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October 2013

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On the cover: Denise Street embraces her grandson Tiernan Acker at Nelson Elementary School’s Grandparents Day lunch. The school district has called a bond election for Tuesday, Nov. 5, which would include the construction of a fourth comprehensive high school and renovations to nine elementary schools among other projects. Courtesy Denton ISD


There is nothing like the warm hug from a grandparent. But wht can be even better is the opportunity to share what you are doing at school with your grandparents. Hearing their exclamations about your artwork and that good grade you earned and introducing them to your teacher and classmates is a terrific experience. We hope you had a great Grandparents Day. It sounds like you did from the story and photos inside. In the meantime, check inside to meet some of the great teachers and principals in the school district. We introduce at least three each month. We always welcome suggestions for new stories. Just send an e-mail to us at

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School Board calls for $312 million bond election The Denton Independent School District’s Board of Trustees has called for a $312 million bond package to present to the voters on Tuesday, Nov. 5. The bond package addresses growth, facility improvements and energy conservation. In the six years since the last bond election, Denton ISD’s enrollment has grown by more than 25 percent – from 20,892 students to more than 26,000. The total cost of the bond package is $312 million. However, the cost of the projects in the bond proposal totals $329.6 million. The bond package is $17.6 million less than the projected cost because the district was able to save this amount from the $282 million bond package approved by voters in 2007. The bond package includes: Fourth comprehensive high school $149.6 million The district’s high schools – Denton, Guyer and Ryan – are at or over capacity. Last year, there were 6,556 high school students. In five years, the district will have 8,200 high school students, and there will be almost 9,700 by 2022. Elementary school No. 23 and No. 24 $50.9 million There are 13,500 students in 21 elementary schools. In 2018, that number is expect-

ed to reach 15,710 students. By 2022, elementary students will total 17,884. Denton ISD attempts to keep the elementary school campuses from 700 to 750 students to provide optimum instructional success for each child. Middle school No. 8 - $48.2 million Last year, there were 5,559 middle school students. By 2017, there will be about 6,740 middle school students enrolled in the district’s seven middle schools. By 2022, the number will exceed more than 8,000 students. Addition to Guyer High School – ninth grade addition- $49.9 million Renovations to existing schools – $11.4 million I Ann Windle School for Young Children: New roof in old areas I Borman Elementary: Provide covered walkway from exterior door at library to drive I Ginnings Elementary: New roof in all old areas and additional parking I Evers, Hodge and McNair Elementary: Replace standing seam roof with energy efficient materials I Newton Rayzor Elementary: New roof in all old areas and build perimeter fence around playground I Rivera Elementary and Wilson: New roof in all old areas I W.S. Ryan Elementary: New flooring,

A crowd of more than 1,000 people recently attended the Denton ISD 380 Back-2-School Bash at Navo Middle School in August where they were able to gather information about the bond package. The district has grown by 25 percent in the six years since its last bond election. carpet replacement, painting and replacing wainscot and tackwall I Calhoun and Strickland Middle: New roof in all old areas I Crownover Middle: Covered walkway and canopy outside cafeteria and replace heating boilers I McMath Middle: Covered walkway and canopy outside cafeteria I Denton High: New bleachers and press box for baseball field and new bleachers for tennis courts I Fred Moore High: Constructing secure entry vestibule, installing fire alarm system and new PA and bell system and replace

flooring and carpeting throughout building, including gym I Ryan High: Replace chillers in main building and press box at baseball field Improvements for energy conservation – $1.6 million Land acquisitions – $18 million On taxes for the bond package, the current debt service rate for Denton ISD is 49 cents per $100 valuation. The maximum tax rate for bond indebtedness is 50 cents. Persons who have the over-65 exemption do not pay more taxes The estimated additional tax for a $150,000 home would be a $1.25 per month

3 October 2013



October 2013

Denton ISD Update Grandparents Day gets DISD students excited The smiles on the faces of fourth graders Samantha Enriquez and Ana Esquivel were almost as large as those on the faces of the grandparents they were greeting at the front of Lee Elementary. Nothing seems to get children more excited than a visit from their grandparents, and Denton Independent School District’s recognition of National Grandparents Day on Friday, Sept. 6, did just that at several elementary schools across the district. Although it was held two days before the actual national recognition, there was little doubt it was the appropriate time and place in Denton. “Grandparents Day is an opportunity for them to embrace this invitation, visit our schools and help with our literacy programs,” said Sharon Cox, director of communications and community relations for Denton ISD. Grandparents and grandparent volunteers filled the hallways, classrooms and cafeterias at several elementary schools. While some walked their grandchildren to class, others spent time reading to them and their classmates and even more simply popped in to have lunch and share in a good time. At Lee Elementary, members of the school’s Student Leadership Team greeted their guests at the door, helped them check into the campus and explained the activities all visiting grandparents could take part in. Making the moment extra special was the fact that all of Lee’s students were able to speak to their visitors in English and Spanish. “We have a huge percentage of bilingual families, so it goes back to that welcoming aspect. If they have any apprehensions about coming in and not understanding something, it quickly goes away because they have someone – a student – who can explain it to them in Spanish,” said school counselor Joseph Guerin, the Student Leadership Team sponsor. “I think it’s a great experience

Samantha Enriquez, a fourth grader on the Student Leadership Team at Lee Elementary, places a welcome sticker on the pocket of Pat Gallagher. Ms. Gallagher visited Lee on Grandparents Day to have lunch with her great grandson and spend time in his classroom.

Photos courtesy of the Denton school district

for both of them – the grandparents coming in and the students willing to serve as volunteers.” Several grandparents were caught toting in bags loaded with cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets, which likely earned them bonus points from the students who gobbled them down. Others simply came in to spend time with their grandchildren and ended up sharing stories and hugs with them and all of their friends. In fact, the event has grown so

popular at several of the district’s elementary schools that Grandparents Day has turned into week-long or month-long celebrations. Everything from special breakfasts and student presentations to individualized school tours can be found at various district campuses. “It’s gotten so popular that we honestly couldn’t hold them all on one day, so we decided to spread it out and let them spend more time with the children,” said Pecan Creek

Elementary Principal Emily McLarty. Initiated in 2001 by the district’s Grandparents in Public Schools Task Force, Grandparents Day was started to encourage grandparents and senior citizens throughout the community to get involved in their local public schools. School administrators see it as a boon to their education efforts and the students agree. Ana Esquivel said she was disappointed that her grandparents

couldn’t come up from Mexico and visit Lee on this special day, but she quickly perked up once she was able to help the ones that did visit the school feel welcome and appreciated. “It was very cool being able to help all the grandparents coming in to our school,” said the Lee fourth-grade student. “We were able to give them stickers, share stories, laugh and have fun – that’s what I do when I spend time with my own grandparents too.”

A group of grandparents eagerly anticipate the arrival of their grandchildren in the hallway outside the Nelson Elementary cafeteria.

Notas sobre su zona escolar Junta Directiva Escolar solicita $312 millones para la elección de bonos La Junta Directiva del Distrito Escolar Independiente de Denton ha decidido presentar a los votantes el martes, 5 de noviembre con un paquete de bonos de $312 millones. El paquete de bonos aborda el crecimiento, las mejoras y la conservación de la energía de las instalaciones. En los seis años que han transcurrido desde la última elección de bonos del distrito, la matriculación del distrito escolar de Denton ha crecido casi más de un 25 por ciento, de 20,892 estudiantes a más de 26,000. El costo total del paquete de bonos es de $312 millones. Sin embargo, el costo de los proyectos en la propuesta de bonos asciende a $329.6 millones. El paquete de bonos es de $17.6 millones menos que el costo proyectado debido a que el distrito pudo ahorrar esta cantidad del paquete de bonos de $282 millones que fue aprobado por los votantes en el 2007. El paquete de bonos incluye: Cuarta preparatoria completa $149.6 millones Las escuelas preparatorias actuales del distrito - Denton, Guyer y Ryan - están al nivel, o por encima de su capacidad. El año pasado hubo 6,556 estudiantes de preparatorias. En cinco años, el distrito tendrá más de 8,200 estudiantes de preparatorias y en el año 2022, habrán casi 9,700 estudiantes. Escuelas primarias No. 23 y No. 24 - $50.9 millones Tenemos 13,500 estudiantes en 21 escuelas primarias. Para el 2018, se espera que la cifra alcance a los 15,710 estudiantes. Para el año 2022, los estudiantes de primaria serán un total de 17,884 . Denton ISD intenta mantener las escuelas primarias con una capacidad de 700 a 750 estudiantes con el fin de proporcionar la mejor formación educativa para que cada niño tenga éxito. Escuela secundaria No. 8 $48.2 millones El año pasado tuvimos 5,559 estudiantes de secundarias. Para el 2017 habrán cerca de 6,740 estudi-

Photo courtesy of the Denton school district

antes de secundaria matriculados en siete escuelas secundarias del distrito. Para el 2022, el número será más de 8,000 estudiantes. Adición a la Preparatoria Guyer - adición del noveno grado - $49.9 millones Renovación de las escuelas existentes, $11.4 millones Escuela Ann Windle para Niños Pequeños: Nuevo techo en las zonas viejas Primaria Borman: Proporcionar un camino cubierto de la puerta exterior a la entrada de la biblioteca Primaria Ginnings: Nuevo techo en todas las zonas viejas y estacionamiento adicional

Primarias Evers, Hodge y McNair: Reemplazar el techo de junta alzada con materiales de bajo consumo de energía. Primaria Newton Rayzor: Nuevo techo en todas las zonas vieja y construir cerca en el perímetro del campo de juegos Primarias Rivera y Wilson: Nuevo techo en las zonas viejas Primaria W.S. Ryan: Nuevo piso, reemplazar las alfombras, pintura y sustituir el revestimiento de la mitad de pared y pared de corcho Secundarias Calhoun y Strickland: Nuevo techo en las zonas viejas Secundaria Crownover:

Pasadizo cubierto y toldo exterior de la cafetería y sustituir las calderas de la calefacción Secundaria McMath: Pasadizo cubierto y toldo en el exterior de la cafetería Preparatoria Denton: Nuevas gradas y palco de prensa para el campo de béisbol y nuevas gradas para las canchas de tenis Preparatoria Fred Moore: Construcción de vestíbulo de entrada seguro, instalación de sistema de alarma de incendio y nuevo sistema de PA y campana y reemplazar los pisos y alfombras en todo el edificio, incluyendo en el gimnasio Preparatoria Ryan: Reemplazar

enfriadores en el edificio principal y palco de prensa del campo de béisbol Mejoras para la conservación de energía– $1.6 millones Adquisiciones de terrenos– $18 millones En impuestos para el paquete de bono, la tasa actual de servicio de deuda para Denton ISD es 49 centavos por $100 de valoración. La imposición máxima para la deuda de bono es 50 centavos. Las personas que tienen la exención de mayores de 65 no pagan más impuestos El impuesto adicional estimado para una vivienda de $150,000 sería de $1.25 al mes.


October 2013

Kid Clubhouse

Grandparents Day

(Clockwise from top left): Glenice Britain eats lunch with her granddaughter Isabella Britain, a second grader at Nelson Elementary. Mike and Mary Mason enthusiastically greet their granddaughter Ker’rin Colby, a third grader at Lee Elementary. Nahum Serrano, a fifth-grade student at Lee Elementary, hands a sticker to a visitor while her husband looks on.

October 2013 Monday










Elementary Early Release Day

Elementary Early Release Day

Elementary Early Release Day

Elementary Early Release Day

New Moon







District Staff Development

Accident at Windscale nuclear facility (1957)

Wayne Newton becomes the United Service Organization’s “official celebrity front man” (2001)

Vice president Spiro T. Agnew resigns from office (1973)

First Quarter

Writer Eugenio Montale born (1896)







Full Moon

Dow Jones Industrial average experiences largest one-day drop in the stock market’s history (1987)



U.S. invades Grenada (1983)

Last Quarter




B’nai B’rith founded (1843)

Long March begins (1934)



Deepest underwater pipeline in the world opens in Turkey and is used to transport natural gas (2002)

Final debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon before 1960 Presidental election (1960)



First Saturn rocket launched (1961)

Cuban missile crisis ends (1962)




Hungarian Revolution begins (1956)


France’s first socialist president Francois Mitterrand born (1916)




City of Antinoopolis founded in ancient Egypt (130)


Birth flower: Carnation Visit for more information on Denton Independent School District events and holidays. Learn more about the historical events and information on this calendar by visiting the Encyclopedia Britannica at

Lunchbox Bites


October 2013

Cheddar Fondue Makes 4 Servings Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 5 min Ingredients 2/3 cup low-fat milk 1 cup grated light Cheddar cheese 1 tablespoon cornstarch 2 cloves garlic, crushed and peeled 1/4 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1 dried bay leaf 1 pinch grated nutmeg 4 large carrots, peeled and cut into spears 2 cups large broccoli florets 1/2 pint cherry tomatoes In a medium saucepan, whisk together milk and cornstarch until cornstarch is completely dissolved (tilt pan to check for any remaining lumps). Add garlic, bay leaf, mustard and nutmeg. Place pan over medium-low heat. Whisking constantly, bring mixture to simmer; continue whisking for 1 minute. Add cheese and whisk just until cheese is melted and smooth. Remove from heat, discard bay leaf and transfer mixture to a fondue pot or place the saucepan on a warming tray.

Doug Raney Private Guitar Instruction 903-244-9763 • Child-safe and ministry-safe certified • Studios at the Academy/FUMC & the Selwyn School • Visit for tuition and contact info. IY

HEARING PROBLEMS? Serve surrounded with carrots, broccoli florets and tomatoes for dunking. Nutritional Facts Calories: 220 Total Fat: 5 g Saturated Fat: 3.5 g Cholesterol: 15 mg Sodium: 260 mg Calcium: 30% daily value Protein: 14 g Carbohydrates: 30 g - Recipe provided by 3-Every-Day, The National Dairy Council

If your child has failed their hearing screening at school or is having difficulty listening to or hearing the teacher, Denton Hearing Health Care can be your first point of contact to conduct a diagnostic hearing test and central auditory processing screening. For children with chronic middle ear problems, swimmers ear, or P.E. tubes, we can make colorful custom made earplugs to prevent water from entering the ear canal. These are floatable and can be used when swimming or bathing and may also be used for sound protection as well. Dr. Judith Caudle and Dr. Chris Caudle have served the children in Denton County and the surrounding areas for over 25 years.


Library Events

2540 Lillian Miller Ste 100 Denton, Texas

Library events planned for October Read to Rover Does your child struggle with reading and need low-stress, nonjudgmental reading practice? Give your child an opportunity to read one-on-one with a trained, certified therapy dog. Sign up for our Read to Rover program made possible by a partnership with the Therapy Pals of Golden Triangle. Parents or guardians will need to register their children in person and sign a permission slip. Space is limited and registration is required. Call 349-8752 to find out more. For children reading on their own; ages 6-11. Wednesday 10/02 Emily Fowler Library 4:30 p.m. Saturday 10/19 North Branch Library 10 a.m. It’s a Girl Thing! A book club for moms and daughters! Join us for refresh-

ments and book discussion. Best for girls ages 9 - 12. 10/16 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling Wednesday South Branch Library 4 pm B.O.Y.S. - Boys Only Yucky Stories Calling all boys ages 7 to 10 years old! Join the yuckiest book club ever! We’ll read and talk about funny, yucky and gross stories. You won’t have to sit still while we talk because you will be too busy with funny, gross or interesting projects. 10/17 Bunnicula by James Howe Thursday Emily Fowler Library 6:30 pm LEGO Builders Club Drop in and get creative by building with the library’s LEGOs.


A different theme is picked for each month and kids can build on that theme or build a creation of their own. Ages 6 and up. Friday 10/18 Emily Fowler Library 4 p.m. Chocolate Science Experiment with the properties of chocolate and make your own chocolate candy with themed candy molds. Supplies are limited, so call 349-8752 to register. Ages 8-12. 10/04 Emily Fowler Library 4 p.m. Monster Cupcakes Decorate your own monster cupcake and then listen to a monstrously entertaining story. Supplies are limited, so call 3498752 to register. For ages 5 – 9. Friday 10/11 Emily Fowler Library 4 p.m.

Fall into Fitness! • Adult Fitness Classes (ages 15+) • Performance Training (ages 5-18) • TRX Suspension Training


940-565-1500 2686 Old Alton Road, Denton, TX Located just minutes from Lantana, Highland Village, Argyle, Corinth and Lake Dallas






October 2013

The Stinky Cheeseman by John Scieszka, 1992 Unpaged, ages 5 and up A revisionist storyteller provides his mad, hilarious versions of children's favorite tales in this collection that includes "Little Red Running Shorts," "The Princess and the Bowling Ball," "Cinderumpelstilskin," and others. Meeow and the Little Chairs by Sebastien Braun, 2009 Unpaged, ages 2-5 Meeow's friends have come round to play. Watch as they all work together to turn their little chairs into an amazing train! - Here are the top picks from Bill Smith, a Library Assistant at the South Branch Library

Brushing your teeth is an important part of your health important as strong, healthy bones. While your bones help keep your body upright and determine your size and build, your teeth help you chew the right foods that your body can digest and help you grow too! Taking care of your teeth is an important part of your health. It is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss regularly. This will help prevent plaque, a

s n! thi ree ith 20% ssio F w a k se Ris lass eive full C ec st nly) l r ir o ia Tr And ur f bers o em ! y d a on w m nt ne ou ( isc

Reading Success for Children, Teens & Adults • Free Assessment • STAAR tutoring in reading & writing • Dramatic Reading Results • One to One Instruction • No Contract



Teaching Kids To Achieve For 21 Years 940-484-4900

Gift certificates available for gymnastics and cheer classes, leotards, cheer and gymnastics gifts!

Private Music Lessons IY


w r s’ C h oice A


Gi the ve of F Gift UN Chr this istm as!



Gymnastics — the foundation of all sports.

Contact Information (940) 382-5478 ext. 238


le ic


Class size is limited. Register now!



Mondays 4:30-5:15pm Starts October 7

ecord-Chr on

R on nt



Beginning Guitar Class

in a uniquely positive environment

brush your teeth and take time while brushing. Spend at least two or three minutes each time you brush and make sure you brush all of your teeth. Halloween, Thanksgiving and other holidays with lots of sweet treats are right around the corner, so it’s especially important to take care of those teeth. - Jonita Widmer, director of health services for Denton ISD


All teachers have passed background checks and are Ministry Safe certified.

your teeth and eventually cause them to decay. Plaque buildup also causes gingivitis, a gum disease that can make your gums red, swollen and sore. Your gums are the soft pink tissue in your mouth that hold your teeth in place. If they are damaged, they eventually wear down and can’t hold your teeth firmly in place causing them to fall out. That’s why it’s important to


Karen Weidner 940-595-3937

clear film of bacteria that sticks to your teeth after eating food. Each time you eat, regardless of what you eat, bacteria hold on to the remaining sugar in your teeth, as if they were buckled in with a seatbelt. The bacteria break this sugar down into acids that eat away at your teeth enamel, causing holes in your teeth called cavities. Cavities limit what foods you can eat over time because they weaken


Doctors say breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it helps set the tone for all of the day’s activities by providing energy. But what if you couldn’t eat breakfast? What if you couldn’t eat any meal or snack because your mouth hurt or your teeth were in such bad shape? Strong, healthy teeth are just as

An important part of what we do is teaching proper technique and form...

The BEST part of what we do is teaching a child the power that lies within.



October 2013


Head of the Class Cary-Ann Koenig is 2013 Jostens Cross Oaks Teacher of the Year Cary-Ann Koenig is entering her fifth year of teaching, with all coming with Denton ISD. Mrs. Koenig began her teaching career as a kindergarten teacher at Providence Elementary in 2009. She joined the staff at Cross Oak Elementary when the school opened in 2010 and continues teaching kindergartners at the school today. Mrs. Koening is the current kindergarten team leader, served on the kindergarten report card writing committee, was a co-coach for the Cross Oaks Destination Imagination team last year and is SALSA, Math and Science Academy trainer. Mrs. Koening is a graduate of Texas Woman’s University with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies.

October 2013

Name: Lorena M. Salas Nickname: Lore My School: Lee Elementary My School’s mascot: Panthers Where you were born: Coahuila, Mexico My favorite food is: any type of pasta My favorite color is: hot pink My favorite subject in school was: reading Her teaching philosophy: Education is the key to success in life, so a teacher should motivate his/her students in their discoveries and abilities in order for that student to realize their full potential.

My favorite teacher was: Mrs. Hooten, 3rd grade teacher at Frank Borman Elementary My most memorable moment as a child was: coming in from recess and having our read aloud time by my teacher, Mrs. Hooten - I still remember having Charlotte’s Web read to us. Do you have any pets? Max 2 year old wire-haired terrier

Head of the Class Kelli Whisenhunt is 2013 Jostens Ginnings Teacher of the Year Kelli Whisenhunt is a teaching veteran with 29 years of experience and the last eight coming in Denton ISD. Mrs. Whisenhunt began her teaching career as a special education teacher in Alief ISD in 1984. She has served as a teacher in Richardson ISD, Crowley ISD and Onio as well as a stint as an assistant principal in Richardson ISD. She eventually found her way back into the classroom and joined Denton ISD in 2006 as an EXPO teacher at Ginnings Elementary. Mrs. Whisenhunt is a member of the Ginnings PTA Board, the Texas Association of Gifted and Talented, the Denton Area Gifted and Talented Association and the Texas State Reading Association. She is a member of the campus leadership team, the chess club sponsor, a chair of the Duke Talent Search Committee, a chair of the EXPO committee and a writer for gifted and talented curriculum. Mrs. Whisenhunt is a graduate of the University of Houston a


Meet Lee Elementary principal Lorena Salas

bachelor’s degree in elementary education and special education. She also has completed some graduate work at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. Her teaching philosophy: Teachers should always care – care about learning and care about their students. When you care lessons are not daily activities, but lifelong learning for teacher and student.

My hobbies are: walking, gardening, reading The best movie I’ve ever seen is: Secretariat My favorite thing about my school is: Our teachers are risk takers and learners for our students.

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Reading is fun! IY


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October 2013


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October Kid Life 2013  
October Kid Life 2013  

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