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June, 2007

Voume 1, No. 2

Draggin’ At Atco!

Gatti vs. Gomez

All This and More Inside! Phillies-Are they stinkin’ Losers?

Meet Felicia! This month’s Sporting Life Pin-Up

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Se Habla Espanol!

The Undertaker Will he kill at Wrestemania? New Feature!

David Negreanu on Poker

So you Think You Know Poker

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3rd Annual Custom Motorcycle BikeFest

The Custom bikes on display Live music

Ride-In Show

Vendors on display Variety of cafes, pubs & restaurants

Custom Motorcycle Show

Saturday, June 2, 2007 (Rain Date: Sunday, June 3, 2007)

2:00 to 5:00 PM Glasstown Arts District Downtown Millville, NJ

Classes Custom Production Custom Foreign Vintage (pre-1982) Sportster Artistic People’s Choice

Unique shops & art galleries

1st Place ......$200 2nd Place ......$100 3rd Place ......$50

People’s Choice ....$100

Registration fee: Single $15, Couple $25 Welcome Party/Early Registration: Friday, June 1 • 6-9 PM on Glasstown Plaza Benefits Art Creates Excellence (ACE) youth summer program

Featuring Michele Smith, Hostess of Speed Channels “American Thunder” 1-6 PM

Funded by the Urban Enterprise Program

Page 2

Editor’s desk

by Louis Mascolo

An Introduction to our Talented Sport Writers

Cash Prizes All Classes

“Tour de’ Swamp” 75 mile Poker Run Registration and start time between 10 & 11:30 AM

Main Street Millville is hosting the 3rd Annual Custom Motorcycle BikeFest 2007. Along with the motorcycle competition, enjoy live bands, eclectic shops, galleries and a wide variety of restaurants.

June 2007

Millville, NJ A Main Street NJ Community

To register or for more information, call: 1.800.887.4957 •


e got the first issue of South Jersey Sporting Life out and on the streets on time last month, and we seem to be getting excellent reviews. We had a lot of fun putting this issue together and hope it is equally well received. Just an introduction to our writers, a mixed bag of experience an inexperience with one thing in common…they know they’re stuff. Cameron Wilson, our Phillies/Eagles expert has been an avid fan since childhood. This is his first effort as a sports writer, and if you had a chance to read his last month’s column, you already know how good he is. Nance Piazza, our dirt bike mom, is relatively new to writing but has shown some real talent. She, her husband and two sons all ride together and are dirt bike mavens. Roy Foreman, ex-heavyweight champ, George’s brother, knows boxing. He’s been in it his entire life and can be found at every major fight in the country. He offers a unique, insider view of the professional boxing world. Sam “Speed” Messina, our man at the auto track, previously covered the beat with South Jersey Outdoor Guide, and continues his in depth coverage of all aspects of auto racing. Gary Monterosso is being dubbed “America’s Beer Authority” and has been quickly moving up the beverage connoisseur ladder. He regularly appears on radio and TV dispensing valuable information on all aspects of beer. Jason Grover is photographer, turned sportswriter. Actually, he’s both. He’s covering our extreme sports beat, cage wrestling, Le Parkour, anything that’s new, extreme and edgy. This is his first try at sports writing and is learning fast. Scott Tomjack is a total wrestling nut.

He too, is a first time writer, but he’s awesome. The depth of his knowledge of pro wrestlers is amazing, and his run down on who, when, how and why in the wrestling biz is phenomenal. Doug Skinner is a fishing pro. He’s caught them all, and he’s been writing about the sport for years. He provides us with great information, tips and advice on where to find the big ones. We’ll be adding other regular contributors as we grow, but this is a great hard core group of aficionados who know their subject matter. If you’ve got an expertise and would like to contribute, get in touch with us. Email a sample of your work and background to Sorry old typewriter users; it’s a new world. Word processors and email are the way we work. Hope you enjoy this issue and send in your comments and suggestions for improvement.

Call Us to be in the next issue of South Jersey

Sporting Life 856-982-4083 1370 S. Main Rd., #4, Vineland, NJ 08360 856-982-4083

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Your Guide to the South Jersey Outdoor & Sporting World

June 2007

June 2007

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Inside 4|

Dirt Bikin’! Perfect Style You know how to ride, but do you do it with style?


By Nance Piazza

Are they Stinkin’ Losers? Don’t drink the Kook Aid yet, there’s still hope. By Cameron Wilson

Dead Man Rules the World There may be no stopping the Undertaker


by Scott Tomjack

Arturo Gatti...the boxer’s boxer!


The Gatti vs. Gomez fight, one not to be missed!

By Roy Foreman

How “America’s Beer Authority” Got His TV Baptism Under Brew Gary Learns some TV lessons on “Christina Cooks.”By Gary Monterosso

So You Like Poker, Aye?


Poker Guru, Daniel Negreau talks about Pot Odds!

Captivating Felicia--our June Pin Up!


This pretty, young blond will make you fall in love!


Vineland’s New OTB Reviewed! The first New Jersey OTB is high class, upscale and ready to take your money. By Louis Mascolo

Sam Speed Heads to Atco The Philadelphia Modifiers & Old Time Drag Show burn up some rubber!




By Sam Messina

Le Parkour: l’art du déplacement (the art of movement) New sport has kids taking big jumps, twists & flips!

The Adirondacks...just a little more!

Jersey is Good, but upstate New York is incredible By Doug Skinner

! s Plu

By Jason Grover


11| 3Ds Next Dimension 14| Blue Angels Air Show Lands at Millville Airport Memorial Day 16| Wheel & Keels Scores Big with Speedboats and Classic Cars 20| “It Was This Big!” - Big Fish Pics from Local Fishermen 22| Joke Box & Crossword

Dirt Bikin’

What’s Hot in the South Jersey Outdoor & Sporting World

By Nance Piazza

Perfect Style! Do you know what you’re doing? Do you have riding style? When I say riding style, I don’t mean the gear you have on. Riding style is a combination of body positions and techniques a good motocross rider utilizes every time he gets on his bike, during practice or racing. Some riders think riding style doesn’t matter as long as they appear to be going fast, but fast isn’t everything if you have no control. Eventually they’re going to lose it and motocross crashes can be violent. You won’t be feeling so fast when you get passed or worse yet—lapped. The better your riding style the more control you have over the bike the faster you can go. That is what separates the amateurs from the experts. Watch any Pro Rider and their riding style is never off, it’s deadon the entire race. A good start off the gate, holding that throttle wide open and good riding style can be the difference between winning or losing a race. ELBOWS OUT: Ride with your elbows out. Sit on

the bike and put your arms straight to the handle bars and put your elbows out. That is how they should be the entire time you ride. You don’t want your elbows dropped down because if you go into a rough section the bars will shake in your hands and more then likely you’ll crash. If your elbows are out {takes discipline} you will have more control because the bars won’t be able to turn as easy in your hands, you’ll be able to hold them better, making the bike easier to control. GRIPPING You always want to grip the bike with your legs. From the lower part of your thighs down a rider should be squeezing the bike with their legs the entire time, riding or racing. This will avoid becoming squirrelly. If a rider goes through a whoop section not holding on with their legs the bike can bounce side-to-side in between the legs and you can swap-out and crash. Not good. LAYING IT DOWN Going into a turn you should have elbows out, slide up onto the front of the seat almost to the gas tank. Turning left, your left foot come’s off the peg and extends out toward the front wheel. Turning right, the opposite. It’s balance and safety.

If you start to get stuck in a rut you can put your foot down and avoid falling and recover. Sliding your body up-onto the gas tank allows a rider to turn better, keeping the handle-bars close to the body to lay the bike down farther. If your sitting way back on the seat and you attempt to lay the bike

May 2007 over you can slip off the back, lose control and slide out in the turn, usually getting run-over. That’s gotta hurt. WHOOPS Section Whoop sections of a track are very demanding on a rider, correct body positioning is key to successfully navigating quickly through the whoops. Your rump should be over the back-fender of the bike and you should be standing { like a jockey on a horse} lower legs squeezing, elbows out. You want to shift-up one gear right before going into the whoops even if your bike bogs a little. You do not want your front wheel to drop-down into the whoops, you want your front tire to skim over the top of each whoop quickly, skipping a few if possible. Wheellying through the whoops would be ideal...we’ll leave that to the pro’s. SITTING vs. STANDING Any time a rider takes on a track whether it be for practice or racing , except for turns, seat- bounce-

"Perfect Style!" Vinny Piazza 16 of Buena has 'riding style'

Page 4 jumps and a few other brief moments here and there, a rider should always be in a semi-standing position. Standing will make you go faster and give you over-all control of your bike. Tracks are never smooth, so if you are sitting and encounter a rough section you could be bucked-off the bike, unlike if you had been standing you could’ve ripped right through it. The bike may be bouncing around underneath you, but you’ll be fine. LOOKING AHEAD Keeping your head up and your eyes focused on what lies ahead will actually make you go faster. A rider can make a better judgement on when to shift up or down and choose lines before reaching them. Looking ahead prepares a rider to automatically adjust his riding style to tackle each section of a track. All tracks are different. If your not looking ahead, a rough section of track could sneak up on you quickly, and take you out by surprise. Not fun. Riding Style takes practice and discipline, but the pay-off is invaluable. A rider with perfected riding style can sometimes beatout a faster rider with no style, because Mr. ‘No Style’ guaranteed— will at some point swap-out, violently crash or be taken-out because of his ‘out-of-control’ riding. Meticulous attention to riding style will dramatically improve any riders performance, regardless of ability, age or bike size. Stand-up, elbows out, eyes straight ahead, squeeze that bike and get on the gas!

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What’s Hot in the South Jersey Outdoor & Sporting World



May 2007

Page 5

Are They Stinkin’ Losers?

By Cameron Wilson

Yeah, I’ll be the first to admit, I was sipping heavy on the Phillies’ Kool-Aid. I

was first in line, ready to tell anyone that would listen how much potential this team had. The pieces were finally in place to make a serious run at a playoff spot. The first two

decides NOT to pinch hit and let his pitcher hit. His reasoning? Charlie through his immense mental process decides that if he does use Howard, the opposing team will just walk Howard, leaving him vulnerable to injury if he has to run the base path. So rather than having the bases loaded with the top of the line due to bat,

Philadelphia Phillies' Shane Victorino, right, is greeted at home plate by teammate, and All Starr bound, Jimmy Rollins after Victorino's two-run home run in the ninth inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks The Phillies won that one 9-3. Victorino

weeks of the season had me eating my words with a shovel. Pitching blunders, fielding mistakes, cold bats and managerial mishaps all contributed to yet another painfully slow start to the baseball season. So am I ready to throw in the towel on the 2007 season? A resounding NO is my answer! There have been plenty of times when I have come close to starting my countdown to Eagles training camp, but have held strong to baseball. It hasn’t been easy, though. For example: Two outs, two men on base, it’s the top of the eighth inning. Phils are down by one with the next batter due up in the nine spot is the relief pitcher. Ryan Howard is available to pinch hit, as he did not start this game being one of his days off, nursing a sore thigh. Your manager, Uncle Charlie

he lets his pitcher strike out. It may be beating a dead horse, but I am fairly certain there are ten year olds who could make better coaching decisions than Charlie Manuel. He doesn’t realize that if Ryan Howard gets walked, you can pinch-run for him! He doesn’t realize that having the bases loaded with the top of the line up coming up is better than having a pitcher hit! Instead of managing to win, it seems more and more he manages to “stay in the game”. He feels that if his team can hang around long enough, they can climb back in the game and steal a victory. The only problem with that is the fact that he doesn’t have the pitching to “hang around”. Stevie Wonder could see that Tom Gordon was laboring and yet Manuel continued to

use him game after game after game. There are whispers from the Phillies clubhouse that he stuck with Gordon for so long out of loyalty to his grizzled veteran closer. I commend Charlie on his loyalty, but loyalty does not win games. Loyalty especially does not cover the fact that after Gordon was placed on the DL, it was reported that he has been hurt from the very first game! So why was he pitching? Furthermore, if it was known he was hurt, why didn’t the GM try harder to get bullpen help? Finally, if Brett Myers was moved to the bullpen to close, why wasn’t he allowed to close for an injured Gordon? He is there, use him! So Pat Gillick says he would have signed a closer if there were one available, but if they were going to eventually going to move Myers to the bullpen (and we all know they were because the story leaked in March) then why not have Brett close in spring training, so he would be ready by opening day? So many questions, just politically correct answers. Despite injuries and inept coaching, the Phillies have remained just one hot streak away from getting right back in the NL east race. Freddy Garcia hasn’t proven to be the innings eater we had hoped he would be, but there is hope he will catch fire soon. Jon Lieber and Jamie Moyer have given solid efforts, but I am especially happy with how Cole Hamels has pitched. He has a 4-1 record and even has a complete game under his belt. If he gives up a big hit, he is quick to settle down, which is almost a requirement to being an ace in the league. The three break out performers I have been most surprised pleased with are starters Shane Victorino and Aaron Rowand as well as utility bench player Michael Bourn. Victorino had a slow April, but with the turn of the calendar

has really come into his own. He needs to learn how to steal better, there have been a few times where he has been caught stealing making bonehead mistakes, but his upside is something to keep an eye on. Bourn has turned himself into the first man off the bench with his effective defense and knack for stealing bases at critical times. Rowand has caught my eye the most this season. Batting as low as seventh he has now climbed as high as third in the line up. He has been no lower than 5th in most of the NL offensive categories, solidifying himself as a dependable hitter. Can he sustain this output? Conventional wisdom says no. Rollins and Utley have basically locked up All-Star roster spots, at the time I wrote this Rollins was leading the NL in home runs, and Pat the Bat has actually played decent. Ryan Howard’s slump has been blamed on a nagging quad injury as well as an off-season

that had him traveling the “award” circuit, attending numerous banquets as the NL MVP, not leaving much time for workouts. I personally believe that Ryan is just pressing too much with his swing. The expectations he feels have to be enormous, his first two seasons as productive as they were. I have no doubt he will find his swing in time to have another great season. Is it tempting to bust out the Eagle Green? Absolutely, but there is something about baseball that just won’t let me give up yet. The Phils have a ten game home-stand coming up against the Cubs, Brewers, and Blue Jays so this could be the start of something good. A very attainable 7-3 record would boost morale greatly and really crank things up in time for summer. If not… well we could always spend summer wondering why Andy drafted a quarterback as the Eagles first pick in the draft.

Why is Charlie Manuel Laughing?

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Hard Knocks The Dead Man about to give King Booker some Soup Bones


Dead Man Rules the World by Scott Tomjack


ello wrestling fans, and welcome to another edition of Hard Knocks, the no BS hardcore wrestling column that lays the smack down each and every month right here in The South Jersey Sporting Life. For those of you who have been living under a rock, here’s a news flash. The most feared, talented, and devastating wrestler in the squared circle today is now 15 – 0 at the biggest sports entertainment show of the year, the Super Bowl of professional wrestling, WrestleMania. And guess what? As a result of his latest WrestleMania victory over WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista, this wrestler now holds over his head The Big Gold of the World Heavyweight Championship strap for the very first time. This wrestler is known as The Lord of Darkness, The American Badass, The Red Devil, Big Evil, Dead Man Walking, The

Demon of Death Valley, The Phenom, the one and only, The Undertaker! Seriously though, is anyone surprised? Really?! When the topic comes up as to who the greatest wrestler of all time is, his name has to not only be in the discussion but it also must be regarded as a favorite. At almost 7 feet tall and somewhere in the 300 pound plus range, The Undertaker is truly as big a name and as tough a customer as they come. His accolades are the stuff of legends. 15-0 at WrestleMania, 2007 Royal Rumble Winner, 7 time WCW/WWF Tag Team Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion, 4 time WWF/WWE Champion, and now WWE World Heavyweight Champion! Can you say “Total Domination”?! In fact his first 10 years in the WWF/WWE were regarded as “The Decade of Destruction”. Now with his fifteenth straight victory and World Title in hand, it seems that The Undertaker is well on his way to a second decade of domination and destruction. With all this being said, there was a time when life was not always wine and roses for the Dead Man. As we hop into the way back machine to 1990 a little known, very large and under utilized mid-card wrestler named “Mean “ Mark Callous was being released from his working contract with World Championship Wrestling. It seems that even though he had worked The Great American Bash show of that year against the NWA United States Champion Lex Luger (which he went on to lose) , “Mean” Mark was told by the management of WCW that there was no longer a spot for him. So in the late

June 2007 The Undertaker Tombstomb piledrove Hulk Hogan on top of steel chair to capture his first ever WWF Championship. All this occurring less than one year after WCW decided they couldn’t use him! Ironic how some years later Vince McMahon used all the money that “Mean” Mark generated for him as The Undertaker to go out and actually buy WCW. Most of this literal boat load of money was made at the big events and pay-per-views. The Undertaker simply epitomizes what the Main Event of a big show or pay-per-view is all about. The Undertaker created or a was a part of numerous memorable specialty matches that were all showcased on pay-per-view, among them are The Inferno Match, The Casket Match, The Buried Alive Match, The Boiler Room Brawl, The Last Ride Match,

Page 6 Undertaker simply shows up at WrestleMania, walks down the ramp, the bell rings and then “The beatings will now begin!” The list of those who have tried to end this sick and twisted Groundhog’s Day and have fallen short are all huge stars of the business. “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel, Sycho Sid, Kane, The Big Show, Randy Orton, Triple H, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, and “The Animal” Batista to name a small portion. And if he didn’t get you at Wrestlemania he beat you someplace else. Household names, Hall of Famers, and classic champions like Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Bret “Hitman” Hart, “HBK” Shaun Michaels , “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Rob Van Dam, John Cena and The Rock have all fallen to The Un-

summer of 1990 WCW released “Mean” Mark Callous and sent him packing. Now they don’t call Vince McMahon a billionaire for nothing. In October of 1990 when “Mean” Mark Callous, whose real name is Mark Calaway, was looking for a job after being kicked to the curb by WCW, Vince McMahon took a gamble and signed the wrestler to a WWF contract. More often than not, when Vince gamR.I.P. Batista as The Phenom becomes bles, Vince wins, and Vince the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion won big with his new recruit Mark Calaway. In NovemThe Punjabi Prison Match, and dertaker. The list is seemingly ber of 1990 The Undertaker most famous of all, The Hell in endless. debuted and was here to stay. This brings us to the presHailing from Death Valley, a Cell Match. ent day Dead Man. The UnSpeaking of large events and dressed as a type of old dertaker is the WWE World and pay-per-views it simply western undertaker who posHeavyweight Champion and is doesn’t get any bigger than sessed supernatural powers, looking as tough as ever. Not WrestleMania, and in case you With his uncanny combination only did he defeat Batista at hadn’t noticed, at WrestleMaof size, speed, skill, agility, WrestleMania but he also nia, The Undertaker simply toughness, and brilliant gimfought Batista to a draw at does not lose. mick The Undertaker has been BackLash in a Last Man StandBill Cosby in his legendary unstoppable since Day 1. With ing Match for the WWE World standup performance titled his manager Paul Bearer by his Heavyweight Title. Even “Bill Cosby Himself “ spoke side The Undertaker rolled in though the match was a draw about his children and how to 1991’s WrestleMania VII “The same thing happens every The Undertaker retained his where he simply destroyed the title and is poised for revenge. legendary WWE Hall of Famer night” at his house. Well, The Undertaker’s house is Wrestle- Just how long can this reign of “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka. His Mania and the same thing hap- terror last? Who knows. But carnage did not stop there rumors are now running rampens every night. The when at 1991’s Survivor Series pant that The Undertaker The Undertaker dropping a might have seriously injured huge Guillotine leg drop on The his biceps during his last Animal at Wrestlemania 23 match with Batista at Backlash. This injury if true, would be very similar to an injury The Undertaker suffered back in the winter of 2000 when he first injured his bicep. So will The Undertaker’s World Title reign continue? Will he be able to fight through this injury and continue to squash his opponents? Check it out for yourself and watch it all play out by tuning in to “Friday Night Smackdown” at 8pm every Friday on CW !

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Arturo “Thunder” Gatti, not to be missed! Why does everybody love Arturo Gatti? "He's a warrior, that's why" said promoter Lou DiBella By Roy Foreman


June 2007

Calling All Dirty Minds!

zo KKinkyiAdultn kPrizes!y QGreatuSociali zAtmosphere!



e’s not very big and there is never a frown or snarl on his face when you meet him, and he’s a gentleman in every way until he gets in the ring. I am talking about Arturo “ Thunder “ Gatti, the Real Fighter, and, yes, it is true he has never met a fist he didn’t like, but he’s has been responsible for some of the biggest fights and crowds in Atlantic City; you could almost say he is a boxing franchise . When Gatti fights, like the old commercial use to say, people watch and even in defeat he never lets you down. Gatti’s name may not show up as one of history’s

are all worthy of Hall of Fame Honors, and when the time comes for him to hang up the gloves we should all make reservation five years from the date for Canastota for Arturro will be there. I really hate to tarnish this article by mentioning this and all apologies to Gatti, but if anyone expected anymore than what they got from the Golden Boy and Pretty Boy, you were suckered. I told you they used all of the gimmicks and tricks they could to get you to shell out e record amount to watch what really amounted to a dance, and your reward--talk of a re-

Page 7


$1. Pints L T H E A Lj A $3 Jager ! S T A R M $5 Jager Bombs

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FRIDAY 9 pm til close

Gatti readies a left at Thomas DamGaaard in a January, 2007 fight. all time Pay-to-watch, but if you missed him, you did not get your money’s worth. This summer Gatti will fight in AC and no doubt people will come to see. Not for the stars ringside or the glitter that surrounds the event, but for the fact they will see a real fighter-one who will put out to make sure you will not be suckered. The memorable fights he had against Ivan Robinson , Mickey Ward and Floyd Mayweather to name a few

match because they were such good guys. Oscar’s take will be about 30-35 million and Floyd’s around 12-15 million dollars. I do not know about you, but they got their money’s worth. Do yourself a favor the next time you want to see a real fight look and see if Arturo Gatti is in it. If not, think real hard about the purchase of that ticket. You can email Roy Foreman

Where & When Arturo Gatti vs. Alfonso Gomez July 24th, 2007 Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City, NJ

Arturo Gatti

Alfonso Gomez


Captain Morgan Drinks!

18 Lunch Specials Only $2.99

Mon-Fri 11am to 3pm

Coming Soon! Outdoor Deck!!!

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June 2007

Page 8

How “America’s Beer Authority” Got his TV Baptism Under Brew By Gary Monterosso On the Set of “Christina Cooks”... or “You Gotta Laugh or You’ll Cry”


n late April, I was invited to tape an episode of “Christina Cooks,” the popular television program seen on CN8 (Comcast) and PBS. The actual production was done in a newly-built house in Media, PA, a breathtaking threestory edifice that recently sold for $999,000 and change. When you get into those figures, what does a little “change” do to affect things? The new owners aren’t scheduled to move into the building for another month, so the Pirello’s rented it at a price tag that was about 15% of what it would cost to build a working kitchen. I really had no idea as to what I was going to be doing on Christina’s new show, one that will feature more than the preparation of various dishes in Ms. Pirello’s all-natural style. Robert, her husband, mentioned via email that Christina would be preparing a dish from one of her cookbooks with beer as an ingredient. With that in mind, I brought six beers of varying styles, in hopes one of them might do the trick. I was asked to arrive at the set by 11 a.m. on that day for makeup. I suggested that perhaps I should get there earlier as it may take a bit longer to work on my face. I did just that. After getting miked for the kitchen set, Robert appeared and directed Christina to refer to me as “America’s Beer Authority,” my billing on “Beer Radio,” the program I do weekly on the Sirius Satellite Radio network. I was told that Christina would be cooking pasta and artichoke hearts and that I’d select a beer to add to the vegetables, then stir the contents. Christina said she wanted to keep the segment light and funny, something that did not disappoint me at all. Because I wasn’t certain as to how I should dress, I opted for a suit and tie, figuring it is better to overdo it

than the opposite. Christina saw me and said, “That suit has to go. Take your jacket off and loosen the tie. Are you wearing a ‘wife-beater’ tee-shirt underneath?” Now you must know the Pirello’s to appreciate them. They are two of the sweetest people in the world. The set is fun and cutting jokes is the rule. Her request was offered with a laugh, exactly how I took it. I replied that I wasn’t wearing such an undershirt today, but do so the previous day to help reinforce the stereotypes about Italian males and beer drinkers. Jacket eliminated, we discussed more of the specifics. I was directed to go over the health benefits of beer, which, in its truest sense is an all-nat-

Gary Appears On “Christna Cooks”

ural beverage, devoid of adjuncts. We were ready to roll. “Quiet on the set. We’re rolling.” After a brief lead to the segment, Christina asked me, “So Gary, how did you get the title from Sirius of “America’s Beer Authority?’” I said, “I sent a check to the company and won.” Laughter. Next question: “Well, you know a lot about beer. I bet you’ve been drinking it for a long time, huh?” My answer? “I stopped drinking about two years ago. I’ve really forgotten all I used to know.” More laughter. We get into the health benefits of the beverage, when taken in moderation. Christina asked, “What is there about beer that is so healthy?” I

replied that beer should contain no adjuncts or stabilizers and should consist of four principal ingredients: water, hops, yeast and umm, ahh, uhh, …” We call this a brain fart. After a few seconds that seemed like minutes, Christina said, “Grain?” I immediately jumped on that and said, “Yes, grain!” The words of “America’s Beer Authority.” As the prepared dish was being described to the viewing audience, Christina asked me to select a beer to pour into the pan. Trying desperately to recover, I said, “Well, we have two ways to go. We can choose a hoppy (bitter) beer or we could opt for something a bit maltier (sweet) in the reduction. We decided the latter was the better choice. Christina: “So which beer do you recommend?” Gary: “Let’s go with this Chambly Noire, a relatively new black beer from Unibroue, a great brewery from Quebec.” Christina: “Sounds good. How about if you open it and pour it in?” I grab the supplied bottle opener and quickly pried the cap only to see the beer gush in a manner that would make a Mt. St. Helen’s eruption look like a tiny leak. “That certainly is a live one, kinda like champagne,” was all Christina could muster. I added about a cup of the beer, about all that was left, to the pan and stirred, not uttering a word. The segment concluded without any further distractions. When we wrapped, my first thought was that the segment might be redone. Yet, Christina and Robert congratulated me on doing such a great job. I’m told that show, part of the new season of programs, should air at some point this summer. And because only 13 episodes are taped and the show airs each weekday at 4 p.m., we’ll get to learn that beer has water, hops, yeast and umm… oh yes, grain, over and over and over and….

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Pot Odds So You Like Poker, Aye? Poker Master, Daniel Negreanu, gives tips & lessons Greetings to poker players and fans around the world.

I’m Daniel Negreanu, and I’ve made my living as a professional poker player since 1992. Some of you may know me and some may not. For those who don’t, here are some of the things I’ve accomplished. I’ve played in poker tournaments around the world, won quite a few of them, and am honored to be the 2004-2005 World Poker Tour Player of the Year, 2004 ESPN Player of the Year, and 2004 Card Player Magazine Player of the Year. In 2006, I received Card Player Magazine people’s choice award as Most Popular Player of the Year. I’ve won some prize money, too. Over $9 million in winnings from tournament play ranks me right up at the top as one of the career leaders in professional poker tournament earnings. I’m 32 years old and hail from Toronto, Canada, now live in Las Vegas, and love hanging out with my family and all my friends. I love NHL hockey and hit the golf links whenever I get the chance. That all being said, poker is what I do. Poker is my passion. Okay, that’s about all you’re going to hear about me, because this monthly column isn’t about me – it’s about you, and how I can help you to become a better poker player. I know that very few of you have ever played in big-dollar tournaments like the World Series of Poker. I’m also aware that only a small percentage of you have even ventured into a casino to play cash-game or tournament poker. But maybe someday you will, and by reading this column I’ll help get you prepared. You’ll have company, for there are an estimated sixty million poker players and fans in North America who play for fun, play for money, and play to win. My goal is simple. I want to provide useful information that will help make you a better player so that you can get more enjoyment out of the game. Every week you’ll learn a “poker nugget” that you can put to use immediately, either in your weekly home game or in your trips to the online poker room of your choice. Reading this column may help you pick up some extra cash, too! I’ll draw on my experiences at the poker table to make complicated poker analysis easy to understand. I’ll use sophisticated software to simulate interesting poker hands so that you’ll know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. I’ll share personal stories that help support the poker lesson of the week, plus let you in on poker secrets that every player needs to know. For instance, you’ll learn about reading tells and why they’re not nearly as important as understanding the fundamentals of the game. I’ll also dissect some common myths about Hold ‘em, like in the upcoming column, “What’s The Big Deal About Big Slick?” In the weeks ahead, I’ll cover a wide array of issues such as: how to play against strong and weak players; what to expect when you sit down in your first tournament; the importance of table position; aggressive play versus conservative play; and how to quickly calculate pot odds. You only have to own a television to know that Texas Hold ‘em is the game at the poker table these days, but there are so many other games played every day in home games around the world. In future columns I’ll introduce you to some less familiar poker games that I think are a lot of fun to play. You’ll learn about classic poker games like Omaha and 7 Card Stud, and you’ll discover some new games, too. Limit poker, no limit poker, split pot games and online poker - there’s so much I want to share with you. I’m always interested to learn what’s important to you, so I invite you to visit to submit your questions and comments. I know you’re as excited about the game of poker as I am. So, what’s next? Well, let’s shuffle up and deal. Visit for information about Daniel Negreanu’s new book, Hold’em Wisdom for All Players. © 2007 Card Shark Media. All rights reserved.

June 2007

Page 9

By Daniel Negreanu

When you watch poker on TV, you hear the term pot odds thrown around all the time. What in the world does it really mean? Well, hopefully, after you read this column you’ll not only know what pot odds are, but you’ll also understand how to quickly calculate pot odds and apply them to your game. A simple generic definition of the term pot odds would be - the odds the pot is laying you in comparison to the bet you are facing. In other words, if there is $500 in the pot and your opponent has bet $100, your pot odds would be 6 to 1. Why 6 to 1? Well, since there is already $500 in the pot and your opponent has bet an additional $100, that totals $600. Since you need to call $100 to stay in the pot, your odds are 6 to 1. Simple enough, right? So how exactly do you apply this basic knowledge to a poker hand? Here’s how to figure out your pot odds, compare them to your actual odds, and then assist you in making an informed decision as to whether or not you should continue playing the hand. Step 1 – Figuring the Pot Odds This is the easy part. You count what’s already in the pot and add it to the amount of the bet you are facing. You then compare that sum to the amount your opponent has bet. So again, if there was, for example, $200 in the pot and your opponent bets $20, your pot odds would be 11 to 1 ($220/$20= 11 to 1). Okay, so now that you know what your pot odds are, it’s time to figure out if you are getting the right price to continue playing the hand. Step 2 – Figuring Your Actual Odds This can be a little more difficult depending on the situation. You can find a table of actual odds in almost any poker book on the market. Another option is to pick up some simulation software that will calculate the odds for you. But since you obviously won’t have access to a book or software right there on the spot, here’s how to figure out your actual odds while seated there at the table. The first thing you need to do is count

your outs - meaning the number of remaining cards that will improve your hand. Then compare that number to the total number of unseen cards still in the deck. Here’s an example. Let’s say the board reads Kc 7s 6d 2h, and in your hand you hold 8h 9h. Now with just one card to come, you have eight outs – the four remaining 5’s and the four remaining 10’s - to make your straight. There are 52 cards in the deck, and since you already know what your two cards are, as well as the four community cards on board, that leaves 46 unseen, unknown cards. Of those 46 cards, eight will give you a winning straight, while 38 will miss. So the actual odds of making your straight then are 38 to 8, or 4.75 to 1 (38/8= 4.75 to 1). Since you know the pot odds are 11 to 1 and your actual odds of improving your hand are 4.75 to 1, you can see that you’re getting a great return for the investment and should call. If, however, there were only $20 in the pot and your opponent bet $20 then the pot odds would be only 2 to 1, and you wouldn’t be making a good investment at all by calling the bet. In this example, even though you have eight outs, the correct play would be to fold the hand. The goal in poker is relatively straight forward and simple. It’s not about how many pots you win. It’s about making good investments, much like you would in any business venture. By understanding pot odds, you can make educated decisions as to whether calling or folding would be good long-term investments. As is true in the stock market, if you make good decisions in the short-term, you’ll make a decent profit in the long run. Visit for information about Daniel Negreanu’s new book, Hold’em Wisdom for All Players. © 2006 Card Shark Media. All rights reserved.

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June 2007

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Thunder on the Avenue The annual Thunder on the Avenue will bring the sight and sound of motorcycles to downtown Vineland on Sunday, June 24, with a rain date of Sunday, July 1. This eagerly anticipated event, sponsored by the Vineland Downtown Improvement District (VDID)/Main Street, will run from 2 to 8 p.m. and will attract motorcycles from throughout the region which will park along Landis Avenue. This will be in addition to food vendors, a covered food court, a beer and wine garden, four live bands, a WVLT-92.1 live radio remote, motorcycle dealer displays, motorcycle clothing and accessory vendors, portable “dyno” runs, and various contests. The Hooter Girls will also be posing with motorcycle owners and their bikes. The cruise will be preceded by a poker run, also with a rain date of Sunday, July 1, benefiting the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey. The poker run will start at Giampietro Park, at Lincoln and Landis Avenues and, after over 80 miles, will end on Landis Avenue in downtown Vineland. Poker run registration will take place from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Giampietro Park. The $15 (rider) and $10 (passenger) registration fee will include an event T-shirt. Participants who pre-register will receive a pin and mug, in addition to an event T-shirt. “This has become a great downtown event, with everyone having a good time,” said Todd Noon, VDID/Main Street Executive Director. “Also, some very worthwhile causes benefit from the money raised.” Pre-registration forms, vendor applications, directions, and additional information can be obtained at or by calling (856) 794-9368. For more information, you can also call the VDID/Main Street office at (856) 7948653.

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June 2007

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Technology has taken old format to the next level

Using more than one spyware program on your computer is OK By BILL HUSTED Cox News Service Atlanta Q: My question is about the program SpyBot Search & Destroy. I want to protect my computer against adware and spyware. According to my son, I need only Windows Defender. My thoughts are that it could not hurt to have an additional program. — Jacob Groothof

(and the 3-D glasses are a lot cooler, too!) By PHIL KLOER Cox News Service Atlanta o begin with, the glasses are cooler. Maybe not quite $100 Ray-Bans, but compared with the old 3-D movie glasses made of cheap cardboard with red and blue lenses, they might as well be. 3-D movies have been around, off and on, almost as long as movies themselves. But they’ve never caught on as anything more than an occasional silly marketing ploy that smacks of desperation. “Jaws 3-D,” anyone? “They were gimmicky, hard to watch and unpleasant to watch,” says Kyle Odermatt, computer graphics supervisor on Disney’s animated “Meet the Robinsons,” which opened March 30 in both 2-D (regular) and a new version of 3D called Real D with the cool glasses . The relatively new 3-D process in “Robinsons” is less about stuff zooming out of the screen into the audience’s faces and more integrated into the story. For example, when the characters get excited about something, the scenes look richer and denser, and when Lewis, the film’s 12-year-old orphan protagonist, is depressed, the effects flatten back to look more like a regular movie. “We’re using the whole area of the screen,” says Odermatt, “not just swords coming out at you.” And more 3-D will be coming at you as well. November is the target release for Robert Zemeckis’ 3-D version of “Beowulf,” which will use a process similar to the motioncapture of “The Polar Express.” James Cameron’s next film, “Avatar,” will be a 3-D science fiction adventure about a human soldier leading a rebellion on an alien planet; it’s due out in 2009. George Lucas has said he would like to rerelease all his “Star Wars” movies in 3-D, and Steven Spielberg has spoken favorably of the potential. “The appetite for it on the business side of things is getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” says “Robinsons” director Stephen Anderson. He adds that all upcoming Disney digital animation features will be done in 3-D (but that not necessarily all hand-drawn animation will). Director Cameron also has been an outspoken proponent of making more movies in 3-D, calling it a “revolutionary form of showmanship that is within our grasp” in a speech last year. Technology has a lot to do with the 3-D expansion; it’s easier to do 3-D in digital than it was in oldfashioned film. And as more theaters use digital projectors, it’s easi-

A: I don’t want to get between a father and son. I’ll tell you what I do at home and why, then you can decide. I use both programs. Unlike anti-virus programs, there is no problem using more than one anti-adware/spyware program. One program often catches something the other misses. Both Defender and SpyBot work fine. I prefer SpyBot, but that’s mostly subjective. And using any program that finds adware and spyware puts you far ahead of many computer users. Finding and eliminating adware and spyware not only protects your security, it speeds up your computer.


Q: Would you happen to know whether SpyBot Search & Destroy is compatible with Microsoft’s Vista Home Premium? — Ken Hammond A: Yes, it is. I use it at home on a computer that has Vista Home Premium. Q: Is Registry Mechanic a useful and safe tool? — Jim and Nelle Shehane

Walt Disney Pictures

Above: The frenetic goings-on in “Meet the Robinsons” are rendered all the more entertaining in 3-D. The new technology — unlike the crude old poke-in-the-eye lunges — uses the entire screen in a more integrated way, enhancing the feel of a particular scene. Below: Forget the cheesy old cardboard specs — technology’s taken 3-D viewing to another plane.

er to convert them to 3-D capability. Odermatt explains how the new process works. Call this “3-D for Dummies.” “Normally, we shoot all movies with one camera,” he says. “But we see the world with two eyes that are offset — that allows us to have depth perception. All we are doing is attempting to replicate that by shooting with two cameras, about an eye- width apart.” One camera shoots images for the left eye, the other for the right eye. The process used to require two projectors in the theater, but now

just one digital projector does the job, Odermatt continues. It alternates images for the right and left eyes 144 times a second, so fast the brain doesn’t register the switching. Then a polarized screen is added in front of the projector. The polarized glasses pick up the left-right switching after they pass through the polarized screen. “So it’s like you’re standing in the scene,” he says. The same technology was used in Disney’s “Chicken Little,” but that movie played in 3-D in only about

100 theaters nationally. Since then, many more theaters have upgraded their equipment, and “Robinsons” opened in more than 450 theaters showing 3D, plus 3,300 more showing the regular version. There were some attempts at 3-D as far back as 1915, but it was really in the early ’50s that 3-D became a fad, like Hula Hoops, in movies like “Bwana Devil” and “House of Wax.” More legitimate movies like “Dial M for Murder” and “Kiss Me Kate” also tried 3-D, usually in ways no one was terribly thrilled with. The technology limped along for years, occasionally making a comeback. In the ’80s, Imax theaters gave it some respectability; more recently, both “Polar Express” and Cameron’s “Ghosts of the Abyss” have been popular in Imax 3-D. “The technology just keeps getting better and better,” Anderson says . “This is the future of the way we’re gonna watch movies.”

A: There are times when Registry Mechanic can find problems and fix them. It’s a legitimate program. My gripe about programs like Registry Mechanic is that they seem overly enthusiastic when it comes to finding problems. I’ve always wondered whether programs like this find more problems than really exist, just to impress the user. Here’s my recommendation: If your computer is working OK, avoid programs like this. However, if there are problems you can’t fix, there’s no harm in trying the program. But I would use it only to fix a specific problem, not as regular maintenance on machines that are running fine. E-mail your questions to Bill Husted at


Turn your TV into an iPod Apple TV $299 at Tired of watching the latest episode of “The Office” on a tiny iPod screen? Then consider Apple TV a sight for squinty eyes, because it essentially turns a widescreen TV into a giant iPod. Video, photos and music stored on up to five networked computers are automatically transferred to the device’s 40-gigabyte hard drive. Use the included remote to play files on the TV, but they also can be “streamed” to the TV. It’s compatible with Mac or PCs, but not with older televisions. Video cables not included. PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray DVD Remote On sale for $24.92 at What do you give the person who has everything? If that person is a movie junkie who owns a PlayStation 3 game system, this remote control should be a delight. Unlike PlayStation 3 controllers, which can be awkward when watching movies, this remote puts all the standard functions — pause, fast forward and rewind — on a single button. — George Mathis, Cox News Service

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June 2007

Page 12

Your Guide to the South Jersey Outdoor & Sporting World

June 2007

Page 13

F E L I C I A Meet Felicia, the young lady of devastating eyes and disarming smile. This 18 year-old, 5’6” Cherry Hill girl, works at Hooter’s girl, and we can see why all the boys leave big gratuities.

Photos by Tom Dagostino

Want to be next month’s pin-up? Send your pics and info to us-South Jersey Sporting Life, 1370 S. Main Rd., #4, Vineland, NJ 08360 or email pic files & bio to

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June 2007

Page 14

Wheel & Wings Air & Car Show Millville Airport--Memorial Day Weekend Millville, NJ- The Garden State 50’s Auto Club & the United States Navy Blue Angels get together to present the15th Annual Wheels & Wings Airshow and Car Show at Millville airport on Memorial Day Weekend, May 26 & 27th. Hundreds of classic antique cars & trucks will be displayed along with heart throbbing air acrobatics as the Blue Angels flight demonstration exhibits choreographed refinements and precision maneuvers of the the fast paced, high-performance jets. They will also showcase the renowned six-jet Delta formation. Cost at the gate on show days is $15 for adults, $10 for children. Here are some pics from last year’s show. (l to r) Jets fly right over the audience. Last year’s Best of Show, a 1938 Ford. Classic car enthusiasts check out the show’s entries

Along with the Navy’s Blue Angels (above) there are all types of planes in acrobatic maneuvers to entertain you and the family.

WHY GO SOLAR? For the second consecutive year, New Jersey consumers will see double-digit increases in their electricity bills come June 2007. WHY USE ENERGY SAVING LIGHT BULBS? “Green Energy” compact fluorescent light bulbs use 75% less energy than standard light bulbs while producing about the same light output. 366 Wheat Rd., Vineland, NJ 08360 Phone 1-800-234-8667

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June 2007

Off Track Betting Reviewed

Page 15

The joint has a lot to offer, but it’s missing one important element”

by Louis Mascolo


come from a family of pony players. My father, uncles and their friends were WWII guys. When they got home from the War, they bought some cabs, painted them yellow and started Yellow Cab in Vineland. They’d work most of the day, make some cash and then head down to the Atlantic City Race Track to see if they could supplement the day’s take with a couple good picks... pony players. I inherited some of my father’s genes. I am not a big gambler, but I do love going to the track and putting down my cash from time to time and watching those beautiful animals run. In the early 70’s, my wife and I lived in New York City when they introduced OTB. They wound up being dirty, little places that were low-life magnets. Not a pretty site. Not a safe place to wander. So, when Vineland announced the building of the first OTB, I wasn’t excited about it. However, with my horseloving background and knowledge of what New York OTB was like, I had to check out the new, Favorites, off-track betting parlor on Delsea Drive in Vineland. I invited my daughter’s boyfriend to come along. He’s a Yankees fan, but other than that, the kid is alright. The place is easily accessible. Parking is easy and FREE (I like that). The exterior of the building is very attractive. Inside, aesthetically, it’s first class. When you walk through the door, you have a couple friendly guys to look you over and offer you a wide assortment of racing publications, including the Racing Form. A large,

nicely-done sculpture of a jockey and horse stares you in the face. Behind the sculpture is a large bar in the center of the room. We ambled up to the bar and ordered a couple beers. Large, 20 oz. frosted mugs were $3.50. A fair price. Looking around, the facility is impressive. It’s spacious. It used to be a car dealership. On the walls, there are about a hundred large screen TVs showing races from four or five tracks, Aqueduct, Keenland, etc. The place is literally wallpapered with monitors. To the left is a section of individual, open desk, cubicles, with individual monitors where you can sit and have your own private work and viewing area. In the back is a snack bar where you can get hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches at reasonable prices (hot dogs $1.75). In the back are tables for sitting and watching the races on the large screens while you munch, drink or calculate. Making a bet is very easy. The tote windows are on the right, and the takers are friendly and helpful, and there is little or no waiting. The staff is very friendly and helpful all around, answering any questions you have. It’s a place you can take your friends and have a really great time (assuming you don’t lose everything in your wallet.). They are open from 11:30 a.m. to midnight, so you can head over after dinner and catch the West Coast races. My betting buddy and I picked a couple races at Aqueduct, had our tickets in no time, and settled in to chat, compare picks and hang together. My first pick, Lucky Straight in the 7th at Aque-

duct ran well, but was outclassed in the stretch by a monster effort by Max Cam, who won it running more passionate media artistry, Secondly, there is no main away. My second pick in the and the place would be a knockfocus in the place. The monitors eighth, Morning Call got out of out. are plentiful, and are great for the gate slow, ran behind, rallied Lastly, a small thing. Where are home use, but the place needs at in the stretch, but ran out of track the pencils? A handicapper needs least one concert-size, superand finished fourth. Darn! The a pencil. We bring money, but we screen to show the main race Yankee fan, boxed an exacta and won a few bucks on that. I picked up a few bucks from the “in the money run” from Lucky Straight. Unlike the casinos, getting paid is easy. Right up to the betting window where you bought your ticket and collect. Nice! So what’s the down side of it. As far as betting, there doesn’t seem to be a down side. Well done, A on that one. However, the people who designed this have great taste, but I would bet that they are not pony players. Major missing element— sound! The place is like a library. Where are the Horse & Jockey Greet Visitors to Vineland’s new Off Track Betting sounds of the track? All Parlor, Favorites, located on Delsea Drive. the monitors have no audio. There’s no trumpet call to don’t always bring something to being run. They usually go off at announce the race, there is no write with. different times, so whatever is clash of the gates, no “…and Final comment. Great place. running, switch it onto the BIG there off,” and most importantly, The drawbacks I’ve mentioned screen, turn on the sound, and let no call of the race. The sounds of us horse players get some adrena- aren’t going to stop me from the race track are incredibly imheading over there and testing my lin flowing. The track is a comportant. The race track is about munal event, and it’s about a little luck, but I would probably go the race itself. Without sound, half crowd excitement. Right now, more often if they included these the race is missing. This needs to small amenities. In any case, I there is no problem seeing what’s be addressed. Maybe sell those highly recommend you put Fagoing on if you get up close, but airplane headphones for a couple vorites it on your “favorite places it’s too small, and the energy is bucks, and some outlets to hook to hang” list. My Yankee friend missing. A little more entertaininto the race you want to listen ment value please. A little less and I will be back. to—something like that. corporate coolness and a little

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Wheels & Keels Scores Big!

June 2007

Page 16

Boat photos by High Point Photography

(top) #44E, A special photo, driver, Abby Pond. There is “In Memory of Travis Pond” on the starboard windshield of her boat, “Travis Pond” on her helmet, and 24E scrawled above the boat number. She is the sister of Travis Pond, who was tragically killed in an auto accident last October. She’s wearing Travis’ helmet as she goes out to race for the first time in seven years. Travis and Abby raced against each other as kids. (photos 2 & 3) These other two shots of the speedboat race with all its action. (left) One of the featured cars at the show, built by Holly City Hot Rods for V2 Vodka. This awesome machine equipped with a Chevy 5.8 / custom billet wheels/ custom pearl paint and an audio system with a 27 inch plasma TV that pulls out of the trunk. (bottom) One of the classic beauties on display.


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by Brandy Napoli What an exciting weekend of racing boats and hot rods last month! It was a weekend filled with fun and entertainment as Holly City Hot Rods of Millville NJ sponsored, Wheels & Keels, a car show and boat races both Saturday and Sunday. Below is pictured one of the featured cars, built by Holly City Hot Rods for V2 Vodka. This awesome machine i equipped with a Chevy 5.8 / custom billet wheels/ custom pearl paint and an audio system with a 27 inch plasma TV that pulls out of the trunk. There were some really phenomenal cars that came out come out or the enjoyment ofthe crowd. The “professor” was there with one of his rat rods and was the DJ for the weekend. We all enjoyed his cool car music! This was a great family event. Moms, Dads and kids had loads of fun. The boat races were great. This is the first time I’ve seen the races until this year, and iIt was definitely an experience. These guys take their little race boats close to 100 mph. There were a few accident and some unfortunate injuries but they say that’s the risk in racing these types of boats. One man was taken to Cooper Hospital by helicopter. He had some broken bones and some other problems but was going to be ok after some time recovering. The Delaware Valley Outboard Association hosted the boat races. The event was well organized and was very successful. We are all looking forward to the next Wheels and Keels schedules for October.

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June 2007

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Sam Speed heads to Atco for . . . the Philadelphia Modifiers & Old Time Drag Show Story & photos by Sam “Speed” Messina


had the opportunity to attend the Philadelphia Modifiers Old Time Drags Show and Swap Meet at Atco Raceway. It was a beautiful day to be at the track. The show had hundreds of participants in both, the swap meet and bracket racing, as well as the great spectator turn out. I had the opportunity to speak with a few of the racers including Vintage Funny Car racers, Rich Amwake and Mark Giovinazzo. Rich Amwake is a Tattoo Artist from Franklinville NJ and races a vintage Corvette bodied Funny Car called the “Red Barron” and has plans on doing jet car in the future. Mark Giovinazzo is a Plant Manager from Hatboro PA and races a Plymouth, Arrow bodied Funny Car called “Nightmare.” Giovinazzo, who races at the vintage racing meets, is looking for the vintage racing scene to catch on out here on the East coast, as it is big on the West coast. Atco Raceway is really looking nice. The drag strip it’s self was immaculate. Joe Sway Jr. informed me that the new Tower and Pit side grandstands are expected to be completed by the end of the month. The new Grandstands will hold about 4000 people and will also have 12 sponsor boxes on top. Atco still has Street Racing on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights and is host of NHRA Div. #1, Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series races on the weekends of June 17 and Sept. 23. Congratulations to Kevin Darling, who went on to win, in his second Limited Sprint race ever at Bridgeport Speedway. Equally impressive was Darling’s team mate, Andy Best, who followed him to finish second in his first Sprint race. Do you have an extra 30 mil-

lion dollars lying around? If so maybe you can be the new sponsor of the Busch Series. NASCAR is in search of a new title sponsor for the Busch Series as the contract runs out at the end of the year with Anheuser-Busch. They are looking for a company to sign up for 10 years at a rumored price of $30 million per year. $30 million a year is a bargain compared to Nextel which is said to pay around $70 million a year for their title sponsorship. Although individual team sponsorship may be a little cheaper, the exposure of being a Series sponsor is well worth it. As expected, the NHRA has implemented new safety rules in the Nitro classes. The new rules require extra padding on the roll cage in the helmet area and up grading to a seven point driver restraint system to be installed per manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, Funny Car must also install a roll cage/ helmet shroud similar to what Top Fuel is already using on their cars. John Force Racing is continuing to work with NHRA in making the cars safer. Dick LaHaie has returned from retirement to help out old friend, boss and, competitor Connie Kalitta. LaHaie, 65, who thought his career was over, was asked by Kalitta to be Tuning Consultant on all the Kalitta teams. The Kalitta teams have been struggling this season with former Top Fuel Champion, Doug Kalitta failing to qualify in Las Vegas and qualifying 16th at Atlanta. Look for LaHaie to turn the Kalitta teams around. Jerry Toliver made is return NHRA Funny Car racing. Toliver will be driving the Rockstar Energy Drink Toyota Solara tuned by the legendary Dale Armstrong. RATT is back! Look for the 80’s rock group “RATT” on Clay Milli-

A beautiful day, brought out some beautiful and fast cars at Atco.

Nostalgic racing wowed the fans at Atco.

Some old time cars making serious horsepower

can’s Top Fuel dragster for the rest of the 2007 season. “RATT” who last sponsored Dale Pulde’s Buick Somerset Regal funny car in 1986, is promoting a new Greatest Hits album and concert tour. Teams are getting ready for the 91st Indianapolis 500. With Andretti Green Racing fielding 4 cars, they may seem like a safe bet but, don’t count out the 2 car teams like Penske or Target Chip Ganassi. Ganassi driver, Dan Wheldon recently posted 226.391 mph pass during a practice session. Andretti Green Racing has some great driving talent, however they may be spreading themselves a little thin. If you have any questions, comments or story ideas, you can contact me at:

Race Schedules NASCAR 5/27 Coca-Cola 600, Lowes Motor Speedway 6/3 Dover 400, Dover Del. 6/10 Pocono 500, Pocono Pa. Busch Series 5/26 Carquest 300, Lowes Motor Speedway 6/2 Dover 200, Dover Del. 6/9 Federated 300, Nashville NHRA 6/3 O’Rielly Summer Nationals, Topeka, KS 6/10 Torco Route 66 Nationals, Chicago, IL IRL 5/27 Indy 500 6/3 Bombardier 550, Fort Worth TX 6/9 Iowa Corn 250, Newton URC 5/26 Bridgeport Speedway 6/2 Delaware International 6/8 Williams Grove Speedway 6/9 Lincoln Speedway 6/16 Grandview Speedway

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Ladies Night

June 2007

My name is Stephen Plevins, and I am the Founder of the Vineland Boys and Girls Club. Our club appreciates Lou Mascolo, publisher of SJ Sporting Life, for covering our excellent programs and giving recognition to the positive deeds of the children of Vineland. Lou was honored with an “Appreciation Certificate” at our April meeting. I feel that “South Jersey Sporting Life” is an up-and- coming, excellent, sports paper and the best i’ve seen in New Jersey. We wish it the best of luck. The Vineland Boys and Girls Club is part of the National Boys and Girls Club which has the Number #1 after school programs. It is a free program (although there is a $10.00 a year registration fee). Some of our programs include: Smart Girls (modeling for girls), Dance (Latino), computer training, job seeking, violence prevention, cheerleading, tutoring, basketball and our nationally renowned boxing program. These programs have successfully kept many children off the streets and positively directed. Please feel free to call us for more

on how to support our program, and if you would be interested in donatingto our program or have ideas for fund-raising, please call Chris Volker at 856 696-4190, or me at 856 3051858 to discuss the program or answer any questions you may have. Stephen Plevins The Boys & Girls Club of Vineland

NICE JOB I just want to commend you for putting together a good publication. I especially like the Phillies article about the bullpen (SJ Sporting Life, April, 2007) about the, “...last three innings soul come with a complimentary roll of Tums.” This paper has something for everyone. Especially the golf, beer festivals, and the OTB. The first two I enjoy a lot, the later once or twice a year. Two things that maybe you could add to your paper: 1- Comments section, so readers can voice their opinion. 2- A local events calendar, so we know what’s events are going on. Sports events, beer festivals, etc. Once again good job and continued success. Jack Mittler Edgewater Park, NJ

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June 2007

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Le Parkour : id you just see the guy jump off that roof ? Well if you haven’t, you just might soon enough. It’s new; it’s on the rise, and welcome to the world of Parkour, the art of moving through your environment using only your body and the surroundings to propel yourself. If you’ve ever watched a Jackie Chan movie, you get the idea. It’s the latest extreme sport to take off in America. Just check any major city or college campus and you’re likely to find Parkour practitioners, known as Traceurs . Traceurs say that it’s not only a sport but, like Tai Chi, also a philosophy and art. When one gains proficiency in the skills of a traceur, he begins to see the world in a completely different way. Some choose to describe Parkour as an aspect of the fight or flight response. For instance, if boxing or karate is a tuning of our fight response, then Parkour is the fine tuning of the flight response. Mark Toorock, founder of put it perfectly, “Most people don’t learn martial arts because they are anticipating a fight, just as most don’t practice Parkour to flee a situation. Of course both could be used as such, but their real merit lies in the life lessons they teach. As martial arts teaches discipline and dedication, Parkour teaches how to overcome adversity in all parts of life. When life presents obstacles, most people are taken back by them. As a traceur, it’s

l’art du déplacement (the art of movement)


by Jason Grover Photos courtesy of

just another thing to get passed.” Well where did this stuff come from? Parkour was founded by David Belle as a teen (now 34) in the Paris suburb of Lisses. Previously, Belle studied gymnastics and martial arts, which laid the foundation for his new found art form. Although the real seed was planted by Raymond Belle, David’s father. A French soldier who told his son about parcours du combattant (military obstacle course) and his experiences in Vietnam. From there David took what his father had taught him and used it in a practical manner. To get from point A to point B utilizing jumping, vaulting, and climbing. How do you get started with Parkour? According to Mark Toorock, “It’s a very natural thing. As a child, you don’t know not to do it. Therefore, learning Parkour is almost like remembering something you were born to do.” Just in case you need a little help remembering, you can always check out or tak a look at on of’s, 15,000 videos on the subject. The art of movement just make take you places. It sure has made its way around the globe.

If you’ve ever seen a Jackie Chan movie, you know what it’s about!

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It’s the latest extreme sport craze based on a philosophy of life

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June 2007

The Adirondacks...just a little more!

E By Doug Skinner

xperiencing the outdoors in New Jersey can be extremely rewarding. There are hundreds of lakes and river and miles of trails and beaches throughout the state. But sometimes, you need a little more. We are fortunate that our neighboring states also have a lot to offer the outdoor enthusiast. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking, Pennsylvania and New York offer amazing access to all of our favorite outdoor activities. It is New York, especially, that boasts one of the easiest access points to real wilderness within driving distance. The Adirondack Park designated “forever wild” in New York’s

Spring offers an incredible fishing & camping opportunity in the Adirondacks

Photo by Doug Skinner

constitution and comprised of 6 million total acres, is one of the largest parks in the country. Camping in upstate New York, whether you are in the park or close to its boundaries, offers amazing outdoor opportunities. Spring is an amazing time to experience the Adirondacks. The harsh winter in these mountains is followed by great spring thaw. The forests that were packed with snow are now turning green once again. Beavers are hard at work fixing and improving their dams, and like everywhere else this spring flowers are popping and leaves are sprouting. If you are preparing your next outdoor adventure consider the Adirondacks. There are both private and public camping areas throughout the park’s 6 million acres. For a more rustic camping experience focus on those camping areas run by the New York Division of Environmental Conservation. Many sites at these locations offer a true wilderness experience for about $14 - $20 a night. Never fear if you like the great outdoors, but also enjoy the occasional shower or two there are locations that offer full amenities. The Adirondacks offer an incredible amount of hiking opportunities as well. Boasting about two thousand miles of trails, opportunities abound for hikers at every level of experience. There are hundreds of trails all over the immense park. If you plan to hike the Adirondacks, do your research. This time of year, right after the winter thaw, many trails may be muddy and some streams impassable be-

Page 20 cause of the melted snow. When hiking in the Adirondacks, “Leave No Trace” principals are highly recommended. These principals allow everyone to enjoy the trails throughout the park, with minimal impact from human presence. These ideas focus on respecting the wilderness, leave what you find, and carrying out what you carry in, and being courteous to all those you find on the trail. Anglers can take advantage of the park’s many lakes, rivers and ponds for their fishing adventures. Fly-anglers can cast to healthy populations of stocked and native trout populations in the rivers and streams of the park. Other anglers can chase Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Lake Trout, Land-Locked Salmon, Northern Pike, and Yellow Perch in the hundreds of ponds and lakes. Everyone has their own trick to catching fish so it’s best to stop into a local bait shop for the insider tips from the locals. One caveat, from mid-May through June, the locally infamous black fly takes to the skies. Any exposed skin is vulnerable to their painful bites. Keep this in mind when you plan your trip by packing plenty of bug spray. To survive this onslaught wear light colored clothes as these fly seem to prefer darker colors. Smoke from campfires will keep them away, but be sure to check the regulations in your area to see if campfires are allowed. For more information about planning your trip to the Adirondacks check out these websites: for all of your trip planning needs, for more information about fishing in the Adirondacks, and for everything you need to know to plan your next hike in the park.

Your Guide to the South Jersey Outdoor & Sporting World

June 2007

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It Was This Big! Big Fish Shots from Local Fishermen

Duane Lore of Petersburg, NJ has been hauling them in. Above he's holding a bluefish, 18 pounds and 30" long caught in the Delaware Bay north of Brandywine. Right heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s holding a striper, 45 pounds, 48" long also caught in the Delaware Bay.

(above) Butch Sanders, taken last year at Maple Lake in Estelle Manor. The fish was caught on a 4-inch Rainbow Trout colored Fin-S fish.

SEND US YOUR BIG FISH SHOT! Email your jpg or tif to or mail to: SJ Sporting Life, 1370 S. Main Rd., #4, Vineland, NJ

tide chart

june 2007

atlantic City

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Joke Box The Surgeon Was Too Good! A 45 year old woman had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. While on the operating table she had a near death experience. Seeing God she asked “Is my time up?” God said, “No, you have another 43 years, 2 months and 8 days to live.” Upon recovery, the woman decided to stay in the hospital and have a face-lift, liposuction, breast implants and a tummy tuck. She even had someone come in and change her hair color and brighten her teeth! Since she had so much more time to live, she figured she might as well make the most of it. After her last operation, she was released from the hospital. While crossing the street on her way home, she was killed by an ambulance. Arriving in front of God, she demanded, “I thought you said I had another 43 years? Why didn’t you pull me from out of the path of the ambulance?” “Gee,” said God, “I didn’t recognize you.”

Two Wolves One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two "wolves" inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence,empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee looked at him and said, "The one you feed."

Nuclear Power A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the airplane when the stranger turned to her and said, "Let's talk. I've heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger." The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed it slowly and said to the stranger, "What would you like to talk about?" "Oh, I don't know", said the stranger. "How about nuclear power?" "OK" she said.. "That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat grass, the same stuff. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?" The stranger thinks about it and says, "Hmmm, I have no idea." She looked up at him and said, "How can you discuss discuss nuclear power when you don't know sh&*?"

In Transition

These are actual sports quotes from various sports figures throughout the world. Oiler coach Bum Phillips: When asked by Bob Costas why he takes his wife on all the road trips, Phillips responded, “Because she is too ugly to kiss goodbye.” Football commentator and former player Joe Theismann 1996: “Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.” Senior basketball player at the University of Pittsburgh: “I’m going to graduate on time, no matter how long it takes.” Pat Williams, Orlando Magic general manager, on his team’s 7-27 record: “We can’t win at home. We can’t win on the road.. As general manager, I just can’t figure out where else to play.” (1992) Tommy Lasorda , Dodger manager, when asked what terms Mexican-born pitching sensation Fernando Valenzuela might settle for in his upcoming contract negotiations: “He wants Texas back.” (1981) Mike McCormack, coach of the hapless Baltimore Colts after the team’s co-captain, offensive guard Robert Pratt, pulled a hamstring running onto the field for the coin toss against St. Louis: “I’m Going to send the injured reserve players out for the toss next time.” (1981) Steve Spurrier, Florida football coach, telling Gator fans that a fire at Auburn’s football dorm had destroyed 20 books: “But the real tragedy was that 15 hadn’t been colored yet.” (1991)

Torrin Polk, University of Houston receiver, on his coach, John Jenkins: “He treats us like men. He lets us wear earrings.” (1991)

God Bless America

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Infamous Sports Quotes

Jim Finks, New Orleans Saints G.M., when asked after a loss what he thought of the refs: “I’m not allowed to comment on lousy officiating.” (1986)


June 2007

Shelby Metcalf, basketball coach at Texas A&M, recounting what he told a player who received four F’s and one D: “Son, looks to me like you’re spending too much time on one subject.” (1987)

Much to their surprise, the Virgins awaiting the Muslim suicide bombers in Paradise were not quite what they were expecting.

Ro a d R a ge !


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June 2007

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p li e r Get Sup G P R IC IN U p To s te a b Re OR $ 4 ,0 0 0 Z E RO % g F in a n c in

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South Jersey Sporting Life, June  

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