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A special supplement to the Denton Record-Chronicle •

June 7, 2013

Cats & Dogs and other pets, too! PEANUT Grand Prize Winner Cover Photo by Jenny Froh Photography

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02 Cats and Dogs

The winner of the 3rd annual Denton Record-Chronicle’s Cats & Dogs And Other Pets, Too Contest is Peanut of Corinth. The DRC staff managed to steal a few minutes of Peanut’s time before he galloped off on his whirlwind celebratory tour.

06 07 13

DRC: Would it be all right if we just called you Peanut for the rest of the interview? Peanut: “Actually, my official name is Mr. Paintball, but yes, you can just call me Peanut for short.” DRC: We have just a few questions

before you sprint off to visit the throngs of your adoring fans. Could you just tell us a little bit about yourself? Peanut: “Absolutely…I turned 17 on April 15th. Yes, my birthday is tax day. I am a Miniature Spotted Sicilian Donkey. Not to brag or anything, but we are, by nature, one of the friendliest and most affectionate animals of its type. I am extremely intelligent and docile. And I must admit, I am quite the ladies’ man. I’m very debonair and I have to say that is my biggest personality trait. Also, you might want to know that we are listed as

a ‘watch’ species by the Livestock Breed Conservancy due to less than 10,000 global population.” DRC: Talk to us about some of your favorite things… Peanut: “My favorite treats from the store are carrots and peppermints. I love to greet my owner and give her friendly nudges for treats that she keeps in her pocket. Also, my favorite movie is Shrek. I think I could definitely pass as Donkey’s body double!” DRC: Thank you for your time, Peanut. Congratulations, again!

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Cupid celebrates her birthday on February 14th, which is how she came about her name! DRC: Tell us about her birth story. Cupid: “My mother was in a Louisiana shelter. She was due to be put down when Lost Paws Rescue of Texas rescued her. My mom was 12 years old and they didn’t know she was pregnant at the time. Once our mother got to Carrollton, my sister and I were delivered.” Cupid, a Cats & Dogs and Other Pets, Too contest runner-up, is a Beagle, who is a miracle.

DRC: Tell us about yourself. Cupid: “I have a good-loving personality. I like to hang out


in my backyard and help my daddy do yard work, but I’m the happiest when my mom and dad are home and I get to sleep while lying on one of them.”

Cats and Dogs

DRC: Do you have a special trick you can do? Cupid: “I don’t call it my best trick…I prefer to use the term ‘talent.’ If I don’t get my way, I give a look and cry! It works every time!”

06 07 13

DRC: What’s your favorite memory? Cupid: “When my mom and dad found me and I got my new home and family. My happy ending.”

Laney is another happy ending as she was adopted from the SPCA. She was full of energy while we interviewed her.

Jenny Froh Photography

Here are some short Q&A’s from the rest of our interview with Laney:

Laney celebrates her birthday on November 11th. She tells us that her parents are slightly obsessed with the show Seinfeld and that is where her name came from since Laney is Elaine’s nickname.

DRC: Any special people or animals you’d like to spend some time with? Laney: “Well honestly, any animals who don’t mind if I put my rear in their face and humans who enthusiastically pet me.”

trail! I turn into an energetic mountain goat!” DRC: Tell us any special talents you may have. Laney: “I can surgically remove the squeaker from a new toy in no time.”

DRC: What’s your favorite memory growing up? Laney: “Hugging my dad’s leg when my parents were considering adopting me. In case you were wondering, he’s been wrapped around my dewclaw ever since!”

“Let me tell you a little bit about me. I’m a loyal Type A homebody who can’t control my licker. I love to lick! I love barking at the UPS man and, of course, digging in the flowerbed. Who doesn’t? Although I must admit, I do act confused when my parents ask me about it. Oh, and I love my nightly walks. So refreshing!”

DRC: Favorite vacation spot? Laney: “Anywhere with a hiking

Congratulations Peanut, Cupid and Laney! Jenny Froh Photography FG

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04 Cats and Dogs

06 07 13


Audrey Golightly



Parents: Marian & David Montelongo Breed: Lab mix Nickname: Allly Cat Favorite Pastime: Swimming Favorite Treat: Jerky

Parent: Ashley Sellman Breed: Yorkie Nickname: Audi or Audrey Bear Favorite Pastime: Shopping with Mommy & going to work with Mommy Favorite Treat: Mixed Berries Crunchy Treats

Parents: Robert Pitt & Bronwen Carter Breed: Australian Shepherd Nickname: Gus or Gusman Favorite Pastime: Walks & sleep Favorite Treat: Doggie biscuits

Parent: Suzanne McCarroll Breed: Miniature Schnauzer Nickname: Axel Favorite Pastime: Barking at the neighborhood children when they’re playing outside Favorite Treat: Blueberry Dog Biscuits





Parents: Jay & Pam Surina Breed: Yorkshire terrier Nickname: Boo-gee Favorite Pastime: Playing fetch & she only has THREE legs! Favorite Treat: Belly rubs

Parent: Brian Gilmore Breed: Labrador Retriever Nickname: Baltic the Arson Dog Favorite Pastime: Putting Arsonist behind bars Favorite Treat: Milk Bone

Parent: Sara Naylor Breed: Domestically-Awesome Shorthair Nickname: Belly Favorite Pastime: Baths in the sunshine & STRING! Favorite Treat: She’s diabetic so only special wet food every now & then

Parents: James & Elizabeth Huzdovich Breed: Shetland Sheep Dog (Sheltie) Nickname: Bisky Boo Favorite Pastime: Fetching the Denton Record-Chronicle in the morning Favorite Treat: Howling to 60s rock for a Milkbone MacroSnack





Parents: Ralph & Gari Ynostrosa Breed: Labrador Nickname: Bourne Favorite Pastime: Swimming Favorite Treat: Bacon Strips

Parent: Jill Breed: Chihuahua Favorite Pastime: Sitting in a lap Favorite Treat: Trail mix

Parents: Brian & Cameron Breed: Basset Hound Nickname: Brodo Baggins Favorite Pastime: Chasing his sister, Millie Favorite Treat: ANYTHING!

Parent: Shandi Davis Breed: Bassett Hound Nickname: Wubbie, Big Stink Favorite Pastime: Napping, Eating, Napping, & Napping Favorite Treat: Milk Bones & Love FG

A Resort for Your Pet Hours: Mon-Fri 8-12 2-6 Sat 8-noon Sun 4-6pm 5248 Edwards Rd., Denton



05 Cats and Dogs

06 07 13

Callie Jo



Charlie Dog

Parents: John & Amanda Goble Breed: Wire Haired Dachshund Nickname: Cal Favorite Pastime: Barking at squirrels Favorite Treat: Peanut butter rawhide chews

Parent: Jill Parent: Terrier Mix Favorite Pastime: Playing Favorite Treat: Trail mix

Parents: Lee & Erica Gibson Breed: German Shepherd Nickname: Riding in the car Favorite Pastime: Anything out of Daddy’s bbq pit

Parent: Tim Claytor Parent: Australian Shepherd mix Nickname: Charlie Favorite Pastime: Playing with his squeaky toy Favorite Treat: Beef jerky





Parents: Nick & Jennifer Nagel Breed: Labrador Nickname: Cheeto Favorite Pastime: Playing in his kiddy pool or sleeping Favorite Treat: Filled Frozen Kongs

Parents: Charles & Becky Teal Breed: Miniature Donkey Nickname: Chico Peeko Favorite Pastime: Eating grass & rolling in the sand Favorite Treat: Honey Buns, Animal Crackers, ginger snaps

Parents: John & Carolyn Williams Breed: German Shepherd Mix Nickname: Coco Baby Favorite Pastime: Playing fetch Favorite Treat: Dog biscuits

Parents: John & Carolyn Williams Breed: German Shepherd Mix Nickname: Coco Baby Favorite Pastime: Fetch Favorite Treat: Dog biscuits

Cupid Cartwright

Cupid Cartwright


Destiny Dallas Kimmel

Parents: Marion, Teresa Cartwright Breed: Beagle Favorite Pastime: Supervising yard work Favorite Treat: Petco ast. Treats

Parents: Marion, Teresa Cartwright Breed: Beagle Favorite Pastime: Supervising yard work Favorite Treat: Petco ast. Treats

Parent: Sandy Lockwood Breed: Basset Hound Nickname: Daisy Favorite Pastime: Sleep Favorite Treat: Tummy rubs

Parents: Chris & Delilah Kimmel Breed: Miniature Dachshund Nickname: Nee Nee Favorite Pastime: Cuddling with her mommy & daddy Favorite Treat: Chicken FG

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06 Cats and Dogs

06 07 13





Parent: Anthony Schumaker Breed: Beagle Nickname: Dex Favorite Pastime: Going to the Dog Park Favorite Treat: Bacon Strips

Parents: Sara Blankenship & Brandon Reynolds Breed: German Shepherd Mix Nickname: Eli Monkey, Goggie Favorite Pastime: Supervising Little League baseball games, visiting his grandma & grandpa Favorite Treat: Peanut butter, cat food (unauthorized)

Parent: Mindi Malcom Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Nickname: Ellie Bellie Favorite Pastime: Giving kisses to the other dogs Favorite Treat: Ice cubes

Parents: Kay & Bob Schorn Breed: Beagle Nickname: Dumbo Ears Favorite Pastime: Chasing rabbits out of yard Favorite Treat: Anything she can eat





Parents: Doug & Diana Elrod Breed: Chow/Golden Mix Nickname: Ellie Mi Belle Favorite Pastime: Getting scratches Favorite Treat: Chicken

Parent: Juanell Smith Breed: Black lab Nickname: Pretty Boy Favorite Pastime: Swimming in tanks, hunting in fields Favorite Treat: Everything!

Parents: Bethany Marren & Brian King Breed: Border Collie/Miniature Australian Shepherd Nickname: Fay Favorite Pastime: Fetching balls & fetching more balls Favorite Treat: The food her human sister Phoebe throws at her

Parent: Lauren Petty Breed: Heeler/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Nickname: Finnanigans Favorite Pastime: Playing fetch Favorite Treat: Fortune cookies

Fozzy Bear


Gibson & Roland


Parents: Troy & Katie Slover Breed: Airedale Nickname: The Foz Favorite Pastime: Running, playing in water Favorite Treat: Peanut butter

Parents: John & Kathy Stiegelmar Breed: American Shorthair Nickname: Boy Favorite Pastime: Hunting squirrel & an occasional reptile

Parents: Chris & Chelsea Alvarado Favorite Pastime: Sleeping

Parents: Layne & Bonnie Wilkerson Breed: Chnoodle Nickname: GO GO Favorite Pastime: Chasing Squirrels Favorite Treat: Beggin strips FG

Ultimutt Pet Grooming “Professional Pet Grooming for Dogs Under 50 Pounds!” 1209 E. University Dr., Denton (across 380 from Mazatlan, behind Duffy’s Auto) 940-565-0222 • Tuesday-Friday 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. FG

07 Cats and Dogs



“Gross” Sweet Pickles


Parent: Payton McWhorter Breed: Mixed Breed Nickname: Gracie, Poopie Favorite Pastime: Barking at Horses & everything that startles her! Favorite Treat: Long walks with Payton

Parents: Doug & Diana Elrod Breed: German Short Haired Pointer Nickname: Gracie Baby Favorite Pastime: Snuggling Favorite Treat: Whatever is available

Parents: Jan & Kaye Gross Breed: English Bulldog Nickname: Pickles Favorite Pastime: Napping Favorite Treat: Smoked Knuckles

Parents: Jim Barton & Noel Reese Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback Nickname: Gunner Dog Favorite Pastime: Running at the farm Favorite Treat: Anything edible



Harper & Rosie


Parents: Brent & Cindy Roach Breed: Rottweiler Nickname: Ding Dong Favorite Pastime: Sitting on his butt with his front paws on a chair Favorite Treat: Milkbones

Parent: Jill Enis Breed: Russian Blue/Maine Coon Nickname: Harles-J Favorite Pastime: Sitting in window watching the birds & playing with catnip toys Favorite Treat: Pounce Cat Treat

Parents: Kirstyn, Becci & John Breed: Yorkshire Terriers Favorite Pastime: Chasing squirrels, sleeping Favorite Treat: Pupperoni, Arby’s

Parents: Kathleen & Richard Breed: Bull Mix Nickname: Baby Henry Favorite Pastime: Snuggling between two people Favorite Treat: Visiting his friends at the dog field

HolaChica & Charity



Howie Bear

Parent: Cathy Breed: Chihuahua & Dachshund Nickname: Crazy Bird & Charity Ball Favorite Pastime: Digging for treasure! Favorite Treat: Zoom’s

Parents: Erica & MaKayla Breed: Long haired Chihuahua & Shih Tzu Nickname: Honey Boo Boo Favorite Pastime: Chasing squirrels Favorite Treat: Bacon Strips

Parents: Jason & Heather Breed: Boxer Nickname: Big boy Favorite Pastime: Riding the lawn mower Favorite Treat: Bacon

Parents: Danne & Becky Breed: Teddy Bear / Shihcon Nickname: Bear Favorite Pastime: Playing keep away with his toys & stealing flip flops Favorite Treat: Cookies

06 07 13



08 Cats and Dogs

06 07 13



Johnny Cash Cisco


Parent: Karen Zabel Breed: Chinese Crested Jazzy Favorite Pastime: Squeeking her stuffed cow Favorite Treat: When mommy drops food while cooking

Parents: Shane & Natalie Hickerson Breed: Heeler/Border Collie mix Nickname: Jonathan, Mr. John Favorite Pastime: Frisbee, swimming at the lake with his sister Favorite Treat: Cheese!

Parent: Susan Carol Davis Breed: Corkie/Shepherd Nickname: Mr. C Favorite Pastime: Taking walks with Mom Favorite Treat: Peanut butter on anything

Parent: Ann LaFernier Breed: English Springer Spaniel Nickname: Hot Rod Favorite Pastime: WooWooing with a toy in her mouth Favorite Treat: Salmon treats

Kii and Noel


Larry Ray Vaughn


Parents: Tiffany & Bri Breed: Chi-weenie & Shih-poo Nickname: Kii & No-no Favorite Pastime: Kii loves sleeping by the fireplace & Noel loves following her brother everywhere Favorite Treat: Kii loves pupperoni sticks & Noel wants Mama’s food

Parents: Glenn & Ashley Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Nickname: LD Favorite Pastime: Walking, Barking at UPS Trucks Favorite Treat: Sweet Potato Treats

Parent: Marta Peters Breed: Domestic shorthair Nickname: Larry Ray Favorite Pastime: As long as I got my suit & tie! Favorite Treat: Thawing meat

Parents: Roeland & Melody Kelly Breed: RatCha Nickname: The Diva Dog Favorite Pastime: Baseballs spring training types of activities & being the chairwoman of the neighborhood watch Favorite Treat: Pupperoni & Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream Cups


Livy Bryan



Parents: Troy & Katie Slover Breed: Maine Coon Nickname: Link Link Favorite Pastime: Sleeping in the sink Favorite Treat: Alabcore tuna

Parents: Shannon & Roy Bryan Breed: Corgi-Jack (Russell) Nickname: Liv-Liv Favorite Pastime: Playing Ball & enjoying a Dentastix Favorite Treat: Dentastix

Parent: Lindsey Martin Breed: Heeler Favorite Pastime: Playing with squeeky toy Favorite Treat: Anything a person is eating

Parents: Billy & Erin O’Bennett Breed: Pit Mix Nickname: Lou Dog Favorite Pastime: Getting beat up by squirrels, digging trenches & waking up before sunrise Favorite Treat: Toms, Michael Kors Sandals & Verizon Fios remotes FG

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09 Cats and Dogs


Lucille Niss Grund


Maggie Sue

Parents: Jim & Stephanie Roberts Breed: Miniature Schnauzer Nickname: Lovee Bear, Chubs Favorite Pastime: Riding in the car, playing at Wiggly Field Favorite Treat: Anything she can eat

Parent: Jobe Grund Breed: Golden Retriever Nickname: Lil’ Lu Favorite Pastime: Digging in the mud. Favorite Treat: Strawberries

Parents: Summer & Taylor Breed: Bichon Frise mix Nickname: Goosey, Bruce, Roosey Favorite Pastime: Chewing on Mom’s high heels & decks of cards Favorite Treat: Ice cubes & going to daycare!

Parents: Troy & Katie Slover Breed: Basset Hound Nickname: MagPie Favorite Pastime: Sunbathing Favorite Treat: Belly rubs

Man in Black




Parents: Andy & Cheryl Kerestine Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog Nickname: Cash Favorite Pastime: Resting Favorite Treat: Car ride

Parents: Mike & Marilyn Van Horn Breed: Black Lab Mix Nickname: Man-Man Favorite Pastime: Swimming, chasing Frisbee Favorite Treat: cheese

Parents: Harold & Dale Conway

Parents: Chris & Sherry Weatherley Breed: Labrador Nickname: Buster Favorite Pastime: Fetching his toy stuffed duck Favorite Treat: Hugs!





Parents: Robert & Karen Milnes Breed: Tuxedo Cat Nickname: Maxie Favorite Pastime: Stalking wild animals Favorite Treat: Cream cheese & salmon bagels

Parent: Janice Leon Breed: Chihuahua Nickname: Jiggy Favorite Pastime: Bossing her other furry friends Favorite Treat: Milo meatballs

Parents: Kay MacIntyre & Kelly Upshaw Breed: Russian Blue Nickname: Mia Wallace Favorite Pastime: Hissing randomly Favorite Treat: Not being chased by Millie (our dog)

Parents: Kelly Upshaw & Kay MacIntyre Breed: Prairie Dog Nickname: Millie-ton, Millie-Vanilli Favorite Pastime: Seeing new cities, snuggle-time Favorite Treat: People food, popcorn, chasing squirrels & Mia (our cat)

06 07 13


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940•566•5595 “We get it. They’re not just pets; they’re family.”


10 Cats and Dogs

06 07 13



Mr. Pouncey


Parents: Mojo & Wildah Breed: Belgian Malinois Nickname: Moooodiiiiii Favorite Pastime: Playing frisbee Favorite Treat: butt scratch

Parents: Robert & Karen Milnes Breed: Border Collie/Chow Nickname: Mollie Favorite Pastime: Catching frisbees Favorite Treat: Walking with Robert

Parents: Summer & Taylor Breed: Maine Coon Nickname: Pierre, Mr. Big, Pouncey Pants Favorite Pastime: Opening doors - to the bathroom, porch, neighbors’ apartments Favorite Treat: Empty boxes & drinking from the shower

Parents: Marian & David Montelongo Breed: Catalina Macaw Nickname: Murphster Favorite Pastime: Watching Cartoons Favorite Treat: Pistachios

Nellie & Swiffer



Otto & Sadie

Parents: Shawn & Laurie Reneau Breed: Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix, Shih Tzu Nickname: Nell-Bell, Swiff Favorite Pastime: Watching TV from chair in A/C Favorite Treat: Anything that does not eat them first

Parent: Lisa Mulvaney Breed: German Shepherd Nickname: Big Dog Favorite Pastime: Tug of war, Frisbee Favorite Treat: Reddy Whip

Parent: Adele Breed: Dachshund Favorite Pastime: Chewing on plants Favorite Treat: Milk Bone trail mix

Parents: Bob & Nancy Breed: Rescue dogs Nickname: The Buds Favorite Pastime: Going in the car Favorite Treat: Both love dog cookies & Otto enjoys carrots



Pickett & Flynn Hydro


Parent: Georgianne Burlage Breed: Corgis/Healer mix Nickname: The Nut, Penudo Favorite Pastime: Going to Sonic, sunbathing going to Lucky Dog Daycare Favorite Treat: Belly rubs, anything from Sonic

Parent: Vicki Elliott Breed: Miniature Sicilian Spotted Donkey Nickname: Peanut Favorite Pastime: Sun bathing & rolling in the dirt Favorite Treat: Carrots & peppermints

Parents: Ron & Kathleen Hydro Breed: Chocolate Lab & Border-Aussie Nickname: Brat 1 & Brat 2 Favorite Pastime: Playing ball & frisbee Favorite Treat: Eggs

Parent: Paisley Hauge Breed: Pony Nickname: Popcorn the Pony Favorite Pastime: I love eating grass & playing with Paisley Favorite Treat: Peppermint treats are my favorite

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11 Cats and Dogs

Princess Pepper Von Puddles




Parent: Stephani Short Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Nickname: Peppers Favorite Pastime: Cleaning kids’ faces, running circles, & playing hide & seek Favorite Treat: Tummy rubs & doggie treats

Parents: Keith & Stephanie Cullum Breed: Vizsla Nickname: Punky Favorite Pastime: Bird Hunting Favorite Treat: Popcorn

Parents: Amber & Adam Breed: Bearded Dragon Nickname: Lil Guy Favorite Pastime: Chilling on branch & running around living room Favorite Treat: Wax worms

Parents: Wuenschel Family Breed: Boxer Nickname: Rock Star Favorite Pastime: Walking, play ball Favorite Treat: Jerky





Parents: Chris & Belinda Black Breed: Boxer Nickname: Rox Favorite Pastime: Chasing after her rope Favorite Treat: Anything her human sisters will give her

Parent: Janice Leon Breed: Chow/Husky Nickname: Girlie Favorite Pastime: Chasing cats Favorite Treat: Jerky treats

Parents: Kimberly & Eric Hall Breed: Rat Terrier Nickname: Ruger Favorite Pastime: Sunning outside, stalking squirrels Favorite Treat: Alligator

Parents: Don & Gail Breed: Sheltie Nickname: Princess Favorite Pastime: Loving us! Favorite Treat: Anything

Sam Scout Grund


Sandy Bella Hackler


Parent: Jobe Grund Breed: English Cream Golden Retriever Nickname: Chub Bub Favorite Pastime: Barking in the back yard Favorite Treat: Apples

Parents: Jim & Stephanie Roberts Breed: Shepherd / Hound mix Nickname: Sandee Bear, Princess Face Favorite Pastime: Napping in the sun, playing at Wiggly Field Favorite Treat: Getting brushed, chewing bones

Parents: Brinda & Jerry Hackler Breed: Chihuahua Nickname: Sandy, Chupacabra Favorite Pastime: Attacking the vacuum cleaner Favorite Treat: Any kind of dog biscuits

Parents: Robyn Summers & Steven Smith Breed: German Shepherd/Husky Mix Nickname: Sashy-bear Favorite Pastime: Playing with her sister, Amanda Favorite Treat: Belly rubs

06 07 13


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12 Cats and Dogs

06 07 13



Sir Thomas Cat

Sissie & Kitty

Parent: Carole Breed: Pomeranian Nickname: Sassy Favorite Pastime: Sitting on Carole’s lap Favorite Treat: Beggin Strips, Pup ProniI

Parents: Marian & David Montelongo Breed: Border Collie Nickname: Carancho Favorite Pastime: Chasing birds Favorite Treat: Chicken

Parent: Carol Riddle Favorite Pastime: Wandering Favorite Treat: Cat treats

Parent: Deanne Enis Breed: Calico Nickname: Sis & K Favorite Pastime: Chasing each other & sleeping Favorite Treat: Pounce Crunchy Catnip Flavor


Summer Moon


Susie Ophelia

Parent: Adele Breed: Mixed breed Favorite Pastime: Chewing on chew sticks Favorite Treat: Milk Bone trail mix

Parents: Carol & Wayne Rogers Breed: Portuguese Water Dog Nickname: Boo Bear Favorite Pastime: Agility & chasing squirrels Favorite Treat: Bananas

Parent: Janice Leon Breed: Malti Poo Nickname: Chubby Favorite Pastime: Laying in sun Favorite Treat: Milkbones

Parents: Craig & Christine Waggoner Breed: Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix Nickname: My sweet girl Favorite Pastime: Barking at the creek varmints Favorite Treat: Vanilla ice cream

Sweetie Pie




Parents: Melinda & Jason Breed: Pit Bull / Bull Dog mix Nickname: Big Baby Favorite Pastime: Snuggles & kisses on the couch Favorite Treat: Popcorn

Parents: Joey & Leah Holland Breed: Persian Kitty Nickname: “Kitty” Favorite Pastime: Surprise Attacks Favorite Treat: Sonic plastic straw tied in a knot

Parents: Jeff & Sharrell Atkins Breed: Border Collie Nickname: Loch Tess Monster Favorite Pastime: Watching Squirrels Favorite Treat: Everlasting treat balls

Parent: Kristen Poleski Breed: Border Collie/Labrador Mix Nickname: T-Man, Woby Favorite Pastime: Swimming to Fetch Tennis Balls Favorite Treat: Milkbones & Bologna FG

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13 Cats and Dogs




Tuffy & Milo

Parents: Debra & Dooley Rucker Breed: Golden Doodle Nickname: Tubs Favorite Pastime: Lounging with my family (I think I’m a lap dog) Favorite Treat: Cookies!!!! I love them (doggie ones of course)

Parent: Carol Riddle Breed: Lhasa Apso Favorite Pastime: Eating, licking people

Parents: Mason & Linda Haggard Breed: Schnauzer Nickname: Tuck Favorite Pastime: Playing with his toys Favorite Treat: Yams

Parent: Grant McCurdy Breed: Domestic Shorthair Nickname: Lil ‘T and Mega Milo (rapper names) Favorite Pastime: Bird watching & napping Favorite Treat: Party Mix Cat Treats





Parent: Mallory Breed: Great Dane Nickname: Way, Bubba Favorite Pastime: Collecting sticks from lakes, clearing rooms with his flatulence, chasing squirrels at the park Favorite Treat: Rotisserie chicken from the kitchen counter or whatever’s at the top of the trash can

Parent: Amanda Breed: Austrailan Shepherd/Border Collie mix Nickname: Doogers, Willy Boy Favorite Pastime: Eating sticks, rolling in the dirt, & playing with his girlfriend, Greta Favorite Treat: Frozen yogurt & peanut butter

Parent: Danielle Breed: Pug Nickname: Winnie The Pug Favorite Pastime: Begging for treats Favorite Treat: Salmon treats

Parents: John & Kathy Stiegelmar Breed: Lab/Basset hound Mix Nickname: Buboi Favorite Pastime: Sleeping in the sun Favorite Treat: Big Dog Bones

Woody & Willie




Parent: Steve Davis Breed: Shih Tzu Favorite Pastime: Shopping at PetSmart Favorite Treat: Chewy Sticks & Dingos

Parent: Bryn Breed: Chug Nickname: Zeus Favorite Pastime: Being a lap dog Favorite Treat: Sleeping in middle of the bed

Parents: Mike & Marilyn Van Horn Breed: Mutt Nickname: Zoe-Zoe Favorite Pastime: Chasing anything that flies, aggravating Mandy Favorite Treat: Rawhide chewies

Parents: Andy & Cheryl Kerestine Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog Nickname: Sweet Baby Favorite Pastime: Carrying around her tree branch Favorite Treat: Cuddling


06 07 13


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14 Cats and Dogs

06 07 13




Female 3 months old Applehead Siamese

Female Baby Domestic Medium Hair Gray and White

Female Adult Domestic Short Hair

Female Adult Domestic Short Hair





3 months old Domestic Short Hair

Female 3 months old Domestic Short Hair

Female 6 months old Domestic Short Hair Orange and White Tabby

Male Adult Domestic Short Hair Orange and White




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15 Cats and Dogs

06 07 13




Male 5 months old Chihuahua Italian Greyhound Mix 4 pounds

Female 3-4 years old Maltese 7 pounds

Female 3-4 years old Maltese Poodle Mix 10 pounds

Male 3 months old Keeshond Mix 13 pounds





Female 1.5 years old German Shepherd Mix 55 pounds

Female 1 year old Lab Mix 40 pounds

Female 8 months old German Shepherd Mix 45 pounds

Female 5 years old Lab 65 pounds


FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Denton Humane Society (940) 382-7387 or Cats: Dogs:

Cricket Female 1 year old Whippet German Shepherd Mix 30 pounds





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16 Cats and Dogs

06 07 13









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