers. Fitness in your 40’s is about channeling your acquired mental strength to build and establish physical strength. It's about patience, consistency, and taking care of yourself for the other hours of the day when you're not working out. Can you be fit in your 40’s? Yes...because strength in your 40's is already there.

When many people think of rosé wine, the first thing that comes to mind is Sutter Home White Zinfandel or other sweet, pink wine. People may not take rosé seriously, because they remember the ones that were produced en masse and filled the grocery store shelves in the 70’s and 80’s when Sutter Home was at the top of their game. Sutter Home White Zin was one of the highest production wines in the history of American winemaking. However, most of the rosé produced in the world is dry rather than sweet. Provence makes some very respectable (and sometimes very expensive) dry rosé, as does Tuscany. There are some great producers out of California as well. Tres Sabores in Napa makes a delicious Zinfandel rosé and Niner in Paso Robles has a great one as well. Rosé goes great with summer barbecue when you want something cold and lighter than a big red. So if you haven’t had any pink wine since the heyday of White Zinfandel, you might want to take rosé seriously and give it another try.

Fine Vines Cheese and Wines

6300 Mae Anne Ave #3 • 775-787-6300 •

What Makes you BEE Inspired? By Katie Knapp-CFD OWNER- Bumblebee Blooms Flower Boutique Don’t hate the greens! I often hear, when people are placing orders with us, “Don’t put a lot of greens in my floral arrangement.” But what exactly are they referring to? In most cases we assume it means the overuse of leather leaf, which is often the support structure that allows the flowers to stand up straight in a vase rather than letting them flop around. However, “greens” are often underestimated by the average floral consumer who sometimes misses the opportunity that a great variety of “greens” can inspire in a good floral design. After all, nature has always been the best at providing memorable inspiration. When you venture out into nature, flowers may be present, but they usually play a relatively inconspicuous role in the the grand theater of tall brown trunks and moving breezes though the grasses and leaves. In fact, some of my favorite arrangements have relatively few flowers and are lush with branches, willows, mushrooms, pine cones and a mixed variety of greens; interesting shades and textures can make a design have a more natural feel. Don’t be afraid to bring that natural element to the indoors, inspiring you every day!

CANCER (June 22-July 22)

FLOWER: Rose • BLOOMING PLANT: Rose • GREEN PLANT: Dieffenbachia

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) FLOWER: Delphinium • BLOOMING PLANT: Begonia • GREEN PLANT: Peperomia



135 N. Sierra St., Suite A-2 775-348-2799 JULY/AUGUST 2016 ❤


A Truth About Color: Part 2

By Angela Ramierez

HAIR COLOR FOR YOUR SEASONS Changing our hair color can be just like the seasons. Hair can go from loud yellow and blue streaks at age 20, to proud fire-engine red hair at age 70. As a hair and makeup artist living in a town with creative, loving people, I feel inspired when I see women sporting their bright colored hair, expressing the seasons of their lives. The following tips will give you insights into how to express your hair color to match the season of life you want to share with others!

Red Rock Casino’s pool season kicked off with the first Cabana Club Party of the year. We enjoyed giant floaties, DJ, braid bar by their salon, and many more fun things at this 21-year-old and over private pool. These parties will be hosted throughout the summer on various dates. Another amazing luxury private pool that I enjoyed is Azure Pool, in The Palazzo’s pool deck. This adult pool is posh and elegant. Besides enjoying the DJ, guests were treated to live drum music and entertainers throughout the day. Ask for host Jay Holiday at the podium.

Tips for pastels and bright colors: So many women that are 30 and older say to me: “I love your pink hair, but I could never pull that off.” I say nonsense! Your color doesn’t have to be so obvious. Today’s trends with color are rainbow-highlighted bangs or softly dipped pastel ends, or you can simply put a few peekaboo pieces of color underneath.

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If you feel the need to change your color up, I recommend doing it. It can change your mood, wardrobe, and outlook on life. Don’t let fear or following tradition stop you. Life’s too short to not change your hair with the color of the seasons.


Other parties included the 14th Anniversary of X Burlesque Show at The Flamingo, which was an amazing

party, aptly named The Love Affair. Guests were asked to dress in sexy and elegant attire and most people chose to wear a red or black dress, which looked most impressive in the sea of people. The place was packed!

included Aria and MGM executives as honored guests and was sponsored by Grey Goose. The name Jewel certainly does it justice as this 24,000 sq. foot space offers a multi-faceted experience. Big name international DJ’s are scheduled to perform here throughout the year, and Jewel’s design offers an unprecedented experience of clear views and close proximity to all the action.

As our natural sparkling gray shines through, you may not want to go through an all over color process every 3 to 6 weeks. Getting natural looking highlights may be the key. I believe having lighter hair as we age softens our beautifully aging skin and brightens our facial features. With women 25-65% gray, I recommend highlighting or low lighting with a complementary natural color. This will allow you to use your gray as an accent color.

Sometimes achieving results can be tricky with Ombre and Balayage techniques (see the Balayage article on page 48 in this issue). I use this hair painting technique, because it gives a nicely blended look. These looks are great for women who don’t want a high maintenance color or like to have fun in the sun.

By Danell Perlman

STK, also inside of The Cosmopolitan Hotel, threw its five year anniversary

Hakkasan Group cordially invited me to the private preview of their latest nightclub Jewel, inside of Aria Resort and Casino. This brilliant event

Tips for Going gray:

Tips for Ombre and Balayage:

Turnberry Towers, a luxury condominium development right near the strip, unveiled its new West Tower Social Room. I was amazing grand opening party, thrown by Vegas Magazine. The cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were devine and we enjoyed the atmosphere this room has to offer while mixing and mingling with Las Vegas entrepreneurs, socialites, doctors, attorneys and business friends.

red carpet affair with appetizers and drinks. The show truly epitomizes the flavor of Las Vegas and its contemporary burlesque show girl. Another well-kept secret inside of the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa in Summerlin is “The Top of The Rock,” Suite, which I was invited to as part of a celebratory party for Red Rock Casino’s 10 year anniversary. Spectacular views from the top floor of this suite include the mountains and the resort’s pool.

Last but not least, I couldn’t sign off without mentioning my free weekly networking mixers. You’re invited to come check them out with me at our first-class venues around Las Vegas events-2/.

Yvette Auger is a licensed Las Vegas real estate agent, along with her husband Eric. She is also the founder of Cosmopolitan Connections Inc., a free weekly Las Vegas Networking Events entity, which brings together like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurs. Photo Credit: Juliana Goldberg/ The Boudoir Club JULY/AUGUST 2016 ❤ 18

That is why visiting the same place over and over again does not excite me one bit, unless it's Venice, Italy, where I know there is a lifetime of exploring to do. Those canals and piazzas beckon me to linger a bit longer, not to mention the trattorias and gelato stands, the exquisite boutiques, and so much more. During the past three weeks I got to travel quite a bit. I was able to spend two glorious days in the picturesque seaside town of Capitola in Northern California. We stayed at the beautiful Monarch Cove Inn. Perched high above the Pacific, it is the perfect romantic hideaway or gorgeous event location, with charming, cozy bedrooms and breathtaking views. Breakfast gets delivered to my room, which made me feel like royalty. Dinner at Shadowbrook restaurant was a highlight of our trip and was only a short walk away from the B&B; I highly recommend checking it out. On the way to the San Francisco Airport along the scenic Highway 1, we found several fresh fruit and vegetable stands. The vibrant colors and smells lure you to stock up on produce, and my favorite find was the fresh strawberry and lavender jam. Taking the longer route away from the freeway was worth it. When it was time to check in and board my Emirates flight to Cape Town via Dubai, I wished that I could have had time to linger and explore Dubai, which I will do next time so I can explore their world-renowned shopping and take a camel safari. The Dubai airport is an experience in itself, with

exquisite duty-free shopping, French bistros, sushi, champaign and fantastic Spa options to soothe the tired body. Once you touch down in Cape Town (the “Mother City”), you can feel the beat of Africa starting to run through your veins. Settled against majestic Table Mountain, the city is truly breathtaking. I can spend days writing about my favorite city in the world, but I'll leave that for another day. Here's a few things to mention for now, to pique your interest: Take a walk through the company's gardens; take the cable car ride up Table Mountain; visit the V&A Waterfront for shopping and restaurants; go see one of the many local plays and great theatre productions; visit the Bo-Kaap by booking a cooking class, using the fresh spices which are fabulous; visit Robbeneiland, The Castle of Good Hope; stroll through the fresh flower sellers of Adderley Street; and enjoy sundowners on Signal Hill. Make sure your Tablet is stocked with your favorite reading material and some downloaded movies (airlines are known to once in awhile have malfunctions and I have been stuck on a 16 hour flight without the TV or audio working at my seat). Also, bring a magazine or two and at least one book in case the tablet dies mid air. Drink plenty of water, walk around, stretch, relax, make the flight part of the journey. This is the time to reflect and simply be in the moment. Until next time remember: Explore, Dream, and Discover.

Monarch Cove Inn

Must Have Items When Traveling Long Distances on Airplanes: • A comfortable eye mask • Neck pillow and extra blow up travel pillow • On Guard Doterra Oil (to put in a little spray bottle with some water to sanitize your seating area, hand rests, tray table) • Doterra Logenzes (to fight off those airplane germs) • Travel blanket • Proper headphones • DKNY Wrap that is super comfy and warm • Non slip, warm socks/slippers to wear



Dog Walking Etiquette While dog lovers across America spend time, money and effort investing in training their canine companions, oftentimes it's really the people, not the dogs, who need a refresher course in good manners. Here are a few tips for becoming a respectful pet owner and courteous dog walker.


Barracuda Championship PGA Tour & Bliss Babe team up to help local kids in need succeed by supporting Volunteers of America’s Operation Backpack 2016 Sandy Isham, Senior Development & Community Relations Officer, Volunteers of America – Northern Nevada The Barracuda Championship PGA tour event helped local kids in need succeed by supporting Volunteers of America’s Operation Backpack. Golf fans brought a new backpack to the event on July 2nd for a free entry. The start of a new school year is an exciting time for most children, but for homeless

children in the Truckee Meadows, it is a time fraught with emotional and academic challenges. Without even the most basic supplies, these students start at a disadvantage that only gets worse as the school year progresses. Operation Backpack, a national event for Volunteers of America, aims to provide local youth in need with new backpacks and school supplies – tools they need to achieve academic success. Locally, backpacks are distributed for children served by the Volunteers of America Family Shelter and ReStart program, as well as homeless children served by Washoe County School District’s Children in Transition program, which serves more than 3,600 homeless students in our school district annually. Volunteers of America invites the public to support homeless and low-income children

and their families by bringing new backpacks filled with school supplies to one of the Operation Backpack drop-off locations listed on the VOA website: Donations will also be accepted by appointment. Please contact me at 775-322-7143 or Operation Backpack seeks to provide some sense of normalcy and remove one obstacle from homeless students’ lives. With a new backpack and new school supplies, students get to feel more like “regular kids” and can start the school year on more even footing. Information on the many ways the community can support Operation Backpack—from financial contributions to volunteering, to hosting a group drive—are also available at

On certain trails and paths, dogs are required to be on a leash for a reason. Dogs who are off-leash in an on-leash environment can cause a variety of problems. Be “leash-aware” and keep your dog on a leash when required to do so on hiking trails and at parks.


It is best to position your dog next to your side when walking so you can respond quickly if a situation arises. Keep the leash shorter rather than longer and practice having a relaxed arm. Stop every once in awhile and let your dog sniff around and/or go to the bathroom. However, you should lead the walk (not the other way around).


You've seen the signs: “There is no poop fairy!”; “If your dog poops, you must scoop”; and “Danger! Electrified grass activated by dog poop!” It's really not that difficult, just don't leave home without a poop bag because you never know when you will need one. After all, it is your responsibility.


As soon as you enter the dog park, remove your dog's leash and keep it handy. Be present in the situation and watch for any negative-type body language and behavior. Do not assume all the dogs are going to get along. Many dog fights can be prevented with early intervention. Lastly, enjoy the time you spend with your dog and at the same time be respectful and courteous to others. Ryan Coulter is the Day Camp Supervisor and Trainer at K9 Games Reno. Having trained and handled dogs for several years, Ryan enjoys working with dogs with challenging behavioral issues. When he is not working with his canine clients at K9 Games, he is usually hiking with his own dog, Chester, a Yellow-Lab whom he adopted from the Humane Society of TruckeeTahoe, or donating his time at a local dog rescue. He is also a photographer, specializing in Aviation, and hopes to someday earn his pilot license and donate his time and skills to Pilot N Paws. For more information, please visit or call 775.624.6286. BlissBabe_BF_Reno_042016.pdf 1 4/15/2016 3:46:28 PM


If you wish to meet a new dog, ask the owner first. Just like people, some dogs do not prefer to socialize as much as others.

Behavior, Training & Exercise



Each dog is unique, and so is their style of learning. At K9 Games Reno, we train to the dog.




■ ■ ■

Any Dog Any Breed Any Problem






We feature fresh fruit craft cocktails Depot Distillery • Tahoe Blue Vodka Seven Troughs • Frey Ranch Distillery BEAUTIFUL OUTDOOR PATIO

1074 South Virginia • Midtown • 4pm - Close Food Truck Thursday & Saturday

Orange is the new ZBar 20


775-624-6286 | 4855 Summit Ridge Drive, Reno

Located in NW Reno, just off 1-80 and West McCarran Exit in the Great Western Marketplace

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Notice the phrases in bold? These are just a few of the "10 Principles of Burning Man," written by Burning Man co-founder Larry Harvey. Read them in full at



ou may have heard of this festival in the harsh desert that is full of unbelievable experiences, music, and even more je ne sais quois. After returning from the Burn last year, I vowed to bring the same perspectives I had gained into the “Default” world. Here are some ways to apply some of the principles from the playa for a more positive outlook on life!


be achieved by embracing a wilder wardrobe. I encourage you to adorn yourself in something that expresses the uniqueness of you, everyday. Pick bright and bold colors, or mix patterns that pop. Add gaudy beads galore, even paint yourself with something happy! If you are lacking in wacky wardrobe, check out a thrift store for great finds. LEAVE NO TRACE. Being out in nature is always a great way to reset, and you

can do it cheaply by using your own backyard! The challenge is to STAY outside and only use your house for its bathroom amenities and for keeping food cold. Smooth on sunblock, set up shade, and invite friends! Play with a kiddie pool during the day, then BBQ some amazing food together. Stay up for the stars, and dance to great music with your best blinky lights. Don’t forget a controlled bonfire! In the morning, continue with a campfire breakfast, and an appreciation of another day our Earth turned to face the warm Sun. Be sure to clean up camp and leave your backyard better than it was when you began.

GIFT ITEMS. Want one more great way to get in touch with the Dust Bunny side of you? Get artsy! Find a completely new way to pour creativity out of your soul. Pick something that feels joyous to do. Coloring. Painting.

Hula-Hooping. Weaving. Singing. Crafting. Acting. Dancing. Express this art as a gift to friends and strangers, just like at Burning Man! Need some inspiration? Get out and enjoy one of many Artown events in July around Reno! For dates and event info, go to PARTICIPATION. I leave with you a bite from Larry Harvey on Participation: “We achieve being through doing. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play. We make the world real through actions that open the heart.” I hope you choose to participate and act on bringing Burning Man into your everyday world! Good luck Bliss Babes! Tessa Marie is the founder of “Bliss by Tessa Marie”. For more healing and happiness, join a Sunday class at Bliss, Nevada! Visit to see the summer schedule and sign up.

Find designer brands at a fraction of the cost! Brand name, gently used women’s apparel, designer handbags, shoes, accessories, athletic wear & maternity at up to 70% OFF mall prices!

5075 S McCarran Blvd, Reno • 775-284-0680 or find us on 22


YOUR SURE FIRE WAY TO OVERCOME SELF-DOUBT CRAIG NIELSON MA, CPC is a Professional Coach, Speaker, and Educator who helps women who are insecure with self-doubt to become fully empowered with self-confidence. Learn more at What would you do with your life if you were guaranteed not to fail? What changes in your life would you make if you were fully confident you could change them? What great ideas have you come up with that you’ve immediately talked yourself out of by coming up with all the reasons why they won’t work? What dreams do you have that remain unrealized because you believe they won’t come true? Your dreams and desires are a part of who you are. They give your life purpose and meaning. You owe it to yourself and to the world to develop your talents and realize your full potential. You really can have it all. But in order to get it, you have to rid yourself of self-doubt and get to work. This is how you can make things happen. Stop believing you can’t. Can’t is the foulest four letter word there is. Whenever you think you can’t do something, it becomes your truth and it shuts you down. It’s important to understand how powerful your mind works. You believe everything you tell yourself. Based on what you tell yourself and what you believe is exactly what you will experience. If you truly think about it, I’m confident you will see that your life is just as you say it is. Ever notice when you say things like that will never happen, it never does? If you believe I’m not that lucky, luck never finds you. Or, I guess I’m just not meant to have [fill in the blank], are you able to get that thing? Words are powerful and you are literally creating your experience by what you say internally and externally. If you believe you can’t, you can’t. Therefore, if you believe you can, you can. Now, if simply believing you can is not enough, then I offer you a different approach. Instead of saying you can, prove to yourself that you can’t. When it comes to self doubt and thinking you can’t, I challenge you to prove it. Prove you can’t do it. In order to prove it, you have to do absolutely everything possible in an

attempt to make it happen. Let’s say you’d like to return to school and pursue a new career but what holds you back is believing you’re not smart enough. To prove that, you have to register for classes, always show up for all your classes, actively participate, do all of the work assigned to you and spend hours studying. You must do all of this with absolute effort. Be aware of that part of you that believes you’re not smart enough, as it will cause you to resist going full throttle to make it happen. If you put in honest effort and at the end of your first semester you’re failing, maybe then you could say you’re just not smart enough. But even then I’d recommend you get tested for a learning disability and continue to search for ways to succeed. Don’t give up. You must exhaust every possible means to succeed in order to prove you’re not smart enough. I run marathons. Often when I meet people .for the first time and the topic of self-doubt with marathons comes up in the conversation, I hear: “Oh, I could never do that.” My first response is usually, “Of course you can’t; you just said so.” I usually get a perplexed look and sometimes chuckle. Then I explain. If you were to run a marathon today, you wouldn’t be able to. Then I ask: “Could you go one mile today, even if you just walked it?” Most agree they could. I continue: “If you did a mile today, and tomorrow, and the next day, then began to add more miles in the following days for about four to five months, I’m certain you could do a marathon.” Then they see it differently. “Well I guess I could, but I don’t have the time for that.” Exactly! The truth is, it’s not that you can’t do this or that. What really holds people back is their unwillingness to do the work. Change is hard and dreams don’t come true overnight. It takes courage, commitment, determination, grit, perseverance and knowing that you can. You will know you can, because as long as you’re putting in a full concerted effort, you won’t be able to prove that you can’t. As long as you are unable prove you can’t, you can.



During the progression of a woman's life, you hit milestones and evolve in your career, your home life, and your personal life. Some forks in the road are planned; others are magical mistakes, or perhaps unpleasant surprises, that shape who you are and create your next steps. In my own life, Mayor Hillary Schieve has been an integral part of encouraging me during some critical and life altering milestones that I have experienced. Her positive, personal impact on my life gives me joy in calling her my friend and mentor, and I am grateful as I watch her vision for Reno unfold through her character and sincerity. Mayor Hillary Schieve has confidence and drive. She has a progressive, entrepreneurial mindset and believes in our region's future, all while having a heart for individual people, as evidenced through her recent organ donor campaign. It was my honor to be able to interview Mayor Schieve for this issue of Bliss Babe Magazine. It seems that it would be difficult to be an authentic person and be a politician. What elements do you call upon to help you stay authentic? HS: It is incredibly important to remain humble being the mayor since you get to witness some of the most tragic things that happen in a city. I try to always put myself in someone else's shoes because compassion is key when it comes to staying grounded. A quote that I like to live by: I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. Being kind and having empathy are sometimes perceived as weakness in the business world, yet you are a savvy business woman as well as the mayor. How do you turn your kindness and empathy into strength? HS: You can be kind, but you have to remain assertive if you want to get things accomplished. I am a very kind person; but don't mistake my kindness for weakness because tough decisions are part of this job and any business. I have learned to grow some thick skin in this job but it doesn't mean that I am not sensitive, which is very different than weakness. I just know that to get something done, you can't worry if you are perceived as weak; it's all how you find your inner strength that matters. Young women entering the business world can feel intimidated in the shadow of powerful females who seemingly


JULY/AUGUST 2016 â?¤

balance careers and home life with ease. People may ask: How does she do it all? Do you feel that in an effort to take on everything they possibly can, women find it difficult to maintain balanced lives? How do you do it? HS: I think women are seeking more balance with work and life. I do think you can have it all, but it's a matter of what your priorities are and what balance means to you. This still isn't something that I am good at, but that doesn't mean I won't stop trying until I get it right. I just read that the average American checks their phone 85 times in a day, so turning off our electronics might be a great start. You have been and continue to be an incredible mentor to me over the years, and I know that many residents of Reno feel the same. There is a phrase: "Be who you needed when you were younger." If you had the chance to have 'mentored' your younger self, what would you have advised? Would you have listened? HS: I would go back in a heartbeat if I could do it all over again with my younger self. I would have payed more attention in school and listened to all the wisdom from my parents who had already made the mistakes. When you are young you think you are going to live forever so you don't stop to appreciate the small things in life that we so easily can take for granted.

Reno is changing rapidly. We have infrastructure needs, limited natural resources like water in our region, affordable housing restrictions, casinos are evolving and we have a draw for an international base. What is your main vision and/or mission for Reno while you are mayor (and beyond)? HS: I think Reno is poised for some incredible growth in many sectors, from arts to technology. I want us to be a progressive city, but one that offers an incredible quality of life for all its residents, like more bike paths, better walkability, and higher paying wages. We have huge selling points in Reno that no other city can compete with. I want downtown to be clean, safe, and bursting at the seems with a vibrant University district. The possibilities are endless, but we must be thoughtful on planning future growth so we do not repeat the policies of the past that got us into financial trouble.


By Britton Douglass

If no one knew what you were doing for seven days, you had no other obligations, you had unlimited funds, and had the ability to do anything you wanted, what would you be doing and who would you be with? HS: This might sound boring, but I would be with my family and my dogs on a beach reading a book. Money can't buy you more time or love! "Now I think I have found my balance."

JULY/AUGUST 2016 â?¤


Our first inspirations to travel to Pyramid Lake were born out of the myths and legends surrounding this infamous destination, from tales of giant underwater serpents to stories of beautiful mermaids and more. For hundreds of years both locals and explorers alike have been entranced by the mysteries of this oasis in the desert. Standing on the shores of the lake is a surreal experience. It moves something inside of you that makes you look at the world a just a little bit differently. That is the essence we set out to capture in this series of photographs by Clayton Beck We are so excited to share this art with you. Special Thanks to the PL Cultural Committee and to the PL Tribal Council

"Pyramid is a shock; in addition to its challenging beauty, it projects a profound sense of antiquity. Gazing out across its surface is an experience almost four-dimensional.


PHOTOGRAPHY: by Clayton Beck Creative JEWELRY: Natasha's World Jewelry (selections from UNOde50) The Shades Of Midnight Jacket and the Wild Rose Gown Created by Clayton Beck ~ MAKEUP: Gina Tarantino


MODELS: Natasha Bayt, Samantha Tolkien, Gina Tarantino and Molly Beth Bryant

JULY/AUGUST 2016 â?¤

JULY/AUGUST 2016 â?¤


RONNIE BRUST is the designer of a line of Burning Man inspired clothing and headpieces that seamlessly incorporate lighting technology into wearable works of art. By Leslie McCarroll A Veteran Burner, Ronnie, was inspired to make costumes after his first few years at Burning Man. The interest grew to a passion, and the passion morphed into a fledgling business with great momentum and a growing fan base. In the beginning, his product line of LED bow-ties and pocket squares had some moderate success, which afforded him the time to develop an entire line of “light up” clothing and headpieces. His website is and on social media as IlluminatedCouture, where you can see recent works such as his Clair Danes replica gown, made for a 1-year-old baby! Adorable!

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We take bridal elegance seriously. Our elite team of stylists uses cutting edge techniques to ensure you look sensational on your wedding day.

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The Bliss Babe girls were off for a weekend of wine tasting, and where better to go than over the hill to El Dorado County? This hidden gem is a short, two hour drive from Reno, and you will want to make plans to visit again before you head back home. Lynn Marie Kremers, owner of LMK Wine Concierge Services, guided us through our weekend. For a similar experience you can contact Lynn at Our first stop was Gold Hill Vineyard and Brewery, a dog-friendly getaway that features premium wines, craft beer, and two stunning wedding and reception sites. Owner Hank Battjes founded this small family-operated winery in 1986. Since his passing, his daughter Bryna has taken over the operation. We especially loved their sparkling white, which we enjoyed on the deck while admiring the view. If you prefer beer to wine, you will appreciate Gold Hill’s selection of craft beer, brewed using traditional methods. Visit their website at for information about their wine, beer and many events. Our next stop was Crystal Basin Cellars, which is an awesome place for wine blends (including Renegade Red, Mystery Juice and Xpealidocious). Owner Mike Owen strives to craft the highest quality wines possible from El Dorado County grapes. The winery dog, Dozer, is always there to enthusiastically greet you. Check out their website at for information about their events and summer music series, and to make a reservation. While you’re there, be sure to check out their bistro, located just steps away. From Crystal Basin Cellars, we walked to Illuminare. Featuring unique, intense wines, their winemaking focuses on maximum extraction such as Zinfandel, Barbera, Petit Verdot, and their vibrant Seeing Red blend. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and fun. Owners Aaron & Cherrie Hill moved to the area from Alaska, and they crushed their first grapes in the fall of 2000. Their full story is available on their website at A few steps away, we discovered Findleton Tasting Room and art gallery. This is a true family business run by local artist Pamela Findleton, her husband Tom, and children Angela and Tommy. Pamela’s beautiful artwork is featured on each label. Be sure to write your name on the wall! If you’re looking for a break from wine, check out the Findleton Pub next door and enjoy an ice-cold beer or hard cider. Information, photos and more can be found at Next we went off the beaten path to Nello Olivo Tasting Room, owned Left side: Lynn Marie Kremers, and operated by Nello and Danica Olivo. You will often find their son Ivan not only pouring wine but also entertaining guests with his charm and and Debbie McCarthy enjoying a wit. This winery features old-world style grapes, particularly those comglass of red wine with our friend mon to regions of Italy, which is Nello's ancestral home. They are a beautiMike Owen, owner of Crystal Basin ful boutique winery featuring small batch wines that are handcrafted, and Cellers; rolling hills of Gold Hill Vin- are the only winery in the region featuring the grape called Sagrantino. yards. Photos by Debbie McCarthy, The property was home to one of California’s oldest wineries, which was almost completely destroyed during the Prohibition. Originally built in Yvette Fintland, and Ivan Olivo. Continued on page 32



Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast pool, jacuzzi and swim up bar complete with your very own water fall; Lynn Marie, Leslie McCarroll and Debbie McCarthy enjoying a sparkling white wine; Delicious Reds by Illuminare; Lynn Marie Kremers Debbie McCarthy and Yvette Findland enjoying the swim up bar at Bella Vista pool and jacuzzi. JULY/AUGUST 2016 ❤


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1853, the Olivos integrated old stones from the original structure into their current home on the property. Danica will tell you that while the enforcers of prohibition were aggressive in tearing out the old lines, they did not fully succeed. Each year along the creek that defines the southeastern property line of the ranch, the tall oak trees turn red with the fall coloring of the old grapevines that still grow in the branches. We were warmly welcomed and felt immediately like family, and you never know when you might run into "The Grapefather". More great information is on their website at We ended the day at Bella Vista Bed and Breakfast Inn, a stunning five acre property featuring a pool, Jacuzzi and swim-up bar. It is also home to the only Tesla charging station in the region. We arrived late and enjoyed relaxing in the pool and Jacuzzi. Our rooms were beautiful and comfortable, and each had a different theme. In the morning we were greeted with a gourmet breakfast of French toast, fresh fruit, bacon and fresh squeezed orange juice. After breakfast, we took a dip in the pool overlooking the beautiful American River canyon and were surprised by “The Grapefather" Nello and his “Capo", Ivan Olivo, who came by to treat us to a personal wine tasting at the swim up bar. More information is available on their website at Our journey continued the next morning at Miraflores Winery, and we immediately felt as though we had been transported to a different country. We admired the sweeping view of the vineyards from the terrace, with an alpine forest in the background. It has a warm and inviting seating area around a spectacular water feature that will create a relaxing atmosphere as you enjoy your afternoon. Starting June 18th through October 30th, chefs are brought in to prepare food for food and wine paring events. The tasting room is equally spectacular, with massive Douglas fir beams salvaged from the Oakland Ferry Building that was torn down in the late 1930’s. We were treated to a barrel tasting with Jeff, and we especially enjoyed the 2014 Trilegato Reserve Futures. More information is available on their website at Thanks so much for making our wine tasting trip spectacular, Eldorado County! Bliss Babe is already making plans to visit again soon, and we hope to see our readers there, too!

Clockwise from top: Findleton Reds are a must; Historic Cary House lobby; complimentary Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast breakfast; Ivan & Nello Olivo joining in the fun; fountain at Miraflores Winery. Photos by Debbie McCarthy and Cary House. 32




CONSISTENTLY WINNING Gold, Double Gold Best of Class and Region

The Grapefather

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Narrow Gate


a nt V alley Rd.

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(530) 622-4271

To Hwy 50

Pleasant Valley Sly Park Rd



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To Sacramento

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To Carson Pass



Map not to scale

To Jackson/Yosemite

n Miraflores Winery 2120 Four Springs Trail Placerville, Ca 95667 Open Daily, 10am - 5pm Except major holidays www.mirafloreswinery.comw



Slug Gulch Rd.

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Omo Ra

Oakstone Charles B. Mitchell Stoney



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Perry Creek

Single Leaf Cedar ville

Mt. Aukum

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Fair pla

Within El Dorado Coloma to Placerville: 10 miles Placerville to Camino: 7 miles Placerville to Pleasant Valley: 15 miles Placerville to Fair Play: 17 miles Placerville to Mt. Aukum: 19 miles

Fair Play


Shadow Ranch










From nearby areas Sacramento to Placerville: 40 miles San Francisco to Placerville: 120 miles South Lake Tahoe to Placerville: 60 miles Reno to Placerville: 125 miles Plymouth to Mt. Aukum: 13 miles

Vineyard View




300 Main St, Placerville, CA 95667




To Sacramento

Am ad Sh o en

m Cary House


581 Cold Springs Rd , Placerville, CA 95667

. re Ln LeisuAuriga

Holly's Hill

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Cameron Park

(530) 622-3456


y Pleasant V alle

Sier ra Vista

Shingle Springs

l Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast

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Green Hills Rd.

Camino Exit






Snows Rd.

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To Lake Tahoe

Camino No Exit at Snows Rd. Exit

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Chateau Rodin nd

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Crystal Basin


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El Dorado

Diamond Springs

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Fenton Herriott

Schnell School Rd. Exit






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Grace Patriot Madroña Illuminare

The El Dorado Wine Country Map is proudly sponsored by

Lynne Marie Kremers 775-815-8688

643 Bee Street, Placerville 2 blocks from Hwy 50 530-409-5603




Dr. B ee S




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No r th C

Hassler Rd.

Fruitridg e

Nello Olivo a.k.a The Grapefather

Wofford Acres



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Gree n Valle y

Ceilo Estate



Hill R


3550 Carson Rd. Camino, CA 95709 Tasting Room Hours: M-F: 9-6 | Sat: 9-9 | Sun: 9-4


Lava Cap


o Rd Mosquit


(560) 555-1212


ld Co

k Crystal Basin Cellars

David Girard

Synapse Wines

lley Ln.

Gold Hill C o lo m Ln. yard Vine








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Sa lm on Fa lls Rd .


Downtown Placerville

C enter S t.

Pilot Hill

Bee St.


643 Bee St. Placerville, CA 95667 Tasting Room Hours: T-T: 12-5 | F-S: 11-7 Closed Monday


. Au kum

Georgetown Cool

Nello Olivo


(530) 409-5603

“Never underestimate wine from a man confident enough to go shoeless in a magazine ad.”


To I-80


j Nello Olivo Winery

Miraflores proudly stands as a premier winery in El Dorado County—with unparalleled natural beauty and wines that complement the bounty of the land.




Photo Credit to North Lake Tahoe

calls and a desire to punch out of the 8 to 5 clock takes over. Many people worldwide come to Reno’s backyard to explore and relax. Discover a nearby home-awayfrom-home with a North Lake Tahoe “staycation” to learn what the hullabaloo is all about. The melted snow uncovers mountainous hiking trails hibernating for winter, just waiting for people to tread the paths, high in the alpine air. Climb to one of many picture-worthy peaks, valleys and lakes with difficult trails perfect for the aspiring adventurer, or the easier trails fit for any member of the family to enjoy together.

Cary House by Cary House; Debbie McCarthy, Meg Steinitz, Lynn Marie Kremers riding the rails with Ivan Olivo on the Nello Olivo Wine Train. Right side. "The Grapefather" Nello Olivo; Editorial by Meg Steinitz. Photo Credit Debbie McCarthy. Photo of Nello: Nello Olivo Winery

and Sacramento Valley Railroad, Inc., also shared information about the history of the region. All in all it was a lovely evening of fresh air, friendly people and great wine. privateers. They never reached If you love this idea as much as Virginia City, but this railroad we do, you can help the railroad’s forged roads that led to building expansion by donating to the the Transcontinental Railroad. “Buy a Tie” program at Nello’s website described the as a “party on wheels,” and and-sacramento-valley-railroad. he delivered. Once on board we We ended our day at were served hors d’oeuvres and Placerville’s historic Cary House enjoyed a wine tasting featuring Hotel, a historic hotel built during a variety of Nello Olivo’s boutique the gold rush in 1847. A fourth wines. The train rolled through floor and elevator were added the picturesque countryside while in 1926, and the elevator is now Igor Glenn & Friends performed the second oldest elevator west live bluegrass onboard. James of the Mississippi. The hotel has Harville, President of Placerville 40 rooms, 24 of which are suites

On May 14th, 2016 we joined "The Grapefather" for music, wine, food and fun aboard the Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad for the inaugural Wine Train. The train travels from Folsom to White Rock, and eventually it will go into El Dorado County and end at Cameron Park. The history of the train is rich and interesting. The Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad was formed in 1862, and construction from Folsom Junction leading to Placerville began in 1863. The goal was for it to extend to Virginia City, Nevada to carry heavy freight that was destined for the silver mines in the Comstock Lode. The project was met with opposition and sabotage, including much of the rail ordered being sent to the bottom of the sea by Confederate 36


with a kitchenette. The hotel is both charming, elegant and well decorated with antiques. We were greeted by friendly staff who helped us to our room with our suitcases and boxes of wine. Our room was a comfortable two-room suite with a kitchenette, comfortable beds and view of historic Main Street. The next morning we discovered the balcony on the second floor, where guests can relax, drink wine and enjoy the scenery below. Legend has it that ghosts wander the halls of this hotel, but we were not visited by any specters on this trip. For photos and information, check out their website at:


for a midweek staycation in classic lodging options like Cedar Glen Lodge, rated by TripAdvisor as the #1 rated place to stay in Lake Tahoe California. Or explore new lodging options like the recently opened for summer Basecamp Hotel Tahoe City, built with outdoor-themed interior and located in the lakeside Tahoe City community. The rooms are designed like a modern resort with amenities perfect for adventure seekers, like pet and bike friendly rooms. Take a short five minute walk from room to lakeside in the afternoon, then cuddle up with s’mores by the fireplace in the evening. Five nights a week all summer long, enjoy free live music throughout the lake, from reggae to rock, to bluegrass and pop. Relax in intimate pubs and infamous showrooms with friends and a drink woven into the fiery Lake Tahoe summer sunsets, with a full schedule of Highnotes weekly music.



Liz’s professional career started in 1975 at the Chateau Champlain for Tibor Rudas, another well-known Nevada casino entertainment producer. Tibor’s choreographer, Ron Lewis, brought Liz to Las Vegas as his assistant. She danced in Bravo Vegas, as well as Hotter and Hotter and Bedazzled in Reno and Tahoe. Her videos include Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, but Liz cites her favorite gig was working as a back up singer for Eddie Rabbitt. When Liz is asked what made her stop performing, she replies, “When people stopped asking me to.” She states simply as she got older, she no longer wanted to play “the audition game”, plus she was now raising a stepson with her partner, the very well-known dancer, choreographer, actor, director, and teacher, Joe Bennett. Liz then became a professional trainer and Pilates instructor. Today, Liz is the General Manager of the Marriott Courtyard in Portland, Oregon. When asked what advice she would give young performers, she says: “Have a back-up plan. The professional life of a dancer is short and it can throw you for a loop when it’s over and you’re not prepared!” Liz states one of her greatest rewards is to help people achieve their dreams. She shares: “Awards for yourself are great, but awards for the people you work with, who make YOU look good, that you have helped foster, are what makes me happy to go to work every day.”


The state of Nevada has been home to the iconic “Showgirl” since the early 1950’s. Six generations of beautiful and talented women have graced the casino stages of Las Vegas, Reno, and Tahoe, with many of them finding careers later in life that are as compelling as their years upon the stage. Here are a few of their stories.

Writer Suzanne “Soozi” Childers also had a professional dance career on the stages of Nevada, starting in 1972 at the Mapes Hotel. She is currently the owner of Choozi Entertainment LLC. Still friends with the women profiled above, the four women love getting together over a glass of wine, to laugh and reminisce about their showbiz stories.



Karen Burns

From 1977 until 1992, Karen Burns danced for the most iconic Nevada choreographers and show producers of her day; however, her start wasn’t as a dancer. Her start came as a skier who called herself a “clueless chorus dancer”. But, her resume tells a different story. From Ron Lewis to Fredric Apcar to the infamous Don Arden, Karen performed in Hello Hollywood Hello, Spellbound, and Heat’s On, to name but a few. Having her Bachelor of Arts degree from UNR, as well as having been raised by a strict German mother, Karen credits her success to her work ethic, where she was taught to believe that if you want something, you have to work for it and earn it yourself. Today, Karen owns and operates Karen Burns Productions LLC, which she started in 1981, and to date has created over 1,000 events. Karen states that her biggest claim to fame comes from owning one of the largest private collections of vintage costumes (according to the NY Times) from the world-famous MGM stage show Hello Hollywood Hello. Through her phenomenal collection, Karen gives educational lectures on the glamorous and fascinating history of America’s most famous costume houses, with her incredibly popular “Costumes Tell Stories” presentation. When asked what advice she would give young people today who are aspiring toward careers either on stage or in business, Karen said, “Know you have to work very, very hard. Have a true passion for what you are doing and believe in yourself!”

As for Diane McDonald, now a top-selling realtor for Dickson Real Estate here in Reno, with professional designations as a Certified Residential Specialist, and a Certified Distressed Property Expert, her career upon the stage started in 1974. From the Lido and the Moulin Rouge in Paris, to Fredric Apcar’s Bare Touch of Vegas, Hotstreak, and Bedazzle II, Diane also worked in Europe as a model, spending time in Germany, Amsterdam, London and Paris. Diane’s talent and stunning beauty garnered her the lead position in her many shows. Diane retired from the stage in 1990, as she felt it time to put her energy into something else. Starting in retail management, Diane managed the ‘personal shopping service’ for Macy’s West, first in Reno, then at the San Francisco Union Square store. When asked what Diane feels is her best accomplishment, she immediately replied “my son!” When asked her advice regarding transitioning from the stage, she says: “Knowing when to call it a day, then be willing to start from zero and learn again, even though it is incredibly humbling. We have to keep moving forward.” Diane feels success is a work in progress and states: “Selling real estate is like show business. You are only as good as your last performance…now I am only as good as my last transaction. I like to work and to learn, even if it is way out of my comfort zone.”



Sponsored by

Christi Quatro of Big Fish Consulting Solutions

Reno Rodeo 2016


July 1-31 at various locations Reno Contact Artown at 775-322-1538 for details or visit




3.8” wide x 2.47” high

3.8” wide x 2.47” high

July 8-August 21 at Sand Harbor State Park 5:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. For more information call (800) 74-SHOWS or visit


July 19-24 More than 80 of the biggest sports and entertainment stars will participate in what is considered to be the country's most prestigious and richest celebrity golf event. For information, visit


July 21-23 Yerington Nevada's longest running country music festival is held in Yerington.


July 23 at Wingfield Park 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Our Center proudly hosts the Nevada Pride Festival and Parade at Wingfield Park in downtown Reno. For more information, visit


August 2-7 at various locations Reno & Sparks Join the party and be a part of this internationally renowned event. For information, visit



3.8” wide x 2.47” high

3.8” wide x 2.47” high


August 19-21 at St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Church OPA! Be Greek for the weekend at this annual festival! For information, visit


August 21 at Wingfield Park The 2016 Nevada Humane Society Duck Race and Festival will be in Wingfield Park on Sunday, August 21. Visit


August 26-27- at the Peppermill Casino It's the original, International Canned Beer Festival! A unique tasting festival dedicated to craft beers poured exclusively from cans. New for 2016: Two Nights of Activities! For more information, visit


Photos by Exit 186 Imagery




3.8” wide x 2.47” high

3.8” wide x 2.47” high


August 31-September 5 at Sparks Nugget. If you love ribs and BBQ, then be sure to attend America's BEST rib competition. For more information, visit




heart ofMIDTOWN

By Cynthia Lewis Do you love pinup, retro, and rockabilly clothing, but can't find it here in Reno? Looking for that perfect outfit for Hot August Nights, or the Rockabilly Riot, or are you searching for your own unique look? Well, we've got you covered at "Dressed Like That!" "Dressed Like That!" is Reno's only pinup and retro fashion boutique, where you can find all of your favorite brands, including Pin Up Couture, Stop Staring!, Unique Vintage, Sourpuss, and more! My name is Cynthia Lewis. I opened "Dressed Like That!" in 2001, and it has been a whirlwind ever since! Reno has a huge pinup and rockabilly culture, and the gals that live this lifestyle love having a fun boutique to come and shop in, rather than just seeing things online and taking their chances on sizing, color, and style. Even if you don't think of yourself as a "pinup girl", the very best part about retro and pinup fashion

is that these styles look fantastic on all women, regardless of size, age, or lifestyle. My favorite moments have been when I have had a young and beautiful, tattooed rockabilly girl in one dressing room, and an elegant and gorgeous grandmother in the other, and they simultaneously tell each other how fantastic they look. It happens all the time at "Dressed Like That!" and I love it. Pinup fashion lets you accentuate your assets, which makes you feel elegant, glamorous, sexy, and fun all at one time. So embrace your assets, and don't stress about those flaws. We all have them, including the classic pinup girls of the 40's and 50's, like Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Grable, and even the Queen of Pinup, Bettie Page! Their secret? They wore everything with a sense of grace and style, and most importantly, confidence! Great fashion never goes out of style, and that is what you will find here. At "Dressed Like That!" you will

find your bliss

Photo By: JLM Creative Photography

find those beautiful and classic looks from the 1940's and 50's, all done with a bit of a modern twist, including the comfort of today's fabrics. We also carry accessories, including purses, scarves, parasols, hair ornaments, and more. Whether you are a little bit of rockabilly, a lot of glam, or just want to discover some unique and fun fashions to spice up your wardrobe, "Dressed Like That!" will surprise and delight you! We are open Tuesday thru Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and are located in the middle of Midtown Reno, at 711 S. Virginia St., at Midtown Commons. We would love to see you!

5 8



1 4 3



We’re Proud to Be Locally Owned and Managed Providing Full Service Banking

Heritage Bank of Nevada

Your Premier Community Bank

12 13





this far.


DRAGONFLY BATH & BODY 728 S Virginia St • (775) 470-8505


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MARI CHUY'S MEXICAN KITCHEN 764 S Virginia St • (775) 502-0191


SIERRA BELLE BOUTIQUE 726 S Virginia St • (775) 470-8390


CEOL IRISH PUB 538 S Virginia St • (775) 329-5558


DRESSED LIKE THAT 711 S Virginia St • (775) 742-2931


RENO MIDTOWN MASSAGE 955 S Virginia St, Ste 219 • (775) 772-8325


1864 TAVERN 290 California Ave • (775) 329-1864


HELLO YOGA 732 S Virginia St • 775) 420-5357


MIDTOWN WINEBAR 1527 S Virginia St • (775) 800-1960


CALIBER HAIR & MAKEUP STUDIO 141 E Pueblo St • 775) 284-8620


CHOCOLATE WALRUS 1278 S Virginia St. • 775-825-2267


Now what?

SIERRA NEVADA CHOCOLATES 1290 S Virginia St. • 775-323-2462

mexican kitchen

Celebrating 20 Years!

Locally Owned and Managed Serving Northern Nevada with Seven Locations.



“Retro Fashion For The Modern Woman”

RENO | 775.636.8200 LAS VEGAS | 702.318.7095

Celebrate Nevada


B E N Z L E Y ’ S




By ASHLEY BRUNE, BIGGEST LITTLE GROUP A new executive director and new components are ringing in a new decade for the world’s favorite celebration of nostalgia, as Hot August Nights celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer! While it may not seem that long ago that Hot August Nights began on August 1, 1986, the event-based organization has grown every year since then, taking over Reno/Sparks and now Virginia City. Hot August Nights — attracting new nostalgia and classic car enthusiasts from across the globe to visit the “Biggest Little City”—begins its landmark 30th anniversary with an official kickoff in historic Virginia City on Friday, July 29 and Saturday, July 30. Then it’s down to Reno-Sparks starting Sunday, July 31 through Sunday, August 7. “Over the years, Hot August Nights has become a tradition for so many families and friends,” says HAN Executive Director, Mike Whan. “People plan annual trips around the festival to revel in the weeklong celebration. As an event-based organization, we continually try to plan something new for our 6,000 registrants and hundreds of thousands of attendees to look forward to. This year, we’re continuing the partnership with Virginia City to kickoff the event with a two-day celebration in the old mining town. In addition to our 30th anniversary, we’ve added drifting, a new auction company, and a lineup of music legends to excite the crowds.” Attendees can get their adrenaline pumping at the ever-popular Drag Races and Burnouts, where participants race down a 1/16-mile track at the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks. AutoCross and Drifting, presented by AMSOIL and new this year, hits the Reno-Sparks Livestock Event Center with serious speed starting August 4. Drifting, a global motorsport phenomenon, will make its Hot August Nights debut, and enthusiasts can actually get in on the action down in the pit with ride-alongs, and even compete for the best time and maneuvering skills on the track!



Show-n-Shines happen daily at participating venues throughout RenoSparks, with more than $150,000 in cash and prizes available throughout the event’s combined Show-n-Shine competitions. The largest of them is the Hot August Nights Cup, presented by Downtown Reno, where car lovers can see classic engineering at its finest; Fifty of the world’s top restored and modified cars compete for a prize purse worth more than $100,000. Renowned judges include Co-Host of Spike TV show MuscleCar, Steve Mank; Co-Owner of nationally recognized car show the SuperNationals, Reggie Tibbetts; and Eddie Potestio of Eddie's Rods. Whether from the stands or at the auction block, people will feel the rush of a live bidding war during the inaugural Hot August Nights Auction, presented by Motorsport Auction Group, scheduled from Thursday, August 4 through Saturday, August 6 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. The auction features classic cars, muscle cars, vintage cars, street rods and memorabilia in an exhilarating atmosphere people must see to believe. In addition to the indoor car auction, the show features a multitude of automotive-related vendors and exhibitors. The biggest ticket item crossing the block is a one-of-a-kind, 1939 Futurliner No. 3 Power of the Air Age, a stunning piece of mobile artistry and one of only 12 ever made. There will be multiple ways to get your groove on during HAN’s weeklong festival in Reno-Sparks, including free nightly concerts featuring the unforgettable sounds of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s with a lineup of musical legends and tribute bands. Internationally renowned bands America and The Monkees—Good Times: The 50th Anniversary Tour headline the weeklong celebration on Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6 from Grand Sierra Resort and Casino’s outdoor stage. Come out and celebrate 30 years of nostalgia right here in northern Nevada at Hot August Nights 30th anniversary! To check out the full schedule and more information, please visit or call 775-356-1956.

This family-friendly event spills into Reno’s early morning sky celebrating 35 years of flying, Sept. 9 through Sept. 11. Since its humble beginnings in 1982, the event has grown dramatically in size from just 20 hot-air balloons to a world-renowned event featuring close to 100 hot-air balloons lifting off from Rancho San Rafael Regional Park. “The Great Reno Balloon Race is an annual tradition for so many families across the region,” says Executive Director of GRBR Pete Copeland. “Year-afteryear, fans rise early to experience the magic of the event. From Dawn Patrol to Mass Ascension, they enjoy quality time with their loved ones and the memories made.” Now in its 35th year, GRBR is nothing short of tradition. On the ground, spectators—some clad in pajamas—sit atop blankets or folding chairs gripping hot beverages and gaze into the early morning sky to enjoy the ethereal Glow Show that takes place before the sun even peeks above the horizon. Following that, some hot-air balloons launch for Dawn Patrol and the rest rise with the sun during Mass Ascension. At this time, a select group begins the competition portion of the race competing for a piece of the $11,000 prize purse, while tens of thousands of visitors look on in awe, patronize vendors and take tethered rides in the balloons that aren't gunning for the win. Tethered rides are available through the REM/MAX balloon with a $5 donation to the Children’s Miracle Network.

QUICK TIPS FOR ENJOYING THE EVENT: ◆ Plan your parking options in advance. ◆ Wear layered clothing. ◆ Bring folding chairs and/or blankets to sit on. ◆ Bring flashlights and/or headlamps. ◆ Bring a great attitude and a camera!

This year spectators can expect to see a variety of special-shaped balloons, including Angry Birds; Jewel, a hummingbird; Pegleg Pete, a pirate parrot; Rio Grande Raider, a pirate ship; Miss Bell, a replica of the Liberty Bell; Smokey Bear; Sushi; Gus T. Guppy; Wells Fargo’s Cent’re Stage; Pencil Boy and more. Celebrate 35 years of The Great Reno Balloon Race from Rancho San Rafael Regional Park! To see the full schedule of events, please visit or call 775-826-1181.




To live limitless means to step out of your comfort zone and live past the threshold of your preconceived abilities with passion and zeal. To chase your dreams without looking back. To be the one to define your life and write the most incredible story possible. To step out of the safe zone and into possibility. We are determined to challenge the norm of the mundane, to act as a catalyst for change. To motivate and inspire the people of this world to create the most captivating and memorable life possible. Life can be anything you dream it to

be if you are willing to act on it. We are here to supply you with a comfortable daily reminder through high quality apparel to live limitless."

At-home masking will make a huge difference in your skin, and it only needs to be done about once a week. This is especially important this time of year because while out enjoying the beautiful weather, we find ourselves exposed to heat, sun and wind.

It is our skin that truly suffers.

But who has the time? I hear this regularly, and while I understand the sentiment, it is important to make the time to mask. At the end of the day, after washing your face and applying any serums, replace your nighttime moisturizer with a creamy mask, which will absorb into the skin and benefit you during the summer. Masks deliver high amounts of vitamins and nutrients which will help treat and replenish your skin. In fact, masks are actually one of the most important steps you can take in your skin care routine to see fast, visible changes. Canadian Living Magazine says, “As you snooze, your skin drinks in a potent cocktail of skin-plumping hyaluronic acid and complexion-firming peptides. By morning, you'll look fresh, hydrated and glowing.” There are many different kinds of masks available to target and treat just about any skin condition, so pick what is right for you. Keep in mind, not all masks can be used overnight. You don't want to use a clay-based mask as you slumber, or anything that has pieces of fruits, vegetables or plants, which can create a big mess on your pillow. For sleep-masking, I would stick with something creamy and smooth. After covering your delicate facial skin, go to bed and let the mask do its job. When you wake in the morning and wash your face again, it will look astonishing.


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What is it? Balayage is a technique that hair stylists are using to create subtle, sun-kissed highlights in the hair. This technique can be applied on any hair texture, any hair color and comes in many variations from brunettes and blondes to pastel colors. Balayage can be applied many different ways, but this technique is meant to be hand-painted without the use of foils to create subtle highlights. Natural hair color lightens up in the sun, creating natural dimension. That’s exactly what balayage is meant to mimic.

Why Balayage? Balayage comes with many benefits. The most important is the longevity this technique provides. Today’s world is fast paced and busy; gone are the days of visiting the salon every six weeks to touch up highlights. Balayage provides an intentional, but blended, diffused root. In some cases, the client can go six months before visiting the salon for a touch up. Unlike a traditional foil highlight, balayage is less structured and gives a more natural hue to the hair.

Dark roots look like I haven’t had my hair done in months, right? Wrong. Think of the depth in your roots as a way to bridge the gap between those high contrasting highlights and your natural outgrowth, because that’s exactly what it is. Aside from the reasoning balayage is painted onto the hair, there is no true pattern. A balayage (done correctly) will never have an even horizontal line of outgrowth; therefore, you cannot see any line of demarcation.

So, try it out!

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immunizations: • Hepatitis A – adult or pediatric

Come home with great memories. When you

• Hepatitis B – adult or pediatric

update your passport and visa, update your

• Japanese Encephalitis

vaccinations at the Northern Nevada Medical Group (NNMG) Immunization and Travel Clinic.

• Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) • Meningococcal (Meningitis)

Enjoy your trip and reduce your risk for illness.

• Rabies (Pre-exposure)

It is best to begin immunizations one month before

• Twinrix®

departure. Your appointment with a registered

• Yellow Fever

nurse at our clinic includes a review of your medical history, a certified vaccination record and travel information tailored to your itinerary.


We can provide the following travel

• Zostavax® (Shingles) • Typhoid (oral or injectable) Other vaccines are available, depending on

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your specific travel needs.




Operating Daily 9am - 5pm** | Weather Permitting *One coupon per person per day. Cannot be combined w/other discounts or promotions. **Please call to confirm as hours may vary by season.

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