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Dried Fruit & Coconut *serving suggestion

GFS® Dried Fruit & Coconut Dried Fruit In addition to being a healthy choice, the concentrated sweet fruit flavour found in dried fruits makes them a delicious addition to many menu favourites! Add banana chips to your trail mixes, top your salad creations with dates, sweeten your sandwich wraps with cranberries, or tempt your guests with warm muffins made with sweet, juicy raisins! Item Code 5797907 5797817 1041613 5798217 1132700

Description GFS Dried Apricots GFS Dried Apricots GFS Banana Chips GFS Black Mission Figs GFS Dried Cranberries GFS Pitted Dates GFS Pitted Prunes GFS Sultana Raisins GFS Sultana Raisins

Pack Size 1 x 8 kg 12 x 450 g 1 x 4 kg 1 x 8 kg 1 x 6 kg 1 x 6 kg 1 x 8 kg 1 x 8 kg 12 x 500 g

Shredded Coconut Sweetened, fancy shredded (also known as angel flake) coconut lends itself well to a variety of baking and confectionery recipes such as brownies, cookies, or candies. While unsweetened coconut has no added sugar, coconut is mildly sweet by nature. Our unsweetened medium shredded coconut is great in many baking recipes as well as various entrees and dishes. Item Code 5797617 5797707


Description GFS Medium Shredded, Unsweetened Coconut GFS Fancy Shredded, Sweetened Coconut

Pack Size 1 x 3 kg 1 x 3 kg

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GFS Dried Fruit - BC  

GFS Dried Fruit & Coconut

GFS Dried Fruit - BC  

GFS Dried Fruit & Coconut