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Portion Condiments

GFS® Ketchup

Item # 9814005 Pack Size: 500 x 9 g Made with the finest fancy grade tomatoes which give our Ketchup a fresh taste and a rich red colour.

GFS Mustard

Item # 9814205 Pack Size: 500 x 7 g Using only the finest #1 Mustard seed combined with a blend of spices makes this mustard a true delight. A great addition to sandwiches, hot pretzels and snacks.

GFS Tartar Sauce

Item # 9814605 Pack Size: 500 x 9 g A home style vinegar that is sure to add zip to salads or fries.

GFS Salt

Item # 1206127 Pack Size: 6 x 1000 UN Save on your food cost by using our value priced, premium quality salt portions.

GFS Sugar

Item # 9860405 Pack Size: 1 x 2000 UN Sweeten your coffee or tea with these neat and convenient granulated sugar packets.

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GFS Pepper

Item # 9814405 Pack Size: 500 x 8 g GFS Relish is deep green in colour. Flavoured with onions, peppers, and our special spices creating a unique sweet and tangy blend.

GFS White Vinegar

Item # S/O Pack Size: 500 x 12 g Flavoured with onions, peppers, egg yolk, relish and spices, GFS Tarter Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to your seafood.

Item # 9817805 Pack Size: 6 x 1000 UN We use only premium quality Malabar pepper to ensure a pure and clean tasting product.

GFS Sweet Relish

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GFS Condiments WIN  

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