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Kayak If you’re more advanced, head to the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, which offers 13.2 miles of water that’s great for canoeing and kayaking. “It’s not for beginners,” says Cole. Because the put-in point is near the dam, it can have a strong current and swift waters, so some prowess with the paddle is advised before taking this on. Cole says that regardless of where you go kayaking, it’s important to make sure you know what you’re getting into. “Look at the river, the trail and the weather conditions. Make sure the conditions are right for your experience level before you head out.”

Play Disc Golf Disc golf first found popularity in the 1970s and continues to enjoy a strong following today. Also known as Frisbee golf, it shares the objective of its namesake sport: get the object in the hole in as few attempts as possible. And like traditional golfers, disc golf players get to work around challenges such as changing terrain, trees and shrubs that stand in the way of the goal and occasional interference from Mother Nature. You don’t need a cart, special shoes or green fees for this type of golf though; the right kind of Frisbees and a couple of hours will do the trick. When you’re ready to give it a fling, try these courses: Denton’s North Lake Park and the Wildcats disc golf courses; Lewisville’s Leonard L. Woods Park and Tom “Old Man” McCutcheon Disc Golf Park at Lake Park; Little Elm’s McCord Park; Justin’s Disc Golf Course and Flower Mound’s Wellington Disc Golf Course.


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Party at the Cove Looking for a floating party, complete with music, swimming, (nearly) bare buns and unlimited libations? Pack up your cooler, tie on a bikini and motor over to Westlake Park at Lake Lewisville. Every Friday through Sunday, Party Cove caters to rowdy revelers who don’t shy away from merrymaking. The environment is definitely designed for adults, so if you have the kids in tow, seek out a different cove. Without your own vessel? Rent a boat or party barge from Eagle Point Marina or Hidden Cove Marina and Park to channel your inner Gatsby. 2000 Main St., Hickory Creek

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Denton County isn’t exactly known for its rapids, but you can still have plenty of adventure (and fun!) in the water. Novice paddlers and those looking for a relaxed day should explore the Texas Parks & Wildlife-sanctioned Beaver Pond Paddling Trail, recommends Lisa Cole, education coordinator at LLELA. “It’s a one-mile loop with a combination of treed areas and open areas and there’s no current. It’s great for wildlife viewing and it also has some curves and floating logs that you have to work your way through.” Monthly tours offered through LLELA can help newbies learn techniques and navigation.

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Denton County Magazine May-June 2019  

Denton County Magazine May-June 2019  

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