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Hi, my name is Roser Juaneda Arriaran and I’m a student of IES J. M. Quadrado’s high school. I’m tall and thin. I’ve got dark eyes and dark skin. I’ve got long, brown, curly hair. I’m kind and friendly. I love all the languages and I like speaking English. I love reading and writing. I love music. I sing and play the violin. I play basketball too. My family is composed by my dad, my mum, my two big brothers and I. I think I’m a mix between my two brothers, and I like to be like I am. My two brothers are the people I love the most. I would like to be in the Comenius Project because I like travelling, meeting new people around the world, speaking English and I’m interested in the topic we’ll deal with. Greetings, Roser J. Arriaran

Hello, how are you? My name is Maria and I'm writing for the Comenius project.

My birthday is on 16th of January and I'm fifteen years old. I have got long, curly and blond hair and I have blue eyes. I'm thin and average because I measure 1'61 meters.

I love playing the violin and I enjoy with this.I first played the violin when I was eight. I like music and this year Ijust have started harmony. I am into athletics but I prefer speed too.I don't like playing chess. I like listening to Norah Jones, 3 doors, James Blunt, The Beatles and the others. I haven'ta favorite type of music. I like all types. I love going shopping. I don't mind cannelloni, but I like ice-cream, chocolate, pasta, lentils and otherfood.

I have got a brother and a sister. My brother's name is Pere. He is nineteen years old and my sister is Carme and she is eleven. My mother is Lucia and my father is Pedro. I live in Ciutadella, it is a town in Menorca and Menorca is an island. 29.315 people live in Ciutadella. Beaches of this island are very beautiful. My home is big and comfortable and it is seaside, in front of the bay.There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, one living room, one kitchen and a swimming pool outside. There is a garage too. See you soon.Keep in touch.

P.D.My facebook is: is:

and my e-mail

Maria Carretero Pons

Hi! I hope you’re fine. My name is Aina, I’m 15 years old and I live in Ciutadella. I’m a bit short, I’ve got dark hair and green eyes. I’m cheerful, responsible and a little stubborn. First, I’m shy with the people I don’t know, but then I’m friendly and lovely. I like having fun with my friends and I love basketball and all the sports. In my free time I go out with friends, I go to the sports centre to watch some basketball matches or I improve my English. I like all kinds of music, but the music I like best is pop or rock and I don’t have a favourite group or singer. This summer I learned to play the guitar, but I don’t know much. Now, I’m on the 4 th level of ESO and I study at the high school Josep Maria Quadrado. In the future, I’d like to study medicine and become a paediatrician. Ciutadella is a beautiful city situated on the west coast of Menorca, in the Mediterranean Sea. Summer is the best season to visit Menorca because there are wonderful beaches and the weather is always good. I have a boat and in summer I spend all the weekend in it, I go to the best beaches of Menorca with my family and friends and I enjoy it a lot. I live in a flat near the port and the centre too with my parents and my brother. He’s younger than me, his name is Francesc and he’s eleven. Francesc has got blue eyes and blond hair and he’s short. He’s a bit naughty, smart and cheerful and he always teases me. My mother is called Ana and my father Tico. These are the most important things about me and now, you know who I am. At the bottom of the page there is a photo of me. See you soon! Aina Bals Genestar My address is

Hi! My name is Júlia. And I'm contacting with you for the Comenius project. I'm fifteen years old. My birthday is on 23th of June, I like my birthday because It's in summer. I live in Ciutadella, Menorca. Ciutadella is a little town in the island, it’s very quiet and beautiful. In the summer it’s more beautiful than winter, because there are some beautiful beaches and there are some parties. I live with my mother, my father and my little brother. My mother’s name is Natalia, she’s cheerful and strict. My father’s name is Sito, he loves riding a bike. My brother’s name is Xavier, he’s younger than me, but he’s taller . My house is in Madrid's street number 7. It's near the school, and I go to school on foot. I’m short. I have blue eyes and long blonde hair . I’m carefully, organized and funny. I like dancing, because I’m going to dance classes for seven years. And I also love listening to music. I don’t have favorite group or singer but I like rock music, pop music and ‘80s music. Now my hobby is “spinning”, and I like it so much. I like going shopping and buy a lot of clothes. I don’t have pets but I like the animals a lot. I hope that you know me better. Júlia. *My address is and my facebook is

Hi! I’m Anaïs and I'm writing to you for the Comenius project.

I’m fifteen years old and my birthday is on 3rd of November. I have brown eyes, fair and wavy hair. I’m not very tall because I measure 1,63 m and I’m thin. My father is Pedro and my mother Àngels. I have a brother, he is Jesús and he is eleven years old. My hobbies are playing basketball and playing the violin, the piano and the guitar. I like music and sports, but I don’t like horse riding, chess and riding a bike, for example. I listen to all type of music, but I prefer rock music. My favorite group is “The Beatles” and I like Norah Jones. I don't like very much meat and shellfish, but I like paste and chocolate. My favorite food is pizza and tortellini. I live in Ciutadella and my house is a bungalow in the city. My house is in Ibiza street, number 95 and it has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, one living room, a kitchen and a patio with pool. Finally, Ciutadella is a small city in Menorca. It’s in Spain and in this city there are a lot of beautiful beaches, for example, La Vall or Cala Morell. Keep in touch, see you. Sincerely, Anaïs Faner Anglada

Hi my friend, I am called Aina, a girl from Ciutadella de Menorca. I am fifteen years old. I study in secondary school Josep Maria Quadrado, in fourth level. My favorite subjects are Physical Education, Music, English and Mats. I am not very tall neither very fat. My face is round, I have got a thin nose, little ears and a little mouth. My eyes are brown, like my hair that is also long and wavy. I have a smiling face. I am a talkative person and I like making new friends so much. I am also funny and I like going out with my friends and sometimes with my family. I am a bit lazy but when I have work, I do it. I take dancing classes four times a week since I was four years. It's curious because when I was little I hated dancing and now I love it. I also do some activities about music like singing in a chorus, playing the piano and harmony classes. Sometimes I go to the gym with my friends too. Almost every Saturday morning, I go with my friends to shopping, I love it. I also like going to the cinema, going for a walk and doing other activities like in the summer, going to the beach. My family is quite funny, I have got three brothers, the oldest started the grade in the university this year and the other ones are in primary school, they are 9 and 7. Relating to food, I have to say that I don't like vegetables, I prefer pasta, fish and chips. I know, the vegetables are very healthy. Chocolate is my weak point. I hope we can see soon, A big hug! Aina

Hello, My name is Teresa; I study the 4th grade at secondary school, IES Josep Maria Quadrado, in Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain. Ciutadella is in the western end of Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands. It is a small town but it’s very beautiful. There are only 29.315 in habitants. I’m a teenager girl, I am fifteen. I am tall and thin. My face isn’t very round, neither thin nor fat. My hair is long, curly and brown and I often wear a braid, ponytail, chignon... My eyes are neither big nor small, they are average, and the mouth too. My nose is thin and a bit elongated. And my ears aren’t big. This year the 4th grade is more difficult. The subjects that I like are Music, Maths, Physical Education and some Sciences. I don’t like the languages. I love music so I play the violin, I sing and I go to harmony classes. I also like going for a walk with my friends and family, going to the cinema, going shopping, but here there aren’t shopping centers, I like chatting with my friends on the computer too, and meet new friends from the others cities. Sometimes I go to the gym with my friends and I do some excursions by bike. My family is very nice. I have got two older sisters. One of them lives in Barcelona because she is studying there. And the other sister lives in Ciutadella with my parents and me. I send this letter to introduce myself; I hope to see you as soon as possible. A hug Teresa Pons

My e-mail address is: And my facebook is Teresa Pons Bosch

Students travelling to Judenburg  
Students travelling to Judenburg  

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