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UNCOOKED CHICKEN WINGS Kitchen Essentials® uncooked, tip-off split chicken wings are neither sauced nor seasoned, allowing you to create your own custom flavoured wings. With consistent sizing and value, these wings are sure to be a crowd favourite! CHICKEN WING SPLIT T/O 6-8/LB FZN • Item # 1191710 • Pack Size: 4 x 10 lb. CHICKEN WING SPLIT T/O 8-10/LB FZN • Item # 1191712 • Pack Size: 4 x 10 lb.

*serving suggestion

CHICKEN WING SPLIT T/O 11-16/LB FZN • Item # 7200805 • Pack Size: 4 x 10 lb.

Kitchen Essentials is our commitment to reliable food service basics. These products are no frills, back-of-house items that feature dependable quality and the best price.


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KE Chick Wings BC  
KE Chick Wings BC  

KE Chick Wings BC