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EXTENDED ENTERPRISE RELATIONSHIP SURVEY QUESTIONS FOR STAKEHOLDERS 1. Has the name "Extended Enterprise Relationship" been officially approved? If so, when? If not, what alternative designations are being considered, and when might a final one be approved? 2. Can materials with the Extended Enterprise Relationship designation begin going through the publication process (web and print)? 3. What is the relation of EER to the "Interdependent Relationship" contracts? We're making the assumption that Extended Enterprise Relationship grows out of but supercedes the earlier term "Interdependent Relationship." 4. Is the "Evolve Continuum" going to be actively included in the presentation of the EER program? If not, what will replace this motto and perspective? 5. What are the definition, duties, and responsibilities of the Clinical Specialist Role? 6. What are the definition, duties, and responsibilities of the Program Manager Role? 7. What are the definition, duties, and responsibilities of the Clinical Program Administrator Role? 8. What are the suggested responsibilities of the client's Point Person Role? 9. What are the goals for online support for clients of the EER program: give specific examples. 10. What are the goals for online support of the EER sales process? 11. Is this tag line still valid: Achieving Mutual Goals Through Collaboration? 12. Will the EER review process remain scheduled on a quarterly basis (as stated in the Interdependent Relationship contracts? 13. What are the Measures of Success for an individual EER program? 14. What are the specific training and education programs that are associated with EER? 15. What role, if any, could Socrates play in communications between CMI and its EER clients? 16. Under EER, will a "Discipline Development Plan" be developed, as stated in the existing "Interdependent Relationship" contracts? 17. What Annual Training Events are planned to support the EER program? 18. What are the steps in the development of new procedures? Do they or do they not include the following: (1) Courses; (2) Animal Labs; (3) Cadaver Labs; (4) Reference Site Visits; (5) Mentor Sessions; (6) Tele-collaboration Sessions using SOCRATES. 19. What material should be presented in print and on the web regarding the upgrade paths for products? 20. Which materials should be made available publicly, and which should be presented at the "personalization" level of the web (i.e. served upon login of site members)?