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Edgar Wright’s 2004 zombie-infested romantic-comedy Shaun of the Dead is a favorite of writer Max Brooks. “It defined a British generation in the way Clerks defined the American Gen X,” he said.

He’s got the brains

Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, will give a talk at the University of North Texas on Tuesday.

One of America’s foremost zombie experts talks shop, survival at UNT

By Lucinda Breeding Features Editor

Science buffs had their evening with the men behind Mythbusters. Now, the University of North Texas Fine Arts Series gives sci-fi nerds and graphic novel lovers their due. Zombie specialist, former Saturday Night Live writer and unapologetic obsessive Max Brooks visits the campus on Tuesday night to tell students and locals how to keep their heads — literally and metaphorically — during a zombie apocalypse. Brooks, who comes by his comedy

chops from his father, Mel Brooks, got bitten by the zombie bug hard enough to write the book on how to avoid becoming one of the gammy-legged, grunting corpses. Because, really, he notes, it’s a club you don’t want to join. Denton Time asked the writer and funnyman five questions about this popular monster. Here are his responses. Q: The Zombie Survival Guide is marketed as a parody. How did you approach writing this book? Did you assume a real zombie apocalypse was

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imminent to achieve the tone and structure you wanted? A: I never set out to write a parody. I set out to write a Zombie survival guide.

The whole “humor” thing was the invention of Random House marketing. See ZOMBIES on 12

October 4 Denton Time 2012  

Weekly entertainment magazine of the Denton Record-Chronicle.

October 4 Denton Time 2012  

Weekly entertainment magazine of the Denton Record-Chronicle.