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FETA CHEESE Kitchen Essentials® feta cheese provides the traditional flavour and consistency that your customers expect. Our feta maintains its flavour throughout its entire one year shelf life and provides excellent plate and palate coverage. Easy to slice or crumble (no cheese grater needed), it is a great choice for use on salads, pitas and even bruschetta! Feta Cheese in Brine • Item # 7890546 • Pack Size: 1 x 3 kg pail

Feta Cheese in Brine • Item # 7890626 • Pack Size: 1 x 11 kg pail

Kitchen Essentials is our commitment to reliable food service basics. These products are no frills, back-of-house items that feature dependable quality and the best price.

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KE Feta Cheese WIN  
KE Feta Cheese WIN  

KE Feta Cheese WIN