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Get to know Argyle’s most famous bird brain. BY RACHEL HEDSTROM

Photos courtesy of Billy Jack


ome call him George. Others, The Argyle Turkey. “I call him ‘Tom’ because it’s fitting for who he is and what he’s about,” says Billy Jack, a service advisor with Argyle Auto Care. What is he about? The bio of the gobbler’s Twitter account, @ArgyleTurkey, provides a little insight: “I rule the roost on Highway 377. Likes: corn, running, my boyz, Kierkegaard. Dislikes: fast cars, November holidays.” Citizens keep each other afoot of the fowl on NextDoor and have hatched a plan to lure their community pet away from the busy road with food. That won’t

be easy. From the abandoned truck he hangs out in, to the wheels he chases, to the auto shop where he spends many a day, the Argyle Turkey seems to be a fan of all things automotive. “During the day, he mingles with our customers,” Jack explains. “He also likes to get in the road and cause trouble.” He also makes appearances on the railroad tracks and parking lots. Police have even been called when the trouble-making turkey tries to make Highway 377 his own — a dangerous move for both bird and driver on a street with 55mph speed limits. They simply move the animal off

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of the road because while he may peck a few tires, this goofy gobbler has not been known to cause harm. Best guesstimates put the Argyle Turkey at between 5 and 7 years old. Locals remember him with a group of about 10 others, but his fellow fowl have either gone, or been met with foul play. “He’s the last remaining soul,” says Jack. “He does what he wants, when he wants, and no one can really stop him.” So if you see Tom (or George), the Argyle Turkey, waddling his wattle by, make sure to wave and get a photo... but don’t get in his way.


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