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Liquid Honey

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GFS Pasteurized Liquid Honey ®

Canadian honey is recognized around the world for its high quality and smooth, delicious taste. Golden and gorgeous in appearance, rich and bold in flavour — 100% pure Canadian honey contains no preservatives or additives and is perfect for use as a spread, an ingredient or a garnish. This naturally sweet product has several advantages for your operation: • Higher sweetening power compared to sugar means using less to achieve desired sweetness. • When used in baked goods, honey can actually increase shelf life because the ingredient’s fructose content holds in moisture, preventing baked goods from drying out. • Honey’s high acidity also inhibits mold growth.

Amber Honey

The deep amber colour and bold rich flavour of GFS Amber Honey is a perfectly sweet combination of 100% Canadian floral sources including buckwheat and sunflower. It is the ideal all natural sweetener of choice for baking, cooking and for use in sauces and dressings! Item Code 1029044

Description Canada No. 1 Amber Pasteurized Liquid Honey

Pack Size 1 x 15 kg plastic pail

Golden Honey

With a beautiful golden colour and a bright taste, GFS Golden Honey is gathered from clover, sunflower, canola and alfalfa sources. A wonderful table honey, it is ideal for baking and is a superb tasting general purpose honey that can be used for a variety of applications. Item Code 1028612

Description Canada No. 1 Golden Pasteurized Liquid Honey

Pack Size 6 x 1 kg plastic bottles

White Honey

GFS White Honey harmonizes with sweet or savoury ingredients to create delicious dips, glazes, salad dressings, fruit drinks and baked goods. Item Code 1204025 1204079


Description Canada No. 1 White Pasteurized Liquid Honey Canada No. 1 White Pasteurized Liquid Honey

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Pack Size 6 x 1 kg plastic bottles 6 x 3 kg plastic bottles

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