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Trading on humor

Duluth brings ‘Angry Beaver,’ Buck Naked with Denton opening By Dalton LaFerney For the Denton Record-Chronicle

A retail company has chosen Denton as the site of one of its first Texas stores. Duluth Trading Co. opened its doors Thursday, and the billboards and other advertisements began going up earlier this year. The company sells clothing and apparel items to customers who enjoy the outdoors.

Its advertising is done through humor-based appeals and parody. With branding like “Angry Beaver” in the mix, the company might make shoppers laugh while picking out clothes.

photos by Jake King

Duluth trading Co. has opened its second texas location at 3651 N. Interstate 35. the store manager is Russell Lesikar.

“We bring humor to everyday, universal truths,” says store manager Russell Lesikar. One of those truths: what’s become to be known as “plumber’s crack.” People looking to avoid exposing their backside can find longer shirts and products of that nature at Duluth. The company is known for products like its Buck Naked underwear and Fire Hose work clothes. DULUtH | CONtINUeD ON paGe 3

How to avoid seven air travel headaches By Chanelle Bessette | NerdWallet

Unexpected fees, lack of personal space, screaming babies, scant entertainment. For most passengers today, flying is hardly a luxury experience. Seasoned travelers know the tricks for dealing with air travel irritants, but if you’re a less-frequent flyer, here are seven of the most common headaches and how you can head them off before you get in the air.

1. The Wi-Fi is too weak to stream (if there’s Wi-Fi at all)

By Dalton LaFerney | For the DRC The Chicken Express at 1627 Eagle Drive announced it’s closing after 14 years of serving up sweet tea and chicken just off the University of North Texas campus. The loss of the store comes as the university expands across Eagle and into the retail area

that includes Chicken Express. Ambro’s Tacos y Mas, one of Denton’s newest taco shops, finally announced its opening date: Saturday, May 19. The shop, located at 208 E. McKinney St., is the storefront part of a mechanic’s garage. UpDate | CONtINUeD ON paGe 2

Even good onboard Wi-Fi — which usually costs money — might not be strong enough to handle streaming media. If you rely on streaming for entertainment, take advantage of Spotify Premium and Netflix’s capabilities to download music and movies to your phone or tablet beforehand — and don’t forget your headphones!

2. Your ears won’t ‘pop’

Simply swallowing might not be

Ron Baselice/the Dallas Morning News

airports such as Dallas/Fort Worth International airport have many gates, terminals, buildings and tunnels. Make air travel less stressful by taking steps to avoid common travel-related headaches. enough to help your ears adjust to the changes in air pressure that accompany changes in altitude. For some adults, taking a decongestant pill

before the flight helps; ask your doctor if that’s appropriate for you. Chewing tRaVeL | CONtINUeD ON paGe 4

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May 2018



Denton Record-Chronicle

Enterprising Voices

Do-it-yourself lawyering not a good idea


nstead of hiring professionals, many of us try to save money by doing it ourselves. Sometimes our DIY projects work out as planned or no harm is done when they don’t. Like with haircuts and surgery, DIY lawyering can go horribly wrong. In Texas, an individual may represent himself or herself in a lawsuit and may draft his or her own contracts and other legal documents. In the law, an individual representing himself in a lawsuit is called a pro se party, which is a Latin phrase meaning “for oneself” or “on one’s own behalf.” This article contains just of few examples of DIY lawyering gone wrong. Sometimes these wrongs can be fixed. Other times they cannot. Even when there is a fix, the repair costs are almost always more than the initial savings. This article is not intended as legal advice and does not provide comprehensive instructions on how to handle any legal


matter. In Texas, a defendant must timely file a written answer when served with a lawsuit or risk losing by default. In most cases, the answer can simply state, “I generally deny plaintiff’s claims,” even if the claims are true. The plaintiff then has the burden to prove the claims. The first example of DIY lawyering gone wrong comes from a trial I witnessed several years ago while waiting in a courtroom for my case to be called. A pro se defendant was sued on an unpaid credit card

debt. No one appeared to put on a case for the credit card company. Ordinarily, when the plaintiff does not show up for trial, the case is dismissed because there is no evidence before the court to prove the plaintiff’s claims. Before deciding to dismiss the case, the judge took a look at the answer filed by the pro se defendant. Instead of a general denial, she filed a detailed admission to owing the debt and denied nothing; thus, proving the credit card company’s case. Her honesty was not rewarded. Another area where the “do it yourselfers” get themselves in trouble is with preparing their own legal documents, such as deeds, business documents and wills. Common DIY mistakes with deeds include incorrect or inadequate legal descriptions of the property being conveyed, failing to reserve mineral interests or other rights, warrantying bad title and having someone without the

proper authority sign the deed. These mistakes can result in costly litigation, the deed being void or voidable, or the sale of a home falling through or being delayed until mistakes are corrected. Often a business owner, in an effort to save money, will buy a form or copy a large corporation’s business documents (bylaws, buy/sell agreements, employment agreements, etc.). The Microsofts of the world probably have well-drafted documents that suit their needs, but they are not for everyone. There are several factors that dictate which laws apply to a business, including the number of employees, its revenue, its structure (e.g., LLC, S-corp.) and the state of formation. For example, businesses with just a few employees are not subject to the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and other laws that apply to businesses with more employees. Private companies with a

few owners usually don’t want or need the rigid agreements that publicly traded companies often have. By copying the big guys’ documents, a small business may contractually opt into these laws and impose unnecessary obligations on itself. In complying with these obligations, a business will need to devote significant time and money that many small businesses (especially new ones) don’t have. Estate planning is another area of law where doing it yourself can lead to big problems. Often these problems are not discovered until it’s too late. When a will is not properly drafted, witnessed or executed, it may not satisfy the legal requirements needed for admission to probate. Thus, the deceased’s wishes are not carried out and his property is distributed in accordance with Texas intestacy law. There are workarounds to some of the mistakes commonly

found in wills, but they are not available in all cases and not certain to work. The workarounds increase the cost to probate a properly drafted will, can delay probate and create grounds for litigation among family members. The adage “what you don’t know can hurt you” is very applicable to the legal arena. Mistakes can be very costly. Many lawyers, including this one, consult with other lawyers when facing an issue outside of their areas of practice. If you find yourself in need of assistance, contact a qualified attorney. If you don’t know one, ask for a referral from friends or the local bar association (www. or search online at websites like It just may pay off in the long run. RYAN T. WEBSTER is an associate at Alagood Cartwright Burke PC and can be reached at rwebster@denton and www.dentonlaw. com.

Firms out to expand, relocate can North Texas Commission chief access economic info through city to speak at chamber luncheon


ffective economic developers know the communities they represent, inside and out. In order to help existing businesses grow and new businesses get established, an economic development professional must be versed in his or her community’s demographics, labor markets, residential and commercial growth and other factors that shape that community’s economy. Companies seeking to make expansion or location decisions rely on local economic developers to have these facts at their fingertips. The city of Denton’s Department of Economic Development compiles and provides this type of information about Denton, and I want to share some of it with you. Denton’s population is 133,808, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s likely a figure you’re familiar with, but did you know that among cities with populations of more than 50,000, Denton ranks sixth in Texas in population increase percentage from 2010-16? Denton grew at a rate of 14.4 percent versus the 10.3 percent statewide average over that time period. Denton’s city limits encompass 94.9 square miles, and our population density is 1,410 people per square mile. As a university town, Denton has a young and highly educated population. Denton’s median age is 28,


and the percentage of Denton residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher is 40.5 percent — 11.6 percent higher than the state average. The University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University have a total enrollment of 48,362; 62 percent of those students are women and 38 percent are men. The largest employers in Denton are public institutions — UNT, with 8,738 employees, followed by the Denton school district, with 4,417 employees. The largest private employers in town are Peterbilt Motors, with 2,314 employees, and Medical City Denton, with 950 employees. Denton has seen significant employment change in several industry sectors: management of companies and enterprises has increased 21 percent versus a statewide increase of 4.6 percent; transportation and warehousing has increased 14.6 percent versus a 2 percent increase statewide. Mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction


have declined 19.5 percent, which tracks with the statewide decrease. The unemployment rate in Denton is 3.2 percent. The housing unit composition in Denton is 58 percent single-family and 42 percent multifamily. The average value for a single-family dwelling is $283,510, and median rent is $1,005. Total commercial building permits from October through March are 186 compared with 131 from the same period the prior year. Finally, during the month of March, the Denton Police Department received 5,403 calls for service with an average response time of seven minutes. The Denton Fire Department received 882 calls for service during March, with an average response time of five minutes. The information above is available in the monthly Statistical Trends and News of Denton (STAND) Report, which is produced by the Department of Economic Development. You can find the current and past issues at Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or comments about this information.

hris Wallace, the new head of the North Texas Commission, will be the featured speaker at the Denton Chamber of Commerce’s membership luncheon June 15 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center. The North Texas Commission is essentially a 13-county regional chamber of commerce, based at and originally organized to promote Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Today it serves as a conduit and platform “dedicated to advancing the vibrancy” of the North Texas region. Chris is a Denton native; he graduated from Denton High School. He served as vice president of the Las Colinas Association before becoming president of the Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, which included the Irving Economic Development Partnership. He returns to North Texas after a stint as president of the

program initiative for the Denton chamber. Fair association executive director Glenn Carlton served as the chamber’s board chairman during the 2016-17 program year. Nanci Kimmey, the fair association assistant, is a 2018 graduate of the chamber’s Leadership Denton program. The fair association has purchased property northwest of Denton with the intent to expand its livestock exhibition capabilities and upgrade venues for athletic competitions and live entertainment, including the North Texas Fair and Rodeo. Tickets for the membership luncheon are available at the chamber office. Call 904-3829693 for table sponsorships and individual reservations. CHUCK CARPENTER is president of the Denton Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached at dcoc@


Texas Association of Business in Austin. The Texas Association of Business is the largest advocate of free-market needs in the state. Both TAB and the North Texas Commission work closely with local chambers of commerce to promote and support business initiatives. The luncheon sponsor will be the North Texas State Fair Association, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Its vision, the North Texas Expo Center, is also a standing major

Showcase your brand! With retractable banner stands, you can create high impact displays to draw attention to your products or promotions to customers at trade shows or events.

L. CAROLINE BOOTH is the Director of Economic Development for the city of Denton. She can be reached at 940-349-7751 or Caroline.Booth@cityof

Our retractable banner stands are easy to install, which means you can set-up or replace your full color banners in just a matter of minutes.





Price includes 33.25” x 48-95” TEK Banner Stand and Case Must be completed before May 31, 2018 Additional charge for design

Jeff Woo

Bobby Travis tidies up Northern Tool and Equipment during a soft opening Thursday in Denton. The store will hold its grand opening June 9. UPDATE | CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

Northern Tool and Equipment, located at 3601 N. Interstate 35, opened last week. Rooms to Go, the giant fur-

niture retailer and wholesaler, opened this month at 3120 N. Interstate 35 at Rayzor Ranch Town Center. Seniors in Motion, 111 Industrial St., the senior workout

center downtown, announced it will be closing at the end of this month. The Texas Woman’s University golf course has closed. Its last day for play was May 4.

940.891.1200 521 South Loop 288 Suite 145 in Denton f: AlphaGraphicsDenton



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Denton Record-Chronicle



May 2018


Enterprising Voices

Don’t be caught swimming naked in investments “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked.” — Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway


s the Muslim observance of ritual fasting during Ramadan gets underway, millions will make their pilgrimage to Mecca. Earlier this month, investors from around the world made a different kind of pilgrimage by returning to Omaha, Nebraska, for the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting — “Woodstock for Capitalists.” Each year Warren Buffett and his business partner and vice chairman Charlie Munger host thousands of investors, news media and merchants as their conglomerate holds a convention displaying their wares, and the two sage investors answer six hours of questions from investors. Most inquiries deal with the state of the economy, investment choices and what will happen to the Berkshire empire post-Buffett (he will be 88 in August; Charlie is 94).


This year a few asked about the implications of the nation’s massive debt burden in the years ahead. Since the recession a decade ago, we have seen an explosion of debt. The world’s major economies have never been this overleveraged. The suppression of interest rates around the world encouraged gorging at the borrowing feed trough. The excesses of the U.S. corporate bond market should give many investors pause. According to The Wall Street Journal, many “safe” investment-grade bonds are far riskier than many investors likely realize. A corner of the investment-grade corporate

bond universe is becoming the epicenter of these concerns. There is $2.5 trillion in outstanding U.S. debt rated triple-B, according to Morgan Stanley, up from $1.3 trillion five years ago and $686 billion a decade ago. That is the most ever for companies rated triple-B, which is the lowest rung of the ratings ladder for companies that are above speculative junk bonds. Despite its “safe” labeling of investment grade, this tranche of debt represents about half of today’s corporate debt pile. More concerning, the size of the BBB-rated corporate debt market is now twice the size of the entire high-yield “junk bond” market. These BBB bonds are just a one-notch downgrade away from being considered junk — an action that would force most bond fund managers to liquidate their holdings. The size of the surging tide of liquidations could quickly overwhelm highyield bond funds that might be potential buyers. But things seem calm for now. While default rates on bonds are slowly ticking higher,

Cover Story


Russell lesikar is the store manager at Duluth Trading Co., 3651 N. Interstate 35 in Denton. The store opened May 10 and will hold its grand opening celebration at 9 a.m. Thursday.

and credit card debt. Market returns are likely to be volatile and returns more muted (if not negative) in the years ahead. In our own fund, we continue to diversify away from the frothier parts of the market, concentrating in value-based holdings — bargains with little debt often trading at discounts to their liquidation value. If you or your investment manager are not equipped to find these bargains yourself, consider trimming some of your largest positions and mind your stoploss strategy. When the investment tide rolls out, you do not want to be caught swimming naked. JONATHON FITE is a managing partner of KMF Investments, a Texas-based hedge fund. He is a professor with the College of Business at the University of North Texas. This column is provided for general interest only and should not be construed as a solicitation or personal investment advice. Comments may be sent to email@KMF

Duluth colleagues are receiving good feedback on the company’s new outpost in Denton. Some shoppers around here have bought stuff from Duluth online before, and some, Lesikar said, are coming in with smiles. The brick-andmortar storefront, in the age of smartphones and Amazon deliveries, offers something new

to consumers. “It’s a different experience to come in the store, try on and see [products] firsthand,” Lesikar said. Duluth Trading Co. is having a grand opening celebration at 9 a.m. Thursday. There will be ax throwing, chainsaw artistry and free popcorn and drinks available to those who attend.

hen people think of entrepreneurs, they might bring to mind an image of 28-year-old Whitney Wolfe, founder of Bumble, or 28-year-old Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel. They are both young, energetic trailblazers in their industries. But let us not discount the late bloomers in business ownership. Their contributions to our economy are significant. The truth is, more entrepreneurs are starting businesses after the age of 40 than ever before. For example, Lynda Weinman co-founded Lynda. com at 40, Bradley Baekgaard was 42 when she started Vera Bradley, and Bernie Marcus co-founded Home Depot at 50. According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship, 24 percent of new entrepreneurs are between 55 and 64, whereas 10 years ago that number was 15 percent. In addition, those most likely to be self-employed in the United States are 65 and over, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and interestingly, there are now more new technology founders over 50 than under the age of 30. In 2015, Thumbtack, an online company and phone application that offers customized quotes to consumers from professional service providers, surveyed 1,000 small business owners over 65 years old to determine which U.S. cities are the friendliest toward senior entrepreneurs. The factors that were rated included taxes, licensing regulations and helpful training and networking opportunities. Not surprisingly to


those of us living and working in Texas, Dallas and Houston were among the top five. So, what are the factors that influence this entrepreneurial surge in older Americans? ■ Financial stability — Those over 40 tend to have more money saved and have accumulated more assets to either attract investors or borrow against, if needed, to help fund a new or expanding business. ■ Knowledge and experience — Older business owners are likely to have been exposed to a variety of challenges throughout their life and career and know what pitfalls and mistakes to avoid. They have likely built strong and diverse networks they can access to help facilitate

entrepreneurial success. ■ Older entrepreneurs have increased flexibility with their time due to fewer family commitments in order to research startup options and business plans. ■ Those over 40 are likely more confident because of proven success and past failures in their work and personal lives. May is Older Americans Month. Each year, the U.S. Administration on Aging develops a theme to observe the many ways in which older adults make a difference in our communities. This year’s theme is “Engage at Every Age,” which emphasizes that one is never too old to take part in activities that can enrich physical, mental and emotional well-being. As author Betty Friedan once said, “Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” SHANNON MANTARO is the director of Texas Woman’s University’s Center for Women in Business and can be reached at smantaro@twu. edu. For more information regarding the Center for Women in Business, visit https://twu. edu/cwb.

SHOULDER/ARM PAIN? Denton Chiropractic Center Auto & work injuries accepted. Mon. - Fri. 7-9, Sat. 7-6 I-35 at McCormick Se Habla Español.

Dr. Marcus Villarreal DE-1680142-01

(940) 566-3232

Dr. Melissa Noell

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Larry Terry 940-498-9800

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Duluth Trading Co. is based in Wisconsin. The Denton location is its second in Texas. The first, in Lubbock, only recently opened. A third is soon to open in Arlington. Why Texas and why now? Lesikar, whose Denton store at 3651 N. Interstate 35 is posted up next to a new Cavender’s, said the company bases its moves on data projections on community growth and other data points. Duluth’s move into Denton is but another example of what happens when a community grows the way Denton has been in recent years. Lesikar said Duluth has about 48 local employees on staff. He said that’s about the number he wants to keep to give customers the proper shopping experience. In an age when retail shoppers increasingly turn to online ordering and deliveries, Lesikar said it’s highly important for sales staffs to offer customers more than just inventory — they need to be people-friendly and give good insight into what customers are buying. “We make sure there are plenty of employees in the store to offer knowledge on our products,” Lesikar said. With about 12,000 square feet of sales floor space at the Duluth in Denton, staffers have to be roving around helping customers. If they don’t, potential customers will just keep driving down I-35 the next time by and shop online later. Lesikar said he and his

by raising interest rates. This is important for investors to consider. Data from Stansberry Research suggests that “a booming economy — as measured by extremely low unemployment — is typically terrible for the stock market.” Over the past 70 years, if you bought stocks when unemployment was 7 percent or higher, that market generates double-digit returns on average 12 months later. However, if you bought stocks when unemployment was 4.5 percent or less, stocks returned a little more than 1 percent over the next year. If we examine the data since 1985, the results are more bleak — with investors losing about 4 percent per year after the economy looks as good as it does today. The sugar high from the recent tax cuts may begin to wane later this year. As higher-interest rates percolate through the economy, the higher debt loads that corporations hold will drag down their performance. The same is true for U.S. consumers loaded with student, auto

Never too late to be entrepreneur

Jake King


they remain historically low. There are not many signs of stress in the credit markets. This is likely due to the current strength of the economy. The most recent jobs report from the U.S. Department of Labor showed unemployment fell to a historic new low in April — 3.9 percent in April, down from 4.1 percent in March, hitting the lowest level since December 2000. Employers have added jobs every month since October 2010, a 91-month stretch that ranks as the longest period of job growth on record. The overall economic expansion — at 107 months in May — is now the second-longest on record, trailing only the expansion of the 1990s in length. But as unemployment falls below the natural rate of joblessness (with more than 300 million people in the U.S. and roughly half of those in the labor force, economists usually expect about 4 to 5 percent of those to be unemployed in a natural economic setting), the Federal Reserve is motivated to try to keep the economy from overheating

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May 2018



Denton Record-Chronicle

Vital Statistics ASSUMED NAMES

The following names were posted in April at the Denton County Clerk’s office. NAME — ADDRESS


JDLVCA de la Vela J, 3100 Pinehurst Court, Denton A&D International Export & Import, P.O. Box 50326, Denton Enterprise Landscaping and Sprinkler Repair, 2225 Lakeview Lane, Denton E&B Window Cleaning, 401 Ame Drive #5104, Denton Joe Akers Wrecker SVC, 715 Dallas Drive, Denton Akers Trucking SVC, 715 Dallas Drive, Denton Akers Towing SVC, 715 Dallas Drive, Denton Akers Wrecker SVC, 715 Dallas Drive, Denton Joes Trucking, 715 Dallas Drive, Denton Dallas DR Towing, 715 Dallas Drive, Denton A.A. Mow Services, 2414 McCormick St., Denton Legacy Home Services, 2820 Virginia Circle A109, Denton Ready3inc, 525 Fort Worth Drive #213, Denton

WANAD Real Estate Holdings, 3600 E. McKinney St. #100, Denton Derrick’s A1 Cleaning Services, 1541 Meadow St., Denton HeadRush the Salon, 2640 W. University Drive, Suite 1266, Denton DRB Services, 6716 Hayling Way, Denton NDI Expo, 201 Inman Street, Apt. 13104, Denton Blair Geospatial Analytics, 5201 Par Drive #811, Denton C and B Construction, 2019 Vinsonville Lane, Denton Amistad Gardens, 2208 Lattimore St., Denton Civil Audio, 800 Panhandle St., Denton Denton Trading Co., 112 W. Oak St., Denton Tea Consulting Services, 1606 E. McKinney S. #9101, Denton Toros Mechanical, 1209 Cottonwood Lane, Denton





Honeycomb Salon, 2640 W. University Drive #1266, Denton Green Castle Lawn Care, 817 Savage Drive, Denton Castro’s Pressure Washing, 3214 Avon St., Denton MAC Commercial Painting, 2705 N. Bell Ave., Denton Tiger Eye Drone Consultants, 152 Susie Lane, Denton Anthem Roofing & Construction, 45 Oak Forrest Circle, Denton A+ Trash Services, 3701 Pheasant Hollow, Denton Dove Chapel D.B.A. Hillcity Church, 1905 McCormick St., Denton English Construction Services, 7106 Raintree Way, Denton Johnstone Supply, 1210 Duncan St., Denton MDM Cleaners, 3750 Pockrus Page Road, Denton Rancho Ropochico RT Co., 1122 Bernard St., Denton The Transitional Doula, 319 Ruth St., Denton Southern Services, 3840 Blagg Road, Denton CF Property MGMT, 1413 N. Austin St., Denton Larry W Frank, 101 E. McKinney St., #2753, Denton Erets Travel and Treasures, 201 Inman St. #9106A, Denton

H&K Weddings, 2125 Crestmeadow St., Denton Illuminare Staging & Design, 903 Providence St., Denton Uwezo Investment Group LLC, 2224 Lake Haven Lane, Denton Understanding Hearts, 2224 Lake Haven Lane, Denton Denton AV Pro, 1923 Colorado Blvd., Apt. C, Denton Lady Wildcat Soccer Camp, 215 E. Oak St., Apt. 17, Denton Pridestaff, 2430 S. Interstate 35E, Suite 260, Denton Especially For You, 3113 Inglewood St., Denton Hair Studio 18, 1423 Malone St., Denton URocket Realty, 525 S. Locust St. #100 Justus Properties, 615 Greenwood Drive, Denton Kristian Kiefling, 1116 Norman St., Denton DK Property Tax, 1308 Teasley Lane, Suite 280, Denton Kleins Cleaning Service, 2130 Bolivar St., Denton Wessex Texas, 2524 Bowling Green St., Denton Cultural Development Center, 1308 Teasley Lane, Denton Marvel Trading Co., 2808 Bissonet Drive, Denton Trendsetterz Fadez & Stylez, 1015 Minor Circle, Denton Iszul Power Cleaning, 1291 Willow Lane, Denton

Kelz Kloset Kouture, 2501 Stockbridge Road, Apt. 15202, Denton Foundations First Denton Laboratory, 3261 Bent Creek Drive, Denton McCarroll Investments Partnership, 2725 Hollow Ridge Drive, Denton DFW Service Pros LLC, 8621 Serenity Way, Denton Clean-Bee Services, 8621 Serenity Way, Denton Wildflower Rituals, 902 Hillcrest St., Denton Medical Innovation Collaborative, 1913 Hollyhill Lane, Denton Cy-Fair Elite Sports, 3533 Cristoforo Drive, Denton FP Puga Framing, 5301 E. McKinney St., Lot 97A, Denton Divine Nails & Spa, 3969 Teasley Lane, Suite 1200, Denton Odupoy’s Buying and Reselling of Goods, 5409 Las Lomas Lane, Denton Lucky Group, 420 N. Ruddell St., Denton Pratix Enterprises, 1030 Dallas Drive, Denton Yaya Nation Enterprises, 1030 Dallas Drive, Denton Faith and Lace Designs, 3900 San Lucas Lane, Denton Children’s Lighthouse, 5109 Marina Drive, Denton

Holiday Lodge, 1112 E. University Drive, Denton Oriental Garden Restaurant, 114 N. Ave. B, Denton Texas Tough Landscaping And Sprinkler Repair, 414 N. Crawford St., Denton KUZU-LP, 317 S. Elm St., Denton Unfancy, 415 Wainwright St., Denton Wildcat Soccer Camp, 7501 Teasley Lane, Denton Be Lifted, 6717 Hayling Way, Denton Allure Electrolysis and Skin Care, 601 N. Carroll Blvd., Denton Oak Cliff Recycling Inc. DBA Stubbs Iron and Metal, 2317 Fort Worth Drive, Denton TX Craft Packaging, 2401 Worthington Drive, Suite 121, Denton Hair by Kylie B, 2640 W. University Drive, Suite 1266, Denton Ivan’s Hail Repair, 5016 Pebble Beach Trail, Denton Teslor Trucking, 1711 Sena St., Denton IvCouture, 1451 Centre Place Drive APT 262, Denton Villegas Construction Rebuild, 2020 N. Elm St., Denton Tiffany’s Mobile Notary, 3400 Joyce Lane #236, Denton Once Upon A Time Antique And Vintage Miscellany, 6503 W. Shady Shores Road, Apt. 232, Denton

that lets you check for free.

ing machines that sell phonecharging accessories. If you’ve exhausted all other options, look for a kindly stranger with the same device as yours who will let you juice up your phone for a few minutes using their charger. When your battery is low, don’t use your phone except for essential activities — like calling for a ride at the airport — and switch to an

offline entertainment.

move past them. Regardless, don’t wait until the captain says, “We’re making our final approach,” because once the fasten seat belt light goes on, the crew may not let you be in the aisle, and you’ll just have to hold it.


gum can be effective as well, so bring some along. For those traveling with infants, who can’t intentionally pop their ears, bring along a pacifier or bottle for the baby to suck on during major altitude changes. You may also want to keep them awake during ascent and descent so they don’t wake up to ear pain.

3. There’s no food — or meager food — onboard

Airlines don’t feed people like they used to. Nowadays you’re lucky to get a small bag of pretzels, if anything. Food and drink purchased after you go through security screening can usually come on the plane with you, but it tends to be expensive and not especially healthful. So bring your own. The Transportation Security Administration allows passengers to carry solid food items (that is, not liquids or gels) in their carry-on bags, although agents may ask travelers to separate those items from the rest of their luggage for easier X-ray screening. Opt for something filling and good for you, like carrot sticks, sugar snap peas, cheese, crackers, sandwiches, trail mix or fruit. Bonus: Munching on these kinds of snacks during ascent and descent can help your ears pop!

4. There’s a noisy little kid next to you

Pack noise-canceling headphones, a sleep mask and a pillow for yourself, and consider keeping a sheet of stickers or other distracting bribes in your carry-on for any kids you encounter. If worse comes to worst, be prepared to ask a flight attendant if you can change seats. But above all else, be kind to the parents. Their stress level from traveling with small children is probably 10 times higher than yours. Politeness goes a long way and will generally make your flight much smoother.

Briefly in Business

5. You’re looking at a checked bag fee

Consider going light: See if you can get away with packing only a carry-on for your trip by taking versatile clothing, using packing cubes to stay organized and seeing if you’ll have access to laundry services at your destination. If you absolutely must check a bag and you fly several times a year, get a credit card

6. Your phone battery is down to single digits

Even if you’re at 80 percent, you can’t be sure when you’ll next get the chance to charge, so use airport waiting time to top off your battery. If that’s not possible, find a charging station or a battery booster pack. Many airports have stores and vend-

— Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

Make a pit stop at the restroom before you board your plane, and try to avoid drinking any beverages until the second half of your flight. If you absolutely must go, be polite to your seatmates and try to give as wide a berth as possible as you

Chanelle Bessette is a writer at nerdWallet. she can be reached at cbessette@





Plus Tax, Title & License




Plus Tax, Title & License





Denton rent rises again The average monthly rent in Denton rose to $1,174 in April, a slight uptick from March, according to the latest report from Rent Cafe. Rent Cafe is a nationwide apartment search website and part of Yardi Matrix, a company that develops information tools for real estate professionals. Denton’s average rent remains slightly below the national average of $1,377 per month, but the gap is closing. Compared with April 2017, the national average rose 2.4 percent in April 2018 while Denton rent rose 3.7 percent. According to Rent Cafe, most of the fastest-rising rents in recent months were in smaller cities, not large ones. For example, the average rent in April in Odessa and Midland rose faster and/or beyond the national average, to $1,273 and $1,467 per month, respectively.

7. Nature calls, but you’re in the window seat

Plus Tax, Title & License






*2017 GMC SAVANA: Stock #271822. MSRP: $41,750. Dealer Discount: $8,750. GM Rebate: $3,500. Sale Price: $29,500 plus Tax, Title & License. *2017 CHEVROLET LCF 4500: Stock #271821. MSRP: $57,158. Upfit Cash: $1,000. Dealer Cash: 2,500. Flex Cash: $1,500. Dealer Discount: $12,207. Sale Price: $39,950 plus Tax, Title & License. *Slight Hail Damage *2017 CHEVROLET EXPRESS 3500: Stock #274126. MSRP: $44,536. Upfit Rebate: $1,200. Rebate: $3,500. Dealer Discount: $6,296. Sale Price: $33,540 plus Tax, Title & License.




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Denton Record-Chronicle



May 2018


Vital Statistics SALES TAX PERMITS

The following sales permits were issued by the state comptroller’s office for April. The list includes the owner, name of business and address within ZIP codes 75068, 76201, 76205, 76207, 76208, 76209, 76210, 76226, 76227, 76249, 76258, 76259 and 76266. 75068 Tewoh M. Kabbah, Visualize It Auto Assistance, 621 Bird Creek Drive, Little Elm Service King Paint & Body LLC, Service King Collision Repair Center, 27710 E. University Drive, Little Elm Kevin Jules, Jules Dynamic Installations, 2344 Ranchview Drive, Little Elm Athletic Therapeutic Institute of Naperville, Athletic Therapeutic Institute of Naperville LLC, Little Elm Tialisa Lynn Cooper, Wanda Fay Boutique, 1800 Preston On The Lake Boulevard, Trailer 563, Little Elm Resourceful Transformations LLC, Resourceful Transformations, 701 Lone Pine Drive, Little Elm FX1 Mobile LLC, FX1 Mobile LLC, 2700 East Eldorado Parkway, Suite 403, Little Elm Modha Enterprises Inc., Lapels Dry Cleaning, 2180 FM423, Suite 100, Little Elm Chelsea Ann Carrell, Painted Grace Design, 191 Melody Lane, Unit A, Little Elm RWDirect LLC, RWDirect LLC, 2500 Sun Creek Drive, Little Elm Kellie E. Pollard, Allen Sales, 2832 Crescent Lake Drive, Little Elm Recs Clips LLC, Sport Clips Haircuts, 2763 East Eldorado Parkway, Suite 140, Little Elm Taylor Ann Bullis, Dear Bear, 2636 Leisure Lane, Little Elm Tommy Gonzalez, Gonzalez Leather, 530 Naylor Road, Oak Point Eura J Brown, Louisiana BBQ & Soul Food, 217 Bluefinch Drive, Little Elm Bradley G Teer, Top Teer Carpet Cleaning, 2213 Chestnut Drive, Little Elm Plan Destiny LLC, Plan Destiny, 9912 Pikes Peak Place, Oak Point Glitz2u Inc., Glitz2u Inc., 512 Shady Oaks Ave., Oak Point Cynthia Perez, Premier Concrete, 1820 Spoonbill Drive, Little Elm Dwight A Willis, Dwight Willis Design, 2404 Dogwood Drive, Little Elm MD Lake Front LLC, Lake Front Grill At Little Elm Park, 701 W. Eldorado Parkway, Little Elm Harriet Dikro, Nayram, 3416 Roxie Drive, Oak Point Fashion Photo Inc., Fashion Photo, 15204 Mount Evans Drive, Little Elm Lifetime Neighbors Inc., Lifetime Neighbors Inc., 2050 FM423, Apt. 4905, Little Elm Hoda Drzymalski, Monarch Hill Weddings, 301 Redhead Drive, Little Elm Rocendo G Montes, R Montes Lawncare, 2413 Texoma Drive, Little Elm Ronna Campbell, Yard Art, 3420 Tempest Lane, Little Elm

Larry D Owens, Lawrence Group 330 Peninsula Drive, Lakewood Village 76201 Modbox Properties LLC, Oriental Garden Restaurant, 114 N. Ave. B, Denton J’s House of Beauty LLC, Smartstyle, 2750 W. University Drive, Denton McBride Investments Inc., Glens Pawn Shop & Music Store, 1801 W. University Drive, Denton Roanoke Trading Co. LLC, Denton Trading Co., 112 W. Oak St., Denton Steven Allen Mann, Mann Trading, 110 Bernard St., Apt. 1328, Denton Baxter International Inc., Baxter International Inc., 909 Ave. C , Suite C, Denton Monique McIntyre, Never Mourning Fruit, 112 Marshall St., Denton Q’s Cafe Denton LLC, Q’s Cafe, 222 W. Hickory St., Suite 103, Denton Juan De Jesus Correa, Drunchies Tacos, 1115 W. Hickory St., Unit 113, denton Boyd Kustoms And Nitemare Creations LLC, Denton Parlor, 110 W. Oak St., Suite B, Denton Snappy Snow LLC, Snappy Snow, 1640 W. University Drive, Denton Sarah Friday, Sassafras Accessories, 1010 Denton St., Denton Tiffany Stenger, Downtown Mini Mall, 118 N. Locust St., Denton Archden Construction Services LLC, Archden Construction Services LLC, 212 S.Elm St., Denton Tristan Austin, Herbaaustin Nutritonal Club, 610 N. Locust St., Denton UYI Obadeyi and Chelsea Nzewi, Body Rox, 1103 Bernard St., Apt. 922, Denton Hui Da Inc., Blue Fish, 828 W. University Drive, Denton Yasmin Cortez, The Shears Studio Beauty Salon, 405 Fort Worth Drive, Denton 2 Brad J J’s LLC, Erbert & Gerbert’s, 119 Av. A, Denton Our Merch Box Online LLC, Our Merch Box Online, 624 W. University Drive #343, Denton Garrett Graves, Stoneglass Marketing, 307 N. Locust St., Suite 309, Denton 76205 Skechers U.S.A. Inc., Skechers U.S.A. Inc. #867, 1447 S. Loop 288, Denton Minifigs Bricks and More LLC, Minifigs Bricks and More LLC, 2215 S. Loop 288, Suite 408, Denton Christian James Rambonnet, Abstract Garage, 1912 Bernard St., Denton Bubble Well Inc., Bubble Well Inc., 2215 S. Loop 288, Suite 310, Denton


The following building permits were issued by the Denton Planning and Development department in April. Commercial alterations and commercial permits reflect the owner or tenant and the address of the business. CERTIFICATES OF OCCUPATION Collins-Leverett Associates Inc., 400 N. Loop 288 #110 Margaret R Crouch, 108 W. Oak Street, Suite 101 Ryan Tole, 803 Oakland St. COMMERCIAL Fourcornerstones IV LTD, 1400 Dallas Drive Denton Market Street Properties, 3839 Market St., Suite 107 Denton Creek Realty LP, 980 Masch Branch Road Teasley Commons LTD, 3220 Teasley Lane, Suite 108 Sharonda Ritch, 1400 S. Interstate 35 Latham Jones, 728 N. Elm St., Suite 101 Texas Health Resources, 209 N. Bonnie Brae St. Yasi Land Co., 3000 Corbin Road Keith S Anderson, 2532 Charlotte St., Building A Preston Rudisil, 2532 Charlotte St., Building B Forest Ridge 76205 LLC, 1800-1812 Westminster St. JHT Holding Inc., 1518 Interstate 35 City of Denton, 16525 Lake Ray Roberts Road

AHY LC, 1409 E. McKinney St., Suite 121 City of Denton, 601 E. Hickory St. Unnamed, 3651 N. Interstate 35 Denton Creek Realty LP, 970 N. Masch Branch Road Julia C Rutledge, 1915 Virginia Circle Joshua A Baish, 411 E. Sycamore St. Rayzor Ranch Marketplace Associates LLC, 2604-2608 W. University Drive Jerod Bauer, 2620 W. University Drive Fidelis Realty Partners LLC, 2604 W. University Drive KSW Holding LP, 2602 Lillian Miller Parkway Joan Cohagen Trustee, 326 E. McKinney St., Suite 104 RED Development LLC, 2655 W. University Drive Lyle Addicks Trustee, 5050 Teasley Lane Fisher Family PS, 2429 N. Interstate 35 Pierce Hardy LTD PS, 3147 Jim Christal Road Regina and Leah Liberto, 3130 Lovers Lane Scott Wisenbaker, 1514 N. Ruddell St. American Tower Corporation, 3562 Teasley Lane

Michelle A Barns, Bugs And Roses Boutique, 27 Rolling Hill Circle, Denton Good Deal Charle Inc., Overstock Furniture & Mattress, 1447 S. Loop 288, Denton North Texas Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., North Texas Heating And Air Conditioning Inc., 3209 Fort Worth Drive, Denton Denton Bolt Co. Inc., DBC Industrial Supply, 1700 Shady Oaks Drive, Suite 100, Denton Watts Roofing And Construction LLC, Watts Roofing And Construction LLC, 1308 Teasley Lane #227, Denton Strittmatter HVAC LLC, Strittmatter HVAC LLC, 3309 Fort Worth Drive, Suite 992, Denton Ashley Combes, Ashley Combes, 720 Smokerise Circle, Denton TD Ameritrade Inc., TD Ameritrade Inc., 1400 S. Loop 288, Suite 106, Denton Stephen Hall, Little Creep, 1408 Teasley Lane, Denton Frenzel Consulting and Tax Services PLLC, Frenzel Consulting and Tax Services PLLC, 625 Dallas Drive, Suite 100, Denton Frigelar North America Inc., Johnstone Supply, 1210 Duncan St., Suite 200, Denton Card My Yard Franchising LLC, Card My Yard, 2500 Fort Worth Drive, Denton 76207 Avitech Aircraft Maintenance and Painting LLC, Avitech Aircraft Maintenance and Painting, 5007 Airport Road, Denton Victory Aviation Company LLC, Victory Aviation Company LLC, 5007 Airport Road, Denton PSIX Equipment LLC, PSIX Equipment LLC, 2401 Worthington Drive, Suite 145, Denton Northern Tool & Equipment Co. Inc., Northern Tool & Equipment Co., 3601 N. Interstate 35, Denton Bragg Trailers LLC, Bragg Trailers LLC — Denton, 8451 W. University Drive, Denton Duluth Holdings Inc., Duluth Holdings Inc., 3651 . Interstate 35, Denton Emily Munthe, Oh Emily Made That, 400 Ame Drive, Apt. 1101, Denton Jeff Oberkrom, Krom Apparel, 2301 N. Masch Branch Road, Suite 227, Denton 76208 Jasmine Jackson, Kreole Kreations, 4206 Plumbago Drive, Denton Lisa Latrice Scott, Lovely Boutique, 3004 Lakeview Boulevard, Denton Denton County Beekeepers Association, Denton County Beekeepers Association, 701 Kimberly Drive #A101, Denton Ivan Dominic , Suitephens, Ivan’s Hail Repair, 5016 Pebble Beach Trail, Denton Sandra Lewis, Stressfreemoneyrecords, 1030 Cahill Way, Denton Jose Garay, Greg Garay’s Landscaping, 4545 Mingo Road, Denton Jimani Collections, Jimani Collections, 1508 La Fonta, Denton

RESIDENTIAL Bloomfield Home LP 5025 Marble Falls Drive 9717 Athens Drive 9317 Meadowpark Drive 4512 Stillhouse Hollow Lane 4520 Stillhouse Hollow Lane 9413 Meadowpark Drive

Cisco Equipment Sales LLC, Cisco Equipment Sales LLC, 2710 Geesling Road, Denton B&L Small Engine LLC, B&L Small Engine LLC, 6021 Moor Hen Drive, Denton Lydia Lyons, Lyons Photography, 4402 Shadow Oak Drive, Corinth Brittany Osborn, Faith and Lace Designs, 3900 San Lucas Lane, Denton 76209 Dawn Smith, Red Bird Natural Soap, 2111 Robinwood Lane, Denton Baba Sri Chand LLC, Sangam Indian Restaurant, 111 E. University Drive, Denton Luz Veronica Torrez, Veronica’s Cafe, 803 E. McKinney St., Denton Jeanette Morris, The Desert Wildflower Boutique, 2420 E. McKinney St., Denton Melinda Vagher and Jamal West, Souldod, 2320 Kingston Terrace, Denton Connnor’s Contracting LLC, Connor’s Contracting LLC, 2705 N. Bell Ave., Denton R2S CS Inc., Recycle 2 Support Univ, 1217 E. University Drive, Denton Kector Zamora Jr., Uncle Hectors, 2410 East University Drive, Apt. 102, Denton 76210 Kristina Marie Anderson 88427, Pinch of Lovely, 2107 Knoll Ridge Court, Corinth Timeless Charm Home Decor LLC, Timeless Charm Home Decor LLC, 1620 Cedar Elm Drive, Corinth Corinth Classical Academy Parent Teacher Organization, Corinth Classical Academy PTO, 3600 Meadowview Drive, Corinth Guyer High School Athletics Booster Club Inc., Guyer High School Athletics Booster Club Inc., 7501 Teasley Lane, Denton David Lee Cameron, Cameron Services, 3904 Winston Drive, Denton Christi Weems, Prism Signs and Designs, 3616 Clydesdale Drive, Denton Briana Young Gillespie, Tenacity Abstract Art, 2700 Cedar Creek Lane, Apt. 4201, Denton Mr. Stewart Bryan Humphreys, Innovative Tactical Solutions Group, 7404 Chaucer Drive, Denton Webmart LLC, Webmart LLc,1706 Glen Aerie Lane, Corinth Toree Harrelson, Toree Harrelson Designs, 2611 Valley View Drive, Corinth Trusty Tech Toys LLC, Trusty Tech Toys LLC, 1603 Pine Hills Lane, Corinth Goround Aviation LLC, Goround Aviation LLC, 2609 Loon Lake Road, Denton Andrew J Theismann, Yachtsea Sailing, 3205 Mulholland Road, Corinth Aggregates, Environmental, and Recycling Co., Hunter Hughes, 2358 Heartland Road, Corinth Recs Clips LLC, Sport Clips Haircuts, 5017 Teasley Lane, Suite 109, Denton D.F. Equipment Services LLC, D. F. Equipment Services LLC, 3302 Poseidon Drive, Corinth

3416 Masthead Drive 1704 Moonsail Lane 1712 Moonsail Lane 2213 Skysail Lane Forestar Real Estate Group Inc., 7820 Echo Hill Lane Gehan Homes 6517 Meandering Creek Drive 6412 Roaring Creek 6605 Meandering Creek Drive

Codi Walters 4724 Stillhouse Hollow Lane 5008 Parkplace 5005 Brookside 4712 Stillhouse Hollow Lane 4916 Stillhouse Hollow Lane

History Maker Homes 5501 Marina Drive 5505 Las Lomas Drive 5605 Las Lomas Drive 3808 Harbour Mist Trail 5500 Marina Drive 5525 Las Lomas Lane 5513 Las Lomas Drive 5501 Las Lomas Drive

DR Horton 3912 Ranchman Blvd. 3721 Cuddy Drive 3512 Masthead Drive 1905 Spinnaker Drive 3508 Masthead Drive 3713 Cuddy Drive 3900 Ranchman Blvd. 3916 Ranchman Blvd. 3500 Masthead Drive 1705 Moonsail Lane

Hive Management LC 2909 Megan St. 2905 Megan St. 3008 Dominion St.

Jennifer Lee Hitchcock, Gold Standard Pest Control, 3808 Drexel Drive, Denton Quick Set Ready Mix LLC, Ready Set Pour, 3971 Summit Ridge Drive, Corinth Stephen G Cooper, Cherished Moments Videography, 3103 Topanga Canyon Drive, Corinth 76226 Elizabeth Dawn Holloway-Crook, Saints CBD, 112 Bluebird Way, Northlake Lanternink LLC, Lanternink LLC, 2126 Hamilton Drive, Suite 460, Argyle Valona LLC, Golden Egg Cafe, 2650 E. FM407, Suite 165, Bartonville Becky Parnell, Tend Garden + Design, 340 Sunflower Ave., Argyle KMG Custom Builds LLC, KGM Custom Builds, 2544 Britt Drive, Argyle K.C. Kenney Inc., K.C,. Kenney, 9012 Terrel St., Lantana Charlie And Grace Boutique LLC, Charlie and Grace Boutique, 8742 Cherry Lee Lane, Lantana Shelly Denise Chapa, Two Twelve, 1716 Monahan Drive, Lantana Athletic Therapeutic Institute of Naperville, Athletic Therapeutic Institute of Naperville,3000 E. FM407, Suite 500, Bartonville KNISF Investment Inc., Tokyo Samurai Lantana, 3600 E. FM407, Suite 100, Bartonville Finishing Touches Design & Remodel LLC, Finishing Touches Design & Remodel LLC, Argyle Snappy Snow LLC, Snappy Snow, 508 N. U.S. Highway 377, Argyle 76227 Ryan Jacob Isenhart, Kind Creations Co-Op, 8733 Whirlwind Trail, Aubrey Big Country Windshield Repair LLC, Big Country Windshield Repair LLC, 1917 Morning Dove, Aubrey Dana Thomas, Dana Carols, 9205 Remington Drive, Aubrey J M Firearms LLC, J M Firearms LLC, 1301 Silber Lane, Aubrey Recs Clips LLC, Sport Clips Haircuts, 11750 U.S. Highway 380, Suite 200, Crossroads Fahari Naturals LLC, Fahari Naturals, 1820 Ranch Trail Road, Aubrey CLJ Photography LLC, CLJ Photography, 1500 Starr Court, Aubrey The Wellness Cottage LLC, The Wellness Cottage LLC, 1812 DR Sanders Road, Aubrey Carol Harvey, Puppy Bubbles, 101 E. Elm St., Aubrey Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting LLC, Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting LLC, 26850 E. U.S. Highway 380, Apt. 4002 Matthew Ventimiglia, Debris Designs, 9025 Spurs Trail, Crossroads Victoria Faye Wyatt, Vee Faye, 26850 E. U.S. Highway 380, Apt. 6007 O’Dells Nursery LLC, O’Dells Nursery, 4765 S. U.S. Highway 377, Aubrey Dallas Wedding Media Inc., Dallas Wedding Videography, 4111 S. U.S. Highway 377, Aubrey

HMH Lifestyles LP, 5305 Marina Drive LGI Homes 4717 Merchant Trail 4616 Beaver Creek Ave. 4600 Beaver Creek Ave. 4609 Beaver Creek Ave. 4613 Beaver Creek Ave. 4701 Beaver Creek Ave. 4705 Beaver Creek Ave. 4709 Beaver Creek Ave. 4624 Shy Creek Lane 4620 Shy Creek Lane 4616 Shy Creek Lane 4612 Shy Creek Lane 4517 Shy Creek Lane 4613 Shy Creek Lane 4713 Merchant Trail 4720 Merchant Trail 4700 Beaver Creek Ave. 4601 Shy Creek Lane 4605 Shy Creek Lane 4609 Shy Creek Lane 4617 Shy Creek Lane 4705 Merchant Trail 4709 Merchant Trail 4708 Beaver Creek Ave.

Tammy Lee Mangun, Creative Promo Girls, 2880 FM2931 Aubrey Champion Electrical Services LLC, Champion Electrical Services LLC, 2600 Tipps Road, Crossroads Zenith Machine Tool Services LLC, Zenith Machine Tool Service LLC, 10015 Pinecrest Drive, Providence Village Carolyne Diane Perdue, Carolyn Diane Perdue, 27100 E. U.S. Highway 380, Aubrey Kaiden Bretal Technologies Inc., Kaiden Bretal Technologies, 11450 U.S. Highway 380, Suite 130, Crossroads Jarrod Blake Young, Cool Beads Texas, 10057 Cedar Lake Drive, Aubrey Big Country Windshield Repair LLC, Big Country Windshield Repair LLC, 1917 Morning Dove, Aubrey Spec’s Family Partners LTD, Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods, Spec’s, 27100 E. U.S. Highway 380, Aubrey Deanne M Arnath, Brands Select, 10124 Cherry Hill Lane, Providence Village 76249 Donna Kay Lamar, A Crafty Basket, 1541 E. McCart St., Suite E, Krum Denton County Marine LLC, Denton County Marine LLC, 11555 W. U.S. Highway 380, Krum John Francis Burke, John Francis Burke, 15281 Stice Road, Krum 76258 North Texas Wa, Suite Management LLC, North Texas Waste Management, 7401 Colton Lane, Pilot Point Allison Martin, Martin General Store, 101 S. Jefferson S., Pilot Point ‘Bebo’s’ Cafe LLC, Bebo’s Cafe LLC, 8470 U.S. Highway 377, Pilot Point Grove Grass LLC, Grove Grass LLC, 6770 E. FM455, Pilot Point 76259 Joseph Gragg and Angie Gragg, Lone Star Cooking & Co., 1100 N. FM156, Ponder Stanley D Brandon, Instant Mug, 200 George Owens Road, Ponder Larry V Pockrus, Larry’s Gun & Outboard Repair Service, 9080 Wolfe Run, Ponder 76266 Exhibition Nutrition LLC, Exhibition Nutrition LLC, 305 Bolivar St., Sanger Jeffrey David Ford, Texas Track Car, 106 Colonial Heights, Sanger Steven M Rust, Sonrise Publishing, 118 Kincaid Drive, Sanger Mickey L Underhill, Mickey & Chief Carpet Cleaning, 206 Tejas Drive, Sanger Brandee Lynn Gallagher, Rockstar Reins, 1830 Huling Road, Sanger Kristin Renaie Everett, Kristin Everett, 11930 Gregory Road, Sanger Chloe Cox, Squash Blossom Babe, 12716 Mallard Road, Sanger

4712 Beaver Creek Ave. 4704 Beaver Creek Ave. 4612 Beaver Creek Ave. Red Gable Homes LLC 2300 Paxton Way 2304 Paxton Way Robson Denton Developers LP 11904 Cinnamon Drive 10401 Cinnamon Drive 11832 Willet Way 9928 Silver Rock Way 11916 Cinnamon Drive 12612 Golden Rock Drive 9525 Arkose Drive 9509 Arkose Drive 10004 Flint Way 9513 Greenstone Way 12612 Marl Way Sandlin Homes, 5004 Brookside

(L-R) Shantel Day, Jana Marshall, Ralph Ramsey, Tom Heslep, Mark Stuart, Tony Clark, David Stanley, Trenna Ezzell, Brett Kuhn, Julie Meyer, Matthew Steward

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May 2018



Denton Record-Chronicle





LEADERSHIP DENTON 33rd Leadership Denton Graduation Ceremony


Make the Move Team April 19, 2018

Ideal Dental

April 27, 2018

Serve Denton May 3, 2018

The Denton Grille May 4, 2018


May 10, 2018

— UPCOMING RIBBON CUTTINGS — Duluth Trading Company Thursday, May 17 • 9:00am 3651 Interstate 35 N Denton, TX 76207

Susie’s Snack Shop

Friday, May 18 • 4:00pm 507 N Locust St Denton, TX 76201

Insurance Auto Auctions Tuesday, May 22 • 11:00am 3748 McPherson Drive Justin, TX 76247

Soulier Financial Group Friday, June 8 • 4:30pm 1805 Hinkle Drive #100 Denton, TX 76201

Access Art Alley

Friday, June 1 • 4:00pm Discover Denton Welcome Center 111 W Hickory St Denton, TX 76201


Make The Move Team

The Flying Locksmiths DFW North

Axiom Commercial Company, Ltd.

Plano Community Home Denton Campus

Tom Atkins Agency

3000 Moseley Road Cross Roads, TX 76227 (214) 550-8831


531 N. Locust Denton, TX 76201 (940) 380-1300


1500 N. Corinth Street, Ste 160D Corinth, TX 76208 (940) 727-1444


Cultivate Agency

Erik Clark..........................................................Chair of the Board Jill Jester ................................................. Chair-Elect of the Board Jim Fykes............................. Immediate Past Chair of the Board Monica Glenn......................................... Vice Chair of the Board

Greg Johnson ......................................... Vice Chair of the Board Amanda Oringderff ............................... Vice Chair of the Board Rick Wick................................................. Vice Chair of the Board Carrell Ann Simmons .....................................................Treasurer

Lee Allison • Jason Bodor • Roy Culberson • Sheryl English • Russ Ellis • Gary Henderson • Michelle Houston Amy O’Keefe • Hector Mendoza • Lee Ramsey • Jeff Reecer • Pat Sherman • Randi Skinner Hugh Coleman ................................................................................................................. Denton County Commissioner, Pct. 1 Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D. ........................................................................... Chancellor & President, Texas Woman’s University Kerry Goree..................................................................................................................... Denton Black Chamber of Commerce Mary Horn ................................................................................................................................................... Denton County Judge Bob Moses ............................................................................................................Chair, Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau Larry Parker............................................................................................................ Economic Development Partnership Board Marty Rivers............................................................................................................ Economic Development Partnership Board Neal Smatresk, Ph.D...........................................................................................................President, University of North Texas Charles Stafford ............................................................................................................................Denton ISD Board of Trustees Aaron Newquist .................................................................................................................... General Chair, Leadership Denton Chris Watts.................................................................................................................................................. Mayor, City of Denton

Bellevue University

117 E. 7th Street Justin, TX 76247 (940) 648-8891

Limerick Property Management, LLC 1616 W. Oak Street Denton, TX 76201 (940) 566-6617

131 Degan Avenue, Ste 203 Lewisville, TX 75057 (469) 919-8517

207 W. Hickory, Ste 215 Denton, TX 76201 (214) 497-4021

1950 Lattimore Street Denton, TX 76209 (940) 891-1719

Square 205

9020 Kingston Drive Denton, TX 76207 (214) 923-5477

Woman to Woman PRC

225 W. Hickory Street, Ste 100 Denton, TX 76201 (940) 323-2341

525 N. Locust Street Denton, TX 76201 (940) 383-3150

Susie’s Snack Shop 507 S. Locust Street Denton, TX 76201 (214) 878-3597

The Denton Grille

209 W. Hickory Street Denton, TX 76201 (940) 514-0400

Interested in Membership? Call 940.382.9693

414 W. Parkway Denton, TX 76201 940.382.9693

In Denton!

America’s Drive-In Daily ur p Ha py Ho m 2pm - 4p

Crown Chase Inn & Suites 2450 Brinker Road (940) 387-1000

Welcome to The Premier Life.®

Denton • Crossroads • Paloma Creek Aubrey • Pilot Point • Sanger • Krum

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May Denton Business Chronicle 2018  
May Denton Business Chronicle 2018