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Go Green: Go for an Electric bicycle

Pollution from the automobiles is a major cause of damage to the environment. With the rise in population, rise in the demand of transportation and pollution from the automobiles is becoming one of the major concerns that environmentalists are dealing with. Air pollution by automobiles is caused by its fuel emissions. A fuel emission is that part of the fuel that goes through the combustion process without burning the fuel entirely. When these particles are released into the air it results in air pollution. Air pollution results in respiratory diseases and causes extensive damage to crops, vegetation, and wildlife. Not only this, automobiles are significant source of water pollution and noise pollution. Electric bicycle is the solution for all these problems. Electric bicycles are the green and environmental-friendly mode of transportation. With the latest technology we have electric bicycles, electric mopeds and electric scooters available in the market which run on electricity and has everything you would want to get around town in the most pleasurable, efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. Electric bikes represent the beginning of an electric transportation system which will make our Earth a better place to live. Using electric bicycles are the best way of saving money on gas while feeling good by helping save our mother Earth. We can make use of our electric bicycles to replace our vehicles, for many short trips and this will help in lessening our carbon footprint. We require electricity to charge our Electric bicycles, so if the electricity generated is not from any renewable source, there is definitely some emission from power plant to charge the electric bike as well, but it is too small as compared to the emission from your Gas-powered cars. As per calculations by the US EPA's Ann Arbor Mobile Emissions Laboratory, even after including emissions from power plants, electric bicycles are factor 10 less polluting than gas vehicles. For every 500 miles if you use an electric bike in place of a car, an average of 25 gallons of fuel is saved and you will prevent 3.42 pounds of hydrocarbons, 25.28 pounds of carbon monoxide and 1.77 pounds of nitrogen oxides from entering in to environment. If you choose electric bicycle instead of Gas-powered cars, you will be saving all of the material, energy and water used to manufacture, distribute and ultimately dispose of a $10K automobile. With that perspective in mind‌an electric bicycle which costs around $500 is better on all counts. Riding ecofriendly electric bike is no doubt a great way of saving money on gas, to go green and save energy. Short trip is the reason for most of the cars on the road causing most of the air pollution. For the wellbeing of our planet‌leave your car at home at least for the short trips and ride your electric bike. If you can’t be the part of the solution to this pollution problem, try not to be the part of the problem.


As per calculations by the US EPA's Ann Arbor Mobile Emissions Laboratory, even after including emissions from power plants, electric bicycl...

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