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GFS® Parboiled Long Grain Rice (10 kg) Item # 1123227 GFS Parboiled Long Grain Rice (20 kg) Item # 1123229 GFS Parboiled Long Grain Rice is a unique “tempered” parboiled rice with uniformly hydrated premium long grain kernels. It retains exceptional kernel integrity (less “starchy”) in a steam-pan environment as well as a “separate and moist” kernel appearance. It is perfect as a stand-alone or as a base for rice blends such as pilafs.

GFS Basmati Rice (18.1 kg) Item # 1127383 GFS Basmati Rice is an aged, long grain rice from the Punjab region near the Himalayan Mountains. It is highly aromatic and swells only lengthwise when cooked resulting in long slender grains that are dry, separate and fluffy. Commonly used in Indian cooking, but can also be a substitute for regular rice in any favourite recipe.

GFS Arborio Rice (5 kg) Item # 1127384 GFS Arborio Rice (12 x 1 kg) Item # 1169203 GFS Arborio Rice is a large, bold rice primarily used in risotto. It develops a creamy texture and chewy center and absorbs flavours exceptionally well. It is also fat, cholesterol and gluten free as well as low in sodium.

GFS Long Grain White Rice (18.1 kg) Item # 1123225 GFS Long Grain White Rice is double water polished and milled to a “pearl” white appearance. It cooks up fluffy and perfect every time. A staple in every kitchen.

Kitchen Essentials® Jasmine Rice (8 kg) Item # 1156491 Kitchen Essentials Jasmine Rice (18.1 kg) Item # 1156627 Kitchen Essentials Jasmine Rice is a long grain, highly aromatic rice that has a light floral flavour. The cooked grains are soft, moist and cling together. With its subtle nutty flavour, it is popular in Thai and Asian cooking. Exceptional choice for stir-fry, salads, stuffing and pilafs.


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