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Smart solutions to reduce germs

Most parents today are armed with a germ-fighting arsenal of anti-bacterial wipes and gels, and are constantly cleaning fingerprinted walls and sticky counters. So you think you’re covered? Think again! The statistics on where germs and illness-causing mold and mildew are lurking are staggering. Mold and Mildew – Oh My! When we think of mold and mildew, images of damp basements or poorly ventilated bathrooms come to mind. However, this growth can occur on any interior surface, according to the National Institutes of Health – and it can cause ill health. So where might mold be lurking? Some of the top places yeast and mold are found include: the kitchen dish sponge or rag (86 percent); computer keyboards (68 percent); toothbrush holders


(64 percent); video game controllers (59 percent); pet toys (55 percent); remote controls (55 percent); coffee reservoir (50 percent) and pet bowls (45 percent), according to National Sanitation Foundation International research. Shelf Liner Smart Solutions With these cringe-worthy stats, there are some simple steps to help reduce mold and mildew. First, open windows and use dehumidifiers and fans to help reduce the moisture in your home. Next, clean surfaces with a natural fungicide – tea tree oil – which can help kill mold and mildew, as well as prevent future growth. Finally, using Easy Liner brand shelf liner is another simple way to keep your home clean and organized. Here are just a few shelf liner solutions:

Kitchen Keep counters clean while doing dishes by placing shelf liner under the dish rack. Line wire pantry shelves with shelf liner to catch any spills and ensure they don’t spread to lower areas. Mud Room/Entry Place a piece of shelf liner under pet food and water bowls to keep them in place and catch

spills. A piece of shelf liner on the floor near the door makes an excellent landing place to protect floors from dirty shoes, purses, backpacks and more. Bathrooms At home, line medicine cabinets, shelves and drawers with shelf liner as a great defense against spills. -StatePoint

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