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Tennis & Golf Member & Guest Tournaments

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Dear neighbors and friends I want to begin by wishing all of you Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year 2013. We are blessed to live in a community of peace surrounded by good friends and family and no doubt, Palmas is a happy place to live in especially during these next two months.  On its way is the Golf Cart Parade, New Year’s Eve parties and the Three Kings Day Epiphany parade and party, just to mention a few of them.   During this time of the year we welcome back our Snow Birds. It’s so good to see so many familiar faces again and know they are back and ready to continue sharing with us this piece of paradise. Welcome!!! In this edition we have special coverage of our magnificent “Golf & Tennis: Member & Guest” and the Palmas Invitational Tournament event. The enormous success of these two tournaments is a matter of pride. In the Palmas Invitational Tournament we had the participation of 216 players. At the Tennis Member & Guest 194 players participated and the enthusiasm was contagious.  Bravo, bravo, bravisimo for PAC. I feel very proud of my Club!  In this edition you will also find two wonderful interviews given by: Doña Carmen Castro vda de Suárez--the Suárez matriarch who is turning 90 years old next month; and another to the Cabrer family, who embarked themselves on a fantastic adventure in the sea.  I also wanted to share with you all our experience in an outstanding gastronomic and wine trip to France and Italy with David Chaymol, chef and owner of Bistro Paris in San Juan and colleague and compatriot of our beloved chefs Palmeños Daniel Vasse and Frank Arnould.  In this edition you will also find the coverage of the PHA Halloween party and Rest Chihuahua’s third anniversary, an exquisite Maridage dinner at Chez Daniel, the Pink Fashion Show at C Bar among many other of our fine activities in Palmas.  Again best wishes and Happy New Year!!

Lissette Rosado, Editor

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Live & Life in Palmas magazine

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palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE




december/january 2009 VOL. 1 num. 6

Work and Live

in Paradise

in Paradise

• Our Sailing champions • Horseback riding in Paradise • Award winning PDMU









PHA palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE


in Paradise


PHA palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE


Palmas is for Lovers ! SOLAREA is a reality!


live & life celebrates it’s first year anniversary!






Weddingsin Paradise DECEMBER 2009/JANUARY 2010 VOL. 2 NUM. 6

Golf Paradise




Our Mayor, our neighbor... Mexican Night with Fernando Allende

Paradise is now on line!

w w w. L L P a l m a s . c o m 1

LIVE & LIFE celebrates the 2nd anniversary

PHA palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE


w w w. L L P a l m a s . c o m 1




JUNE/JULY 2010 VOL. 3 NUM. 3





PHA palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE


La Buena Vida Festival


Summer for love

PHA week festivities inside

PHA palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE




The Club R’ Us!










We Love you Dad: fathers in Paradise

They Live, Love & Work in Paradise



Palmas 2 & 3 Generation Families



PHA palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE

Editor’s Choice Real Estate

palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE





yacht club & marina...a reality!


s 4ENNIS s 'OLF s "EACH #LUB s 'YM








The ideal wedding destination Our young entrepeneurs

Join the pac, protect your investment




Heineken Regatta ...huge turnout



8/10/10 4:06 PM






13714-13 REV PALMAS 16 .indd 1

The Palmas Academy

palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE

Welcome ASTA delegates!


JUNE/JULY 2011 VOL. 4 NUM. 3




Palmas Del Mar

APRIL/MAY 2011 VOL. 4 NUM. 2

w w w. L L P a l m a s . c o m 1

octoBER/noVEmBER 2011 Vol. 4 nUm. 5



DInIng out in Palmas

PAC: our club and our pride...join the fun!



& Salud!

Summer camp IN PARADISE


PHA palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE


w w w. L L P a l m a s . c o m 1

DEcEmBER/JanUaRY 2012 Vol. 4 nUm. 6



Holidays in Paradise PHA palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE



w w w. L L P a l m a s . c o m 1

February/March 2012 VOL. 5 NuM. 1

palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE













R S A RY 1

La Buena Vida...



16th Anniversary!






10:38 PM








Palmas has Talent! Impressive Mosaic Art Group


2011 Member & Guest...the best ever!

PALMAS SuMMer 2011 revIew 1




our school, our pride!



6/1/11 3:20 PM

JUNE/JULY 2012 VOL. 5 NUM. 3




The Palmas Academy


palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE


PHA palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE

REVISTA PALMAS 21 copy.indd 1

APRIL/MAY 2012 VOL. 5 NUM. 2



PAC’s first anniversary 1

palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE



annive rsary


PHA palmas DEl maR homEownERs association maGaZinE 1

DECEMBER/JANUARY 2013 VOL. 12/2/11 7:57 PM 6 NUM.1


Tennis & Golf Member & Guest Tournaments

Huge SucceSS!


By: Lisette Rosado It’s been five years already since our Live & Life magazine was born. Like many things in life, if seems like yesterday when we launched the magazine at Las Tapas. The need of a communication vehicle among us was imminent and five years later we can say: “Mission accomplished!” The success has been above expectations because, never in my dreams I thought that even kids would fight to see the magazine first when it arrived in the mail. Many parents have told me this story and obviously it makes me feel proud. On the other hand, that sense of community that the magazine has helped create pays for all the sleepless nights Sandra (my art director) and I spend during the week and a half when we put the final art together. During that week and a half, believe it or not, we sleep only three to four hours (we call it Kamikaze week). And we have done that 30 times now! Tony Maldonado is witness; he has received emails from me at three and four in the morning. A curious story of one of those long nights is that we received a phone call once at 2:30 am at my office telephone in San Juan and when Sandra answered the

phone a lady told her she was afraid because she was hearing noises coming from the ceiling of her house and she was alone. Sandra asked her were she was and when she told Sandra that she was in Palmas, Sandra handed me the phone. Talking with the lady (to this very day I don’t know who she is) I called Palmas Security and stayed with her on the phone until Security got there. Good thing I was at my office that night! This is one of the many incredible calls I have received. Live & Life has become the Palmas information center, social planner, lost and found center, phone directory and weather information center (people call me to find out if is raining in Palmas, mainly golfers), among many others requests, that I fulfill with lots of love. During this hurricane season one of our snowbirds called me and asked me to turn on the webcam of our site in order for them to see the hurricane from their home in USA. That was so cute!! Unfortunately the web cam was broken and luckily the hurricane never came. One the other hand, the magazine has also placed Palmas on the map, bringing to light our community projects

as a wonderful alternative to live and life in Palmas…either to raise kids, retire or just enjoy life. When the Palmas Club closed and the PAC took over, it helped us to communicate to the world that Palmas was not closed and dead. On the contrary, Palmas was alive and stronger than ever. Palmas was going through one of its biggest crisis ever but this time it was the community itself that saved the situation and now a day, contrary to other parts in Puerto Rico, real estate is picking up at a steady pace. Before finish, I have to thank Tony Maldonado and Julio Bagué for giving me the opportunity to serve my community and to Servando Díaz for backing me up as soon as he assumed the presidency. I also have to thank Sandra Rodríguez, my wonderful art director, Silvia Morales, my partner at Rosado & Morales for 25 years and Zenaida Sanjurjo, my Assistant Editor, who suffers the most with my English mistakes and double negatives. And finally, to my buddy, Obed Borrero, who is always there for me. A special recognition to those advertis-

Lissette Rosado, 5 years ago during PHA’s Live & Life presentation.

Lissette Rosado, editor

ers that have been there with us hand in hand and are the ones who make possible this project. Definitely we have to be proud of our community and our magazine is testimony of how life is in Paradise… a paradise we call home. s

together we make it happen

Silvia Morales, Partner Rosado/Morales

Sandra Rodríguez, Art Director

Zenaida Sanjurjo, Assistant Editor

Obed Borrero, Live & Life Cyber Director

Management & Consulting Happy Group lidays!


Sheila Camacho González, President

1 6 ye a r s o f s e r v i c e i n Pa l m a s d e l M a r


A perfect getaway. A wonderful view. Share your dreams with the one you love Come to Puerto Rico and you will see why we are called “The Enchanted Island”

He have them all!



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Club Cala Paradise

is just minutes away! 15

Octoberfest otel H m a h d n y W e h t t A 16


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As the year draws to a close I want to extend to each of you and your loved ones my best wishes for a most wonderful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year. Also, I want to thank you for your strong and continuous support to our programs and initiatives.  Soon you will be receiving the 2013 Budget.  You will notice there will be no increase in assessment fees and that we have reduced the Association spending to the maximum extend possible without affecting the quality of services we provide.  We will be focusing our efforts upon improving our quality of life, enhancing our property values and implementing ideas that will spark community growth.  As you may have noticed, we have recently implemented several community enhancement initiatives including park improvements, landscaping illumination and  resting areas and will continue with this type of improvements over the coming year. Similarly, we are making steady progress in the Forest and the boardwalk restoration project and we are hopeful it will be ready for visitors in early 2013. It is our intent to continue to make Palmas del Mar the ideal place to live, play and raise our families.  With the elections behind us, the new year looms in the horizon full of hopes and dreams. I feel good about 2013 and the future of Palmas, of Puerto Rico and of our Nation. Let us stay together, as we have in the past, pulling on the same direction and toward the same goal. Brighter days are just ahead.  Merry  Christmas and a Happy New Year! Servando 18

New idyllic spots in Palmas If you haven’t been by the “Duck Lake” lately, maybe you haven’t seen the latest improvements on the lake grounds. The park has being renovated with a new stone dock, stone tables and chairs and a charming little wooden bridge. Many thanks go to George Mulligan of Pennock Garden, for the design and implementation of this beautiful little corner. Thanks to our PHA board for this initiative. This is definitely an ideal spot to get in contact with nature.

Fine for trash


Effective November 1, 2012, Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association implemented a system of fines that will penalize residents for failure to comply with the trash collection rules and the community-wide standards. Homeowners are required to place all waste in underground trash containers or kept out of public view. No trash is allowed to lay around the properties or outside of trash containers. PHA inspector will check properties on a regular basis and report any violations to the PHA administration. Fines start at $100, first offense; $200 for the second offense and $300 for the third. Violators will receive a notification letter from PHA and fines will be posted in the PHA assessments account for the property.

FOREST DONORS UPDATE Each day more and more community members are joining the PHA project to restore the Palmas Forest and its Boardwalk to build a passive park at this entrance. The restoration and preservation of this gift from Mother Nature is the most important legacy we can leave behind for generations to come. .Please join our neighbors and friends who have already stepped forward to be counted in this noble and magnificent effort. Send your checks to the PHA Forest Fund, PO Box 9027, Humacao, PR 00792. You may also stop by PHA and use a debit card or call PHA at 787-285-6425 and use a credit card for your donations.

MAGA ($0-$50) Angel Rodriguez Fred Austin Carmen Del Valle Ivonne Cruz Eugenio Chinea & Ginnette Rosado Mark Cassidy Dra. Crikay Rivera José R. Naguake Gerald Horowitz Ruben & Marta De Quesada Andrea Cabrer Ken Williams Aixa Olazagasti ROBLE ($51-$175) Alberto Escoto Jose A. Morales María Greene Victor Kelly Fred Martínez Héctor Ortiz Colón Eugenio Chinea & Ginnette Rosado Franklin Earle Raymond Emmert Maria E. Suárez Eva Candelario Edd Siler Samuel Bloomberg Lina Kalinich Gerardo Vicéns Jaime Morgan Nancy R. Schwartz Miguel Nazario Dr.Thomas A. Diliberto S.Mariana & Jason Searl Nicholas Trogan Edwin Santana/Ana Blanes Jose & Maria Bacardi William Compagnone Mr. & Mrs. Otto Riefkohl Jose Torres AUSUBO ($176-$250) Carmen Castro Carlos J. Homs Shell Castle Assoc. Jose O. Morales Ricardo Collazo Bernard Van Goethem Thomas Whipple Crescent Cove Club Arnaldo Colón Victor Nieto Romeos Glenn & Bonnie Weinstein Gustavo Hermida GUAYACÁN ($251-$499) Miguel Santiago Jeff White Jorge Manrique Eric Grafals Carlos García Rafael Méndez Angel Muntaner José Vélez Jeffrey Fraser Frank Earle Benjamín Quiñones Earline & Curtis Troeger

CEIBA ($500-$999) Allen Meek Robert Handschuh Palmas Hill Partners Michael Wertz Asoc. Res. Villa Franca Samuel Jové Frank Torres David Frazier Reynaldo Encarnación Julio Bagué Arthur Dellheim Jeff White Myrna Ramos & Harry Jiménez John Orta José & Graciela Cacho Ruddy Oquendo José Fullana Enrique Cortes Ivette & Rafael Vicens Josefina Ramirez de Arellano PTEROCARPUS ($1,000 AND UP) Grace Gigante ($1,000) Antonio Maldonado ($1,000) Gordon MacDonald ($1,000) James Cohen ($1,000) Jon S. Brightman ($2,000) Jeff Smith ($1,000) Mary Jo & Gabriel Espasas ($3,136) Larry & Jean Perry ($1,000) Empresas Santana ($10,000) Ralph’s Supermaket ($2,500) Manuel/Ana Morales ($1,000) René Pinto ($10,000) Pablo López, MD ($2,024) José Nassar, MD ($1,000) Ana Mendez ($3,986) Enid Ortiz Ricard ($4,450) Jorge & Cheryl Lezcano ($15,000) Peter Palermo ($1,000) Ricardo De Varona ($1,000) Rodolfo Acevedo ($1,500) Tom Dyal ($1,000) David Oschman ($1,600) Gary Verplank ($1,500) Six C’s Corp ($1,195) David Chafey ($1,000) Fairlakes Village Cond. ($2,000) Angel Santana ($1,000) Joan Novogradac ($1,000) Ruth & Joel Spira ($1,000)

Palmas Homeowners

Holiday Celebrations

Don’t miss the PHA Christmas Golf Cart Parade and Parranda on Saturday, December 15th. The Parade will depart from the Beach Club at 5:00 pm and will travel through Palmas ending at Palmanova Plaza where music by the “Sin Prisa Band” dance and festivities will take place. Also, Santa & Mrs. Santa will be receiving the children at Palmanova Plaza where photos will be taken of kids with the bearded man in red suit. As in years past, we encourage parade participants to decorate the golf carts with Christmas Season themes. Awards and recognition will be given to the best three decorated carts. Participants should arrive at the Beach Club between 4 and 5 pm so the parade may depart on time. Judging of the best decorated carts will take place at the Beach Club. On Sunday, January 6th, PHA will have its Three Kings Celebration. The activity begins at 9:00 am with the Three Kings departing from the Guayanés area and travel throughout Palmas ending at the Equestrian Center where festivities will start at 11:00 am. The Three Kings will be escorted by a parade of horse-riders from the Palmas Equestrian Center. Residents are invited to join the parade behind the horses with golf carts. The Three Kings will receive the children at the Equestrian Center and present them with gifts. There will be pony rides, clowns, music and food and beverages on a pay-as-you-go basis. Parents interested in having

the Three Kings present gifts to their children should bring the presents to PHA well before January 6th so they be in place on time. Gifts should be labeled with the child’s name. Don’t miss on this unique family oriented Puerto Rican holiday festivity. You will enjoy it. Guaranteed!

Waste collection services On October 1, 2012 Waste Management became the Service Company in charge of picking up residential solid waste at Palmas del Mar. Pick-up date is now on Tuesday every week beginning at 5:00 a.m. If there is a special holiday or a situation that prevents pick-up on Tuesday, they will do it the next day.

Important tips

Saturday, December 15th

Sunday, January 6th

Prohibited objects include paint, motor vehicle batteries, tires, flammable solvents or chemicals, tree branches and trunks. • If your residence is in the recycling route, separate recyclables from common trash items so they may be picked up by the municipality. •

Trash cans should not weigh more than 50 pounds and should be located at a place of easy access

Waste must be placed outside of your property. Service personnel will not go into your property such as your garage. If you have underground receptacles in front of your property they will pullout the trashcans and return them to the receptacles (a very nice change!)

Vegetation material should be separated from the regular waste. Leaves and grass clippings must be packed in bags and are considered waste. Palm prongs (pencas) are considered regular waste.

If you are disposing of broken glass, do not place it in bag inside the trash can as it may wound service personnel. Place it in a separate box next to the trash can or underground receptacle.

Any waste that due to its size cannot be picked up by the waste truck on the day of service will be picked up the next day by specialized equipment.

For additional information, please call Waste Management at 787-852-4444.

“Beautiful Villas

Palmas Insurance,Corp


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Dra. Arlene Martínez and family

Wishing all our Clients and Friends: “Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2013” WWW.COMETOPALMAS.COM 787.285.5058 RITA’S CELL: (787) 487-2995


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Palmanova Plaza 101, Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico • 787. 852.5600/787.236.7682 23

c bar ad dic-enero2013.indd 1

11/30/12 12:16 AM

a dream come true para los Cabrer

By: Lisette Rosado



Agustin Javir (AJ)

AJ, the fisherman

Alejandro in a “meditation” state, notice the little bird at the distance

“It was a dream come true,” said Janina Viejo, “This was something Agu and I wanted to do since we were dating and finally it came to reality. It was a wonderful experience for us as a family, not to mention how much our children learned from this experience”. She is talking about a four-month trip Agu Cabrer and Janina Viejo did recently in their Pilot House Motor Yacht. They asked Palmas Academy permission and made arrangements so the kids could complete all their schoolwork and lifted anchor from Palmas towards the Bahamas via Dominican Republic and Turk and Caicos. On their way back they also visited the US and British Virgin Islands. In total they navigate 1,993 miles at an average speed of 8kts (9.2 miles per hour). Definitely a dream trip for anybody that loves the sea and a magnificent learning experience for their three sons: Agustín Javier, better know as AJ, 13 years old and in the 8th grade; Gustavo, 9 years old, 4th grade; and Alejandro, “the baby”, 5 years old, kindergarden. One of the first things Janina mentioned was how they lived freely and happily without technology, without Facebook and telephones. “When we came back I jumped every time I heard a phone ringing, I was scared,” said Janina and recalls how their sons played with the local kids, and children of other boats they ran into on their journey. “Our TV shows were real life shows like for example a group of dolphins that escorted us for about an hour jumping and doing pirouettes in the air. We all sat on the bow to watch them with popcorn like in the movies (I saw it on a video recording they made of this magical experience. This video can be found at, for everybody to enjoy). “It was incredible because if Agu

Drilling shells

AJ scaling fish

Bonding with local fishermans

Pigs on the beach

Cleaning conchs at the beach

would slow the speed of the boat they would slow down, if he accelerated the boat they would go faster and stayed with us like an hour”. They also participated of local kids’ birthdays, a wedding, assisted a sea funeral but most importantly, as a family they created a strong bond. “We even swam with dolphins in the wild (not in an aquarium). We anchored in a place where there were dolphins and we just jumped into the water with them,” said Janina. “We also saw huge whales, stingrays, and all kinds of fish!” “This trip was a real reality show: my children learned to fish, to dive, kite surf, to catch conch and to clean it, to scale and clean fish, to cook it and they loved to eat it too. They also learned how people live in other countries; they got acquainted with poverty and need. In some towns we stopped on during our trip there was no milk for days, they had to wait until a boat with provisions came and the date was uncertain,” Janina explained. On the boat everybody had his or her own responsibilities. The Cabrer Crew was composed of: Agustin (Agu) the Captain, Janina the First Mate, Alejandro, (the smallest one) mate with the responsibility of cleaning the boat on its outside; Gustavo the middle one, was in charge of the fenders and the ropes; and AJ was the dinghy captain and he was also in charge of clearing Customs. “Everybody had their duty clear and there was no problem,” said Janina and added that at anchor time (usually one of the most stressful moments of a boat trip) everybody assumed their position and duties. But everything was not perfect, in one of the isolated islands of the Exumas Alejandro fell in the machine room and broke his head! “We had

to take the dinghy to shore, ask where there was a clinic, hitchhiked to the clinic where Alejandro, who was very scared because of the amount of blood, received 5 stitches. Another day they went to visit a very special place called the Blue Hole and they learned that a 19-year-old boy had just died and there was a funeral-taking place where people were throwing flowers into the water. This is a natural hole in the water with a depth of more than 600 ft. This Blue Hole is known as the world’s deepest blue hole and it goes from 2 feet to 663’ in no time. “And at the beginning of the trip we head to very bad seas that made our refrigerator open and every thing broke,” said Janina and confessed she was so scared that she made Agu promise that if that was going to continue she wanted to come back home. Agu promised her that after they reached a certain point the sea was going to be very calm and it was like he said. “ It was a real mess! There was “sofrito” all over the rugs and floor as well as other foods from the refrigerator. But the rest of the trip was calm and beautiful as you can appreciate from the photos. s

Alejandro on his cleaning day

Father’s Day bonding

The Blue Hole at Bahamas The proud fishermans

A Happy Birthday of the one of the local kids in the Bahamas.

The Dolphins one hour show. Watch the video at


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Believe it or not...

She is 90 years young! You have seen her around for years, because Carmen is the matriarch of the Suárez Castro Clan. Her full name is Carmen Castro Vda. de Suárez. She is an amazing woman, beautiful inside and outside, with a young glow in her eyes. She has that “Joy de vivre” that transmits wisdom.  It feels good to talk to people that have learned to live wisely. It always makes me feel sad when I meet bitter elderly people, its proof that they haven’t learned what life is all about.  But Carmen is the opposite; you can tell she’s been a happy and lovable person all her life.  Carmen comes from a family of five sisters. “My father was a visionary, since he didn’t have money, only cattle farms, he pushed every one of them to study medicine and all five sisters are medical doctors,” she said. “He said that he didn’t want us to depend on a man to support us. He wanted us to be independent and self sufficient.”  And he succeeded at a time where there were hardly any women medical doctors.  Carmen and another of her sisters are Anesthesiologists; the others are: Psychiatrist, Pediatrician, and Children Psychiatrist.  Unbelievable!  Carmen herself has six children:  Pepin, Marie, Jorge, Carly, Carmencita and Tere Suárez.  “When we graduated from Medical school we all had kids already but we were so lucky that a man that used to work with my father had five daughters also and the five of them came to work with each one of the five of us and helped us take care of our children.” And believed or not, Josefina, the one who came to work with Carmen 45 years ago, is still with her!  I can only imagine that if she treats her with the love she shows, it’s completely understandable. “That’s how we made it because it was impossible to do residency and have kids without help. When I graduated from medicine I was pregnant with Pepín

and two years later I was pregnant with Marie, and when I was doing the internship Marie was already three months old. When I finished the residency I was then pregnant with Jorge and little by little I had my other children.” The last one was Tere who came 4 years later. from Carmencita.  And as if having six children wasn’t enough Carmen was working as an Anesthesiologist at the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital. “I was assigned to form the Anesthesiology Department. There I started with old machines and little by little we created the department and also created the Anesthesiology school for Nurses. At the Auxilio Mutuo she worked for twelve years. “I was alone because I was the only Anesthesiologist for a long time,” she recalls.  She retired at the age of 66, after 32 years of hard work. “My older son, Pepin, studied medicine, specialized in Orthopedics, came back and I was still working,” she said and laughed. When she retired, 24 years ago, she started playing golf and since then Carmen plays golf every Tuesday and Saturday. “ I have always liked sports and when I retired I took some golf lesson with Seth Bull and the rest is history”.  Carmen bought at La Jolla when it was still on mock-up (La Jolla is now more than 25 years old).  She has always liked the sea and La Jolla had a beautiful view.  Later she moved to Casillas and Jorge moved to her apartment and now a days... they almost all live together at Plaza de Mar. (Pepin, Tere & Jorge plus some other cousins and family) I think Plaza del Mar will very soon change it’s name to Plaza Suárez!! “It’s a blessing being able to live all together and being able to see my 18 grandkids all the time.  Carmen now started talking about her beloved family and burst into tears. “I am so proud of my family, they are so car-

ing and good with each other. They care and help each other. They pray for each other. They correct each other. They all learn to love and give love and they are doing the same with their kids.  If you teach your family to love God and to love each other everything comes out fine,” she stated. “Now that we are all together, we share all the time. I can see my grandkids from my porch. We cook lunch, and invite each other. It’s a blessing,” she tells me.  “We come to this world to carry out a mission and my mission has been my medical career, where I met my husband, Dr. José Suárez Álvarez, orthopedist and my family,” she stated proudly because evidently she has accomplished her mission!  Even though the work of a mother never ends, and then comes the grandkids! 

“The stongest of all forces in this

What is her secret? I asked, “What is the secret to look so pretty young at 90?” “My secret is that I have never being concerned about age, never look at the wrinkles. I never look at myself in the mirror. The only time I look at myself in the mirror is when I brush my teeth in the morning and at night. It’s the spirit what counts. If you believe in what you are doing, if you help other people, if you make your peers happy you are going to be happy. Loves brings love back. I have a happy spirit and all my daughters and sons also have that happy spirit.  Other than golf and party with her family, Carmen reads a lot and keeps her spirit nourished through her faith and love to God.  “And I will be here (on Earth) enjoying life until God decides otherwise.  I am not afraid of death, I have my father and my husband there (in Heaven), and he is probably crazy for me to arrive, but that’s God decision,” she said referring to her late husband who died 12 years ago.  “Unfortunately, family as an institution is eroding and that’s why society is in so bad shape,” she said sadly.  It’s amazing, not only how young she looks for her age but how clear and alert she is.  A wonderful example and inspiration for all of us!! God bless her and let her enjoy her beautiful family for many more years. s

a little history..

world is not the nuclear bomb but love.”

Carmencita plays golf twice a week.

Bohemia magazine, un 1968 featured the five sisters of medicine

Energy Management Services come to Palmas del Mar! By: Lissette Rosado The high cost of energy here in Puerto Rico is a serious concern for residents, rental property owners and businesses. At 26 cents per kilowatt-hour, our electricity costs are double to triple the rates in the US. One reason for this situation is the reliance on petroleum-based power on the part of the Autoridad de Energia Electrica (AEE). About 70% of its power comes from this source, which makes future costs susceptible to highly volatile crude oil prices. That price fluctuation is reflected in the “compra de combustible” (purchase of combustible) portion of our monthly bill. To reduce future power costs and avoid the damaging environmental impact of fossil fuels, several new laws are requiring that the AEE diversify its power portfolio and facilitate private and commercial renewable power generation. Examples of the former are the six giant windmills in Naguabo visible from Palmas and the Net-Metering Law. Under net metering, residential and commercial power generation, like solar and wind, are allowed to interconnect with the AEE’s distribution grid and excess power can be “sold” to the AEE. For details, review: en/2007/A-0114-2007.pdf. For business and homeowners that want to achieve immediate and significant energy cost savings, there are many affordable technologies and methods currently available. Anura Systems, a new business based right here in Palmas del Mar, is launching its Energy Management Services to implement these methods here in Puerto Rico. The General Manager is Lionel Ortiz-Santini, who holds degrees in mechanical engineering (BS), business administration (MBA) and is a professional Building Analyst, Energy Auditor, and Building Envelope Specialist. Lionel explains “Anura will apply the latest technologies to make its clients more energy efficient, which can generate significant savings and increase the value of individual homes and businesses. It will first perform an expert Energy Audit- a thorough assessment of the home or business, its energy-consuming appliances and equipment, and its utility (AEE) expense history. Anura testing may include depressurizing the structure to measure its “air tightness” and identify sources of potential thermal (AC) losses. This


test is one of several state-of-the-art methods advocated by the Building Performance Institute and employed by Anura Systems. ” The Energy Audit is used to develop an Energy Efficiency Plan that Anura can implement on behalf of its clients. One common starting point is the installation of power sensors that measure energy usage in real time and display it on a home monitor, web page or smart phone. “You cannot improve what you cannot measure, and this step alone can achieve a lot. In our home, for example, we have a power sensor display at the front door and we check it continuously. It displays the hourly cost of current power usage, so when it exceeds a certain level, we know that something needs to be turned off. I also get cell phone alerts that I can program to my needs.” Anura also designs and installs occupancy sensors that can control air conditioning, lights and other appliances. This technology, widely used in the hotel industry, is now wireless, which is less disruptive, inexpensive and easy to implement at the home level. “Studies in the US report that these affordable, high tech tools have created energy savings in the range of 35%-50% for large homes, schools, businesses and various other structures.” Renewable energy design and installation are also available through Anura. The Net-metering law here in Puerto Rico can have significant value to our “snow birds” in that it allows them to accrue credits against future energy use when they generate more power than is consumed. At present, the law allows up to 9000 kWh per month. “Anura can assess potential solar production based on a home’s location relative to the sun and other factors. In all cases, we provide the financial impact of our recom-

mendations, to include the projected savings, payback period, and return on investment (ROI).” There are plenty of reasons to improve the energy efficiency for our homes and businesses, especially here in Puerto Rico. For starters, the technologies available can yield immediate savings with minimal investment. We can contribute towards a better environment and help to reduce our demand for foreign oil. For businesses, energy savings can go straight to bottom-line profitability with more ease than growing “top line” revenues. Lastly, one should also consider the resale value of energy efficient homes and businesses. In a recent US study, “green homes” sold for 19% more and 10% faster than their counterparts. “Our first proposal showed a savings to investment ratio superior to that of any secure, financial instrument in the present market. I believe that improving your home’s energy efficiency is one of the best investments available today,” said Lionel in closing.

Voyage de Decouverte des Vins, de la gastronomie et du patrimoine du Sud de La France et de l’Italie

with Chef David Chaymol Wow! Where do I begin? Well... let’s start by the fact that this wasn’t a trip I had planned a long time ago. When David Chaymol, chef and partner of Bistro Paris, called me to tell me that he had had two last minute cancellations I was in the middle of my “every-two-monthmadness”, the days the magazine is finalized before it is sent off to print. I discussed the idea with José and he took care of studying all the details. Soon after, I was on my way to France with a French chef and a very fine group of people, many of them from David’s cooking classes or from previous trips. We didn’t know anybody but...very soon we had twenty new friends. We also travelled with our “private Sommelier”, Luis López, president of the Oenophile Society of PR. The trip could be divided into three themes: restaurants, wineries and, towns and monuments visited with certified tour guides. And a fourth one...the bus trips where we had anything from wine and cheese tastings to election and referendum events with notaries and commissionaires (the trip took place during elections days). The areas visited: The French Provence, French Riviera and the Italian Toscana.

Alan Ducase, Rest. Louis XV, at Monaco

wine • food • olive oil • truffles • perfumeries • soaps • historic monuments • tourism

A trip to share... It’s all about gastronomie... wine....and history! We started in France, of course. Our first sojourn was in Saint Rémy de Provence in a beautiful Boutique Hotel called Le Mas de Carassins, from there we visited: Arles, Nimes, Avignon, Le Baux de Provence , Chateauneuf du Pape, Aix en Provence and Marseille. Then we moved to the Hotel JW Marriot at Cannes, from where we visited: Monaco, Antibes, Nice, St Tropez, Mougins and Grasse. From Cannes we left for Italy where we stayed in the Villa Borgo Tollena, a Agro-touristic & Wine Resort. From there we visited Pisa, Florencia, San Gemignano and Sienna. My God!! The restaurants!!! All of them with at least one star from the Michelin guide, chosen and coordinated by David Chaymol personally. We ate so well that it is very hard to explain. David chose the menu and the wine that accompanied all of our dinners with each one of the chefs with the idea that we had the opportunity to taste different types of food and wines. I have to highlight several of them even though all of them were absolutely delicious: The Christian Etienne in Avignon, excellent food, very good service and presentation located in the middle of the Avignon town. Very charming! La Bastide Saint-Antoine at Grasse of Chef Jacques Chibois, a very renowned chef known for his “Ecole du Gout” (School of Taste). Very elegant and the food…outstanding! The Restaurant Louis XV, one of Alain Ducasse’s restaurants at the Hôtel de Paris at Monaco, is a three star Michelin Guide restaurant in an elegant room set in light and gold, reminiscent of Versailles Grand Siècle…absolutely beautiful and exquisite! The Chez Bruno at Lorgues, also a Michelin Guide restaurant was an experience. It’s a beautiful place with a very colorful chef who cooks up a delicious dinner in a restaurant


called the temple of Truffles. Love it!! In Italy I will like to highlight Il Palagio, high, vaulted ceilings and majestic chandeliers, attentive service, as well as deliciously eclectic cuisine created by a talented chef and elegant staff. The Arnolfo Restorante at Sienna is another true jewel. The food was so delicate and good, the service and the presentation were superb! And to finish, our last super was in an authentic fine Italian restaurant called Il Colombaio, in the heart of Tuscany, between Siena and Florence, headed by Elsa, a Charmin Italian chef with a beautiful smile and wonderful taste.

At Chez Bruno at Lorgues, known as the Truffles temple.

With the Master Chef, Jacques Chibois, at Bastide Saint- Antoine

Chef Arnolfo and his staff at Ristorante Arnolfo

With Elsa and her assistant at Il Colombaio.

With Il Palagio Executive Chef, Vito Mollica

Visits to Perfumeries & Marseille famous soaps

Sienna Cathedral


Les Beaux de Provance

The Colliseum at Nimes

The wineries The first region visited was Provence where Rose wine is the main wine of the region. The Provence Appelation is recognized worldwide. The rose wines are mainly made with Grenache and Mouvedre grapes. Other grapes are also used but in low concentrations such as Syrah. Those rose wines are fresh, easy to drink, and do not require storage for many years. They are also fruity, elegant, have excellent aromas, low exposure to oak, and are good for food pairing such as chicken, salads, and other not so complex foods. We visited four wineries: Domaine de La Mordoree, Chateau d’Esclans, Chateau Pradeaux, and Mas de la Dame. During the visits, we observed the wine making process, how fermentation is made, storage of wines in the barrels, and bottling. At the end of each visit, wine tasting was held where the representatives of each winery explained the composition of each wine. The group had the opportunity to talk about each wine tasted and their experience after the tasting. Probably,

Luis López, President of Sociedad de Enófilos de Puerto Rico.

the best experience was to meet the winemaker or owner of each winery where their explanations were made with a lot of passion. The second region visited was the Rhone Valley where Chateauneuf du Pape is the main appellation. This is a region where the grape varietals Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Carignan are the main grapes used to produce these wines. This blend is unique since other grapes, in lower concentrations, are also used. These wines are bold, with intense aromas, character, fruity, complex, elegant, and many require to be stored for a few years before drinking. Among the wines and wineries tasted Caves de Papes and Ogier were included. We had the opportunity to visit the wineries and learn about the wines produced as well as to have an excellent wine tasting. Within the Chateauneuf du Pape region, we observed four different areas or terroirs. These terroirs gave the wines different characters in terms of aromas, flavors, and intensity. Interestingly, we observed in one of these Chateauneuf du Pape terroirs grapes growing in a land completely full of round stones which produce great wine.

Finally, the Toscana region in Italy was visited. In this area, the main grape produced is the Sangiovese. These wines are complex in aromas and flavor, ripe fruit, good tannic structure, with mineral notes, crisp, floral, and excellent nose. Some winemakers also produce blends that include the grape varietals Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot calling them “super Tuscans”. One of the wineries visited was “Castello di Poppiano” which had an excellent view of the Tuscan region where, in addition to grapes, produce olive oil. The owner of the winery, Comte Ferdinando Guicciardini personally gave our group the tour of their facilities. The visit was a great experience as well as the wine tasting held at the castle. In summary, it was a great experience… Wine, good food, and good friends lead to a good life. David is doing the same trip next year and will soon have another one that will visit the cities of Paris, Lyon, Beaune, Bordeaux and Colmar (I am definitely in!) So, if you will like to join him, you can reach him very easily by email…after all it’s very easy to learn- elfrancespr@gmail. com, or give him a call at (787) 316-5761. He speaks perfect ENglish and Spanish (well…with a beautiful French accent). s

Life on the road...

At Chateauneuf du Pape we observed four different areas or terroirs.

Comte Ferdinando Guicciardini personally tour the group at Castello di Poppiano Giovanni Fabbri, pasta makers for more than 100 years

Cooking class at Cannes

The elections on the road...

A huge Porcini mushroom at the market.

Searching for truffle with a Lagotto, specialized dog which are able to detect the strong smell of mature truffles underw wground. 37 neath the surface of the



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s i g n i f i c a n t ly l e s s f o r c e and friction

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Dra. Annelisse Figueroa E s p e c i a l i s ta


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Horario de oficina: lunes a viernes de 8:00 a 5:00 PM Se aceptan planes médicos con cubierta de ortodoncia.

Wonderful afternoon at Sonia Sanz

If you missed it, be on the look out for the next one. It was an afternoon of sharing thoughts about the book that has revolutionized the female market, “The Fifty Shades of Gray”. We laughed, we shared profound issues and with the guidance of Maya Valle, special guest and writer of “Entre mis sábanas” (“Under My Covers”) we reflected about important issues of female sexuality. It was good to have among us Frances Olivieri, who made important interventions in our discussion. It was certainly an enjoyable afternoon among girlfriends and we unanimously voted that we wanted more of these types of activities where women can share different interests. Thanks to Sonia and Maya for this opportunity. s

Dale Like


/WallyCastroMarine 43

Degustaci贸n dinner at...

with an exquisit Baleares wine collection


Chez Daniel

I think everybody who was there has to agree that this year’s Maridage dinner was outstanding. I have to give a public compliment to Chef Frank Arnould and his team for a wonderful dinner. Every single plate was so good and delicate, absolutely delicious! On the other hand, the selections of wines from the Baleares Island were perfect and very generous. Here is the complete menu for the benefit of those who missed it. Heads up for the next one! s

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Palmas Invitational

2012 Huge Success! 47

Eduardo L贸pez Hole in One!!!

Palmas Invitational 2012


Result Sheet

Palmas Invitational 2012

Harrington Flight 18 1st Runner Up Joaquin Oliver ; Jorge Perez 25 Champion/ Eduardo Pou ; Tommy Rodriguez 27 1/2 Treviño Flight 17 1st Runner Up Edgardo River ; Pablo Garrido 23 Champion/Francisco Lopez ; Jose Carrasco 28 1/2 Snead Flight 16 1st Runner Up Rodolfo Troche; Aldo Crescioni 24 Champion/ Alfonso Gomez ; Jose Bengoa 27 1/2 Olazabal Flight 15 1st Runner Up Jorge Martínez ; Francisco Carbonell 25 1/2 Champion/Ismael Sanchez ; Jose Berrios 28 Woods Flight 14 1st Runner Up Juan A. Ramos ; Tom Kier 25 Champion/Douglas Marsters ; Jose R. Rivera 29 1/2 Jones Flight 13 1st Runner Up Ricardo Porzio; Miguel Colon 26 Champion/Jose Matos ; Felix Rios 26 1/2 Hagen Flight 12 1st Runner Up Guillermo Toledo ; Ruben Jordan 25 1/2 Champion/Miguel A. Nieves ; Ruben Valdes 30 Langer Flight 11 1st Runner Up Pedro Carrillo ; Angel E. Rotger 26 (MC) Champion/Juan J. Santiago ; Mortimer Velez 27 Mickelson Flight 10 1st Runner Up Jorge Robert ; Angel Buitrago 24 1/2 Champion/Vicente Lugo ; Humberto Fraguela 25 McIlroy Flight 9 1st Runner Up Jose R. Sanchez ; Raymond Chaloka 25 Champion/Felipe Izquierdo ; Kenneth Krans 25 1/2 Nicklaus Flight 8 1st Runner Up Juan C. Mendez ; Alfie Martinez 27 Champion/Jose Del Amo ; Eduardo Miguel 29 1/2 Norman Flight 7 1st Runner Up Antonio Ginorio ; Roberto Santamaria 23 1/2 Champion/Ivan Fernandez ; Jorge Ginorio 32 Player Flight 6 1st Runner Up Luis Pipo Ortiz ; Ruben Feliciano 25 1/2 Champion/Eddie Reyes ; Hector Ayala 26 Faldo Flight 5 1st Runner Up Jose R. Colon ; Ramon Coto 26 Champion/Rolando Falgueras ; Antolin Alvarez 26 Watson Flight 4 1st Runner Up Jose F. Valledor ; William Rodriguez 25 Champion/Pedro Soto ; Maximino Rodriguez 27 Ballesteros Flight 3 1st Runner Up Hector Pagan ; Vicente Hernandez 28 1/2 Champion/Orlando Ortiz ; Alfredo Soegaard 31 1/2 Palmer Flight 2 1st Runner Up Daniel Bautista ; Genaro Scarano 26 Champion/Alfredo Fernandez ; Rafael Joglar 26 1/2 Hogan Flight 1 1st Runner Up Rey Valedon ; Jesus M. Velez 26 Champion/Edgardo Hernandez ; Carlos Dolagaray 28 1/2 Shoot Out Winner Alfredo Fernandez ; Rafael Joglar 5’


Congratulations to René Arana and his team for their good food and service to the Palmas Community! René is one of those Palmas’ businessmen that always volunteers for the community’s needs and issues. He is a good neighbor and businessman. Keep doing a good job!

anniversary 53

Take control! Reduce your Power Bill with Professional Energy Management Services

Anura Systems Inc. helps homeowners, hotels and businesses become more energy efficient, reducing AEE power bills and increasing the value of your property. We perform professional energy audits and develop plans that integrate cost effective, wireless technologies to reduce your power bill. We then serve as your energy efficiency general contractor, managing needed upgrades and retrofits and monitoring your energy use for a minimum of one year. . Our proven systems have reduced air conditioning usage by 50%, power bills by over 35%, and paid for themselves in less than one year.

As easy as 1-2-3.

1 2 3

Energy Audit We conduct a thorough analysis of your energy demand, power bills, ACs and appliances to identify opportunities for efficiency.

Energy Plan Our plans provide a roadmap to higher energy efficiency, including prioritized upgrades, retrofits and cost estimates. We provide estimates of savings, return on investment (ROI) and payback period.

Energy Savings You realize savings when you implement state-of-the-art power sensing, monitoring, AC controls and renewable energy (solar) in your home, hotel or business.

Call Anura Systems now and schedule an Energy Audit.

939.475.8000 anura systems inc.

Monitoring device at your fingertips

Lionel V. Ortiz-Santini General Manager, Anura Systems Inc. BS, Mechanical Engineering & MBA BPI-certified Building Analyst & Energy Auditor

A very special thanks to the Tournament Commitee but especially to José Vázquez aka “Little PePe” or “Pepito” for his efforts during the entire weekend. The week prior to the tournament and during the tournament weekend he made sure every detail was taken care of by being the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. This resulted in an excellent competition as this photo essay clearly illustrates. “Pepito”, from all the players and their guests a very special Thank You. s



dynamic duos

everybody wins...

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and the winners are...

Champions/3.5 Karla Hernaández /Sheila Camacho

Finalist/3.0 Maria Lomba/Mildred Gonzales

CHAMPIONS/3.0 Consolation I Agustín Cabrer/Jose Tart

Finalist/4.0 Jorge López /Jose Flores

Finalist/2.5 Joanne Ramos/Mary C. Flores

Champions/3.0 Consolation II    Ricardo Torres /Jose Soto

Champions/3.5 Consolatio Luis Cestero/Carlos Mier

Finalist/4.5                                                                 Champions/2.5                                                         Champions/3.0                                                         Lynette Guzmán/Angeles Umpierre Raymon Halais/Plinio Alfaro Nelson Colón /Jaime Perea

Champions/2.5                                                         Champions/3.5                                                         Josean Delgado/Daniel Rodríquez Arnaldo Carradero /Ricardo Casillas

Champions/3.0 Consolation                                Ana Ines Rivera/Mayte Suárez

Finalist/3.5                                                                  Adriana Curland/Michelle Reyes

Finalist/4.0                                                                  Carmen A Jimenez/Carmen Nater

Finalist/2.5                                                                  Champions/4.0 Consolation                                Juan Boschetti/Roberto Rodríquez Jose Vasquez/Orlando Lugo

Finalist/3.5                                                                  Gamaliel Rosado/Allen Fonollosa

Champions/3.5 Consolation                                Denise Di Brito/Kate Horkman

Champions/3.0                                                         Maypi Rodriquez/Nilda Marchán

Champions/4.0                                                         Alex Báez /Sergio Strepman

Finalist/3.0                                                                  Michael Lezcano/Christian Lezcano

Champions/4.0                                                         Mayra Muñoz /Aliana Halais

Champions/2.5 Consolation                                Grace Ventura /Karen Whitlock

Ladies Fastest Serve Contest Winner Claudia Rodríquez

Pedro Soto, Fastest Serve in the male category

Champions/4.0 Consolation                                Wanda Robles /Polly Togni

Manolo Rodríguez and Carlos Colón Men 4.5 Champions

Juan Gracia, PAC Excecutive Director and Cuco Ramos, PAC Chairman of the Board, honoris causa all around champions. 



Member & Guest...





family FUN

a bet is a bet!

As many of you may know José Miranda, the Tapas Bartender is a PNP supporter, (even though some people tease him telling him that he no longer is). On the other hand, Dr. Sepulveda, a good client and friend of Tapas and Chez Daniel is openly and actively PPD. For this election they made a bet: if the PNP won, Dr. Sepulveda had to buy and cook a goat for José and Tapas’ frequent clients. In the event that the PPD won the elections, then José had to buy the goat, which is what ultimately happened. And as is typical of Palmas, it became a party... the goat party. José purchased the goat and Fernando, the Tapas Chef, cooked it. It was so good! Everybody had a good laugh and PPD and PNP supporters shared the night in good spirit, the way it should be. An excellent example of comradeship and mental health. After all, we are all friends and neighbors no matter the color of your political party. s 63

Palmas Ladies Community Club & PHA is asking for your help this giving season by donating TOYS & FOOD -unwrapped and non-perishable in benefit of, the community of Buena Vista, Guayaness, Casa Ronald Mc Donalds’ and the Evangelical School for the Deaf From October 31 to Dec 21 2012. FOOD IS FOR ALL 3: Thanksgiving, Christmas and 3 Kings Day. The drop-off site will be PHA Building M-F 8-5PM, Sat 9-1pm. For more information call Melisa 239-8216043 or 787-656-9061 s

The soccer tradition at The Palmas Academy The Soccer Tradition at The Palmas Academy When Mr. Jose Alvarez, Athletic Director at The Palmas Academy, first saw the Academy’s green areas almost 20 years ago he thought; “this is the perfect place for soccer”. Being a soccer player for many years, a great goalkeeper to say the least, Mr. Jose took on the development of the soccer program at TPA. “We started with homemade PVC pipe goals”. The first several years the roster was made up of an international cast of players, since many of the Academy’s first students were Americans and internationals from different parts of he world. Twenty years later the soccer program has brought many trophies and championships both in the boys and in girls’ categories. Students have benefited from athletic scholarships thanks to their soccer skills, as well as being able to play in league clubs in the region. Even some players have made the Puerto Rico national teams in different categories. TPA competes in Mini, Juvenile, Junior Varsity and Varsity, boys and girls in the Central Oriental Private School Athletic Alliance (COPSAA) and Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance (PRHSAA). s

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RR Fairway Cts, Repo 300 obo

Culebra’s Finest Estate. Unique Hillside and Waterfront Property. 5.5 acres Private Community.

Price reduced to $3.9 mil

Lic #7885

Life al fresco! By: Casa Bonita/Ninoska Bonnelly Mari Suarez

Outdoor furniture... Patio Gallery Palmas del Mar, our small piece of paradise, invites us all to live, entertain and spend a good part of our lives outdoors. Although it is true that not much is needed for us to enjoy our incredible weather, where amazing breeze, sunshine and a full moon are the norm, having great patio furniture is a wonderful way of making our homes and villas even more enjoyable. A little history on the evolution of the outdoors/all weather furniture will enlighten us, as we in Casa Bonita have sure seen it evolve in our 25 years providing our services to all of you, great clients/friends/ family of Palmas del Mar. From a simple stone shaped as a seat to the elaborate designs of today, we in Palmas chose to use mostly the metal frame with woven plastic straps for a long time. The variety was not there and the three factors of durability, price and ability to store in the event of a storm, where met. There were even several places in town that would repaint and reweave when they gave away after wear and tear. This evolution brings us to today, where Patio Furniture has become a very important factor when creating an ambiance as it is an extension of the indoors as well as a complement to our home decor. I dare say that it can be considered a status symbol all in itself. We find an incredible selection of very attractive, bold designs, extremely comfortable, guaranteed weather resistant outdoor/indoor furniture for all price ranges; modern styles that are a work of art and will make our outdoor lives incredibly attractive. We can help you select your ideal set up as we take you through our favorite supplier in Puerto Rico, The Patio Gallery, on Roosevelt Ave, Hato Rey, an excellent example of style, price and service. Thanks for letting us into your homes and terraces all these years. s

1960 outdoor furniture

SALON SPA La Bomba hay que rica es ,eh eh Bomba!... BOMBA DE MENTA $75 Manicura de spa Pedicura de spa Lavado y secado BOMBA DE CANELA $115 Exfoliación corporal Masaje corporal 55 min Manicura de spa con parafina

Outdoor furniture to enjoy...

BOMBA DE TURRÓN $155 Masaje corporal 30 min Facial básico Manicura de spa Pedicura de spa Corte de cabello Lavado y secado

Con la compra de una oferta se obsequiará una botella de coquito navideño. Cantidades limitadas. *añade a tu oferta: Depilación de cejas $12 Tratamiento de ojos $10 Shellac $15 Parafina $10 Certificados disponibles desde $25.00

PRESENT DAY outdoor furniture

787.852.7099 Suite # 120 Palmanova Mall Tuesday to Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm

Cafe de la Plaza

restaurant & beer garden

B&B At Your Service can help reduce the stress of setting up and installing furniture and appliances.

Join us!

Call Us Today

Amazingly Tasty Creative International Cuisine TAPAS & CEVICHE Seafood & Steak Entrees Enjoy a selection of high quality Frosty Seasonal Craft Bottled Beers

Bau: (787) 559-5630 Bill: (787) 559-5631 We are proud to work and live in our community, Palmas Del Mar

Other services offered Closet Design


Interior Painting


Color Selection


Furniture Placement


Window Treatments


Located in Club Villa on the hill between Club Cala and Palmanova Plaza Alongside the historic “Fuente Taina”

Ask about Having Your Parties Here • Reservations Accepted 787-852-2612



Palmanova Plaza Palmas del MaR

Fresh daily specials!

Certified Angus Beef Best Rice and Beans in town Brochettes Puerto Rican Delicacies Excellent quality at reasonable prices.

Priced to sell

Always the be s taste! t



or assume mortgage and receive



in cash

}} 1,620 ft2 interior }} Plus 561 ft2 open terrace, one of only 4 in Maralago }} 2 bedrooms, 2 baths }} Stainless steel appliances }} Granite counter tops }} 16 foot cathedral ceilings }} Furnished

Dinner starting at 6pm Closed on Sundays (787)852-7173 68

CALL 787.536.5757 for more informAtion

Palmas Academy pledges to end bullying

This year’s TPA anti-bullying campaign was quite a success. The senior class and a few juniors helped the school counselor by hosting the week’s events. The campaign’s motto was “Silence hurts; Speak up!” and was focused on two unpopular figures of this issue: the bully and the bystander. Through an educational approach, students explored the reasons why a bully becomes one, to develop empathy and lose fear, in order to empower the bystander and motivate them to take action and speak up.  The campaign kicked off with the presentation of their “Silence Hurts/ Speak up” posters and banners, the daily homeroom exercises, a competition, and special Psychology Class’ appearances in the Elementary School. The daily

homeroom exercises focused on discussing the following concepts: Aggression, Diversity, Respect, Empathy, and Action.  Every morning, each homeroom teacher read to them about the daily word and the students enjoyed an open discussion of each concept. Students also got to participate in the school competition, which had three categories with a specific theme: Kinder to 3rd Grade “The feelings of the bully” Winner: 1st grade th 4 to 8th Grade “A bully is...” Winner: HR #801 9th to 11th Grade “What makes a bully?” Winner: HR #1101

The campaign ended with a student assembly where seniors volunteered to silently take pledges from students (grades 6th-11th) to help put an end to bullying in the school. They wore those pledges on their uniform, as they were ushered into the multiuse room for the grand finale: A multi-media performance developed by the Drama Class, with a video created by the counselor and the senior class president, Alfonso Díaz. The campaign activities lasted one week, but it will be implemented all year long. s

editor’s choice “Spectacular Penthouse in Crescent Beach”

• Magnificent oceanviews • Wonderful covered balcony and breathtaking rooftop terrace with ocean and mountain views • Illuminated pools at night add to the totally relaxing ambiance of this great • Three bedrooms, 3 baths property • Remodeled kitchen and bathrooms • New hurricane proof windows and doors, electric shutters Only for very special people. Price: $1,195,000 For more information call VIP Properties 787.285.5058

Harbour Lights

A great getaway in an elegantly secluded area in Palmas del Mar, this home is built in a 3,723 sq. mt. lot. It has 3 bedrooms plus a theathre room all opening into a big interior patio with high skylights, wood work throughtout and marble floors. Outside is has an “L”shaped terrace and an infinity pool with a spectacular view of Palmas, the sea and Vieques. If you like all this and want privacy and serenity please call LIFESTYLE REAL ESTATE at 787-608-6368.


This year the Palmas Academy Gala was truly Spooktacular! Good costumes and festive spirit. The photos illustrate the great time they had! I missed it this year but my buddy, Obed Borrero, was there to bring you this photo essay. s

Candelero Animal Hospital... your pet health is our priority! Hours •Vaccines•sterilization •rutine check outs • surgery•boarding •hospitalization •sterilizations•x ray •pharmacy•dental cleaning•diagnostics in house•cbs•sma 12• fecal exam•heartworm exam & prevention•large animals •ultrasound prenancy check•float teeth lameness exam,etc.

MondayFriday 8am-5pm Saturdays 8am-1pm Holidays 8am-1pm

Dr. Gustavo Brito

Carr #3 Km 85.6 Bo.Candelero Arriba, Humacao, PR

787.850.7380 /fax 787. 850.3017

at the Yacht Club Monday, December 31, 2012 from 8:00pm to 2:00am Reserve your table today! 150 people maximum 787.656.7300 787.505.7117 Entrance fee: $150. Children 2-12: $50 Appetizers, dinner by Chef Juan Carlos Vicens, music (Orquesta Besitos de Coco) and full open bar including Champagne and wine. Children entertainment will be provided.


TEX MEX cantina P A L M A S

Happy Hour :-) Medalla 12oz - 2 x $3 Wednesdays 5pm to 8pm Diciembre y Enero

Thirsty Thursdays Our Famous Margaritas 2 X 1 FROM 7PM TO 9PM

Burritos Two for Tuesdays FREE




T E L. 7 8 7 - 8 5 0 - 2 6 9 3

Palmas well represented

at the Susan G Komen 5K

Palmas’ representation at the Susan G Komen was noticeable. A full-sized school bus was filled, mostly of Palmas Academy students, their parents and teachers. Other Palmeños went on their own but we all got together at the site of the Marathon. Next year I am sure we are going to be more. So, if you didn’t make it this year, start getting ready for 2013. We are going to do a special T-shirt for Palmas’ participation at next year’s Susan G Komen and we will have two buses from Palmas! (Maybe three) Let’s do it! s

Halloween at PHA

Palmas Homeowners Association (PHA) held its Thriller Party and everyone had a blast! We saw awesome costumes and it was a lot of fun watching the making of the PHA Thriller Dance Video by members of our community (soon to be seen at PHA TV Channel 77). Domino’s Pizza and Games 2U were a huge success! Everybody agrees… the party gets better each year! Congratulations to all the winners of the competition and the lucky winner of Domino’s Pizza’s raffle of free pizza for one year. Our special thanks to Mr. Jack Henry and his staff for their service to our community! s

Halloween at PHA

editor’s choice

Reduced to $999,999,99. Harbor Lights Estates • modern • elegant • sophisticated This modern 5 year young 5000 sq.ft. home on 2100sq. mtrs. backs a green area and has tranquil views to the Caribbean sea.  Accentuated with spectacular designer bathrooms, a top grade lighting system, appliances, custom window treatments,  Italian tile floors, and 18 foot ceiling in the main living area.  This expansive 5 bedroom, 4 full and half bath home also includes 2 covered veranda patios, central air, generator, Valcor hurricane windows and doors, plus 2 1/2 car garage.  Outstanding value priced to sell at $1.1 mil. with owner financing considered.  Call: Culebra Island Realty at 787435-6596 / 787-435-6752

Breakfast all day! • waffles • bagels • croissants • pastries • coffee • Espresso • Ice Cream • sandwiches & wraps • newspapers

Sundays thru Thursdays from 6:30am–11pm Fridays & Saturdays until 12 midnight

Happy Holidays to all Palmas Residents!

Wyndham Garden Hotel at Palmas del Mar, Humacao 850-6000 x 5042

Live and Life # 30  

Live and Life # 30

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