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Kylie and Chris Demases

If you love fresh strawberries and fresh-from-the-ground veggies but don’t have the time or energy to tend your own garden, Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm in Pilot Point and Wow U-Pick Farms in Krum can take the hassle out of farming for you.

Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm Last year, fourth-generation farmer Chris Demases and his wife, Kylie, often found 100 or more eager pickers waiting at the gate when they opened the strawberry field at 9 a.m. Their 10,000 plants were often picked out before the crowd thinned for the day. This year, to better meet demand, they have expanded by five times. Chris, who has been growing strawberries for six years and running his popular pick-your-own business for two, advises visitors to check


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Facebook before coming out to the farm to plan their trip. The farm — located on land that has been in Kylie’s family for more than 100 years — is open Wednesday through Saturday, weather permitting. Berries are $5 per pound, and picking buckets (required) are $3 each. The fields reach peak harvest in early May. 12141 Foutch Road, Pilot Point,

Wow U-Pick Farms Farmer Norvel Rohrer learned gardening from his mother and grew up around his grandfather’s seed business. Farming has been “engraved in his heart for generations.” He even met his wife, Eva, in his garden. Impressed by his green thumb, Eva eventually married Norvel and opened Wow U-Pick Farms with him in 2017.

Norvel Rohrer

The hydroponic farm offers pickyour-own options on a wide variety of crops. Norvel says tomatoes, red bell peppers, basil, onions, okra and squash are some of the most popular, but fresh produce seekers can also pick up various types of lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, watermelons, berries, peas, eggplant, jalapenos and more. “We’re going to plant some Israeli melons [aka Galia melons] this year,” says Norvel, “Because I tried one, and it was the best tasting melon I’ve ever had.” Kids are welcome to come learn how their veggies are grown. Hours vary depending on season, but the farm typically opens at 9:30 a.m., Monday through Saturday. Call 940-312-9889 for more information. 7271 Donald Road, Krum,

Main photo courtesy of Janey Cooper Photography; inset photo courtesy of Wow U-Pick Farms

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