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Us & our city Names: Lluis Pol Marc Group: 1st of ESO

I am Not Little Not Lousy Not Unpopular Intelligent Not Stupid

I am Popular Not Obese Not Lurid

I am Mad Not Aggressive Rash Not Cruel

Important Monuments of BCN

Sagrada Família • Sagrada Família is an important monument. • It’s a turistic place. • It’s designer was Gaudí. • It is 170 meters high.

Torre Agbar • Torre Agbar is a very tall building. • Its windows are red, blue & grey. • It is 144 meters high. • At the very top it got a light for the planes.

Parc Güell • Parc Güell is a big park. • It is got a very colorfull lizard. • Parc Güell is in the north of BCN. • It is got a lot of shops.

Camp Nou • Camp Nou is the stadium of FCB team. • It’s very big. • It has got a lot of shops. • Many people work in Camp Nou.

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Us & our city  
Us & our city  

Dicover the important monuments in BCN