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AL JAREAU Friday, April 25 @ 9PM

THE QUEBE SISTERS BAND Saturday, April 26 @ 7PM

ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL Saturday, April 26 @ 9PM

BRAVE COMBO Sunday, April 27 @ 7PM Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Arts & Jazz Fest

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

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Denton Arts & Jazz Festival


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Arts & Jazz Fest

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The free event embraces and nurtures music, dance, choral, drama and the visual arts.


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Dancers perform at last year’s festival.

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04 23 14

04 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

Al Jarreau set to perform on Friday night By Christian McPhate

For the Denton Record-Chronicle

The rhythmic voice percussion reverberating through the microphone echoes a mixture of beebop beats tinged with a rhythm and blues feel. Sometimes it'll sound as if an electric guitar is playing as the singer creates these lyrical vibrations. Some call it “scat,” but it's a sound exclusive to one artist whose spent more than six decades perfecting the technique and earning him a score of Grammy Awards and the only vocalist in history to net wins in three different categories (jazz, pop and R&B.) “It's freedom in the music,” the legendary jazz singer says, “and feeling the syncopation and putting sounds to it.” He wasn't the first to attempt this type of vocal percussion. The great Ella Fitzgerald and John Hendrix were doing something similar in their music. Blues and Jazz artists had been flirting with this style for decades. But at 74-years-old Al Jarreau is no ordinary vocalist. His unique blend of vocal beats and soulful lyrics has appeared on more than 20 albums and garnered a legion of fans across the globe, earning this contemporary jazz artist a place as one of the greatest singers of the 21st century. And he'll be headlining the Denton Arts & Jazz

Festival at 9 p.m. on Friday, April 25. “You guys are well down the road, and I'm late to the party,” says Jarreau of his first appearance at this year's festival. “I've got make up for lost time.” For his first appearance on the Wells Fargo/Budweiser stage, Jarreau plans to sing classics like “Take Five” and “We're In This Love Together” from some of his earlier records, “Hearts Horizon” and “Random Act of Love” and some of his newer stuff like “Scootcha Booty” from Al Jarreau and the Metropole Orkest: Live, a performance with a respected Dutch orchestra. Ever since he was five years old and sitting in the back of his father's car, Jarreau has been making rhythmic sounds as if he were mimicking the music he would hear on the radio to entertain himself. He'd do the same thing when he was walking to the grocery store in Milwaukee, where he grew up. Although he was a regular attendee of church and oftentimes performed music with his parents on Sunday mornings, most people he passed just steered around him, saying, “Exuse me, I'll let you go past, mister.” Something about music, though, caused not only his feet and body to move but also

strange lyrical sounds echo from his soul as the power of the song took over. He was just learning how to express himself vocally. “Everybody's got some oinks, squeaks and quacks of their own,” Jarreau says. “I just discovered my own oinks, squeaks and quacks and put them into music.” But he didn't start performing these “oinks, squeaks and quacks” until after his time moonlight with George Duke and his jazz trio at the Half Note. That's when he met Julio Martinez, a flamenco guitarist, who helped him harness the rhythmic sound of Brazil that was influencing Jarreau at the

Jupiter House Coffee

time. “It just took me away, took my heart and my mind,” Jarreau says, “and my eyes rolled back in my head as I heard that music, and I found my way to those percussive sounds.” It was one of the most important periods in his life, he says, when that stuff began to really explode when there were no other instruments around. “It was just me and a guitar player.” Jarreau has shared the stage with some legendary acts over the years. He shared two dates with Miles Davis, whom he later found out loved his music, in Los Angeles. He's also jammed with David Sanborn, Rick Braun and George Benson. He's currently recording an album in honor of George Duke entitled “My Old Friend.” Layla Hathaway, Diane Reeves and Jeffrey

Osbourne are also making appearances on his new offering. “It's really a 'fire in the belly project' for me,” he says. “It's great for people like me who are constantly looking for 'fire in the belly projects.' Keep that fire happening, keep those spirits high. It's all over the record we're doing from top to bottom.” His first visit to the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival promises to be a memorable experience for festival goers, and Jarreau is excited about sharing his passion for music. Jarreau will be backed by his sextet and Symphony show. “Having fun,” Jarreau says. “That's what this period in my life highlights more than anything else. Is still having gratitude and thanks and doing it with joy and happiness. That's church, man. If you understand that, you make people feel better. It fires me up.”

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Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

Arts & Jazz Fest

Colorado couple transforms flowers from garden to frame

By Jane R. LeBlanc

For the Denton Record-Chronicle

More than 9,000 feet high in the Colorado mountains grow some of the brightest flowers you’ll ever see. Colorado columbines, pansies, coral bells, cosmos, roses and more sprout from the ground amidst hundreds of others, higher than most ski slopes, away from the hustle and bustle. The warm days in Bailey, Colorado, coupled with cool nights and extreme elevation, help produce an array of rich color nothing but Mother Nature could create. From there, Guy and Barbara Beals of Blossoms of the Rockies, make sure that beauty is preserved forever. The flowers, all native Colorado wildflowers, were planted in the Beals’ private garden with very specific intentions. When they are at their absolute boldest, when they are in full bloom and at full potential, they’ll be plucked from their stems and transformed into a different kind of art – pressed flower creations, colorful bouquets and landscapes made from nothing more than a wood backing, paper, glue and pressed flowers. “We move through life so quickly, that most people don’t want to take that time to collect Mother Nature’s beauty and press them and then cre-


Properties ate something out of them,” Guy says. But he and his wife take the time, inspired by their love of nature.

The Beals will be showing more than 500 pieces at this year's Denton Arts and Jazz Festival. This year will be their third trip to North Texas.

It all started about 35 years ago when Guy, a cabinetmaker by trade, helped a woman craft some flower presses. When she completed her work, she gifted one of the presses to Guy. “All from the love of being outside, enjoying Mother Nature…and now we get paid to go pick flowers and go camping,” Guy says. Now, hundreds of creations travel the road with the couple as they make their way to the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, one of the bigger festivals they visit. “I have a full season of growing flowers and pressing them before I can even begin to think about making the first piece,” Guy says. He and his wife pick more than 1 million blossoms each season. The patience and effort required makes flower pressing somewhat of a dying art. Thankfully, Guy and Barbara aren’t letting it.





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04 23 14

06 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival Sisters’ fine fiddling electrifies Americana with a classic Texas twist By Amelia Jaycen

For the Denton Record-Chronicle

Texas belles Grace, Sophia and Hulda Quebe slice up a sweet tension in the air as their violins raise and the band counts off. Bursting into the first measure of classic songs, they hit straight to the heart with Texas-style fiddling that rouses audiences, turns heads and stops Jimmy Buffet in his tracks. It’s no lie when Buffet says, “Man can they play.” Their lightning-fast fiddling played with the infectious flair of three Texas sweethearts gets audiences tapping and grinning ear-to-ear, and then the girls kick it up a notch with vintage-style vocal harmonizing that coats the stage with honey, awakening the core of Texas music with a truly original style. The Quebe (pronounced KWAY-bee) Sisters will perform Saturday, April 26, at 7 p.m. on the Wells Fargo/Budweiser Jazz Stage, followed by their friends Asleep at the Wheel at 9 p.m. The Sisters’ twist on country, western and cowboy songs mixed with western swing, jazz and bluegrass influences resonates with both Texas and national audiences. Their February 2014 album Every Which-A-Way won the Crescendo Award by Western Music Association and the Western Swing Album of the Year from the Academy of Western Artists. The Quebe Sisters’ history of wildly consuming shows all began in Denton when the young Quebe girls ages seven, 10, and 12 saw a fiddling contest at the 1998 North Texas State Fair. “When we heard fiddle music, we thought ‘Wow! That looks fun!’” Hulda Quebe said. They connected with Sherry and Joey McKenzie as instructors and mentors, began training and catapulted into a string of competition awards and live performances, an

Photo courtesy of The Quebe Sisters

adventure that landed them on the stages of the Grand Ole Opry and the Marty Stuart Show. Thanks to nudges from McKenzie and advice from Ricky Skaggs, the sisters added vocals to their rapidly expanding repertoire, and they

debuted their singing in 2005. Their second album, Timeless, was recorded at Johnny Cash’s historic Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee. In recent years, they have worked with Rosana Eckert of the UNT College of Music for vocal training.

The Quebe Sisters Band, originally three fiddles, three vocals, guitar by Joey McKenzie and bass by Gavin Kelso, is making big changes this year as McKenzie and Kelso focus on other projects. Joining the sisters are two new bandmates, twin sisters Penny

Lea and Katy Lou Clark of The Purple Hulls. “We love traveling, we love coming back to places like the Denton Arts & Jazz festival, we love how many things you can create with the music,” Hulda said.

07 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

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08 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival Local artist, musician brings stained glass artwork to festival

By Jane R. LeBlanc

For the Denton Record-Chronicle

A few blocks from the famous Denton Square, on Bolivar Street, sits a small house with white siding, turquoise framework and lavender doors where artist Christie Wood creates mesmerizing stained glass artwork that she'll be showing and selling in the civic center at this year's Denton Arts & Jazz Festival. “It’s local,” Wood says, “but more importantly, it’s the best music. Ever.” Wood also has a passion for music, and the festival gives her the chance to showcase all of her talents. She’ll be playing baritone sax with Foo McBubba on Friday, April 25, and flute with the Jett Quartet on Sunday, April 27, at the festival. Born in Texas City, Texas,

and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, Wood graduated from the University of North Texas in 1973, earning a bachelor’s degree in music education. In 1993, she took a beginners class in the art of stained glass. “I wanted to exercise the artistic side of my brain,” she says. But what was meant to be a hobby quickly turned into a passion. A mere two years after taking her first class, Wood opened Art Glass Ensembles and made stained glass her career. Almost 100 percent of her work is commission-based. She creates pieces for churches and private residences and repairs broken artwork, too. Be sure to check her out in the civic center at the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival.


A daily reminder of why you live here.

Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

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10 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

Denton Bible Church offers woodworking tent By Christian McPhate

For the Denton Record-Chronicle

Every year Denton Arts & Jazz Festival not only offers great music by worldrenowned musicians like Al Jarreau and his sextet and Symphony show (on Friday night), Asleep at the Wheel (on Saturday night) and, of course, Brave Combo (on Sunday night) but also arts and craft events that have become a staple of the Arts & Jazz experience. Painted faces, temporary tattoos and painting bird houses go hand-in-hand with But painting bird houses takes more than just slapping a coat of paint on a pre-made kit. They must be sanded, nailed, sanded, glued and sanded again. “It allows them to get some hands on experience,” says Wayne Carrigan of The Sweat Team, a Denton Bible Church organization that helps families in need. For 10 years now the Skilled Workers for Every Available Task, or The Sweat Team, have been building bird houses, bird feeders and Bible book stands in the Children's Art Tent at the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival. Their belief in being good servants to the community comes from scripture. So every year the church pays for all of the wood supplies with the help of donations and offers the crafted works of art at no cost to the children. “We view this as a great opportunity for us to have an outreach in the community,” says Carrigan.

Carrigan points out that children don't often get to work with wood tools anymore. But at the wood projects tent, they get handle a drill press, a nail gun and a sander, under adult supervision of course. But just the sound of the air thundering through a nail gun as the nail slams into the board leaves a child's hand shaking but brings a smile to his face. Thousands of children attending the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival have walked through the Children's Art Tent, requesting a bird house or a sword, which has now been substituted with a peanut butter spreader. In previous years, spacing was a problem for all the projects and visitors, but this year The Sweat Team will be offering arts and crafts for people of all ages in a 30x60 tent. The team will also be introducing two new wood-cutting projects: the old 1930s Model Ford car and a sleek race car. Once sanded and put together, you'll have the opportunity to paint them the color or colors of your choice. “And that's what makes it rewarding,” says Carrigan. “It's the most organized chaos and most tiring experience volunteering. But when you think about everything you've done for the kids, you're ready for next year.” Be sure to visit the Children's Art Tent on Friday and Saturday, April 25 and 26, at the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival.

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11 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

12 Gale & Mario Cruz

UNT 1 O’Clock Lab Band Al Jarreau Mike Drake Band Dave Zoller 2 Tone UNT Faculty Jazz Ensemble Phyrework Official Texas Jazz Orchestra Quebe Sisters Band Asleep At The Wheel Eric Scortia Jennifer Barnes

Drew Phelps Family & Friends

John Adams N’awlins Gumbo Kings

Not So Hot Club Bamboo Boat Band Annagrey


American Bedouin Band Feen Boyette Ricki Derek Johnnie Red & the Roosters Fingerprints Bonnie and Nick Norris Bubba Hernandez Beyond the Pale The Santa Fe Line Band

Dave Alexander’s Big Texas Swing Band

Tex Zimmerman

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

These roving musicians will begin their performances on the Roving River Stage and will perform at 2 other locations in the north park.

Baloney Moon

April 25, 26 & 27, 2014

Alex Hahn Jazz Small Group

Friday 5 p.m. - 11 p.m. • Saturday 10 a.m. - 11 p.m. • Sunday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.


Brad Kang Jazz Small Group Mariachi Águilas Zebras Contemporary Jazz Ensemble Latin Jazz Lab Band Joakim Toftgaard Jazz Small Group

Don McRay

U-Tubes Jazz Trombone Ensemble

Razzmajazz Charley Lee

Jazz Repertory Ensemble Nine O’Clock Lab Band

Rivers West

Poo Live Crew String Theory Manouche


Rhythm Tribe Yancey Stevens Eric Bailey Joe Tucker The Kelly Band Hilary Tipps & Steve Obermiller

Eight O’Clock Lab Band Seven O’Clock Lab Band Six O’Clock Lab Band Five O’Clock Lab Band Four O’Clock Lab Band Three O’Clock Lab Band Two O’Clock Lab Band One O’Clock Lab Band

Chisholm Trail Cowboys

Alex Fraile Group (jazz vocalist)

The Flow

Mafe Naranjo Group (jazz vocalist) Yuri Yu Group (jazz vocalist) Tyler Thomas Group (jazz vocalist) West End Vocal Jazz Ensemble Third Street Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Lico Reyes Martin McCall

Quakertown Park 321 E. McKinney Denton,Texas FREE ADMISSION! • Jazz, R & B and Culturally Diverse Music • Community/University/School Performances • Fine Arts & Crafts • Children’s Art Tent • Information & Game Booths • Roving Musicians, Clowns & Jugglers • Food, Drink and MUCH MORE!!! (940) 565-0931 TH

No Coolers or Pets in Jazz Area

Playground Percussion Tent


Games $

Top Hands Headquarters


Stages Food Booths Festival Foundation Beer & Wine


Festival Foundation Food Restrooms Information/Souvenirs Monitored Parking for: Entertainers, Vendors, Ice, First Aid Board/Top Hands


Soft Drinks/Water

Target Center Stage

Artists Musicians Vendors/Artists/Performers



First United Bank Fine Arts & Crafts


Avenue C Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Island Boogie Linda Atwell

UNT Jazz Singers Super 400 Electric Guitar Ensemble

Joe Pat Hennen

L-5 Electric Guitar Ensemble

Ride the A-Train!

Little Jack Melody & the Young Turks A Taste of Herb Brave Combo

Chris Watson Band

Denton Record-Chronicle FESTIVAL STAGE


William Foley


Univ. of North Texas


JAZZ STAGE Pete Brewer

KNTU Radio 88.1

The DCTA is an easy 3 block walk south!

African Percussion Ensemble Brian Houser

TuTu Jones



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Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14


Denton Arts and Jazz Festival 4:00 pm 4:30 pm 5:00 pm 5:30 pm 6:00 pm 6:30 pm 6:45 pm 7:00 pm 7:15 pm 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:15 pm 8:30 pm 9:00 pm 9:15 pm 9:30 pm 9:45 pm 10:00 pm 9:00 am 9:15 am 9:30 am 10:00 am 10:30 am 11:00 am 11:30 am 11:45 am 12:00 pm 12:15 pm 12:30 pm 1:00 pm 1:30 pm 2:00 pm 2:30 pm 2:45 pm 3:00 pm 3:30 pm 4:00 pm 4:30 pm 5:00 pm 5:30 pm 6:00 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:15 pm 8:45 pm 9:00 pm 10:00 pm 10:30 am 11:00 am 11:30 am 11:30 am 12:00 pm 12:30 pm 1:00 pm 1:30 pm 2:00 pm 2:15 pm 3:00 pm 3:15 pm 3:30 pm 4:00 pm 4:30 pm 5:00 pm 5:30 pm 6:00 pm 6:15 pm 7:00 pm 7:15 pm 8:00 pm 8:15 pm 9:00 pm


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Bird Meets Winter Rockupational Therapy

04 23 14

McNair & Borman Elementary Choirs Stephens Elementary Spotlights Choir House of Funk Theatre Company

Under the Cross

Gainesville Swing Orchestra

Arts & Jazz Fest


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A Litter Free Event

Quakertown Park 321 E. McKinney, Denton, TX

EVENT: Denton Arts & Jazz Festival ADMISSION: FREE ATTENDANCE: 200,000+ SITE: Quakertown Park (formerly Civic Center Park), 321 E. McKinney, Denton, TX 76201 MAILING ADDRESS: Denton Festival Foundation, P.O. Box 2104, Denton, TX 76202 DATE: Friday, April 26, 5pm-11pm; Saturday, April 27, 10am-11pm; Sunday, April 28, 11am-9pm PHONE: (940) 565-0931; FAX: (940) 566-7007; INTERNET:

Directions: From I-35E, North or South, go East on Hwy. 380. Exit 469 to Bell Ave. Go South on Bell to Festival grounds on right in Quakertown Park. DW

14 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

First United Bank OUTDOOR FINE ARTS – 2013


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Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

Asleep at the Wheel brings its American root swing revival

By Aaron Claycomb

04 23 14

For the Denton Record-Chronicle

The boots on the ballroom floor slide from left to right. Then front to back. The saxophone rattles, the piano keys dance, upbeat and lively, and the fiddle and steel guitar slide and bend this southern-country-style boogie. Since 1970, the acclaimed western swing band, Asleep at the Wheel, has kept a certain bluesySouthern-country tune more than just alive. “Western swing ain’t dead,” says frontman Ray Benson, “it’s Asleep at the Wheel.” Nine-time Grammy winners, they’ve performed all over the world from the Grand Ole Opry to the Country Music Awards to nearly every smalltown ballroom in the U.S. The biggest king of country swing will take the stage at 9 p.m. this Saturday, April 26, at the 24th official Denton Arts & Jazz Festival. Drawing major inspirations from jazz, the band has strong ties with musicians from one of the country’s lead jazz schools, Denton’s own University of North Texas. But this will be the first time Asleep at the Wheel is per-

Arts & Jazz Fest

forming at the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival. Closing the Jazz Stage, on Saturday night, with full on western swing, Asleep at the Wheel follows The Quebe Sisters Band, the Fort Worthbased fiddle and swing group. And this isn’t the first time

these sisters have performed on the same bill as Benson and his band, adding their own Texas swing tunes. Benson is the reason Asleep at the Wheel is still blazing its own western swing highway. He’s kept the tour bus going for more than four decades. The only original member of the band, he was named Texas Musician of the Year in 2004 and Texan of the Year in 2011. Originally from Paw Paw, West Virgina, Benson and the original band members – Lucky Ocean (steel guitar), LeRoy Preston (drums), Chris O’Connell (guitar) and Gene Dobkin (bass) – moved to California with the goal to help revive American roots music. Starting with more traditional country and rock and roll, the band added its contemporary jazz influence when keyboardist Floyd Domino joined the lineup. But it wasn’t until they heard Merle Haggard’s tribute album to Bob Wills – the godfather of western swing – that they really began swinging. Asleep at the Wheel has had singles all over the country

Billboard charts. In 2011, Texas called western swing the official music of the state, and now a Texas-sized tradition, they even picked up the nickname “the official band of Texas,” and performed alongside country music legends Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and George Straight. Over the years, band members have brought their own unique sound to Asleep at the Wheel, Benson says. The band usually consists of seven to 15 of the finest musicians he can talk into jumping in the tour bus. “The Wheel” has seen over 80 of the best musicians in the country genre. Current Asleep at the Wheel members playing at this year's Denton Arts & Jazz Festival include Benson (guitar and vocals), Dave Sanger (drums), Dave Miller (Bass), Jason Roberts (fiddle and vocals), Dan Walton (piano), Eddie Rivers (steel guitar) and newest addition, Katy Holmes (fiddle and vocals) who’s taking over for Elizabeth McQueen (acoustic guitar and vocals).

“[New band members] learn the parts that have come before and then they add their personalities, their abilities or their ideas to the mix,” Benson says. “It’s always built upon what went before. But it’s always add what they can add to it.” Asleep at the Wheel originals like “Boogie Back to Texas,” “The Letter That Johnny Walker Read” are full of grit, rock and roll and lots of swing. Each of their songs is mixed and mashed from several genres – the saxophone jazz solo to the country fiddle to the blues guitar licks. They can reinvent any country classic, giving it a kick of their classic western swing. With Benson’s lead baritone vocals, Asleep at the Wheel’s “Route 66” rendition is a classic soul-stirring-Texas-twangboogie. “We’re not the hot act of the day,” says Benson, but for over forty years, the mission has always remained the same: revive American roots. “We’ve been up and down and we continue to play and do what we’re doing.”

16 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

Dancing Elk Designs transforms antlers into fine jewelry By Amelia Jaycen

For the Denton Record-Chronicle

At 8,000 feet in the remote mountains of Colorado Jeff and Myan Sorensen wander through the late winter landscape searching for deer and elk antlers. Used to spar for females and protect the herum, antlers are grown throughout the spring and lost in the fall and winter, a natural treasure left for the astute gatherer. “When you’re working with a material that you have to go out and find, you get an eye for it,” Myan Sorensen said. “Living in Colorado, antler was the obvious medium for us, and the process translates beautifully.” Myan and her husband, Jeff, have been gathering natural materials for 25 years near their home in Crestone, Colorado and transforming them into hand-crafted jewelry. Her husband's love for hiking and finding antlers and her background in silversmithing led them to begin Dancing Elk Designs. This will be their third year at the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival. The Sorensens take long hikes in the mountains, exploring for antlers—the cycle of changing seasons, growth and loss of antlers is all part of the process each year. Her husband roughs-out art pieces from the antler using tools found at any home improvement store. A glowing torch turns the antler to a warm brown, and polishing brings out a natural shine. The pieces often mimic the shape of the antler, drawing on the natural tendencies. He'll craft earrings, barrettes or belt buckles. “Though we’ve been offered a lot of antlers from hunters, we prefer not to use them,” Myan said. “We view the shed antler as more of a gift from the earth, and then when you sit down with raw materials, some little doorway opens and these creative things spill out.” These creative works of antler art will be available for purchase at this year's Denton Arts & Jazz Festival.


~The Denton Arts & Jazz Festival~ Thank You to all of the organizers, participants, sponsors, artists & performers PILOT for all of your POINT 700 S. Hwy 377 hard work in making this festival such a 940.686.5023

wonderful addition to life in Denton, Texas! DENTON - CORPORATE 400 N. Carroll Blvd. 940.591.1200

DENTON - SOUTH 3301 Teasley Lane 940.383.6234

NORTHSTAR BANK MORTGAGE 3111 Unicorn Lake Blvd., Suite 120 Denton | 940.566.5363 DW


The world of jazz comes to life at the UNT Showcase Stage

Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

Experience a three-day musical journey at the UNT Showcase Stage during the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, April 25-27. Friday, April 25 5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m.

Alex Hahn Jazz Small Group Brad Kang Jazz Small Group Mariachi Águilas Zebras Contemporary Jazz Ensemble Latin Jazz Lab Band

Saturday, April 26 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

Joakim Toftgaard Jazz Small Group U-Tubes Jazz Trombone Ensemble Jazz Repertory Ensemble

Lab Band Madness 1:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m.

Nine O’Clock Lab Band Eight O’Clock Lab Band Seven O’Clock Lab Band Six O’Clock Lab Band Five O’Clock Lab Band Four O’Clock Lab Band Three O’Clock Lab Band Two O’Clock Lab Band One O’Clock Lab Band

Sunday, April 27 11:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. 12:15 p.m. 12:30 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 2:10 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.

Jake Greenburg Jazz Small Group Mafe Naranjo Jazz Small Group Yuri Yu Jazz Small Group Tyler Thomas Jazz Small Group West End Vocal Jazz Ensemble Third Street Vocal Jazz Ensemble Avenue C Vocal Jazz Ensemble UNT Jazz Singers Super 400 Electric Guitar Ensemble L-5 Electric Guitar Ensemble African Percussion Ensemble AA/EOE/ADA © 2014 UNT


18 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

Activities abound at Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

AZZ JFestival

& R S A T





Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14



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20 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

Artist Merry Glazner returns to the festival

By Adam Schrader

For the Denton Record-Chronicle

Painting landscapes and flowers takes someone with a steady hand and an eye for Mother Nature. Merry Glazner is one of those artists. Every one of her pieces illuminates her love and joy for life. It's only fitting that she'll be sharing her paintings at this year's Denton Arts & Jazz Festival. Although she's 72, her advanced age hasn't impaired her skills with a brush. Glazner plans to have more than 30 oil and watercolor paintings, all reasonably priced for purchase, at this year's festival. This will be her fourth appearance. Expect to see crowd favorites like sunflowers, garden scenes and bluebonnets from previous years. This year, Glazner is excited to bring several small paintings of her sold-out cotton

pieces. “I didn’t know there would be that much interest but there is a lot of people that know what it is and remember,” she said. Glazner loves the interactions with attendees of the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival. And if you take your children by her booth, she’ll show them how she paints using a palette knife to create images as if they

were inspired by Van Gogh. She paints with the immediacy of classic impressionists. “It’s just like color on top of color beside color and makes [my paintings] vibrant,” she said. Showing her work at the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival is the highlight of her year, and you'll be able to see her impressionistic paintings all three days of the event.


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Arts & Jazz Fest

(Denton County CAR BUYERS)

Have Awarded Us The Blue Ribbon for aTenthYear

ALL-NEW •Escalade •Suburban •Tahoe •Yukon •Yukon XL

04 23 14

For 2015

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22 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival Brave Combo set to close festival with performance Sunday night

By Christian McPhate

For the Denton Record-Chronicle

Brave Combo has been part of the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival since it was known as Spring Fling back in the early '80s. The band's show, which closes the three-day event, has become a tradition for many generations of Dentonites. People will sit through a thunderstorm just to watch this legendary “new wave polka band” perform classics from its more than thirty year history. “They were asking everybody to leave,” says Carl Finch, the band's founder. “It was hard call, but they had to call it.” So he and the band moved off the stage but then noticed the crowd just hunkering down under the trees, waiting for the storm to pass. “It's pouring down rain, and they're doing the exact thing they shouldn't do.” But people wait all year long to watch the band perform on Sunday night. They'll plan the event with family and friends just to be part of that Brave Combo vibe. “We consider that [the Sunday night show] the epitome of the homecoming idea,” says Finch. “We feel a sense of being part of Denton as a greater family.” Since 1979 when the band first hit the scene in Denton, Brave Combo has been making polka music hip to fans of all ages by re-envisioning some of rock music's most memorable songs like “People are Strange” by the Doors, “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix and “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones. The band's also won two Grammys. The Brave Combo experience has caused 15,000 people either to break out and dance to the band's version of the “Hokey Pokey” or sing “Flying Saucer.” Headbanging to Finch's accordion playing/ guitar slaying is also an acceptable response at their Sunday night show. In fact, a full on mosh pit that dwarfs one you'd see at a metal show will erupt

Photo courtesy of Jane Finch

stage right sometime before the end of the night. “Sometimes people will sit their chairs out there, not realizing what's about to happen,” says Finch. “I feel more of a bond with the Denton police during that set.”

The moshing has been going for more than 10 years. It's the one time of year, he says, when high school and young college students can experience Brave Combo. “It's their time, and the music just takes over.” “We don't really want to

subdue it, personally, because we enjoy the energy we get from that,” he says. “But people who are there should be aware.” Finch feels the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival is more than just a celebration—it's a home-

coming. “It's the one time of the year when Denton seems to come together the most,” he says. Be sure to catch Brave Combo's show at 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 27, at the Wells Fargo/Budweiser Jazz Stage.


The Denton Arts & Jazz Festival wishes to thank the following

2014 Sponsors and Members

Denton Festival Foundation, Inc. – 2014 SPONSORS

HEADLINER ($3,000+)

Baja Smoothies Coca Cola Northstar Bank of Texas Queenie’s Steak House Riscky’s Catering Sandone Productions Silverleaf Resorts Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton

PRESENTING ($50,000+) City of Denton

ENDOWMENT ($40,000+)

Denton Record-Chronicle

MAJOR ($2,000+)

Cooper’s Copies & Printing Denton Municipal Electric Go Vision Little Guys Movers Southwest Spirit Magazine

STAR ($30,000+) Ben E. Keith Co. Wells Fargo Bank


PRODUCER ($1,000+)


Target Texas Woman’s University University of North Texas

Bancroft Operations Denton City Federation of Women’s Clubs Denton Depot Eagle & Wheeler Korba Family, LP Emma Perry Ramey & King Insurance Reddy Ice

ADVOCATE ($10,000+)

PATRON ($500+)

American Federation of Musicians KNTU FM 88.1

PROMOTER ($15,000+)

Denton Benefit League Denton Convention & Visitor Bureau Texas Commission on the Arts WFAA TV

SUSTAINING ($5,000+)

First United Bank Greater Denton Arts Council/The Arts Guild Southern Journeys Sparkling ICE The Dallas Morning News Verizon FiOS TOP HANDS - 2014 Abasolo, Daniel Adams, Jamie Adamson, Jason Aguilar, Delma Albright, Lettie Alves, Mason Aschenbrenner, Geri Aschenbrenner, John Atkinson, Gina Ballantine, Jo Ann Barnes, Claralynn Batchelder, Paul Bays, Margaret Beasley, John Beasley, Kimberly Beasley, Roni Benskin, Linda Birden, Mary Bishop, Ricky Blalock, Kyle Blalock, Lori Bodkin, Scott Boerner, Justin Boras, Adonna Boras, Stephen Boren, Carol Boyd, Shanice Brewer, Linda Briggs, Diane Briggs, Gordon Britt, Megan Brown, Craig Brown, Kirsten Brown, Nicole Brumley, Danny Burlage, Georgianne Burtch, Cynthia

Carol & Frank Atkins BCI Mechanical Roni & John Beasley Crouch Group DeBerry Funeral Directors Fall Meadow Apartments Foster’s Saddle & Western Wear Ray Hair Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant Meridian Bank Texas Metro Golf Cars Ann & Ken Newman Kathy Orr/Property Search LLC Diane & Murray Ricks Daisy Rogers

Burtch, Rod Bynum, Lilia Camizzi, Alex Cannon, Mike Cannon, Shelley Capps, Peggy Carlin, Bruce Carlton, Karen Carr, Jared Chandler, Paul Chastka, Harlene Cockrell, Jana Combs, Charles Conley, Elizabeth Cooley, Melanie Cooper, Tiana Cosimo, Barney Cox, Barbara Cox, Roger Coyle, Emily Crane, Kim Crerar, Andy Crew, Diane Dane, Allison DeJernett, Jerilyn DeJernett, Steve DesCotes, Francois Dickenson, Hank Dickson, Janet Dickson, Robert Dorris, Margo Dotterrer, Lisa Dudowicz, Kara Duffy, Kathleen Duggan, Nancy Dunham, Martha Dunkau, Paul Dunklau, Diana

Durrett, Jackie Ebeid, Carrie Ebersole, Lynn Edwards, Kristi Engelbrecht, Jennifer Escobedo, Ginger Ewing, Carolyn Ewing, Richard Farquhar, Randee Folse, Carolene Forsythe, Ann Forsythe, Ron Foster, Chance Foster, Mark Fraga, Michael Frigon, Cindy Garite, Kim Garnett, Kim Gold, Carolyn Gold, Curtis Graves, Rob Green, Gail Greenlaw, Jean Greer, Charlene Grey, Margot Hamilton, Fred Hamilton, Lareen Hardin, Tanya Harriss, Ron Haywood, Janette Hendricks, Kristi Henggeler, Greg Henggeler, Laura Henry, Christopher Hensley, Sarah Hernandez, Michael Highland, Trish Hillman, Jan

Karin & Gus Seligmann Springbok Academy Robert J. Widmer, Jr. PC

SUPPORTING ($250+) Adams Exterminating James Kelley & Mason Alves Anderson, Spector & Co. Geri & John Aschenbrenner Aleta & Bill Atkinson Cathy Bryce & Jack Atkins Axis Realty Group Margaret & Jim Bays Best Western Premier Hotel Euline & Horace Brock Lilia & Scott Bynum Chandler Cabinets Courthouse Collection Barbara Cox Linda Creagh Denton Business & Community News East Side Social Club Ehrhart’s Jewelers Frenchy’s Lawn & Tree Service Carolyn & Curtis Gold Kimberly Karl & Stan Haddock Hannah’s Off the Square Jan Hillman Legacy Group at REMAX Lori & Rod McLain Marsh, Paine & Waddill, PC Metropolitan Anesthesia Consultants John Miller, Jr. Lisa & Stan Miller Mulkey-Mason Jack Schmitz & Son Funeral Home Janet & Joe Mulroy North Texas Foods Oak Street Draft House Shelly & Don Padilla Patsy & Fred Patterson Christopher Pedigo Norman Pomerance, DDS Premier Sales Group Joanne & Jim Riggs Carol & David Rowley Betty & Joe Roy Hindman, Steve Hinshaw, Amy Hodges, Ann Hoffman, Sarah Holland, Brenda Holland, Joe Holliman, Stacy Horn, Jim Horn, Mary Householder, Sharon Houston, Sheila Howell, Jayne Howell, Lee Howrilka, Heather Hudspeth, Tiffany Hulsebosch, Jessica Hunt, Cathy Hunt, Jamie Ismert, Eleanor Jackson, Greg Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Kyle Jacobson, Cindy Jacobson, Jake Jacobson, StevenEric Jennings, Andy Jennings, Sherri Jester, Jill Johnson, Greg Johnston, Dan Johnston, Jacque Keffer, Lindsay Keffer, Marsha Kelley, James Kelly, Pete Kelly, Tom King, Jeff Kish, Larry

Kathi & Richard Sale Pat & Jay Saunders Elmer & Phil Schenk Seat Skull Carol Short Joy & John Siegmund Carrell Ann & Stan Simmons Simmons Floor Covering Springer & Lyle, LLP Jean & David Stanley Rhonda & Terry Tekell Sonya & Henry Whiddon Wood, Thacker & Weatherly Rick Woolfolk

CONTRIBUTING ($100+) Alley Katz Bail Bonds Al’s Quik-E Lube Barbara Ball Carol Boren Brent D. Bowen Laura & Layne Brewer Georgianne Burlage Nicole & Craig Brown Peggy & Lee Capps Kathy & Chuck Carpenter Sharon Casey. MD Nancy & Doug Chadwick Cookies By Design Cool Beans Café Linda Polo & Charles Combs Lynne & Kevin Cox Crouch Realty Myra Crownover Kay & Bobby Dane Denton Community Theatre Liz Seibt & Francois DesCotes Missy & Hank Dickenson Jan & Ken Dickson Kathleen Duffy Eagleton Photography Elizabeth & Reid Ferring Gaylen Fickey, DDS Jane & Carl Finch Michael Fraga Jenny & Larry Frederick Patrice Frisby Fusion Hair Design Gohlke Building Products Knabe, Joanna Knack, Leigh Krause, Matt Kreidel, Rachel Kremer, Sharon Kubiak, Virginia Laminack, Janet Lancaster, Travis Langa, Pat Langston, Curtis Langston, Susan Lechler, Kevin LeMay, Holly Leon, Eleina Lewis, Lori Lindley, Barbara Logston, Ravyn-Ann Lucas, Jo Major, Melissa Martinez, Lisa Matthews, Angie McClellan, Alida McCoig, Georgiana McCoig, Paul McCormick, Bonnie McDade, Sherri McKnight, Brock McLain, Lori McLain, Rod McSpedden, Cay Melgozas, Dan Miller, Kathy Miller, Lindsey Miller, Lisa Miller, Nathan Miller, Stan Modester, James Moody, Dana

Gail & Finley Graves Greenhouse Restaurant Lareen & Fred Hamilton Janette & Paul Haywood Steve Hindman Mary & Jim Horn Sharon & Glenn Householder Jayne & Lee Howell Jackie & Greg Jackson Delta & Herbert Holl Jupiter House Matthew Krause Jo Kuhn Susan & Curtis Langston Kevin Lechler Deanna & Zane Lemon Marie & Mike Lewis Loco Cafe Shannon Williams & Lynn McCreary June & Perry McNeill Evelyn & Jack Miller Minor & Jester, PC Kit King & Bob Montgomery Lettie Albright & Jon Muckley Marlene & Terry Nobles Nu-Art Printing Debbie & Hank Paine Barbara & Phil Philips Chris & Todd Price Mia & David Price Helene & Kent Ramey Jill Jester & Chris Rasmussen Red Door Operations Adam Reese Repos Garage Rich Tone Chorus Caryn & Clay Riggs Edene & Charles Riggs Riprock’s Sandra & Randy Robinson Brian Rutland Sawko & Burroughs Earl Sharp Janet & John Shelton Judy Shortino Glenda Brock & Gerald Simmons Debbie Sims Southridge Family Medicine Sweetwater Grill & Tavern

Morris, Tammy Mouser, Amy Muckley, Jon Nelson, Dale Nelson, Martha Len Neu, Tammy Newland, Justin Newquist, Aaron Newton, Erin Nobles, Marlene Nobles, Terry Orosz, Alicia Orr, Kathy Pace, Marcy Padilla, Don Padilla, Shelly Paine, Debbie Paine, Hank Paine, J.D. Paine, Karla Parker, Collette Peace, Jennifer Peace, Kelly Peachee, Amanda Pedigo, Christopher Peeples, Savannah Perry, Emma Phillips, Kim Phillips, Matt Phillips, Tim Pinson, Joe Pinson, Sara Polo, Linda Pomerance, Norm Praesel, Andrea Pullen, Amanda Ramey, Helene Ramey, Kent

Arts & Jazz Fest

Christina & Erwin Taboada Lynn & Terry Thompson Jack Thomson Mary Denny & Norm Tolpo Tri-Tex Cabinets David Vanderlaan Real Estate D’Lynn & Rick Villarreal Paul Voertman Polly Maynard Watson Diana & Larry Whitlock Katherine Woodward

04 23 14

FRIEND ($50+)

Linda Benskin Linda Brewer Glenn Bull Nancy & Jim Cinnater Carol Ann Connors Deborah & Barney Cosimo Dan’s Silverleaf Delight ‘N Art Sue Fickey Janna & Chris Hawley Jane & George Hopkins Hutcherson Insurance Services Karate for Kids Beth Lewis Little D Guitars Peter McCleskey Brock McKnight Anne Middleton Lindsey Miller Tammy Neu Charldean Newell Marcy Pace Chuck Remley Jennifer & Bill Roebken Sherri & Seth Ross Cindy & Larry Schleinat Short Productions Howard Smith Kristin & Jason Stewart Kayla Swenson Kimberly & Weston Thaggard Mary Whisenant Jo & Johnny Williams4

Reid, Barbara Reid, Ron Reus, Jarred Ricks, Diane Ricks, Murray Riggs, Caryn Riggs, Clay Riggs, Edene Riggs, Joanne Robinson, Randy Robinson, Sandra Roebken, Bill Rogers, Carol Rogers, Wayne Roy, Betty Roy, Joe Sale, Kathi Sale, Richard Saunders, Jay Saunders, Pat Sawyer, Buzz Schmitz, Katherine Seibt, Liz Self, Cindy Shepherd, Debbie Short, Carol Sidoti, Anna Sidoti, Pete Siegmund, John Siegmund, Joy Silva, Jolene Simmons, Carrell Ann Simmons, Stan Sims, Debbie Stanley, David Stanley, Jean Stewart, Jason Stewart, Kristin

Stoughton, Chuck Stoughton, Judy Stuart, Mark Swenson, Clark Swenson, Kayla Taylor, Amy Taylor, Troy Tekell, Rhonda Tekell, Terry Thaggard, Kimberly Thaggard, Weston Thames, Jackie Trigubetz, Linda Tylen, Kathy Vann, Jan Vickery, Gary Villarreal, Faith Villarreal, Marcus Ward, Diana Weibe, Maran Wiley, Marilyn Wilkins, Jesse Willis, Julie Winn, Darron Withers, Erika Withers, Jeff Withers, John Withers, Rachel Woods, Kathy Woodward, Katherine Yarbrough, Tiffany York, Duke Zamzow, Leah Zollinger, Daphne Zollinger, Kenny bold denotes board/staff


24 Arts & Jazz Fest

04 23 14

Music moves us We all have our favorite song, one that connects us to a special memory or makes us come alive.

Wells Fargo honors the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival. Denton Downtown • 101 S. Locust St. • 940-382-5421 Denton North • 601 W. University Dr. • 940-387-9264 Denton South • 1001 S. I35 East • 940-384-0368 Denton UNT Union • 1400 W. Highland St. • 940-384-6500 Denton Crossing • 1727 S. Loop 288 • 940-380-2450 Hickory Creek & Teasley • 5009 Teasley Ln. • 940-891-6480 Corinth • 4051 FM 2181 • 940-321-6704 © 2014 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. (1179873_11447)


2014 Denton Arts & Jazz Festival  

2014 Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

2014 Denton Arts & Jazz Festival  

2014 Denton Arts & Jazz Festival