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Boost Your Backyard Whether you want expanses of lawn for impromptu soccer games or a fully-functional outdoor kitchen, Mike Beaver, owner of Denton-based Back to Eden Landscapes, has tips on how to take your outdoor space to the next level. Fix the yard first. A beautiful lawn is the most important part of improving your outdoor spaces. “A healthy lawn will go a long way to enhance the value of your home,” Beaver says. “As the homeowner, you should be able to look out your window and see a pretty backyard where you can relax. Make your yard a place where you want to spend time enjoying it.” Start with picking up trash and clutter, weeding and filling in bare patches with sod or seed. Create a sitting area. Consider selecting a spot where people can sit. “It doesn’t have to be elaborate — it can just be a defined area with a table and chairs that suit your style,” Beaver says. You can further define the area with pavers, concrete or gravel. Light it up. Another step could include adding a fire pit, fireplace or a built-in grill, for added interest and even some outdoor cooking. Provide shade. It’s a good idea to create some cover from the sun. That could be as simple as a tent umbrella or as

extravagant as a pergola. “You can go upscale with cedar or aluminum materials, or you can keep it simple with a canvas awning,” Beaver says. Go green. Dense shrubbery can add privacy and beauty without a fence, says Beaver. He suggests working with a landscape professional to plot out the right plants for your space. Plan it out. Sites like Houzz and Pinterest are great ways to gather ideas, says Beaver. Before embarking on a big project, consider consulting with a professional to avoid costly mistakes, especially for “anything with electricity or water” or “things that require permits,” says Beaver. “Check city ordinances. Do some research and ask before you build.”

Fire an Arrow Even if you don’t have aspirations of becoming the next Katniss or Peeta, learning to master a bow is pretty impressive. And at Cinnamon Creek Ranch, you’ll have the chance to test those skills. The 80-acre facility has two outdoor practice ranges to get you warmed up; then it’s time to explore one of the five outdoor courses featuring 3D targets. You might be surprised how much it reminds you of an afternoon on the golf course — only without the golf carts and caddies. One course is designed to resemble a traditional hunting environment complete with

elevated box blinds, a pop-up blind, turtle blind and more. “We get all ages, from 6-yearolds to 64-year-olds, and everything in between,” says Dan Gustafson, a technician at Cinnamon Creek Ranch’s pro shop. “Most people come at it from a hunting perspective, but we get a lot of recreational shooters as well.” Give it your best shot, and may the odds be ever in your favor. 13794 Old Denton Rd., Roanoke,

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Denton County Magazine May-June 2019  

Denton County Magazine May-June 2019  

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