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GFS® Feta Cheese in Brine GFS Feta Cheese is produced the modern way; with cows milk cured and stored in it’s own salty whey brine. With it’s appealing white colour, delicate crumbly texture and rich, tangy flavour, GFS Feta Cheese adds the perfect zesty note to all of your favourite dishes. From salad to pizza, GFS Feta Cheese is the perfect choice! Item Code


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Feta Cheese in Brine

1 x 3 KG


Feta Cheese in Brine

1 x 11 KG

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Make a Greek pizza with red and green peppers, tomatoes, calamata olives and crumbled Feta cheese. Add diced or shredded Mozzarella with the Feta for a cheesier pizza.

GFS Feta WIN  


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