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Ride a Bike You don’t need to enter the Tour de France to get in some scenic group cycling. “There are a lot of routes around here,” says Tyler Davis, service manager at Velo Republic Bicycle Co. & Service Station in Denton. One of the best paved rides in Denton County, he says, is the Denton Katy Trail between Denton and Lake Dallas. Built on the right-of-way of the Denton Branch of the former MKT Railroad, the eight-foot wide concrete trail follows a portion of the Denton County A-Train rail commuter line. “There’s a paved trail for cycling and walking, and you can ride the trail over the lake,” Davis says. “You really need open road to be able to get a good speed, so this trail is great for that.” If you aren’t sure how to find the best places to ride, you’re in luck:

There are a number of group rides that can help. These include 15- to 20-mile group rides on weeknights and more adventurous 60-mile Sunday Funday rides. Velo runs some group rides but also has info on other rides on its website (velorepublicbikes. com, under the “Rides and Trails” section). You can also join the Velo Community Courthouse Rides public Facebook group ( for info. For those who want variation in terrain but aren’t ready for the challenges of mountain biking, Davis

says gravel paths are popular — and the farmland in Denton County is the perfect environment. “Gravel is a big thing around here, probably half of our regular riders are into it,” he says. “It gives you varied terrain, but you don’t need a mountain bike to do it — and there’s lots of it to ride on.”

Spend a Day at the Lake With average summer temps dancing around 100 degrees, North Texans have one unified goal: do not become of a puddle of sweat. Moving swiftly like ninjas from one air conditioned space to another is a tried-and-true method to avoid the


Surface Area

Max Average Depth Depth

Lake Lewisville

29,592 acres

67 feet

Lake Ray Roberts

29,350 acres

Grapevine Lake

7,280 acres

heat. The other? Head to the lakes! Residents of Denton County have access to three major bodies of water, which comes in handy when you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. Here are some quick facts about our lakes...





25 feet



9 Bridges

Engineered in 1927 at Lake Dallas for flood control and as a water source for DFW.

106 feet

27 feet



1 Dam

Named after the Denton congressman who supported its creation in 1980.

65 feet

28 feet



1 Dam

Created in 1945 for flood control.

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Denton County Magazine May-June 2019  

Denton County Magazine May-June 2019  

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