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LMC Content Creation

Using the LMC Make-Up Template This tutorial will show you how to: * hide & show layers * use the layer masks to easily change the colors/shapes

* use the blending options * give you an overview of whats included * FAQs & trouble shooting

When you open the file you will find themed folders in the layers window. Each folder contains the pre-done make-up layers, as well as the template layer mask for you to change.

To open the folders click on the little triangle at the front of the folder to bring up its contents. To hide or show individual layers you can click the little eye in it. Lets change the eybrow color using the layer mask: 1) open the “EYEBROW” folder 2) open the “LAYER MASKS” folder 3) select the “Eyebrow 4” layer by clicking the left layer thumbnail be sure to hide all other layers in the “EYEBROW” folder

4) select any foreground color 5) choose the “bucket tool”

6) fill the layer by clicking anywhere on the picture using the bucket You will see the eyebrow’s color change

To apply the layer mask click on the layer mask thumbnail & click the little bin at the bottom. A pop up menu will appear, choose “apply” and hit ok.

Your layer will now look like this.

Important: * remember to always keep a copy of the original layer mask or it will be lost. * you can do this with any of the layer masks * to change the layer mask itself select it and draw/erase on it using black & white * white will show the underlying color base, black will hide it * layer masks are similar to the alpha channel but are only applied to the layer they are on

File contents and overview Overview

Eye & Skin base




Eyeshadow highlights

Eyeshadow example

Lips 1

Lips 2

Fake lashes Lash examples

Eyebrow examples

Lipstick examples

Eyeliner examples

Eyeshadow examples

The Eyeshadow comes in multiple layers. Mix & match colors, highlights and shapes for a unique look

The shown examples are only a small abridgement of what is possible with this LMC Make-Up Kit! FAQs


I can’t open the file by double clicking Go to PS and open the file manually by selecting it

(c) LMC, All Rights Reserved Content creation only Buying this product you agree to the following according to the TOS of the online game Second Life, the TOS of and the legislation about copyrights related to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act: These templates are only for private use. You may not, print, copy, distribute or disclose them to anyone. You are authorized to use them only in order to create your own clothes that you may sell/give away as clothes! The violation of this agreement at any way means a copyright infringement that could set your self under the risk of a prosecution and a DMCA take down notice.

When I change the color it goes all weird but doesnt show the color I chose Make sure the blending mode of the layer is set to “Normal” I chose a lighter/darker color for the eyeshadow/lips now the shading/highlighting looks weird Go to the highlight/shading folder and adjust the opacity or blending mode I saved the make-up but the skin tone doesn’t match the tone of the rest of my skin Be sure to replace the default skin tone by the skin tone you are using for the rest of your skin I did some changed to the make-up and integrated it to my own skin, can I sell the TGAs full perm NO. But you may sell the finished skin full perm

You may under no circumstances sell any product which was created using LMC elements as PSD files or textures.


Learn how to effectively use the LMC Make-UP Kit I for Skin Creation