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Why to buy an electric bike…the benefits Riding an electric bike is an experience in itself. Riding an electric bicycle is about enjoying the nature while feeling like a kid, is about enjoying the wind that blows your hair, is about enjoying the moments of life and is simple pleasure for anyone who enjoys a bike ride. Considering all the benefits of clean, quiet, saving money on gas, demand of electric bicycles is increasing day by day. Here are some of its benefits: Save Money – In this time of recession, saving money is the first choice of many people. Electric bicycle is a best solution of saving money and is a solution to the problem of ever rising expenditure we do on cars or even public transport for short trips. An electric bike can help us avoid huge costs. Instead of buying a new car to supplement your existing transportation modalities, buy a new electric scooter or electric bicycle. You will not only be saving money on gas but also on parking costs, tolls, insurance, registration, tires and general wear and tear of a car. If you are looking to replace a car with electric bicycles or electric scooters then it's almost instant payback. Lessen your carbon footprint – Electric bicycles or electric scooters, with rechargeable battery packs will go far in both saving the environment, and also saving your trips to the gas station. In today's world, we can no longer afford to spew out tones of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, nor can we easily cope with the rising fuel prices anymore. So we have no options left then to consider making decisions which are more “green,” or are better for our environment. The Electric bicycles or electric scooters will get you to most places a car will but with much less of a carbon footprint. Keep yourself fit and healthy - Do you know that your electric bicycle can also help you keep yourself fit and healthy? With an electric bicycle you can enjoy the scenic beauty, can get the benefit of fresh air while saving money, time and trip to gym for workout. Riding an electric bicycle doesn’t mean putting your feet up and enjoying the ride but you will have to put in some effort while going up a hill. The motor on an electric bicycle no doubt assists the human effort, it will definitely push you along very nicely on a flat road, yet some help is required while going up a hill. But the required effort is very less and is probably the same as pushing an unpowered bicycle along on a flat road. Save Time- Cars are no doubt faster than motorized bicycles in terms of absolute speed. But if you live in urban areas with good population, then consider the time you spend sitting in traffic jams while travelling in peak hours, consider the time you spend in finding a parking spot and also to reach the destination from the parking spot then it certainly makes sense. No doubt electric bicycle can’t replace the cars or other public transports, but electric bicycles or electric scooters can definitely replace the need to commute for short distances. Benefits are immense…youdo not need a license, Insurance, or even to wear a helmet. Electric bicycles are treated like ordinary bicycles for legislative purposes, there is no obligation just enjoy!!


Benefits are immense…youdo not need a license, Insurance, or even to wear a helmet. Electric bicycles are treated like ordinary bicycles for...