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A special supplement to the Denton Record-Chronicle • June 1, 2012

and other pets, too!

LYLE CAMPBELL Grand Prize Winner Cover Photo by Jenny Froh Photography

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02 Cats & Dogs

06 01 12

The winner of the 2nd annual Denton Record-Chronicle’s Cats & Dogs And Other Pets, Too Contest is Lyle Campbell of Decatur. The DRC staff managed to steal a few minutes of Mr. Campbell’s time before he emBARKed on his whirlwind celebratory tour. DRC: Mr. Campbell, would it be all right if we just called you Lyle for the rest of the interview? Lyle: “Actually, my full name is SIR Lyle Campbell, but you can just call me Lyle for short. Mom wanted something prestigious and solid, just like me! She calls me the classiest little man in the world.”

DRC: We have just a few questions before you sprint off to visit the throngs of your adoring fans. Could you just tell us a little bit about yourself? Lyle: “Sure thing…I turned three on February 4th. I love to play and give kisses. I think I’m a pretty sweet and caring guy as well...and maybe just a little bit sneaky. Sneaky is kind of strong, though. I’ll just settle on clever, how is that? I’ve figured out how to get into the candy that Mom keeps. I like to hide it in special places and then give it to her when she gets home. And, just between the two of us? I like to hide some for me under the couch where I keep all my toys and chews.”

DRC: Are you a morning dog, Lyle? Lyle: “Yip! After Mom wakes me up, I like to share the love and give some kisses. But after that, I’ll settle back down and sleep in for a while. A dog needs his beauty rest. I take it easy during the day, ‘cause when Mom gets home, I just can’t help it. Full body wiggles are just the way I roll!”

roll in stinky stuff! Heaven on earth, I tell ya! I love my cat toy, too. You heard right, a cat toy. It’s just as long as I am and it even meows. I also love the movies ‘Elf’ and ‘Star Wars’. I’m thinking of studying acting after my tour…I dressed up as a sheriff for Halloween and I was the law on this side of town!”

DRC: Talk to us about some of your favorite things… Lyle: “I love cheese. It’s absolutely my favorite. I love my cousins, Buddy, Zoe, Pookie, Graham and Tiger…and I love to visit my grandparents house in Decatur, where I can run around in the woods and

DRC: Can we pet you goodbye? Lyle: “Be my guest, just don’t pull on my ears. I might nibble on your fingers a little bit if you do. Here…let me roll over on my back so you can rub my belly. That’s what my mom does for the best dog in the world!”

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Ultimutt Pet Grooming “Professional Pet Grooming for Dogs Under 50 Pounds!” 1209 E. University Dr., Denton (across 380 from Mazatlan, behind Duffy’s auto) 940-565-0222 • Tuesday-Friday 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. FA

Sady, a Cats & Dogs and Other Pets, Too contest runner-up, is a Sheltie of few words. She is a very private pup, and had to be coerced to share a few words with our staff. Named for a great-aunt of her owners, Sady celebrates her birthday on February 16th, which is the same birthday as her people mom! Sady listed her favorite hobbies and pastimes as “Sparkles and Shadows”. We weren’t sure if those were special friends or partners in crime, but

when Sady talked about her favorite memory, we found out for sure. “My favorite memory is chasing a sparkle inside from the sunshine outside!” A self-described “kind of neurotic” dog, we sensed a pattern with Sady when we found out she is very talented at going in circles with a flashlight. Sady opened up a bit with a few more questions. DRC: How do you like to spend your evenings:


Sady: “I like spending all my time with my owners. I love being wherever they are. They tell me I’m as smart as I am beautiful. I love them and I’m a very loyal girl. But, I do love my outside critter friends too, like squirrels and fast lizards. And, if I have one of those rawhide swirl treats…I’m good to go!”

Cats & Dogs

06 01 12

DRC: Do you have a favorite movie? Sady: “Lassie. Duh. She looks like me.” Jenny Froh Photography

Cheeto was adopted when he was two years old- a fluffy little orange furball full of spunk and energy. Coming up with a name for the new kitty was not so easy. Nothing seemed to fit, until his dad said that he looked a little like a puffy cheeto…and that was that! Cheeto celebrates his birthday on Valentine’s Day, which his mom says is very appropriate. “She tells me I am the most loving cat she has ever met,” says Cheeto. “Let me tell you a little bit about me. I’m not tooting my own horn or anything, but people tell me I’m the sweetest cat they know. I wouldn’t hurt a fly, unless it was a fly…’cause I’m an avid bug hunter by nature. I’m pretty darn good at it, too. Sometimes moths get in our house, and oooohhh boy. That’s a doozy-of-a-time. I love to chase

Jenny Froh Photography

them and catch them. After I’m all pooped out, I’m either drinking water from the sink or sitting on my dad’s lap. Throw in some TUNA and I am a happy kitty!”

loud noises. I think people called him a dog or something. Anyway, we were best friends. He taught me how to bark. I’m not kidding. I only do it on special occasions.”

Here are some short Q&A’s from the rest of our interview with Cheeto: DRC: Any special people or animals you’d like to spend some time with? Cheeto: “Do you know who Purrfect the Cat is? She’s Cee-Lo’s Persian kitty on ‘The Voice.’ I’d love to meet her and watch Aristocats. I follow her on Twitter.”

DRC: Favorite vacation spot? Cheeto: “Last summer my parents and I went on a trip around the world and visited Egypt. I’d been doing some family tree research in my spare time…apparently I have roots in Egypt. Who would have guessed?”

DRC: What’s your favorite memory growing up? Cheeto: “I used to live with a friend named Kingsley. He had big, round eyes, a long nose and floppy ears. He used to make really

DRC: Any favorite movies? Cheeto: “A Bug’s Life. Great behind-the-scenes look at bugs, my ultimate foe! Hey, this interview is over…did you bring any tuna with you?”

Congratulations Lyle, Sady and Cheeto! FA

Buy or sell with me and help build a new shelter for Denton! Donations to be made to the Denton Animal Shelter Foundation’s Building fund in your honor. For more info go to

Laura Brewer, REALTOR FA


04 Cats & Dogs

06 01 12 Adri

Appollo and Buddy

Athena and Daisy

Attaboy Lucas

Parent: Lisa Jennings Breed: Mixed Breed Nickname: Pooh Bear Favorite Pastime: Chasing her tail for treats Favorite Treat: Three Dog Bakery Cookies

Parent: Christopher Breed: Shih Tzu, Pit Bull Nickname: Little Bubba & Bubba Favorite Pastime: Chasing Squirrels, curling up as close as possible on the couch with Dad Favorite Treat: Lamb jerky for dogs

Parents: Alan & Amber Wilcox Breed: St Bernard, Pot Belly Pig Nickname: Thena Favorite Pastime: Belly Rubs Favorite Treat: Belly rubs

Parents: Ron & Jaye Morris Breed: Labrador Retriever Nickname: Luke Favorite Pastime: Greeting visitors at the door Favorite Treat: Meaty bone




Billy and Duke

Parent: Bernadette Rodriguez Breed: Beagle/Border Collie/Lab Nickname: Bax, Bad Bax, Baxty Favorite Pastime: Chasing his older sister, chewing on his babies, chewing on his older sister Favorite Treat: Old sister

Parents: Patricia & Brian Breed: All American Nickname: Bean-girl Favorite Pastime: Catching squirrels Favorite Treat: Elinora’s Fish Skins, yes!

Parent: Jessica Tritt Breed: Border Collie Nickname: The Boo Favorite Pastime: To rid the world of squirrels Favorite Treat: Walnuts

Parents: Sammie & Steve Schindler Breed: Pit Bull mix Nickname: Hillbilly & Billy goat Favorite Pastime: Reading Favorite Treat: Hand on his head

Billy and Scooby



Buddy and Angel

Parents: Sammie & Steve Schindler Breed: Pit Bull mix, Boxer mix Nickname: Hillbilly & Brown Dog Favorite Pastime: Playing tug-of-war (their collars got hung up this time) Favorite Treat: Your hand on their head

Parents: Wendy & Steve Martinez Breed: Pit Bull mix Nickname: The Hook Favorite Pastime: Chasing a ball Favorite Treat: Walkies

Parents: Frank & Andrea Timmons Breed: Siberian Husky Nickname: Boomie Favorite Pastime: Going for a fast walk Favorite Treat: Bacon strips

Parents: Jim & Lucking Breed: Lab/Heeler mix, Chinese Crested Powderpuff Favorite Pastime: Water sports & exploring, everyone’s baby Favorite Treat: Chicken Jerky FA

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05 Cats & Dogs

06 01 12 Cha Cha




Parent: Proud parent Breed: Dog Nickname: Cha Bear Favorite Pastime: Playing with Sunshine, my cat sister Favorite Treat: Ice cubes

Parents: Tina Shoemake & Vic Lambert Breed: Lhasa Apso Nickname: Chappa, Mama’s Angel Baby Favorite Pastime: Chewing Favorite Treat: Milo’s chicken bits

Parent: Arley Hulstrand Breed: Pomeranian Nickname: Little Sweetie Favorite Pastime: Eating Favorite Treat: Anything

Parents: James & Hannah Breed: Domestic Medium Hair Nickname: Cheeto Bear Favorite Pastime: Sitting on laps Favorite Treat: Tuna


Chloe Jane

Chloe Marie


Parents: Joseph & Jamie Holden Breed: Weimeraner Nickname: ChooChoo Favorite Pastime: Fetching paper in the morning Favorite Treat: Dog chew bones

Parent: Tyler Reed Breed: Chihuahua Nickname: Clover Favorite Pastime: Playing with Snowman toy Favorite Treat: Bacon Strips

Parents: Eric & Connie Schmitz Breed: Lab Nickname: Princess Favorite Pastime: Walks with Momma Favorite Treat: Meat from the grill

Parents: Sharon & Keith Breed: Maltipoo Nickname: Chop-Chop Favorite Pastime: Helping in the yard, wrestling with Daddy Favorite Treat: Morning walk with Mom & Dad

Chuy and Rudy



Cowboy and new kittens

Parents: Clint & Maggie Fuhrmann Breed: Chuini, Black Lab Nickname: Chunky & Thumper Favorite Pastime: Snuggling with Dad/Mom, playing with each other, walks Favorite Treat: Raw hides, bacon strips

Parents: Christina & Weston Breed: Blue Healer Nickname: Cookie Monster Favorite Pastime: Chasing a tennis ball, cuddling with Christina Favorite Treat: Anything edible

Parent: Sarah Smithers Breed: Norwegian Elkhound Nickname: Boy, Knucklehead Favorite Pastime: Showing off at the Dog Show Favorite Treat: Dried salmon treats

Parents: Alan & Amber Wilcox Breed: English Bulldog, Sphynx kittens Nickname: Fatboy Favorite Pastime: Barking at people wearing hats Favorite Treat: Pig ears FA

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06 Cats & Dogs

06 01 12 Crickett

Daisy Mae and Bandit

Denali, Bently and Enzo


Parents: Ken & Karolyn Gorham Breed: Pug Nickname: Wild Child Favorite Pastime: Eating, chasing lizards, eating, watching TV, eating Favorite Treat: Salmon treats from Beau’s Bath House

Parents: Kristen Roessler & Great-grand Ed Wittmis Breed: Mixed Terrier, Yorkie Nickname: Dais & Little Man Favorite Pastime: Chasing squirrels up the tree Favorite Treat: Anything, chicken flavor strips

Parents: Hannah & Hayden Lindley Breed: American Pitbull Terrier Nickname: Nali, Big Head, Hooch Favorite Pastime: Rolling in the grass, riding in the car, napping Favorite Treat: Milkbones & cheese

Parents: Laura & Layne Brewer Breed: Boxer Nickname: Dukers Favorite Pastime: Laying belly side up in the sun Favorite Treat: Bil Jac

Fergie Eaton




Parents: Zack & Jen Eaton Breed: Chihuahua Nickname: Fergles, Fergilicious Favorite Pastime: Sun-bathing, going on walks, giving kisses Favorite Treat: Special diet - no treats

Parents: Cathi & Chuck Brasher Breed: Coton de Tulear Nickname: Finley Favorite Pastime: Watching television Favorite Treat: Pupperoni

Parents: Sue Ann & Russell Gaddie Breed: Sheltie/Corgi Nickname: Bub-bub Favorite Pastime: Chasing squirrels Favorite Treat: Soft & Chewy Milk-Bone

Parents: Bob & Cathie Schloss Breed: Lab/Chow/Blue Heeler Nickname: Booboobear Favorite Pastime: Squirrel observing,walking, howling at firetruck sirens Favorite Treat: Bacon strips





Parents: Jerry & Sandra Kirby Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Nickname: Tooty Bug Favorite Pastime: Playing ball Favorite Treat: Pupperoni

Parents: Laura & Layne Brewer Breed: Aussie Nickname: Gracie Girl Favorite Pastime: Chasing her brother (Duke the Boxer) Favorite Treat: Ice Cubes

Parents: Noel Reese & Jim Barton Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback Nickname: Gunner Dog Favorite Pastime: Going to the farm Favorite Treat: Anything that resembles a bone

Parents: Chuck & Susie Close Breed: Douge De Bardough (French Mastiff) Nickname: Clifford the big red dog Favorite Pastime: Picking his menu for the evening meal Favorite Treat: Dog Bisquits after supper


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07 Cats & Dogs

06 01 12 Harley-Jenkins

Howie Bear Pearn


Jewels and Maggie

Parent: Jill Enis Breed: Russian Blue/Maine Coon Nickname: Harles-J Favorite Pastime: Relaxing & cackling at the birds out the window Favorite Treat: Catnip toys

Parents: Danne & Becky Pearn Breed: Teddy Bear (Shih Tzu/Bichon) Nickname: Bear Favorite Pastime: Playing with his two brothers Favorite Treat: Meaty bone cookies

Parent: Nick Holden Breed: Domestic Shorthair Nickname: Ivygirl Favorite Pastime: Chasing birds Favorite Treat: Birds

Parent: Stacy Smith Breed: Dachshund Nickname: Rodents Favorite Pastime: Sleeping, singing with coyotes Favorite Treat: Anything


Kenai and Lola



Parents: Courtenay & Tim Breed: Min Pin Nickname: Juju, JuBug, Julius Charles Favorite Pastime: Barking at bunnies & ducks Favorite Treat: Cheese

Parents: Matt & Cheryl Breed: English Bulldog, Chocolate Lab Nickname: Fatty & Princess Favorite Pastime: Snoring, playing catch Favorite Treat: Ribeye, prime rib

Parent: Taylor Wynn Breed: English Bulldog Nickname: Giggles Favorite Pastime: Sleeping Favorite Treat: Baby carrots

Parent: Taylor Wynn Breed: English Bulldog Nickname: Giggles Favorite Pastime: Sleeping Favorite Treat: Baby carrots

Kinsler and Harley



Parents: Thomas, Nina & Taylor Wynn Breed: English Bulldog, Dalmation mix Nickname: Giggles & Old Man Favorite Pastime: Sleeping, lounging Favorite Treat: Baby carrots, peanut butter

Parents: Nathan & Marianne Breed: Boxer mix Nickname: Lb Favorite Pastime: Going to the dog park Favorite Treat: Peanut butter

Parents: Joy & John Siegmund Breed: German Short-Haired Pointer Nickname: Birdie Favorite Pastime: Seeing the world go by through our bay window Favorite Treat: Doggie biscuits

Lek Chai Parents: Betty & Joe Roy Breed: English Cocker Spaniel Nickname: Lek Favorite Pastime: Encouraging neighbor dogs to bark & then coming inside Favorite Treat: Any variety of dog biscuit FA

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08 Cats & Dogs

06 01 12 Liberty


Lobo Thomann


Parents: Phyllis & Earl Zimmerman Breed: Long-haired Dachshund Nickname: Libby Favorite Pastime: Chasing lizards Favorite Treat: Dingo bones

Parent: Kendall Breed: Shih Tzu Nickname: Lilly Favorite Pastime: Relaxing Favorite Treat: All of them

Parents: Mary & Tim Thomann Breed: Great Pyrenees Nickname: Lobo Favorite Pastime: Standing in the hot tub & barking Favorite Treat: Ear rubs, any kind of food except bananas

Parents: Ken & Karolyn Gorham Breed: Pug Nickname: Lolabelly Favorite Pastime: Sitting in laps, eating & sleeping Favorite Treat: Moo Tubes


Lola and Idabel

Lucille Niss Grund


Parents: Matt Knight & Cheryl Hammons Breed: English Bulldog Nickname: Fatty Favorite Pastime: Steph, Uncle Eric Favorite Treat: Posing, snoring

Parents: Matt & Cheryl Breed: English Bulldog, Chocolate Lab Nickname: Fatty & Stoney Favorite Pastime: Sleeping & jumping Favorite Treat: Food

Parent: Jobe Grund Breed: Golden Retriever Nickname: Lucy Favorite Pastime: Digging Favorite Treat: Strawberry

Parents: Sammie & Steve Schindler Breed: English Bulldog Nickname: Lulu, Sugar Bear Favorite Pastime: Sleeping Favorite Treat: Anything that smells

Lucy and Lacy

Lyle Campbell

Maddie and Sarah


Parents: Jim & Liz Lucking Breed: Cats Nickname: Lucy Lou & Lacy Sue Favorite Pastime: Sleeping, begging for treats Favorite Treat: Cat treats, Indoor Adventures by Friskies

Parent: Avery Campbell Breed: Dachshund Nickname: Louie, Little Man, The Stink Favorite Pastime: Burrowing in blankets on the couch Favorite Treat: Cheese, chicken strips, ham

Parent: Stacy Smith Breed: Polar Labs Nickname: No, NoNo Favorite Pastime: Swimming, running Favorite Treat: Anything

Parent: Sharon Breed: Terrier Mix Nickname: Magpie Favorite Pastime: Chasing squirrels, sitting on my swing Favorite Treat: Chicken jerky FA

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09 Cats & Dogs

06 01 12 Mandy




Parents: Mike & Marilyn Van Horn Breed: Lab mix Nickname: Girl Favorite Pastime: Swimming, chasing frisbees Favorite Treat: Cheese

Parent: Kay Overstreet Breed: Himalayan Nickname: Max Favorite Pastime: Eating pumpkin & yogurt Favorite Treat: Belly rubs

Parents: Michelle & Jim Breed: Cocker Spaniel Mix Nickname: Mikey Michael McMikerson Favorite Pastime: Playing keep-away Favorite Treat: Homemade treats

Parents: Cameron & Brian Breed: Basset/Beagle mix (a bagel!) Nickname: Princess Favorite Pastime: Playing with her Wubba Favorite Treat: Checkups


Minnie, Abby and Sadie



Parent: Doreen Russell Breed: Pug Nickname: Tubby Favorite Pastime: Eating, sleeping, making whoopy with his stuffed animals Favorite Treat: Pizza, peanuts, doggie cookies

Parents: Bob & Lee Breed: Min-Pin, 2 Doxies Nickname: Minnie, Abby & Sadie Favorite Pastime: Sleeping Favorite Treat: Smoked gouda cheese

Parents: Lauren & Josh Breed: Pug Nickname: Mitzu Pug Doggie Favorite Pastime: Chewing nylabone Favorite Treat: Buddy Biscuits

Parent: Summer Milroy Breed: Belgian Malinois Nickname: Modi the Malinois Favorite Pastime: Doing tricks Favorite Treat: Anything really



Oliver Max Power Jackson III


Parent: Randi Castanuela Breed: Chihuahua Nickname: MyMy Favorite Pastime: Hanging with Mom Favorite Treat: Bacon Strips

Parents: Kyle & Kayla Keese Breed: Hound mix Nickname: Nelly Belly Favorite Pastime: Playing with buds at Wiggly Field Favorite Treat: Milk Bones

Parents: Chadwick & Erin Jackson Breed: Mini Australian Shepard Nickname: Oli-Pop Favorite Pastime: Digging Favorite Treat: Pringles

Parent: Ken Gorham Breed: Schnoodle (Schnauzer-Poodle) Nickname: Flinky Dink Favorite Pastime: Chasing squirrels, hunting lizards, walks Favorite Treat: Sitting in his daddy’s lap FA




                    !"  ##$%& & ' ##& ()                                    FA




&!' (  ) *'

10 Cats & Dogs

06 01 12 Peanut

Peanut and Rascal

Phoebe and Squeakers

Pinta (means “spot” or “painted”)

Parent: Georgianne Burlage Breed: Corgi/Red Heeler mix Nickname: The Nut, Sweetie Favorite Pastime: Chasing squirrels, going to Sonic Favorite Treat: Anything from Sonic, tummy rubs

Parents: A. Sean, Chalese & Makenna Connors Breed: Rat Terrier mixes Nickname: Nut & Skull Favorite Pastime: Barking at rabbits Favorite Treat: Chicken jerky strips

Parents: Paul & Charlotte Strickland Breed: Calico Favorite Pastime: Playing with long pink string Favorite Treat: Neck rubs, playing chase

Parent: TC Mims Breed: Rescued Chihuahua Nickname: Princessa de la Casa (Princess of the House) Favorite Pastime: Wearing these sun shades, being carried for a walk Favorite Treat: Real cooked thoroughly Femer Bones

Princess Isabella & Prince Charming

Queen of Sheba


Ralphie (aka Ralph Lauren)

Parents: Mika & Mike Jensen Breed: Unknown, Jack Russell Terrier Nickname: Bella, Prince Favorite Pastime: Giving kisses, chasing balls Favorite Treat: Pecans, table food

Parent: Leila Hill Breed: Tortoise Shell Nickname: Sheba Favorite Pastime: Stalking birds on deck or making shelties chase her Favorite Treat: Pill pockets

Parents: Ashley, Kent & Ryan Cargile Breed: Boston Terrier Nickname: Rad Favorite Pastime: Chasing Frisbees Favorite Treat: Peanut butter

Parent: Karen White Breed: Shih Tzu Nickname: Ralphie Favorite Pastime: Barking at boogers Favorite Treat: Bananas





Parents: Tammie & Homer Walters Breed: Aussie Mix Nickname: Remi Favorite Pastime: Playing Kong Frisbee Favorite Treat: Ice cubes

Parents: Tim & Barbara Browning Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd Nickname: Wiggley Butt Favorite Pastime: Chewing on sticks Favorite Treat: Cheerios

Parent: Leslie Clanton Breed: Cocker Spaniel Nickname: Rusty Roo Favorite Pastime: Chasing flies, patrolling the yard for geckos, playing with his toys Favorite Treat: Apples, a hot dog now & then

Parent: Lisa Jennings Breed: Shetland Sheepdog Nickname: Piglet Favorite Pastime: Herding Favorite Treat: Anything FA

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11 Cats & Dogs

06 01 12 Sady

Sam Scout Grund


Satchel, Riley and Rooster

Parents: Don & Gail Yount Breed: Sheltie Nickname: Princess Favorite Pastime: Chasing sparkles & shadows Favorite Treat: Being told how pretty she is

Parent: Jobe Grund Breed: Golden Retriever Nickname: Sammy Favorite Pastime: Getting loved on Favorite Treat: Banana

Parents: James Daugherty & Lucy Alvarado Breed: Weimaraner Nickname: Sammie

Parents: John & Sharon Rainey, Eric & Kimberly Hall, Zachary Rainey

Favorite Pastime: Going to the dog park, playing with his Jolly Ball Favorite Treat: Chewing on his nylabone & laying next to me sleeping

Breed: Border Collie, Border Collie/Australian Shepherd, Puggle Nickname: None, Bubba, Rooster Tail Favorite Pastime: Chasing squirrels, hide & seek, sun naps



Shawnee Sue


Parents: Annell & Leo Burns Breed: Shih Tzu Nickname: The Mouse Favorite Pastime: Playing Favorite Treat: Pupperoni

Parents: Jimmy & Jessica Tritt Breed: Golden Retreiver Nickname: Seve Favorite Pastime: Splashing in any body of water Favorite Treat: Knuckle bones

Parents: Annell & Leo Burns Breed: Shih Tzu Nickname: Soo-Loo Favorite Pastime: Sleeping Favorite Treat: Any food

Parent: Stacy Schied Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Nickname: Bad Puppy Favorite Pastime: Chewing on sticks & rocks Favorite Treat: Rawhide bones

Sir Jesse James

Sir Riley Goldenpaw



Parents: Dave Williams & Dannie Deluna Breed: Standard Poodle Nickname: Jesse Favorite Pastime: Playing ball Favorite Treat: Loves all treats

Parents: Chuck & Jeanne Sears Breed: Goldendoodle Nickname: Rileyboy Favorite Pastime: Being with people Favorite Treat: Meaty bone biscuits

Parents: Nina & Spencer Austin Breed: Boston Beagette Nickname: Soph Favorite Pastime: Sleeping, trotting around Schultz Park, chasing the cat, folllowing her nose Favorite Treat: Bacon strips, going for rides in the car

Parent: Stacy Schied Breed: Cocker Spaniel mix Nickname: Princess Sophie B Favorite Pastime: Going for walks Favorite Treat: Greenies FA

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12 Cats & Dogs

06 01 12 Sugar




Parents: Frank & Andrea Timmons Breed: Pointer Nickname: Suggy Sug Favorite Pastime: Digging up the backyard Favorite Treat: Bacon strips

Parents: Estrella & Luna Breed: Cat Nickname: Shinell Favorite Pastime: Playing with Cha Cha, my yorkie sister Favorite Treat: Leche

Parent: Pam Asher Breed: Shih Tzu Nickname: Baby girl, Su-Su Favorite Pastime: Getting the newspaper, barking at Jumper Favorite Treat: Baked chicken

Parents: Lisa Racina-Torre & Mike Torre Breed: Toy Poodle Nickname: Tasha-la-Poodle, Tasha-Girly-Whirly, & Poooooodle Favorite Pastime: Playing fetch with squeaky toy, riding in the car with ears blowing back Favorite Treat: Tasty june bugs, Dingo Mini Bones


Tin Top Toddy



Parent: Beki Garcia Breed: Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix Nickname: Patootie, The Beast Favorite Pastime: Going to The Lucky Dog Ranch, eating Favorite Treat: Chicken chews

Parents: J.W. Goin III, Randy & Pat Slakak Breed: Airdale Terrier Nickname: Toddy Favorite Pastime: Chewing on everything Favorite Treat: Milk Bone Chicken ‘n Rice

Parents: Rocky & Catherine Sanders Breed: English Bulldog Nickname: Punkin’, Toobers, Baby Tubbs Favorite Pastime: Watching TV, chasing his ball, snoring Favorite Treat: Starbucks pup cups, french fries, potato chips

Parents: Pete & Debbie Schapp Breed: Dachshund mix Nickname: Tux Favorite Pastime: Playing frisbee Favorite Treat: Beggin strips





Parent: Melanie Jordan Breed: Shorkie Nickname: Hot Rod Favorite Pastime: Gambling & chillin’ Favorite Treat: Anything

Parents: Shawn & John Oliver Breed: Labrador Nickname: W, Wanda Mae Favorite Pastime: Fetch, playing with best bud Rusty the golden retriever Favorite Treat: Belly rubs

Parent: Mallory Boozer Breed: Great Dane Nickname: Way Way, Bubba Favorite Pastime: Playing with friends at doggy daycare, sleeping on his back Favorite Treat: Yogurt, bully sticks

Parents: Mike & Marilyn Van Horn Breed: Mixed breed Nickname: Zoe-Zoe Favorite Pastime: Chasing, jumping at & catching wasps in the backyard Favorite Treat: Cheese







#$  ! FA 



Happy Tails

Cats & Dogs

Adoptions from the Denton Animal Shelter

06 01 12

Arlo and Sarah Guerra

Clay, Gilliam and Sophie

Cody and Bucky

Cyrus and Terrie Wuensche


Durk and Darla

Gaby and Marr family

Gibson and Carter family

Hank and Morgan Thorton


Lisa Day and Chico

Millie and Julie Hudson

Ruby and Cook family

Turk and Dean Strauss

Ryder and Andrew Ciulla

Buddy and Tristen Polk

Finn and Perkins family

Rosie and Jessica Raso


Meatball FA

14 Cats & Dogs

06 01 12

All dogs pictured below

Denton Animal Services

$60 adoption fee

300 S. Woodrow Lane, Denton, TX 76210




Alex - 1-2 years old Tuxedo-Domestic Short Hair Alex is so good. A gentle cat. He enjoys your love and attention.

io pt



Cleo - 2-3 years old Tabby-MaineCoon mix Brown Tabby Poor Bob was trapped and brought to the shelter. She is adorable and has never been outside. We have a great Barn Cat Program with a sponsor. Therefore, she needs to always be an inside kitty. Look at those eyes! ee


Grey Tabby Honey came to us in a trap from Denton. We have a great Barn Cat Program with a sponsor.

io pt






Honey - Barn Cat, Under 1 year

io pt


io pt







Bob - Barn Cat, Adult










5 fe $2 ion




io pt




5 fe $2 ion Ad

(includes vetting)


Elizabeth - Barn Cat, Adult MaineCoon-Tabby mix This little girl came in as a stray. You can SAVE her. We have a great Barn Cat Program with a sponsor.

5 fee $2 tion

io pt



Elmo - Barn Cat, Adult Black Domestic Short hair It’s so sad to see the semi-feral and feral cats come into the shelter. But we have a Barn Cat Program with a sponsor. Save a life!

5 fee $2 tion





Odell - Barn Cat, Adult

Polo - Barn Cat, Young Adult

Toby - Under 1 year

Trinket - Middle Age

Grey Tabby If you can provide proper shelter, food and water, you can save him.

Tuxedo Polo was trapped and brought to the shelter. We have a Barn Cat Program with a sponsor.

Yellow Tabby He’s very friendly, very affectionate, lots of fun, and enjoys exploring.

Domestic Short hair Trinket loves to cuddle, be brushed, and have tummy rubs! She has lived peacefully with other cats.

Aries - 4-5 months

Badger - 4 months

Labrador-Boxer mix Aries is a cute pup who is in a foster recovering from ring worm. He is available now for adoption and is precious, housetrained and great with other dogs.

Shepherd mix pup Adorable, spunky male pup

Ford - 2 years

Hansen - 2-3 years

Pit Bull mix Fully vetted and ready to go home today, Ford loves everyone he meets and LOVES to play in the water!

Pit Bull Terrier Very friendly pit bull who likes to Yoodle!

Tracy - 2-3 months Cocker Spaniel-Shepherd mix Just a sweet little baby that was found with her mom, Linda

Benny - 8-10 weeks Pomeranian mix Benny is a tiny pup with lots of energy. He LOVES to be held and is wonderful with other dogs.

Bingo - 2 years Australian Shepherd mix Bingo is sweet, friendly, affectionate and LOVES other dogs.

Henley - 2-3 years

Holly - 1 year

Jasmine - 1 year

Shepherd mix Henley was found as a stray and is a super cute mixed breed guy who is good with other dogs.

Black lab mix Holly is very affectionate, loves to give ‘hugs’. She is also great with other dogs!

Miniature Pincher Tiny little fully vetted Min Pin who is about a year old. Full of energy! FA

Denton Animal Services


All dogs pictured below

$60 adoption fee

300 S. Woodrow Lane, Denton, TX 76210

(includes vetting)

Cats & Dogs

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Lady - 3-5 years

Linda - 1-2 years old

Lita - 2-3 years

Siberian Husky King is a laid back beautiful husky who loves other dogs.

Beagle Sweet, calm and friendly little Beagle girl.

Cocker Spaniel mix Cute, small, friendly and good with other dogs!

Pit Bull Terrier Super sweetheart! She is great with other dogs, calm and housetrained!!

Lucy - 4-5 months Labrador-Shepherd mix She is a very sweet and calm female mixed breed pup who loves other dogs.

Luis - 5-8 years Corgi-Chihuahua mix Luis is a charming little corgi mix who is fully vetted, housetrained and uses the doggy door; however he prefers OLDER children.

Ricky - 4-5 months Labrador-Shepherd mix Cute, cuddly and affectionate male mixed breed pup who is great with people and other dogs.

Rio - 1-2 years Doberman Pincher mix A Doberman mix who is a bit shy at first but loves you once she warms up. She is great with other dogs.

King - 3-5 years

Moo - 1-2 years Chihuahua mix Cute little male Chihuahua mix pup who loves everyone!

Nestle - 5-8 years Chocolate Labrador Nestle loves the water and to play ball...he will play until YOU are tired of throwing the ball!

Sarah - 6 months Black Lab mix Sarah is a sweet little girl who was found with a broken tail. She is dainty and very affectionate.

Ronnie - 4-5 months Labrador-Shepherd mix Smart and friendly shepherd mix pup who loves everyone he meets

Ranger - 1-2 years Australian cattle dog - Australian Shepherd mix Ranger is playful and full of energy. He would be a great running partner. He is also good with other dogs!

Savannah - 2-3 years

Voltaire - 4-5 months

Boxer Savannah is very calm, quiet and good with other dogs

Pit Bull mix Super cute brindle male pit bull mix who loves other dogs and all people! FA


Don’t Forget! We board cats, too!

Big Dog House Est. 2003

Boarding Kennel



940-440-9400 4115 S. Highway 377 Aubrey, TX 76227

Hours For Drop Off & Pick Up: M-F 8am-12pm M-F 4pm-6pm Sat. 8am-11am FA



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Cats & Dogs












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Cats & Dogs and other pets, too! 2012  

A special supplement for the Denton Record-Chronicle.

Cats & Dogs and other pets, too! 2012  

A special supplement for the Denton Record-Chronicle.