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January 2013

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On the cover: Partners in Education members (from left to right) Alana Presley, City of Denton's Sustainable Schools program; Lee Elementary Principal Laura Rodriguez, and Amy Harper, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, proudly pose with Daniela Esquivel and Elaine Brank who display their trophies from the annual contest. Courtesy Denton ISD


TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome back! It’s a new year and a new number to remember - 2013! We hope your break was a good one filled with lots of gifts, food and family time. If you have a story you’d like to share with us or some photos of your favorite gift or even a special time, please share it with us at or ask your Mom and Dad to send it to us. We’re looking forward to a year of greats - lots of great laughs, lots of great accomplishments and meeting lots of great people. What do you hope to do in this new year? Let us know at that same e-mail. Hope to hear from you!

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Bounce back from the holidays Having two weeks off for winter break gives teachers and students a nice break right in the middle of the school year. But getting back in groove once school starts can be tough after several days of late bedtimes and a variety of fun activities with friends and family. Don’t worry your teachers and principals struggle with this too. So to help everyone get back in a solid routine, here are three simple steps to help make the transition back to school an easy one for everyone on camps: GET SOME SLEEP – “Early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.” What? Well, basically, your brain needs to recharge every night, much like a cell phone or a video game console. In order to cope well with a demanding school day you’ve got to recharge your own “battery” in your head. The only way your brain can recharge is by sleeping. A student’s

brains need about 9-10 hours of sleep every night. By going to bed early, around 8:30 p.m. at least, you should get enough sleep. EAT BREAKFAST – Most of us eat dinner every night around 6:30 or 7 p.m. so, by morning, your stomach has been empty for 12 or more hours. That’s a long time! When you wake up your brain knows one thing for sure - it’s hungry, even though you may not think you are. Breakfast is the most important meal of your day because it gives you the nutrients you need to get going right from the start. A good breakfast is necessary for your brain to work properly too. Breakfast doesn’t have to be fancy or heavy, but it does need to be healthy. Try skipping cookies or sweets for a bowl of oatmeal or whole-grain cereal. Kids can even prepare their own healthy breakfast by themselves. One example is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a big glass of

milk. And if you’re short on time, grab some fruit and a granola bar. You will be amazed how much easier those morning quizzes are when you eat healthy before school! START YOUR ROUTINE EARLY – Have a set routine every morning and give yourself enough time to execute it. Not having to deal with making decisions, like what shirt to wear with your favorite jeans, or searching for your school work because you don’t remember where you put it will make your day get off to a great start. Set your clothes and shoes out before going to bed. Check your homework and make sure your backpack is ready for another day as soon as you finish it. Most importantly, finish each part of your routine before moving on to the next one. By giving yourself enough time to do each morning task, and completing each one in an organized manner, you won’t feel rushed or frustrated.

Having a good day at school may sound like an easy thing to do, but if you don’t prepare in the right ways, you may find your days are anything but good! Follow these three simple steps everyday and you will give your brain a huge

boost, give your body the energy it needs to complete a fun school day and get you back on a winning routine and finish the school year strong. - Jonita Widmer, Director of Health Services for Denton ISD





January 2013

One, Two, That’s My Shoe by Alison Murray, 2012 When a mischievous puppy runs off with his owner’s shoe, it’s a race from one to ten to get it back again! Over the teddy bears and out the door, readers can rollick along with the canine trickster and count the scenery along the way. Unpaged, ages 2-6 Day by Day by Susan Gal, 2012 As the seasons change, the industrious pigs in this charming picture book build a home, plant a garden, help their neighbors and then gather in a harvest grown through hard work and kindness. Unpaged, ages 3-7 Giants Beware! by Jose Aguirre, 2012 Longing to slay a giant despite the peace her village enjoys, young Claudette embarks on a super-secret quest with her aspiring princess best friend and pastry chef apprentice brother in hopes of finding and defeating a giant before their parents drag them back home. 202 pages, ages 7-10 - Dana Tucker is the Youth Services Librarian at the North Branch Library



January 2013

Denton ISD Update Adopt-A-School to honor contest winners The Denton Independent School District Adopt-A-School program will host separate events to honor winners from the 2012 AAS essay writing and art contest. A Young Authors Night, honoring each campus’ first-place winner, will be held Wednesday, Jan. 16, at Barnes & Noble at Golden Triangle Mall. A Young Artists Night,also honoring all first-place winners, will follow onWednesday, Jan. 23, at Meridian Bank Texas, located at 1013 W. University Dr. Both events will recognize the district’s top winners from participating schools’ fourth and fifth grades that submitted an essay or artwork showcasing this year’s topic: “What makes your school cool?” All winning students were recognized by AAS volunteers with a surprise trophy presentation on their home campus. Students were honored with trophies before their classmates and school administrators for placing first, second or third in either the campus and/or district level. With more than 4,100 fourthand fifth-grade Denton ISD students, placing in the annual contest is a high honor for all winning entrants. These students’ essays and artwork will be featured in a book that will be placed in all Denton ISD elementary school libraries. Fourth-grade district essay winners The fourth grade district essay winners were: First place – Elaine Brank, Lee Elementary; Second place – Lauren McCorkle, Stephens Elementary; Third place – Lauryn Castro, Ryan Elementary; Fourth place – Greta MacMillan, Newton Rayzor Elementary; Fifth place – Courtney Beck, Hawk Elementary; Sixth place – Halle Mitchell, Hodge Elementary. Fourth-grade district bilingual essay winners The fourth grade district bilingual essay winners were: First place – Daniel Esquivel, Lee Elementary; Second place – Medally Rivera, Hodge

Elementary; Third place – Debhani Bosquez, Pecan Creek Elementary. Fifth-grade district essay winners The fifth grade district essay winners were: First place: Nabil Baugher, Newton Rayzor Elementary; Second place: Kelsie Wilson, Stephens Elementary; Third place:Emily Croke, Nelson Elementary; Fourth place:Ivanna Gomez, Ryan Elementary; Fifth place: AlaynaWooley, Cross Oaks Elementary; Sixth place: Angelina Gonzalez, Borman Elementary. Fifth-grade district bilingual essay winners The fifth grade district bilingual essay winner was: First place: Jesus Cazares, Borman Elementary. Fourth-grade school essay winners The fourth-grade campus essay winners were: Borman: Tejaswi Thapa, first place; Shelby Rapert, second place, and Anisa West, third place. Borman: Jesus Cazares, first place bi-lingual. Cross Oaks: Elizabeth Meyer, first place; Averie Keith, second place, and Shayde Ayers, third place. EP Rayzor: Benjamin Cho, first place; Maci Pitner, second place, and Meredith Wood, third place. Evers: Khairee Mitchell, first place; Jatzibeth Malavar, second place, and Lesly DeLuna, third place. Ginnings: Jobe Grund, first place; Jazmine Smith, second place, and Caleb Romo, third place. Hawk: Courtney Bock, first place; Hailey Lindsey, second place, and Carson Cooper, third place. Hodge:Halle Mitchell, first place;Alora Ahmed, second place, and Katlyn Woods, third place. Hodge: Medally Rivera, first place bi-lingual; GreciaRobledo, second place bilingual, and Jennifer Davila, third place bi-lingual. Houston: Logan Hamilton, first place; Simran Patel, second place, and Campbell Sweeten, third place. Lee: Elaine Brank, first place; Joseph Bowen, second place, and Ethan Castillo, third place. Lee: Daniela Esquivel, first place bi-lingual; Joselyn Molina, second place bi-lingual, and Emiliano Hernandez, third

place bi-lingual. McNair: Natalie Vaughan, first place; Savannah Tucker, second place, and Hannah Song, third place. Newton Rayzor: Greta MacMillan, first place; Karina Teter, second place, and Ryan Skinner, third place. Paloma Creek: Sydney Freeman, first place; Lilly Tompkins, second place, and Hailey Wilde, third place. Pecan Creek: Matthew Williamson, first place; Ava Bohnert, second place, and Jenna Hauge, third place. Pecan Creek: DebahniBosquez, first place bi-lingual. Providence: Hope Shipp, first place; Parker Moore, second place, and Mason Cazares, third place. Rivera: Kaleb Nelson, first place; Nayelli Guajardo, second place, and Derek Sloggett, third place. W.S. Ryan: Lauryn Castro, first place; Reynaldo Lerma, second place, and Yazmin Garcia, third place. Stephens: Lauren McCorkle, first place;Tamarian Turner, second place, and Jaxon Holder, third place. Wilson: Noah Rana, first place; Sarah Harrod, second place, and Valeria Barbosa, third place. Fifth-grade school essay winners The fifth-grade campus essay winners were: Borman: Angelina Gonzalez, first place; Nidia Canales, second place, and Grisselda Cortes, third place. Cross Oaks:AlaynaWooley, first place; Nicholas Perry, second place, and Valerie Maselli, third place. EP Rayzor:Mariella Stephens, first place; Brianna Branch, second place, and Kylie Gilbert, third place. Evers: Savahanna Amaya, first place; Alyssa Gay, second place, and Madison Arbaugh, third place. Ginnings: Nicholas Hines, first place; Luis Huerta, second place, and Juan Martinez, third place. Hawk:Taryn Holmes, first place; Alex Moala, second place, and Bryce Beago, third place. Hodge: Trinity Duvall, first place; Jackson Parham, second place, and Kendall Dowling, third place. McNair: Ryan Hill, first place; Jake Richter, second place, and Sophia Del Rosario, third place. Nelson: Emily Croke, first place; Daniel Stolle, second place, and

Sydney Stengel, third place. Newton Rayzor: Nabil Baugher, first place; Katelyn Stone, second place, and T’Keyah Blackwell, third place. Paloma Creek: Jules Guab, first place; Hope Carmack, second place, and Dylan Allison, third place. Pecan Creek: Ishfar Chowdhury, first place; Taylor Trimble, second place, and Noelle Wood, third place. Providence: Bradley White-Stevens, first place; Courtney Arnold, second place, and Skylar Magallon, third place. W.S. Ryan:Ivanna Gomez, first place; Maddie Brumley, second place, and Emma Sawko, third place. Savannah: George Perperidis, first place; Katya Logan, second place. Stephens: Kelsie Wilson, first place; Savanna Phillips, second place, and Abigail Mooney, third place. Wilson: Julia McCane, first place. Fourth-grade district art winners The fourth grade district art winners were: First place: Genaveve Miller, E.P. Rayzor; Second place: Felipe Olivera, Ginnings Elementary; Third place: Genevieve Youngs, Savannah Elementary; Fourth place: Andrea Bellolio, Providence Elementary; Fifth place: Williem Bannick, Stephens Elementary; Sixth place: Jonah Lawrence, Houston Elementary. Fifth-grade district art winners The fifth grade district art winners were: First place: Adela Splawn, Ginnings Elementary; Second place: Miro Posson, Newton Rayzor Elementary; Third place: Logan Hickman, E.P. Rayzor Elementary; Fourth place: Hanna Word, Houston Elementary; Fifth place: Savahanna Amaya, Evers Park Elementary; Sixth place: Julie Norton, McNair Elementary. Fourth-grade school art winners The fourth-grade campus art winners were:EP Rayzor:Genaveve Miller, first place; Anelise Hurst, second place, and Mackenzie Lander, third place. Evers: Lauren Powers, first place; Brisa Diaz, second place, and Juan Melendres, third place. Ginnings: Felipe

Olvera, first place; Yaxeni Hernandez-Salazar, second place, and Trinity Woodson, third place. Hodge: Patricia Barnes, first place; Justin Robles, second place, and Taylor Thomas, third place. Houston: Jonah Lawrence, first place; Victoria Picaso, second place, and Abbi Armey, third place. Newton Rayzor: Colette Bassett, first place; Ruth Smith, second place, and Lilia Chesky, third place. Paloma Creek: Zannder Torres, first place; Claire Smisek, second place, and Peter Larsen, third place. Providence: Andrea Bellolio, first place; Brae Ruyle, second place, and Maxwell Robbins, third place. Rivera: Desiree Martin, first place; Marisol Estrada, second place, and Jonah Frank, third place. W.S. Ryan: Avery Parker, first place; Karen Angulo, second place, and Steven Dykes, third place. Savannah: Genevieve Youngs, first place; LaciSheefer, second place, and Hannah Harkrider, third place. Stephens: Williem Bannick, first place; Colin Desimone, second place, and Emma Pearson, third place. Wilson: Brooklynn Burke, first place; Lauren Oyer, second place, and Sarah Harrod, third place. Fifth-grade school art winners The fifth-grade campus art winners (listed first, second and third place) were: Cross Oaks: Joel Segovia, first place; Hailey Vega, second place, and Jalen Gentry, third place. EP Rayzor: Logan Hickman, first place; Ben Baker, second place, and Andrew Fritz, third place. Evers: Savahanna Amaya, first place; Rachel Capone, second place, and Meghan Gibson, third place. Ginnings: Adela Splawn, first place; Matthew Caster, second place, and Baylee Robichaux, third place. Hodge: Lizbeth Lopez, first place; Mathilda Hopkins, second place, and Edson Rivera, third place. Houston: Hanna Word, first place; Adrianne McCane, second place, and Jaida Maltez, third place. McNair: Julie Norton, first place; Tyler Powell, second place; no third WINNERS | CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

Notas sobre su zona escolar 5 Adopt-A-School honra a ganadores

January 2013

El programa Adopt-A-School (AAS) del Distrito Escolar de Denton organizará diferente eventos para celebrar los logros de los ganadores del concurso de ensayos y de arte del 2012. Una Noche con Artistas Jóvenes (A Young Artist Night), celebrando los ganadores del primer lugar de cada planten será el miércoles, 16 de enero en el Barnes & Noble del centro comercial Golden Triangle. Otra Noche de Autores Jóvenes se celebrará el miércoles 18 de enero en el banco Meredian localizado en el 1013 W. University Drive. Los dos eventos reconocerán los ganadores del cuarto y quinto grado del distrito, los que presentaron este año un ensayo o su arte en el concurso titulado, “¿Que hace que tu escuela sea “cool” o fantástica?” Todos los ganadores fueron reconocidos por voluntarios del programa AAS con un trofeo sorpresa en su plantel de estudio. Los alumnos fueron honrados con trofeos en frente de sus compañeros y personal de sus escuelas por obtener el primer, segundo y tercer lugar en sus planteles de estudio o al nivel del distrito escolar. Con más de 4,100 alumnos del cuarto y quinto grado del distrito escolar, obtener un lugar en el concurso anual es un gran honor para todos los participantes. Los ensayos y las obras de artes de los alumnos formaran parte de un libro que estará disponible dentro de las bibliotecas del distrito escolar de Denton. Ganadores de ensayo - cuarto grado (distrito) Los ganadores del distrito por sus ensayos fueron: Primer lugar – Elaine Brank, Primaria Lee; Segundo lugar – Lauren McCorkle, Primaria Stephens; Tercer lugar – Lauryn Castro, Primaria Ryan; Cuarto lugar – Greta MacMillan, Primaria Newton Rayzor; Quinto lugar – Courtney Beck, Primaria Hawk; Sexto lugar – Halle Mitchell, Hodge Elementary. Ganadores de ensayo bilingües cuarto grado (distrito)

Los ganadores del cuarto grado por sus ensayos bilingües fueron: Primer lugar – Daniel Esquivel, Primaria Lee; Segundo lugar – Medally Rivera, Primaria Hodge; Tercer lugar – Debhani Bosquez, Primaria Pecan Creek. Ganadores de ensayo - quinto grado (distrito) Los ganadores del quinto grado por sus ensayos fueron: Primer lugar: Nabil Baugher, Primaria Newton Rayzor; Segundo lugar: Kelsie Wilson, Primaria Stephens; Tercer lugar: Emily Croke, Primaria Nelson; Cuarto lugar: Ivanna Gomez, Primaria Ryan; Quinto lugar: AlaynaWooley, Primaria Cross Oaks; Sexto lugar: Angelina Gonzalez, Primaria Borman. Ganadores de ensayo bilingües quinto grado (distrito) Los ganador del quinto grado por su ensayos bilingüe fueron: Primer lugar: Jesus Cazares, Primaria Borman. Ganadores de ensayos - cuarto grado Los ganadores del cuarto grado (por plantel educativo) fueron: Borman: Tejaswi Thapa, primer lugar; Shelby Rapert, segundo lugar, y Anisa West, tercer lugar. Borman: Jesus Cazares, primer lugar bi-lingual. Cross Oaks: Elizabeth Meyer, primer lugar; Averie Keith, segundo lugar, y Shayde Ayers, tercer lugar. EP Rayzor: Benjamin Cho, primer lugar; Maci Pitner, segundo lugar, y Meredith Wood, tercer lugar. Evers: Khairee Mitchell, primer lugar; Jatzibeth Malavar, segundo lugar, y Lesly DeLuna, tercer lugar. Ginnings: Jobe Grund, primer lugar; Jazmine Smith, segundo lugar, y Caleb Romo, tercer lugar. Hawk: Courtney Bock, primer lugar; Hailey Lindsey, segundo lugar, y Carson Cooper, tercer lugar. Hodge:Halle Mitchell, primer lugar;Alora Ahmed, segundo lugar, y Katlyn Woods, tercer lugar. Hodge: Medally Rivera, primer lugar bi-lingual; GreciaRobledo, segundo lugar bi-lingual, y Jennifer Davila, tercer lugar bi-lingual. Houston: Logan Hamilton, primer

lugar; Simran Patel, segundo lugar, y Campbell Sweeten, tercer lugar. Lee: Elaine Brank, primer lugar; Joseph Bowen, segundo lugar, y Ethan Castillo, tercer lugar. Lee: Daniela Esquivel, primer lugar bilingual; Joselyn Molina, segundo lugar bi-lingual, y Emiliano Hernyez, tercer lugar bi-lingual. McNair: Natalie Vaughan, primer lugar; Savannah Tucker, segundo lugar, y Hannah Song, tercer lugar. Newton Rayzor: Greta MacMillan, primer lugar; Karina Teter, segundo lugar, y Ryan Skinner, tercer lugar. Paloma Creek: Sydney Freeman, primer lugar; Lilly Tompkins, segundo lugar, y Hailey Wilde, tercer lugar. Pecan Creek: Matthew Williamson, primer lugar; Ava Bohnert, segundo lugar, y Jenna Hauge, tercer lugar. Pecan Creek: DebahniBosquez, primer lugar bi-lingual. Providence: Hope Shipp, primer lugar; Parker Moore, segundo lugar, y Mason Cazares, tercer lugar. Rivera: Kaleb Nelson, primer lugar; Nayelli Guajardo, segundo lugar, y Derek Sloggett, tercer lugar. W.S. Ryan: Lauryn Castro, primer lugar; Reynaldo Lerma, segundo lugar, y Yazmin Garcia, tercer lugar. Stephens: Lauren McCorkle, primer lugar; Tamarian Turner, segundo lugar, y Jaxon Holder, tercer lugar. Wilson: Noah Rana, primer lugar; Sarah Harrod, segundo lugar, y Valeria Barbosa, tercer lugar. Ganadores de ensayos - quinto grado Los ganadores del quinto grado (por plantel educativo) fueron: Borman: Angelina Gonzalez, primer lugar; Nidia Canales, segundo lugar, y Grisselda Cortes, tercer lugar. Cross Oaks: AlaynaWooley, primer lugar; Nicholas Perry, segundo lugar, y Valerie Maselli, tercer lugar. E P Rayzor: Mariella Stephens, primer lugar; Brianna Branch, segundo lugar, y Kylie Gilbert, tercer lugar. Evers:Savahanna Amaya, primer lugar; Alyssa Gay, segundo lugar, y Madison Arbaugh, tercer lugar. Ginnings: Nicholas Hines, primer lugar; Luis Huerta, segundo lugar, y Juan Martinez, tercer lugar.

Hawk:Taryn Holmes, primer lugar; Alex Moala, segundo lugar, y Bryce Beago, tercer lugar. Hodge: Trinity Duvall, primer lugar; Jackson Parham, segundo lugar, y Kendall Dowling, tercer lugar. McNair: Ryan Hill, primer lugar; Jake Richter, segundo lugar, y Sophia Del Rosario, tercer lugar. Nelson: Emily Croke, primer lugar; Daniel Stolle, segundo lugar, y Sydney Stengel, tercer lugar. Newton Rayzor: Nabil Baugher, primer lugar; Katelyn Stone, segundo lugar, y T’Keyah Blackwell, tercer lugar. Paloma Creek: Jules Guab, primer lugar; Hope Carmack, segundo lugar, y Dylan Allison, tercer lugar. Pecan Creek: Ishfar Chowdhury, primer lugar; Taylor Trimble, segundo lugar, y Noelle Wood, tercer lugar. Providence: Bradley WhiteStevens, primer lugar; Courtney Arnold, segundo lugar, y Skylar Magallon, tercer lugar. W.S. Ryan: Ivanna Gomez, primer lugar; Maddie Brumley, segundo lugar, y Emma Sawko, tercer lugar. Savannah: George Perperidis, primer lugar; Katya Logan, segundo lugar. Stephens: Kelsie Wilson, primer lugar; Savanna Phillips, segundo lugar, y Abigail Mooney, tercer lugar. Wilson: Julia McCane, primer lugar. Ganadores de arte - cuarto grado (distrito) Los ganadores de arte del cuarto grado al nivel del distrito fueron: Primer lugar: Genaveve Miller, Primaria E.P. Rayzor; Segundo lugar: Felipe Olivera, Primaria Ginnings; Tercer lugar: Genevieve Youngs, Primaria Savannah; Cuarto lugar: Yrea Bellolio, Primaria Providence; Quinto lugar: Williem Bannick, Primaria Stephens; Sexto lugar: Jonah Lawrence, Primaria Houston. Ganadores de arte - quinto grado (distrito) Los ganadores de arte del quinto grado al nivel del distrito fueron: Primer lugar: Adela Splawn, Primaria Ginnings; Segundo lugar: Miro Posson, Primaria Newton Rayzor; Tercer lugar: Logan Hickman, Primaria E.P.

Rayzor; Cuarto lugar: Hanna Word, Primaria Houston; Quinto lugar: Savahanna Amaya, Primaria Evers Park; Sexto lugar: Julie Norton, Primaria McNair. Ganadores de arte - cuarto grado Los ganadores de arte del cuarto grado (por plantel educativo) fueron: EP Rayzor: Genaveve Miller, primer lugar; Anelise Hurst, segundo lugar, y Mackenzie Lyer, tercer lugar. Evers: Lauren Powers, primer lugar; Brisa Diaz, segundo lugar, y Juan Melendres, tercer lugar. Ginnings: Felipe Olvera, primer lugar; Yaxeni Hernyez-Salazar, segundo lugar, y Trinity Woodson, tercer lugar. Hodge: Patricia Barnes, primer lugar; Justin Robles, segundo lugar, y Taylor Thomas, tercer lugar. Houston: Jonah Lawrence, primer lugar; Victoria Picaso, segundo lugar, y Abbi Armey, tercer lugar. Newton Rayzor: Colette Bassett, primer lugar; Ruth Smith, segundo lugar, y Lilia Chesky, tercer lugar. Paloma Creek: Zannder Torres, primer lugar; Claire Smisek, segundo lugar, y Peter Larsen, tercer lugar. Providence: Yrea Bellolio, primer lugar; Brae Ruyle, segundo lugar, y Maxwell Robbins, tercer lugar. Rivera: Desiree Martin, primer lugar; Marisol Estrada, segundo lugar, y Jonah Frank, tercer lugar. W.S. Ryan: Avery Parker, primer lugar; Karen Angulo, segundo lugar, y Steven Dykes, tercer lugar. Savannah: Genevieve Youngs, primer lugar; LaciSheefer, segundo lugar, y Hannah Harkrider, tercer lugar. Stephens: Williem Bannick, primer lugar; Colin Desimone, segundo lugar, y Emma Pearson, tercer lugar. Wilson: Brooklynn Burke, primer lugar; Lauren Oyer, segundo lugar, y Sarah Harrod, tercer lugar. Ganadores de arte - quinto grado Los ganadores de arte del quinto grado (por plantel educativo) fueron: Cross Oaks: Joel Segovia, primer lugar; Hailey Vega, segundo CONTEST | CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

Kid Clubhouse

Artistic Endeavors

Students in Stephanie Halberstadt’s art classes at Hawk Elementary recently showcased some of their latest artistic creations. Among these works were (clockwise from top left): fifth graders Seth Mazurek and Maddi Thomas’ interpretations of winter settings, third grader Gabriel Sanchez’s interpretation of the abstract work of Henri Matisse, and second grader Yenna Hall’s interpretation of Georgia O’Keeffe’s famous floral paintings.

January 2013 Monday



George Washington marries Martha Dandridge (1759)







School Holiday

School Holiday

School Holiday

School Holiday

Golden Gate Bridge construction begins French educator Louis (1933) Braille born (1809)






Teacher Staff Development

Beginning of Fourth Six Weeks

Daguerre proclaims invention of daguerreotype (1839)

Radar signals bouncing off Moon detected for first time (1946)







12 Writer Jack London born (1876)

Musician Elvis Presley born (1935)




Industrialist Henry Ford patents plastic automobile construction (1942)

Zoologist Dian Fossey born (1932)



Astronaut Buzz Aldrin born (1930)

Martin Luther King Holiday






U.S. banned sale of presliced bread during WWII (1943)

Writer Edgar Allan Poe born (1809)



Writer Virginia Wolfe born (1882)

India achieves independence (1950)

The Concorde begins regular service (1976)




Vietnam War ends (1973)

Space shuttle Challenger explodes (1986)

First machine for rolling ice cream cones patented (1924)



Birth flower: Carnation Visit for more information on Denton Independent School District events and holidays. Learn more about the historical events and information on this calendar by visiting the Encyclopedia Britannica at

Star Student lugar, y Jalen Gentry, tercer lugar. EP Rayzor: Logan Hickman, primer lugar; Ben Baker, segundo lugar, y Yrew Fritz, tercer lugar. Evers: Savahanna Amaya, primer lugar; Rachel Capone, segundo lugar, y Meghan Gibson, tercer lugar. Ginnings: Adela Splawn, primer lugar; Matthew Caster, segundo lugar, y Baylee Robichaux, tercer lugar. Hodge: Lizbeth Lopez, primer lugar; Mathilda Hopkins, segundo lugar, y Edson Rivera, tercer lugar. Houston: Hanna Word, primer lugar; Adrianne McCane, segundo lugar, y Jaida Maltez, tercer lugar. McNair: Julie Norton, primer lugar; Tyler Powell, segundo lugar; no tercer lugar. Newton Rayzor: MiroPosson, primer lugar; Anthony Romero, segundo lugar; no tercer lugar. Paloma Creek: Jack Wyrick, primer lugar; Ifeoluwasimi Yessuff, segundo lugar, y Zakareya McReynoldsMuse, tercer lugar. Pecan Creek: Lauren Isenhower, primer lugar; Preston Oliver, segundo lugar, y Megan Roberts, tercer lugar. Providence: Abby Buettner, primer lugar; Dwayne Younger, segundo lugar, y McKenna Palacios, tercer lugar. Rivera: Olivea Bunch, primer lugar; Tristan Mack, segundo lugar, y Hope Atkinson, tercer lugar. W.S. Ryan: Stephany Guerrero, primer lugar; Juana Loyola, segundo lugar, y Alejyro Pizarro, tercer lugar. Savannah: Tatum Kosanke, primer lugar; Ben Blackmore, segundo lugar, y Jorden Rhode, tercer lugar. Stephens: Brayden Wyatt, primer lugar; Noah Cook, segundo lugar, y Kelsie Wilson, tercer lugar. Wilson: Dakayla Washington, primer lugar; Armyo De La Rosa, segundo lugar, y Hayden Abbott, tercer lugar.

Please recycle this Kid Life magazine

KRISTJAN FELTES Name: Kristjan Isaac Feltes Nickname: Kris Community/school activities: wrestling School/grade: WS Ryan Elementary, third grade Birthdate/place: Mansfield, Texas Family: Mom – Katy;

Dad – Brad; Brother – Ryder; Sister – Aubrey; Little Brother - Dane My hobbies are: Wrestling, riding my bike, video games; riding my dirtbike My favorite school subject is: Science When I finish school I plan to: Make my own

job and get money

McReynolds-Muse, third place. Pecan Creek: Lauren Isenhower, first place; Preston Oliver, second place, and Megan Roberts, third place. Providence: Abby Buettner, first place; Dwayne Younger, second place, and McKenna Palacios, third place. Rivera: Olivea Bunch,


place. Newton Rayzor: MiroPosson, first place; Anthony Romero, second place; no third place. Paloma Creek: Jack Wyrick, first place; Ifeoluwasimi Yessuff, second place, and Zakareya

Carrie’s Princess Characters

The best book I ever read was: Titanic The best movie I’ve ever seen is: Titanic I wish I knew how to: play football I’m so sick of: playing baseball My worst habit is: not doing my homework My favorite restaurant

first place; Tristan Mack, second place, and Hope Atkinson, third place. W.S. Ryan: Stephany Guerrero, first place; Juana Loyola, second place, and Alejandro Pizarro, third place. Savannah: Tatum Kosanke, first place; Ben Blackmore, second

is: Texas Roadhouse My hero is: My Dad The best summer memory I ever had was: going swimming If I had $100 I would: try to buy a house and a car My goal for this year is to: Eat the most Cheeze-its

place, and Jorden Rhode, third place. Stephens: Brayden Wyatt, first place; Noah Cook, second place, and Kelsie Wilson, third place. Wilson: Dakayla Washington, first place; Armando De La Rosa, second place, and Hayden Abbott, third place.

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January events offered at Denton libraries 9 It’s a Girl Thing! A book club for moms and daughters! Join us for refreshments and book discussion. Best for girls ages 9- 12. 01/16 Fairest by Gail Carson Levine South Branch Library 4 pm B.O.Y.S. - Boys Only Yucky Stories Calling all boys grades 2 – 5! Join the yuckiest book club ever! We’ll read and talk about funny, yucky and gross stories. You won’t have to sit still while we talk because you will be too busy with funny, gross or downright bizarre projects. Each month a new book and exciting activity. 01/17 Stink and the World’s Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers by Megan McDonald

Thursdays Emily Library 6:30 pm


LEGO Builders Club Drop in and get creative by building with the library’s LEGOs. A different theme is picked for each month and kids can build on that theme or build a creation of their own. Meets every third Friday of the month Ages 6 and up. Friday 01/18 Emily Fowler Library 4 pm Preschool Play and Read Help your child’s early literacy skills while having fun as a family! This come-and-go program offers children age-appropriate games, activities and crafts that assist in developing pre-reading skills. For children ages 3-5 and their care-

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givers. Wednesday 01/23 South Branch Library 9:30-10:30 am Saturday 01/19 North Branch

Library 10-11 am

months) for this evening Toddler Time that promotes literacy and

Twilight Toddler Time Bring your toddler (ages 12-24



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(940) 320-6023

Tr “No y Our $5 Strin 0 gs” S .00 peci al!

We will enhance their public school music participation or can be an alternative to public school music programs.

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Achieve It! Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheerleading and Fitness for Kids!

Get a jump on the competition with gymnastics in the off season! Gymnastics develops strength, flexibility, balance and coordination and will improve your skills in any sport you play!

January Fun at Achievers in Denton! Offering classes for ages 4 months and up! Recreational fun and exercise!

Register today at Achievers For For more more Information Information

Call Achievers at 940-484-4900 or or visit visit ar Happy New Ye rs ve ie ch A from LZ


January 2013

Lunchbox Bites


January 2013

Cinnamon Chip Scones Makes 18 Servings Prep Time: 15 min Cook Time: 15 min Ingredients 1 egg 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon ginger 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 teaspoon allspice 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/16 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup unsalted butter 1/2 cup 1 percent low-fat milk

1 1/2 cups cinnamon baking chips Preheat over to 400F and warm butter to room temperature. Combine flour, granulated sugar, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, baking soda, baking powder and salt in a large bowl. Cut chunks of butter and blend into mixture until it resembles coarse crumbs. Combine milk, egg and vanilla in a small bowl. With a wooden spoon, slowly blend into flower mixture until soft, then add cinnamon chips.

Scoop out batter using a 1/4cup measure and place onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper about an inch apart. Bake about 15 minutes until light golden brown. Nutritional Facts Calories: 239 Fat: 11 g Saturated Fat: 1 g Cholesterol: 26 mg Sodium: 161 mg Protein: 4 g Carbohydrates: 30 g - Recipe courtesy of American Profile

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caregiver bonding. Tuesday 01/8 Emily Fowler Library 6:30 pm LEGO Builders Club Extra Join us for an extra LEGO building day during the school break. Drop in and make something with the library’s LEGOs. Ages 6 and up.

Friday 01/4 Emily Fowler Library 4 pm Snowy StoryTime Celebrate snow with stories, songs, and crafts. Best for ages 1 to 5. Tuesday 01/15 North Branch Library 7 pm

Join us to learn all about snowflakes and how snow forms. We will read snow books, create snow crafts, and other fun snowy activities. Best for ages 6-8. Wednesday 01/16 North Branch Library 4 pm

Sundays 9:30 am Kids Life Groups (1st & 2nd) Kids Worship (3rd-5th) 11:00 am Kids Worship (1st & 2nd) Kids Life Groups (3rd-5th) 5:00 pm Kids Choir (Kind.-5th) Wednesdays 6:00 pm AWANA Discipleship (Kind.-5th)


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• Ages 5 – 15 • Beginning – Intermediate Levels




Science Explorers: Snow

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Head of the Class


Mary Beth Pierce is 2012 Jostens Cross Oaks Teacher of the Year Mary Beth Pierce has been a teacher for more than six years, all coming within Denton ISD. Mrs. Pierce joined Denton ISD as a first-grade teacher at Pecan Creek Elementary a year after the school opened in 2003. She stayed there until 2010, when she helped open Cross Oaks Elementary as a kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Pierce is the kindergarten grade level chair, a member of the Cross Oaks school leadership team, a current member of the district’s math curriculum writing team and a past CHAMPS trainer. She is also a volunteer with Girl

Principal Profile

Meet E.P. Rayzor principal Mary Ellen Dunlevy

Scouts of America. Mrs. Pierce is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies.

Peggy Reuling is 2012 Jostens Rivera Teacher of the Year Mrs. Reuling is in her 11th year of teaching, with the last eight coming in Denton ISD. Mrs. Reuling began her career as a fifth-grade language arts teacher in Dallas ISD. She started out as a second grade teacher, when she joined the district in 2005, at Rivera Elementary. She has remained at Rivera, switching over to teach first-grade before landing her current spot as a fourth-grade language arts teacher. Mrs. Reuling serves as a mentor for student teachers at the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University, is a

member of the Association of Texas Professional Educators and has taught campuses classes for teachers on reading and comprehension. She is a TWU graduate.

Academic Associates Reading Center Reading Success for Children, Teens & Adults

Karen Weidner 940-595-3937


Family Development And Behavioral Health Services (FDBHS) Individual and Group Counseling Family Counseling Play Therapy Case Management Most Insurance Plans offered 3300 Sundown Blvd Denton, Texas 76210 940.383.8801(main) 940.383.1609 (fax)

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Name: Mary Ellen Dunlevy My School: E.P. Rayzor My School’s mascot: Red Wolf Where you were born: Dayton, Ohio My favorite food is: Chocolate My favorite color is: Red My favorite subject in school was: Reading My favorite teacher was: Mrs. Petrosky My most memorable moment as a child was: Going on vacations with my family. Do you have any pets? Yes, four dogs My hobbies are: Running and Reading The best movie I’ve ever seen is: The Insiders My favorite thing about my school is: The students, teachers, and parents.

Comprehensive Mental and Behavioral Health Services

• Free Assessment • Dramatic Reading Results • One to One Instruction • No Contract

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January 2013

Free estimates...


FDBHS is currently seeking Licensed LPC, LMFT, LCSW and RNs FDBHS is privately owned and all services are confidential and provided by Licensed Professional Staff





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January 2013

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