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* serving suggestion

GFS速 Cream Cheese

GFS cream cheese is made with 100% wholesome Canadian milk and freshly pasteurized cream cheese. Our cream cheese is ideal for use in baking because it does not break down in recipes. GFS cream cheese bricks are available in 1.5 kg foil wrapped bricks and our spreadable cream cheese comes in convenient 2 kg re-sealable tubs.

Cream Cheese Bricks GFS® cream cheese bricks are great when used on their own as a spread or in cooking and baking applications. Create sensational frostings for desserts, give your creamy sauces an extra edge or use this cream cheese to create the perfect cheesecake. The bricks are wrapped in clear plastic and are ready to use. The firm texture makes it easy to slice for sandwiches or bagels. Certified Kosher. Item Code


Pack Size


Regular Cream Cheese Brick

6 x 1.5 kg bricks * serving suggestion

Spreadable Cream Cheese GFS spreadable cream cheese offers great taste and is easy to spread for use on sandwiches and bagels. It has a natural creamy colour and "fresh milk" aroma. The product is packaged in re-sealable plastic tubs in order to maintain the freshness. Certified Kosher. Item Code


Pack Size


Spreadable Cream Cheese

2 x 2 kg tubs * serving suggestion

Handling and Storage • Ideal storage temperature is 1 - 4°C (34 - 39°F). • Shelf life for GFS cream cheese bricks is 5 months. Shelf life for GFS spreadable cream cheese is 4 months. • Dairy products should be used within 5 - 10 days after opening to maximize flavour, performance and consistency. • Always wrap and seal products for best storage after opening. • Freezing products will change the thawed consistency.

* serving suggestion


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