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February 2012

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On the cover: Denton ISD Board President Mia Price shares a few laughs with students at the Gonzalez School for Young Children library. Mrs. Price is one of several volunteers who donate their time working with students or assisting teachers at the school.


We enjoy reading here at the newspaper! Many of us read books at home as well as newspapers and magazines. We also enjoy a good movie or two every so often, which is why we work with the public library to provide you the top list of books and shows each month. Check it out on Page 11 of this issue!

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Air quality flags will fly at elementary schools Clean and sanitary schools are always among the top priorities for Denton Independent School District officials. To help its students and staff breathe easier, the district has taken a pro-active role in helping them understand what may be in the air. A recent donation by Children’s Medical Center in Dallas will allow each of the district’s 21 elementary schools to inform parents, students and staff of the air quality surrounding the campus. The donation included a flag kit containing corresponding flags for each of the colors in the Air Quality Index and cards explaining what each color signifies.

AQI is a measure adopted by government agencies that help measure air quality, with specific colors signifying the amount of pollutants found in the air. The United States Environmental Protective Agency uses six colors: Green - good, Yellow - moderate, Orange - unhealthy for sensitive groups, Red - unhealthy, Purple - very unhealthy, Maroon - hazardous. School nurses are assigned the task of knowing the air quality each day and determining if particular activities would be safe for students to participate in outside.

Jonita Widmer, director of health services, the flags help students and parents have a simpler way of understanding air quality guidelines. “We want out students to be educated not only academically, but also about their health and well being. This tool will help us achieve that,” Mrs. Widmer said. With AQI flags flying from flag poles at each elementary campus, parents would know first-hand of the air quality conditions for that day when dropping their children off at school. This is a major concern for parents of students with asthma or other breathing-related conditions.

In addition to the new flags, various campuses are implementing short information sessions regarding air quality and asthma. According to recent figures by the ALA, there are currently 7.1 million children with asthma in the United States. Ginnings Elementary will offer a seven-day, 10-minute session based on the Open Airways for Schools program sponsored by the American Lung Association. The short sessions will highlight the types of inhalers commonly used to help those with chronic breathing problems, triggers that activate asthma, and how air quality affects asthma carriers.

Depending on the weather, nurses are often bombarded with calls regarding students’ ability to participate in outdoor activities, said Dee Guay, Ginnings’ school nurse. The addition of these programs can only benefit parents, students and staff. “Anything we can do to educate parents and students about air quality and staying healthy and active is a good thing,” said Nurse Guay. “We want all our students, whether they have breathing problems or not, to know when it’s not a good idea to be outside for too long.”


February 2012

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February 2012

Denton ISD Update Pre-School Preview planned for March 7 The Denton Independent School District’s Adopt-A-School: Partners in Education program is hosting a Pre-School Preview from 9 to 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 7, at the Windle School for Young Children and Gonzalez School for Young Children. The special event allows prospective parents and community members the opportunity to preview the district’s two early education centers, get a first-hand look at students working in classrooms, tour the facilities and ask any questions pertaining to the school or Denton ISD pre-school programs. The district also offers preschool programs at five elementary schools – Borman, Cross Oaks, Newton Rayzor, Paloma Creek and Stephens – in addition to the two designated preschool campuses. This open house will give people the chance to see how the schools and programs operate during a normal school day, said Phyllis Hollingshead, principal at the Ann Windle. “It’s our way of opening the door to communication with parents and community members,” Mrs. Hollingshead said. “This way parents can come in, get a feel for the school and get an up-close look at everyone in action.” Denton ISD offers a variety of pre-school programs to help students and their families begin building a strong educational foundation. The district currently offers programs for 3- and 4-year-olds whose parents meet certain income requirements, children who have disabilities, deaf children, children who are limited English speaking, homeless or a military dependent. There also is a tuition-based academy at Gonzalez, Cross Oaks and Paloma Creek. The programs’ availability varies by location, so parents taking part in the open house will be able to have their questions answered about which programs are available at their campus of

Yazminy’a Powell proudly walks down the aisle with her preschool diploma in hand during the Ann Windle School for Young Children’s 2011 graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony is just one of several special events the school hosts for its students and their families during the school year.

Photo courtesy of the Denton school district

interest. All Denton ISD pre-school programs follow the State of Texas Pre-School curriculum, which includes the study and development of math skills, language skills, physical education/motor skills, music, art and other enrichment topics. Felicia Sprayberry, principal at the Gonzalez School, said regardless of the program the child is enrolled in, the district’s teachers

and staff will do their best to establish a solid educational foundation. “Our most important goal is to have a safe, welcoming environment where parents will feel comfortable and children will want to come to school every day. When you get them wanting to come and learn, spend time with their teacher and friends – everything else becomes a little easier,” said Mrs. Sprayberry.

Upcoming Events for Parents, Preschoolers Preschool Open House: 9 a.m. Wednesday, March 7, at Ann Windle School for Young Children and Gonzalez School for Young Children Kindergarten Registration: 8:30 a.m. Thursday, May 10, at all 21 Elementary Campuses in Denton ISD Pre-School Pre-Registration: 1 p.m. Thursday, May 10, at Ann Windle School for Young Children and Gonzalez School for Young Children, Cross Oaks Elementary, Paloma Creek Elementary, Borman Elementary, Newton Rayzor Elementary and Stephens Elementary.

STAR STUDENT JOHN PUGH Nickname: Jay Community/school activities: I’m in Art Club. School/grade: Providence Elementary/ 4th Grade My hobbies are: playing video games, roller skating, fishing and biking My favorite school subject is: science Two people I’d most like to meet are: Stan Lee and Travis Barker What’s in my CD/iPod player right now: U2 When I finish school I plan to: be a fireman The best book I ever read was: Spiderman

The last movie I saw: Cowboys & Aliens The best movie I’ve ever seen is: Men in Black I wish I knew how to: Play the drums better I’m so sick of: homework My worst habit is: tapping my feet My favorite restaurant is: Jinbeh (Japanese steak, seafood and sushi) My hero is: My Mom and Dad The best summer I ever had was: When we went to Lake Texoma If I had $100 I would: buy more drums to play My goal for this year is to: be good to everyone

Notas sobre su zona escolar Presentación Preescolar planeada para el 7 de marzo El programa del Distrito Escolar de Denton, Adopt a School: Partners in Education hará una presentación preescolar el miércoles, 7 de marzo de 9 a.m. a las 10 a.m. en la escuelas preecolares Ann Windle y Gonzalez. El acontecimiento les permitirá que los futuros padres y a la comunidad entera, puedan examinar los dos centros educativos y les dará la oportunidad de ver a los alumnos dentro de sus aulas de estudio. Los visitantes también podrán recorrer el plantel y hacer cualquier pregunta relacionada con las escuelas o programas de los jardines de infancia del Denton ISD. Además de los dos planteles preescolares designados, el distrito también ofrece programas preescolares en cinco escuelas de enseñanza primaria – Borman, Cross Roads, Newton Rayzor, Paloma Creek y Stephens. Esta junta de información les dará a personas la oportunidad de ver cómo los planteles y los programas operan durante un día lectivo normal, dijo Phyllis Hollingshead, la directora de Ann Windle. “Esta junta es nuestra manera de abrir la puerta de comunicación con los padres y los representantes de la comunidad,” Hollingshead dijo. “De esta manera los padres pueden visitar, conocer la escuela y ver de cerca a todos en acción durante su día lectivo.” Denton ISD ofrece una variedad de programas preescolares para ayudar a alumnos y a sus familias a construir una fuerte base educativa. El distrito ofrece actualmente programas para niños de 3y de 4 años de edad cuyos padres llenen ciertos requisitos de ingresos. Y/o ellos tengan niños con ciertas incapacidades, niños sordos, niños que tengan límite conocimiento del inglés, personas sin hogar o un dependiente militar. También hay cuotas relacionadas con las academias Gonzalez, Cross Roads y Paloma Creek. Las disponibilidades de los programas varían por su ubicación, así que los padres que asistan a las juntas podrán obtener respuestas acerca de los programas que estén

Yazmin’s Powell pasa por el pasillo con su diploma preescolar durante la ceremonia de graduación 2011 de la Escuela Ann Windle.

Photo courtesy of the Denton school district

disponibles en su plantel de interés. Todos los programas preescolares del distrito escolar siguen el currículo adaptado por el Estado de Tejas. El plan preescolar incluye: temas de estudio y de desarrollo, temas de matemáticas, las habilidades de lenguaje, habilidades de educación y motrices físicas, la música, el arte y otros temas de enriquecimiento. Felicia Sprayberry, la directora del plantel Gonzalez, dijo que a pesar de cualquier programa que se

escoja, los niños matriculados recibirán una base educativa solida de parte de los maestros del distrito y del personal educativo. “Nuestro objetivo más importante es crear un ambiente seguro y acogedor donde los padres se sientan muy bien y los niños deseen venir a la escuela cada día. Cuando se consigue que ellos deseen venir a la escuela y aprender, y pasar el tiempo con su maestro y amigos – el resto se hace más fácil,” dijo Sprayberry.

Eventos para padres y sus niños preescolares Junta de información preescolar: miércoles, 7 de marzo, 9 a.m. en la Escuela Ann Windle Inscripción para jardín de infantes: jueves, 10 de mayo, 8:30 a.m. en todos los 21 planteles del Distrito Escolar de Denton. Inscripción Preescolar: jueves, 10 de mayo, 1 p.m. en la Escuela Ann Windle y las primarias: Cross Oaks, Paloma Creek, Borman, Newton Rayzor y Stephens.

ESTUDIANTE ESTRELLA JOHN PUGH Nombre: John Pugh Apodo/Sobrenombre: Jay Actividades de la escuela y de la comunidad: estoy en el club de arte. Plantel y grado: Primaria Providence, 4 grado Pasatiempos: los juegos de videos, el patinaje, pescar y andar en bicicleta. Mi materia favorita: la ciencia. Dos personas que me encantaría conocer: Stan Lee y Travis Barker. La música que toca mi reproductor: U2. Cuando termine la escuela quiero: ser un bombero. El mejor libro que he leído: El Hombre Araña. La última película que vi: Vaqueros y extrater-

restres. La mejor película que he visto: Hombres de negro. Me gustaría saber cómo: mejorar y tocar bien el tambor. Estoy cansado de: las tareas. Mi peor hábito es: golpear con los pies. Mi restaurante favorito es: Jinbeth (bistec japonés, mariscos, y sushi). Mi héroe es: my mamá y papá. Mi recuerdo del mejor verano fue: cuando fui al Lago Texoma. Si tuviera $100, yo: compraría más tambores. Mi objetivo para este año es: ser bueno con todos.


February 2012

Kid Clubhouse

Artistic Endeavors

Students in Jennifer McLarty’s art class at Borman Elementary recently showcased their artwork in an online video. Among those students’ artwork were (clockwise from top left) third grader Endleslie Padilla, who created this multimedia piece while practicing coloring mixing; fifth grader Ricky Escamilla, who created this cut paper piece when looking at Notan works and reviewing lines of symmetry; fourth grader Liberty Pacatte, who created this tempera piece when studying works of the Australian Aboriginal Dot Art; and first grader Raymundo Alvarado, who created this tempera paint piece when practicing good use of line, foreground and background techniques.

February 2012 Monday









Actor Clark Gable born (1901)

The Battle of Stalingrad in World War II ends (1943)











Fidel Castro becomes premier of Cuba (1959)

End of the Fourth Six Weeks

Writer Toni Morrison born (1931)




Birth flower: Paperwhite narcissus Visit for more information on Denton Independent School District events and holidays. Learn more about the historical events and information on this calendar by visiting the Encyclopedia Britannica at www.bri-


4 U.S. hosts its first Winter Olympic Games (1932)


6 England’s Elizabeth II takes throne (1952)



Valentine’s Day

The Scream stolen from National Gallery (1994)


Economist/demographer Thomas Malthus born (1766)






Beginning of the Fifth Six Weeks Core module of space station Mir launched (1986)



World Trade Center bombed (1993)

U.S. wins Persian Gulf War (1991)

Head of the Class


February 2012

Melissa Leonard is 2011 E.P. Rayzor Teacher of the Year Melissa Leonard has a dozen years of teaching experience, with the last 10 of those coming in Denton ISD. Mrs. Leonard began her career teaching kindergarten in Lexington, Kentucky in 1998, but found her way to Texas in 2001 and joined the staff at McNair Elementary. In 2002, Mrs. Leonard left to help open E.P. Rayzor and has worked with students in kindergarten, first and second grade during her time on that campus.

She is an E.P. Rayzor PTA board member, a second grade team captain, a member of the

International Reading Association, serves as a mentor to student teachers and is an avid supporter of Guyer soccer and the Guyer band. Mrs. Leonard is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Her teaching philosophy: “A successful teacher uses honesty, sincerity and natural curiosity to help students reach their full potential and become life-long learners.”

Low-Cost Counseling for Adults • Adolescents • Couples • Families Play Therapy for Children 1400 W. Highland Street Stovall Hall Room 128 Denton, Texas

Head of the Class Dina Wuenschel is 2011 Newton Rayzor Elementary Teacher of the Year Dina Wuenschel has been a teacher for five years, all coming in Denton ISD at Newton Rayzor Elementary. She began her career as a business professional before giving way to her life-long feelings to teach. Mrs. Wuenschel joined the Newton Rayzor staff in 2006 as a third-grade bilingual teacher where she continues working with those students today. Mrs. Wuenschel is a past thirdgrade level chair and currently

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serves as a mentor to student

teachers, a member of the campus leadership team and is trained in numerous International Baccalaureate educational disciplines. She is a graduate of Texas Woman’s University where she received her bachelor’s in fashion merchandise and design. Her teaching philosophy: “An outstanding teacher is someone that can move and motivate their students by believing in their abilities and showing it to them every day.”

940-565-2970 The CHDC is an educational facility where low-cost, confidential counseling services are offered by master’s and doctoral level student counselors under the supervision of College of Education, Counseling Program Faculty. AY

Principal Profile

Meet McNair assistant principal Rachel Brown Name: Rachel Brown My School: McNair Elementary My School’s mascot: Commanders Where you were born: Kingsville, TX (but I grew up in Arvada, Colorado) My favorite food is: I love my veggies. I think broccoli is my favorite! My favorite color is: Red… or maybe Green… or Purple… or… My favorite subject in school was: I was so excited when I learned to write in cursive. I loved writing just so I could practice it!

My favorite teacher was: Mrs. English, my elementary music teacher was fabulous. I also loved

my seventh-grade math teacher Mr. Wilcox. My most memorable moment as a child was: When I was in a bad car accident that put me in the hospital. It was my birthday and some local kids came to the hospital and brought me a birthday present. Do you have any pets? Yes, two dogs – Boss and Snicker My hobbies are: Being outdoors – I enjoy gardening, biking, camping and playing outside. My favorite thing about my school is: The students and staff. I love being at McNair!

Denton Boys Baseball Are you ready for some baseball? Online registration begins January 1st & ends February 5th Onsite registration at Denton Athletics Saturday, January 14th, 10:00am–2:00pm Saturday, January 21st, 10:00am–2:00pm For more information, visit our website Or contact our office at 940-383-7669/ AY

Library events

City of Denton libraries offer February events 9 Ready. Set. Play! Presented by the Vivace Studio, this 45-minute program introduces the different musical instrument families and the fundamentals of music in an engaging, fun way. A live musical demonstration by a professional musician is also provided. This program is intended for grades 3-4. 02/21/12 South Branch Library 3:30 pm LEGO Builders Club Drop in and get creative by building with the library’s LEGOs. A different theme is picked for each month and kids can build on that theme or build a creation of their own. Meets every third Friday of the month Ages 6 and up. 02/17/12 Emily Fowler Library 4 pm Play and Read with Puppets Play with puppet friends while reading stories about them. This come-and-go program encourages dramatic play and narrative skills formation in a fun, entertaining way. For children ages 2-5 and their caregivers. 02/04/12 North Branch Library 10-11 am Pajama StoryTime Wear your pajamas and bring your favorite stuffed friend to the library. We will read stories, sing songs, and see some of our puppet friends, too. For ages 1-5. 02/21/12 North Branch Library 7 pm 02/29/12 South Branch Library 7 pm Science Fair FAQs Learn what it takes to make a winning science fair project. A retired science professor & former science fair judge will be on hand to answer questions for parents & kids. Age 5 & up. 02/04/12 Emily Fowler Library 3 pm Preschool Play and Read Help your child’s early literacy skills while having fun as a family! This come-and-go program offers children age-appropriate games, activities and crafts that assist in

developing pre-reading skills. For children ages 3-5 and their caregivers. 02/25/12 North Branch Library 10-11 am Homeschool Science Club Explore science in these handson science activities for children ages 6 – 10. Supplies are limited, so call 349-8752 to register. 02/22/12 Catapults in Action Emily Fowler Library 2:30 pm Snowing and Knowing Ready for snow in Texas? While we learn the science behind snow, we will create snow and snowflakes, skate on our indoor pond, have a snowball fight and much more! This program includes science and language arts to enhance problem solving skills. Supplies are limited, so call 349-8752 to register. Ages 610. 02/03/12 South Branch Library 4 pm Valentine’s Day Cards Make Valentine’s Day cards for your parents and loved ones at the North Branch. For children and teens of all ages. 02/08/12 North Branch Library 4:30 pm

ited so call 940-349-8718 to register. For ages 6 & up. 02/10/12 Emily Fowler Library 4 pm Valentine StoryTime Join us for a lovable Valentine StoryTime guaranteed to sweeten your day with heart-warming stories, songs, and puppets. Then, stay to make Valentine cards for your loved ones. Ages 1-5. 02/07/12 Emily Fowler Library 7 pm 02/10/12 South Branch Library 10 am 02/11/12 North Branch Library 10 am Dino Days: Carnivores Learn about meat-eating dinosaurs and show off your dino knowledge with an afternoon full of dinosaur info and fun. Join us for dinosaur stories, activities, trivia, and crafts! For children ages 68. Call 349-8752 to register. 02/22/12 North Branch Library 4:30 pm

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday with crafts, games, cake, and a special Dr. Seuss performance by the Wildcat Speech Team from Guyer High School. This program is best for ages 610. 02/28/12 North Branch Library 4 pm It’s a Girl Thing! A book club for girls, with their mom, grandma, or other woman friend to join us for refreshments and book discussion. Best for girls ages 8 - 12. 02/15/12 Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren South Branch Library 4 pm Family Book Club Read a book together, then come to the library for a discussion, a snack and some fun! For ages 8-12 and an accompanying adult. 02/29/12 How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O’Connor North Branch Library 7 pm

Animanga Watch anime? Read Manga? Draw fan art? Come to the North Branch Library every third Wednesday of the month to share your love of all things anime/manga. Snacks provided. This program is best for teens in 6 12th grade. 02/15/12 North Branch Library 6:30 – 8 pm Teen Advisory Board Help plan & run library programs. Discuss books, movies and music. Write reviews, make book trailers, earn community service hours for school and more! For teens grades 6 – 12. For more information call 940-349-8752. 02/08/12 North Branch Library 6:30 – 8 pm Denton Writes 2012 DPL is proud to announce its 5th annual writing contest! The contest is open to non-published writers, age 8 & up. For guidelines, go to

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February 2012


Lunchbox Bites

10 Avoid the ‘monster’

February 2012

Are you too tired to do your homework? Do you wish you didn’t have practice this week? Is falling asleep tough when lay in bed at night? If you can answer yes to any one of these questions, then you may be under attack by the over-scheduling-under-rested “ monster!” This “monster” can affect your health, friendships and social life. It can also affect your family life, especially when everyone is running around trying to go in different directions at the same time. Whether it’s trying to finish dinner before basketball practice or doing some extra work at home to catch the weekend dance recital, parents today are busier than ever. But kids, like adults, can suffer from over-scheduling – and that’s when this “monster” attacks. The key to avoiding the monster is to get plenty of rest and choose activities that fit your age and abilities. Here are some simple guidelines that might help.  Plan to play one sport per season or do one weekly activity during the school year. Trying to

do too much and keep up with school is a recipe for disaster.  Stay organized. Keep a calendar with your activities and plan ahead to make sure you get plenty of rest.  Set priorities. Decide what is important and stick with it.  Always remember that a chance to relax or just do nothing is just as important as doing an activity.  Have an established nighttime routine and bedtime. This makes it easier on your body to adjust to your schedule.  Allowing your mind and body plenty of time to relax and get rest is also important. Reading a book or listening to soft music can put your mind at ease and even help you fall asleep. Following these guidelines and planning ahead with your family to get rest can help the over-scheduling “monster” stay away. While activities are important for many reasons, a growing mind and body need plenty of sleep and rest to stay healthy. - Jonita Widmer, Director of Health Services, Denton ISD

Make school attendance a top priority. Schedule appointments to avoid missing classes if possible. Look who just moved to Denton!


• Birthday Parties • Science Shows • Children’s Programs

BBQ Ranch Quesadilla Wedges

Makes 8 Servings Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 15 min Ingredients 1 bag (16-ounce) frozen pepper stir-fry blend (green, red and yellow peppers and onions) 1/4 cup barbecue sauce 1/2 cup light ranch dressing 1 tablespoon butter, softened 8 (8-inch) flour tortillas 1 cup prepared barbecue shredded beef 3/4 cup Mild Cheddar Shredded Cheese Prepare stir-fry pepper blend according to package directions.

Mix barbecue sauce and ranch dressing and set aside. Spread butter evenly on 1 side of each tortilla and layer barbecue beef, stirfry blend, and cheese evenly on unbuttered side of 4 tortillas and cover with remaining tortillas, butter side up. Grill each quesadilla in large skillet over medium heat for 3 minutes on each side or until golden and cheese melts. Cut into wedges and serve with barbecue ranch dipping sauce. *Tip: For fajita-ranch quesadillas, layer cooked peppers and onions, thawed fajita chicken strips and cheese on grilled flour

tortillas. Serve with a signature dip comprised of equal parts salsa and ranch sauce. Nutritional Facts Calories: 340 Total Fat: 15 g Saturated Fat: 6 g Cholesterol: 35 mg Sodium: 720 mg Calcium: 20% Daily Value Protein: 15 g Carbohydrates: 37 g Dietary Fiber: 3 g - Recipe created by Borden for 3-Every-Day, The National Dairy Council

Family Orthodontics

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Clay Pickering, DDS, MS American Association of Orthodontists • Complimentary Initial Exam • Most insurances accepted • Flexible financing available • Sibling discounts • CareCredit accepted Flexible hours Monday through Thursday State-of-the-art equipment Warm and inviting office atmosphere

1308 Crescent Street Suite B Denton, TX 76201 • Phone 940-382-8122 Please visit AY





Sabriel by Garth Nix, 1995 Since childhood, Sabriel has lived outside the walls of the Old Kingdom, away from the power of Free Magic, and away from the Dead who refuse to stay dead. But now her father, the Mage Abhorson, is missing, and Sabriel must cross into that world to find him. With Mogget, whose feline form hides a powerful, perhaps malevolent spirit, and Touchstone, a young Charter Mage, Sabriel travels deep into the Old Kingdom. There she confronts an evil that threatens much more than her life’and comes face to face with her own hidden destiny. 292 pages, ages 12 and up Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card, 1986 Ender Wiggin, the hero and scapegoat of mass alien destruction in Ender’s Game, receives a chance at redemption in this novel. Ender, who proclaimed as a mistake his success in wiping out an alien race, wins the opportunity to cope better with a second race, discovered by Portuguese colonists on the planet Lusitania. 415 pages, ages 13 and up Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, 1979 Escaping Earth just before it is demolished to make way for a new galactic highway, reluctant galactic traveler Arthur Dent embarks on a series of off-beat and occasionally extraterrestrial journeys, accompanied by a variety of unusual companions. 285 pages, ages 14 and up The Pigeon Wants a Puppy by Mo Willems, 2008 The pigeon really, really wants a puppy, but when a puppy arrives the pigeon changes its mind. Unpaged, ages 2-6 Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham, 1908 Tells of the escapades of four animal friends—Toad, Mole, Rat, and Badger—who live along a river in the English countryside. 245 pages, ages 8 and up

{MOVIES} The Tick (2006) Brawny, almost indestructible, and easily distracted by shiny objects, The Tick keeps the streets of The City safe with the help of his trusty sidekick Arthur. Not Rated Ponyo (2009) A young boy named Sosuke rescues a goldfish named Ponyo, and they embark on a fantastic journey of friendship before Ponyo’s father forces her to return to the sea. Ponyo’s desire to be human upsets the balance of nature and only Ponyo’s mother, a beautiful sea goddess, can restore nature’s balance and make Ponyo’s dreams come true. Rated G My Neighbor Totoro (1988) Deep inside the tree trunk, two children discover a fascinating new world inhabited by Totoros, amazing, charming creatures who become their friends. Rated G Dexter’s Laboratory (1996) Deep in the depths of his secret laboratory, boy genius Dexter computes, experiments, invents, and builds incredible creations like robots, interdimensional portals, talking animals, brain replacements, and stealth dodgeball devices, until his ditzy sister Dee Dee ruins his overly executed plans. If only he could fit her into a test tube! Not Rated - Trey Ford is a Library Assistant at Emily Fowler Central Library


February 2012

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February 2012

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