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Let us all be Palmas Ambassadors!

In this letter I want to highlight the magnificent community we are.  It only takes a foreigner to emphasize how wonderful Palmas del Mar is…the best community beach resort in the Caribbean! Over and over every snowbird or tourist, most of them North American, that I have interviewed in the last 5 years absolutely loves Palmas. They arrive, they fall in love and they come back. Many of them buy properties and come every year. For North Americans, Palmas del Mar is a dream come true. They feel delighted and comfortable, since in Palmas most of us speak English, some better than others, but enough to communicate and share. Palmas is also safe, clean and has so many amenities and restaurants!  And, even though we are a US territory we are Latinos with a different culture, which they love! They love our food, our music, our traditions and more than anything…our friendliness. They are truly amazed how our friends become family and how our families are so close.  For them, it is like being in a foreign country but protected by the American laws and currency. It’s really the best of both worlds. Many of them, as in the case of Barbara and Jon Brightman, which I interview in this edition, come to Palmas by chance, buy properties and become engaged with the community in many ways. Barbara and Jon are not only benefactors of our Forest but they just institutionalized a Palmas Academy scholarship! And find out about Chiquita’s (their dog) contribution! I truly believe that all of us that have a property in Palmas should become ambassador of our Palmas “country”.  We need to promote Palmas everywhere we go.  I take magazines with me every time I travel and leave them everywhere I visit. We need the tourism. Visitors come, they rent or buy properties, stay in our hotel, they sponsor our businesses and they contribute to our well-being and eventually they also become good friends and family.  I do not want you to miss the article by Muriel Goldberg “What is it at Palmas?” a reflection from a New Yorker about Palmas: “When my husband goes to the golf course, the people who work there give him a hug, a handshake and high fives, it feels like family. We both experience this warmth in many ways at Palmas. The Puerto Rican people are genuinely welcoming and so are the homeowners and other guests. It seems that no one here feels stressed. We all move and play at our own pace. There is a generosity of spirit and an acceptance of diversity.  It feels like a lot of love going around”. Wow!! It’s Impressive. We are a good community; sometimes I think we just don’t realize it. We take it for granted!  s Lissette Rosado, Editor

Asian Cuisine

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PHA Live & Life in Palmas is a bi-monthly publication intended to reach the Palmas community and its visitors with the purpose to inform and communicate. You can send us your comments to

or call 787-765-2190. Live & Life in Palmas is a co-production of Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association and Rosado & Morales, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association 787-285-6425

PAC WiquipediA

The Palmas Encyclopedia Contents 20 Tennis Courts Beach front Aquatic Park One Fitness Center Club House

PAC (Palmas Athletic Club) is a private club of intelligent and creative people that like to have fun with friends and family in a beautiful and peaceful environment. The members have the benefits of a beach front aquatic park, 20 tennis courts and two expectacular golf courses, one fitness center and a great Club House. They also enjoy a variety of fun activities all year long. To join the PAC you do not have to pay an initial fee. The community of Palmas del Mar needs new members to continue this remarkable iniciative. For more information and to start enjoying the fun you can call the PAC office telephone #(787) 656-8548.



golf course

tennis courts


beach front aquatic park





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Ninoska Bonnelly Mari Suárez CEL 787.649.6361. 787.645.1628

Válido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupón por cliente. Más detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican.

Anchor’s Village, 110, Harbour Dr. Suite #6 787-656-8787 Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR 00791

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Válido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un

• Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar cupón por cliente. Más detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. 787-656-8282

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Monday-Thursday - 2pm - 10pm Fridays 2pm - 11pm Saturday & Sunday - 11am - 11pm Delivery available in Palmas!

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10% 10%


Ortodonci a

6 U r b . G ó m e z , H u m ac ao , PR 787. 852.1550

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Horario de oficina: lunes a viernes de 8:00 a 5:00 PM Se aceptan planes médicos con cubierta de ortodoncia.


Palmas Neighbors CARLITOS GONZALEZ...

an example of self-improvement By Juanjo Boschetti

I am sure you have seen them around. You may have even greeted them or maybe not. But, why not? They are your neighbors, your friends and in some case your own family. Let’s see who are these people that you see around daily, if you live here or during the weekends, or if you are a part-time resident. Our first featured neighbor is Carlos González, or as everybody calls him... Carlitos. At the Yacht Club we call him “Mobil 8”. Carlitos was a part-time resident since he was 7 years old, but three years ago Carlitos became a full-time resident of Palmas Del Mar and his life has change dramatically. Now he doesn’t want to go back to San Juan! Carlitos overcame various obstacles as a kid and had to work twice as hard as we have to become the person he is today. Palmas has contributed to his overall well-being. At Palmas he feel safe, loved and appreciated by everybody. He feels part of a community. Carlitos graduated form the UMET where he got his degree as a recreational assistant. Before that he studied at IMEI where he stood out as a leader in his class. He works at The Yacht Club 4 days a week in the morning, and during the afternoon he moonlights as a boat caretaker. Carlitos is a service-oriented person who is always willing to provide help whenever asked and will do a great job at it when the instructions are provided to him. You might frequently see him around in his golf cart, walking around helping people, or in Palmanova Plaza eating Pizza, his favorite food. Among his duties as deckhand at The Yacht Club he deals with general maintenance of the facilities. He can also be seen providing guests transportation to their boat, taking boat service providers to the boats, taking inventory of the Yacht Club materials and receiving vessels on the slips once they announce entrance to the Yacht Club main channel entrance. He takes great pride in the service he provides to our clients and their guests. We refer to him as the MVP (most valuable player) as he is always willing to provide the extra mile with his duties. An avid fisherman who walked his first steps on a boat, and caught his first marlin at the age of 13. He has a passion for boats that I have never seen in anybody else. It’s great to sit with him a Sunday afternoon in the terrace of the Yacht Club and hear how he names all the boats coming in from Vieques by brand, size, name of the vessel and he will even throw in engine brand and horsepower as well. This passion has taken him to, once he is done with his Yacht Club duties in the mornings, he provides services in the afternoon related to boat maintenance. From simple boat wash downs and drying to the time consuming waxes and metal polishing, he has even been doing some teak sanding as well. If he has some time available he will go to his boat and listen to some music as he does some maintenance on it. Carlitos, our first “Get To Know Your Palmas Neighbor” inductee, an example that when you have a goal set on your mind, although some may say it is unattainable, you work hard will make it achievable. s


Protección EXTREMA para su vehículo


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HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY CENTER “Porque usted es muy importante para nosotros”

Centro de Quimoterapia Ambulatoria y Ser vicios de Infusión Dr. Graciany Miranda Tristani Board Certified Internal Medicine

Hematólogo /Oncólogo HORARIO lunes a viernes 6:00am a 3:00pm por cita previa Aceptamos la mayoría de los planes médicos incluyendo Plan Mi Salud (Reforma)

tel/FAX 787-852.5260 • 787 285.7958

Calle Dufresne #7 (este) Primer Piso, Humacao, PR, 00791


Carr. # 3,Triumph Plaza Lote # 6 656-0002


Carr. 901 Km. 13.5 (Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa) 953-0000

Nag uab o Carr. 31 Km. 3.7 (Frente Ferr. Cariño) Tel. 465-0032

Urb. Valencia, salida a Naguabo Tel. 734-1650 • Ave. Muñoz Marín Tel. 263-8664 Carr. # 1 Km. 33.3 Marginal Bairoa, Centro Industrial Angora Park Tel. 653-1553 Ave. Piñeiro (frente al Correo) TEL. 733-0959 Carr. 189 (frente Urb. Jardines de Gurabo) Tel. 687-0959 Carr # 3 Bo Guzman Abajo al lado del parque de pelota Ovidio De Jesús Tel . 787-657- 0779

As I begin my tenure as president of the Palmas del Mar Homeowner’s Association, I want to thank you for your support, words of encouragement and your vote of confidence. I am counting on you, our delegates and fellow board members to help me guide the community through a challenging period. After listening to many of you, a consensus has come forth: a lot more entertainment and activities are needed for children, teenagers, adults and the not so young crowd. Sports, educational and cultural activities, night life, music and dancing, concerts and “bohemian nights”. You name it, we’ll have it. Coming right away: The “Palmas Jazz Fest”, to be held at Palmanova Plaza on June 22, July 27, September 7, October 12, November 9 and December 28, 2013; literary gatherings with well-known writers; educational and cultural presentations; conferences on natural disasters and how to prepare for them with emergency trainings and drills. On the other hand, we need to strengthen and nurture the ties of affection and friendship in the community. The “Committee of Mutual Help and Assistance” will identify all those people who are sick, disabled and lonely and make sure each of them will be taken care of in case of need. Those who are retired or have “nothing to do” will take over the task of helping their neighbors and contribute their time, knowledge and skills for the benefit of Palmas and the surrounding vicinity. Also, this group will organize social events for the entertainment of its participants. In the coming weeks, we will organize the community garden, the “BikeThon”, the Palmas Marathon, Cavalcades and “Paso Fino” competitions, opera

Our sights are set in making Palmas the community of choice for tourism, investment and permanent residents. nights (videos), chess tournaments, homeowners talent shows, stand-up comedy presentations and concerts with some of our most famous artists; expand the recycling program; deal with environmental issues like the eco-friendly golf cart program; develop educational and scientific activities related to the Pterocarpus Forest; bird watching program; art exhibitions and crafts fairs; urban agricultural market and many others. The solution of the electrical difficulties we are experiencing is our highest priority. Rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to restore the electrical system to what it should be. It will be our most urgent goal to get the power authority to make the necessary repairs and provide the maintenance required so that the system will work well and without interruptions. We are a privileged community enjoying spectacular oceanviews and the many manifestations of nature at its utmost splendor: the Pterocarpus Forest, the Flamboyan trees, the million pink flowers falling from the “Robles” (Puertorican Oak) and the deep violet flowers of the “Queen of Flowers” tree; the sand and the sea; the soft breezes and the wind; the moon and the stars, our sunrises and sunsets.... our first class amenities include champioship golfcourses, tennis center, beach club, yatch club and marina, equestrian center, children’s park, school, churches, restaurants and services including banking, medical, realty and convenience stores. Our sights are set in making Palmas the community of choice for tourism, investment and permanent residents. I always say there are very few impossible things in life. Everything else is attainable... because when you think you can do it and you work hard for it, it will surely become a reality. That is why the “revitalization plan for Palmas del Mar” is full speed ahead! – Rita Molinelli

José (Pepín) Bacardi

Julio García

NEW PHA Board Members José (Pepín) Bacardi from San Marco and Julio García from Palmanova have been elected to the PHA Board of Directors. Pepín was elected as the representative from the Marina District Seven (7) while Julio was elected as the representative form the Palmanova District Eight (8) which includes Palmanova Plaza, Club Villas, Harbourside and Montecarlo to fill two Board vacancies that surfaced from those Districts after the Annual Meeting. Pepín arrived at Palmas in 1989 and has been an active member of the Palmas del Mar community ever since. He has been the President of the San Marco regime for many years, is a PHA Deleate, has chaired the Slipowners Association and has participated in many committees and tasks given to him by PHA. Pepín is a graduate from the Pierce Business College and has been a developer of many significant projects in Puerto Rico and in Palmas del Mar. He is very active in many civic areas including the Board of Advisors of the Ana G. Mendez System and the Universidad del Este. He is an avid fisherman, an active pilot and a die-hard tennis player. Julio García has been a Palmas property owner since 1993. He is a PHA Delegate and is the President of the Palmanova Plaza Homeowners Association where he has been very active in restructuring the condominium. Julio is a business graduate from the University of Puerto Rico and has an associate degree in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnical University. He has the distinction of being the first to develop a local business plan and to establish a major production plant in accordance with such a blueprint that earned him recognition and high praise from the manufacturers association and government agencies. He has been a member of the Private Industrial Counsel for the Caguas-Guayama Consortium. Julio is a licensed aircraft mechanic and pilot and in his in spare time he enjoys building and flying ultra light aircraft. Welcome aboard!


Hurricane Season Readiness The hurricane season is here again (June 1st through November 30th) and the experts are forecasting heavy activity during this period. In preparation for the hurricane season PHA has updated the community contingency plan for dealing with these emergencies and distributed copies of the plan to the presidents, PHA Delegates and administrators of regimes and residential areas throughout Palmas del Mar. As in years past, in the event of a hurricane warning, an Emergency Response Committee will be convened to review all readiness preparations and to issue information to the community. An Emergency Response Team with security, equipment and maintenance crews will be assembled to be ready to handle last minute preparations and immediate deployment after hurricane passage. These teams will be performing the critical jobs of initial damage assessment, road clearing and property security. It is imperative that you remain at home during the first hours after the hurricane to allow emergency teams perform their functions so that later on you may be able to move around in a safe manner. Palmas Security will be exercising strict control of movement of vehicles and people for your own safety. Only emergency response vehicles will be allowed to circulate initially. Security check points will be established to exercise control to major residential areas. Access to Palmas will be limited to residents and official vehicles. Only properly authorized personnel will be allowed through these points. Again, this is beng done for your safety and security as well as the protection of your property. These restrictions will be lifted as soon as it is determined it is safe for you to move around. Now is the time to begin your individual contingency preparations to ready your family for this potential emergency . Go over your preparation check list and preposition all those things you will need to cope with this type of emergency. Go over the inventory of your emergency kit: cash, medicine, gasoline, non- perishable food, water, flashlight, batteries, radios infant necessities, camera and film, pet supplies, toiletries, matches, etcetera. Don’t forget to keep your phone fully charged and the emergency numbers already pre-recorded or handy. Review insurance policies, take video/ photos of your property and identify a safe location within your property for your family to huddle during impact. Your preparation and cooperation in the event of a hurricane emergency is a must. Don’t wait to the last minute to get ready--now is the best time!

Thanks to the close collaboration of the Palmas del Mar community with the Puerto Rico Police, for many years now Palmas has enjoyed the presence of the Puerto Rico Police Rapid Response Unit better known by its Spanish acronym as FURA. This special police unit is located at the Palmas Shipyard and is equipped with two high-speed police boats, specialized equipment and 25 agents under the command of Sgt. Rafael Gulick capable of handling any emergency or security situation that may arise at sea. Their area of responsibility covers a maritime zone that extends from Fajardo to Maunabo including Vieques and Culebra. Officers assigned to this unit are specially trained in the mission of drug interdiction and illegal immigration. In addition to their primary mission the FURA unit at Palmas is a great deterrence force that has been of great assistance to the community in providing advice on beach and boating safety, security and supporting Palmas security in its in crime prevention programs. FURA dispatch desk at Palmas operates on a 24-hour basis and has direct contact with Palmas Security and other Puerto Rico Police units. They can be reached at 787-852-7238. PHA, the Shipyard managed by Juanin Zalduondo and Daniel Vasse at Anchors Village have joined in efforts to provide parking, office space, utilities and daily infrastructure support to insure FURA is able to perform their mission without interruptions. Recently PHA personnel performed repairs and upgrades of the FURA facilities. FURA has become an integral and essential part of Palmas del Mar and their presence and work is highly appreciated and welcomed by the entire community.

EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS Police Department..................787-852-2020 Palmas Security.....................787-852-7745 Fire Department......................787-285-0102 Medical Emergencies..............787-852-0460 Electrical Power Authority.......787-521-3434 Palmas Access Control..........787-285-2747 Private Ambulance Service......787-850-2323 PHA......................................787-285-6425


Forest update We continue to make steady progress in the restoration and conservation of the Pterocarpus Forest. With the installation of the first 500 feet of the Boardwalk the Forest is now open for visitors. The materials for the construction of the remaining portion of the boardwalk have been ordered and are expected to arrive in July. Weather permitting the installation of the next 2000 feet of this boardwalk should commence immediately. Also, work is in progress to develop and install interpretative signs on the variety of flora and fauna species within the forest and in the preparation of educational materials for use by visitors to the Forest. Please come and visit the Pterocarpus Forest and enjoy a unique experience. This is a community initiative that, once more, gives proof of a social commitment by the Palmas community that extends well beyond its boundaries. The Forest is a patrimony that belongs to all of us and so its the responsibility of preserving this magnificent nature’s gift. Your donations are needed to make this project a complete reality. Please join the dozens of your neighbors that have stepped forward and already contributed to this great community undertaking. Send your contribution checks the PHA Forest Fund, PO Box 9027, Humacao, PR 00792. Also, you may stop by PHA and use a debit card or simply call PHA at 787285-6425 and use a credit card to make your donation.

MAGA ($0-$50) Angel Rodriguez Fred Austin Carmen Del Valle Ivonne Cruz Mark Cassidy Dra. Crikay Rivera José R. Naguake Gerald Horowitz Ruben & Marta De Quesada Andrea Cabrer Ken Williams Aixa Olazagasti Richard Palop Marina Cabrer Rafael & Olga Sanabria ROBLE ($51-$175) Alberto Escoto Jose A. Morales María Greene Fred Martínez Héctor Ortiz Colón Eugenio Chinea & Ginnette Rosado Raymond Emmert Maria E. Suárez Eva Candelario Edd Siler Samuel Bloomberg Lina Kalinich Gerardo Vicéns Jaime Morgan Nancy R. Schwartz Miguel Nazario Dr. Thomas A. Diliberto Mariana & Jason Searl Nicholas Trogan Edwin Santana/Ana Blanes Jose & Maria Bacardi William Compagnone Mr. & Mrs. Otto Riefkohl José Torres Eduardo & Fanny Maíz Mr. & Mrs. Kleinknecht Jerry O’Connor Josean Terrón Thomas J. King Guillermo J. Ruiz Graciela Roig & Feliz Villafañe Fiodore Harrington Sofia & Peter Weistmeyer Rosalyn Targa Rafael López Angel J. Rodríguez Targa Mariano y Gloria Rocafort Donald J. Guli Javier Maldonado Jacquelyn Hinds Luis y María Gandara

AUSUBO ($176-$250) Carmen Castro Carlos J. Homs Shell Castle Assoc. Jose O. Morales Ricardo Collazo Bernard Van Goethem Thomas Whipple Crescent Cove Club Victor Kelly Pedro Bonachea Glenn & Bonnie Weinstein Gustavo Hermida Amarilis & Allen Childress Paul & Gaby Sledzik GUAYACÁN ($251-$499) Miguel Santiago Jeff White Jorge Manrique Eric Grafals Carlos García Rafael Méndez Angel Muntaner José Vélez Jeffrey Fraser Frank Earle Benjamín Quiñones Earline & Curtis Troeger Amarilis & Allen Childress Vincent & Denise Degiaimo Arnaldo Colón Berlingeri Alida & Humberto Cordero Luis R. Ortiz Segura & Irma Lopez Didi & Cuquito Muñíz Jeffrey & Cynthia Fraser Servando Díaz & Maria Mangual CEIBA ($500-$999) Allen Meek Robert Handschuh Palmas Hill Partners Michael Wertz Asoc. Res. Villa Franca Samuel Jové Frank Torres David Frazier Reynaldo Encarnación Julio Bagué Arthur Dellheim Jeff White Myrna Ramos & Harry Jiménez John Orta José & Graciela Cacho Ruddy Oquendo José Fullana Enrique Cortes Ivette & Rafael Vicens Josefina Ramirez de Arellano Francisco Cestero Encantos Fine Cuisine Mercedes Mestre Roberto & Astrid Perez Victor Nieto Tomas & Carmen Jimenez Jose R. Nassar & Gina Iuliani Reynerio & Isabel Pérez Roberto Marchan Romeos

PTEROCARPUS ($1,000 AND UP) Grace Gigante Antonio Maldonado Gordon MacDonald James Cohen Jon S. Brightman Jeff Smith Mary Jo & Gabriel Espasas Larry & Jean Perry Ralph’s Supermaket Manuel/Ana Morales Pablo López, MD José Nassar, MD Peter Palermo Ricardo De Varona Rodolfo Acevedo Tom Dyal David Oschman Gary Verplank Six C’s Corp David Chafey Fairlakes Village Cond. Angel Santana Joan Novogradac Ruth & Joel Spira Ranger American Antonio Ginorio Jeff & Lynn Smith Jose Beauchamp & Lissette Rosado Anthony & Mary Ann DeSantis Walter & Lorraine Cervoni Wyndham Garden Hotel Mark De Santis Manuel Peña Target David and Kathleen Weeks Lucas & Gabriela Lawson Quino & Lula Rodriguez Juan A. Ramos Diaz Stephen and Barbara Smith NEW CATEGORIES UCAR – ($3,501 - $7,500) Ana Mendez Enid Ortiz Richard VIOLETA ($7,501 - $10,000) Empresas Santana Rene Pinto Lugo TABONUCO ($10,000 - $15,500) Jorge & Cheryl Lezcano CUPEY ($15,001 - $25,000) PALMA REAL ($25,001 – UP

Patriot’s Pen and Voice of Democracy Scholarship Competitors

Summer BeachSafety Summer is here and with that comes the typical increase in outdoors activities. One of our favorites is to go to the beach with our families to enjoy and have fun in paradise. Beach Patrols do an excellent job keeping our beach areas safe and secure. However, you can help by heeding their advise and following instructions and flag warnings posted for your own safety. Beach swimming is fun but can also turn dangerous when rip-tide currents are present which can quickly turn your enjoyment into a nightmare. As the summer gets hotter and the beach becomes more inviting you should exercise vigilance when near the water. Never leave your children alone or out of your sight and follow the advice of our beach patrols. Informative signs have been posted along the beach to help you understand how to cope with a rip-tide emergency. Take time to read this valuable information and use it to educate your family and friends about beach water safety. Also, we ask you to please help keep the beach clean by depositing bottles, cans, plastic and trash in the receptacles installed along the beachfront. Have safe!

Every year the US Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) gives the opportunity to high school students grades 9 to 12 to participate in a 5-minute speech competition where they can earn up to $30,000 in scholarships and all-expense paid trips to Washington DC and to summer youth leadership camps in Valley Forge. Also, the VFW holds an annual 300-500 word written-essay contest open to students in grades 6 through 8 where student compete for cash awards up to $10,000. In the Past students from Palmas Academy and throughout Puerto Rico have done exceptionally well in these competitions according to the coordinator for these programs in Puerto Rico, Antonio Maldonado, the PHA Executive Director, who is also a retired Air Force general and the representative for the VFW for this region. Approximately 120,000 to 150,000 students participate annually in these competitions and only 54 in each category are selected to participate in the final competition in Washington DC. Students from Palmas Academy and other schools in Puerto Rico have consistently placed among the 54 finalist and gone to Washington earning cash awards and scholarships for their college studies. This year students who participated in the Voice of Democracy competition included Abigail Mathew, Carolina Rodriguez, Carishma Marsh, Jamayez Lindsay, Jonathan Mendez, Taylor Singh, Maria Jose Carpena, Andrea Flores, Sebastian Ortiz, Hector Ortiz and James Cane Walden. Abigail Mathew’s was among the 54 finalists who traveled to Washington, DC , all expenses paid, to participate in the final competition and will travel again this summer to Valley Forge to participate in the Summer Youth Leadership Conference. Abigail placed nineteen overall in the finals earning her a scholarship for a college of her choice. Students who competed in the Patriot’s Pen competition included Carolina McCabe, Laura Duffany, Michael Cotto, Emilia Waddington, Karyn Swider, Caley Rincones, Karina Mendez and Sebastian Berrios. Carolina McCabe essay was selected to participate in the final competition held in Washington DC where she placed 39th among the finalists earning her a substantial cash award. Don’t miss on this great opportunity to have your children earn money and scholarships for their future. This year’s competition cycle begins in September. For more information about how to participate in these programs contact Tony Maldonado at PHA at 787285-6425. Also, you may contact Maritere Cardona or Veronica Rivera at the Palmas Academy at 787-850-9120.

snowbirds Barbara, Jon & Chiquita Brightman...

very special snow birds... we should all emulate By Lissette Rosado I have seen them for years! Year after year I took pictures of them in their golf cart with their beloved Chiquita, who never missed a Golf Parade. (In the next page a sequence of those photos, even though I am missing the ones from 2011. This year to my surprise Lobo appears in the picture, literally!) When Tony Maldonado suggested that I interview them, little did I know that I was going to interview Chiquita’s “parents” and my colleague in suffering (she goes to the Gym with me). They are fascinating people. They put their money and their actions where their mouth is. They are from Chicago and arrived to Palmas by chance eight years ago and in such a short amount of time they have done so much for this community! “We were looking for a place to retire. We first considered Costa Rica but then we thought that Puerto Rico was a safer investment. We came with a realtor that showed us Rio Mar, but were not convinced and asked the realtor if there was another place we should look at and she mentioned Palmas. So, we came and from that first moment we entered the main gate I said: ‘THIS IS IT!’” They fell in love immediately and their passion for Palmas has grown to the point that they have gotten involved in all aspects of the community. “Palmas is a very easy place to live in. It’s a great resort community! How many places in the world do you find a school, churches, restaurants, shops, beach-

es, amenities and easy friends? And on top of all that for us North Americans, it is the best of both worlds because it is like being in a foreign country but it’s not. It’s safe investment. No passport needed and on top of that, in Palmas, everybody speaks English.” They go to all the activities, they play golf, they go to the gym, and you see them everywhere enjoying life. Jon has become one of the board members and major contributors to the committee designated in protecting the forest. Now they have established the Barbara and Jon Brightman Scholarship to provide financial assistance for any selected student by Palmas Academy. When I congratulated them for their generosity, she shook her head and said: “ We have gotten so much more than what we give, it’s nothing!” We just met the girl from Humacao that was selected for the scholarship and we are very happy, she is a hard working girl, with a lot of skills. She’s an athlete with a lot of support from her mother who is extremely involved in her education. “We told the school that the student chosen didn’t have to be a straight “A” student but a hard worker and have good behavior. We want her to be in the position that one day, she can also give it back to a student in need as we are giving to her. She is exactly what we were hoping for: a hard worker and a good kid. We just feel very privileged to be able to do something to help her succeed in her goals.”

CHIQUITA... a therapy dog

But in this family, Jon and Barbara are not the only giving being. Chiquita, has been a therapy dog for five years now and she visits the San Jorge Children’s Hospital regularly to bring relief to children in pain and sorrow.

Palmas is a very easy place to live is a great community. In how many places in the world can you find a school, churches, restaurants, shops, amenities and easy going friends? And on top of that, for us North Americans, it is the best of two being in a foreign country, but not really. It’s a safe investment. No passport required and everybody speaks English. Kids forget about their pain or sickness when they are with Chiquita. In Chicago Chiquita visited also the elderly and burnt victims. They go through a very strict and difficult training to do their job. It’s almost like a masters degree because it took her five years! The dogs have to pass very hard tests like sitting still next to somebody while that person is making a big fuss over them or for example, making very loud noises with a pan or similar object. They need to be calm and still in any situation. Barbara said they are training now the youngest one. Lobo but... “ She is a challenge,” she laughs. s


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Premios El Nuevo Día Educador, an award given to academically excellent students who also play a big role in serving their community recognized two of our senior students. The process consists of enrolling the school, and nominating students for categories in Spanish, English, Mathematics, Science, Health, Physical Education and Arts. Then, students fill out a series of forms and develop a portfolio that contains evidence on who they are academically and who they are as leaders in the school and the community. After this, judges select students who will go through the interview process and these are the students invited to the night of awards. This year, The Palmas Academy was represented by the students Alfonso Cruz in the Mathematics category and by Jonathan Méndez in the Spanish category. Alfonso was nominated for his excellent math skills and his community service project “Alfabetización Tecnológica para la Tercera Edad”, which also got him a nomination for the award, “El Súper Nieto”, which is sponsored by the MMM Insurance Company for the students whose community service project addresses the elderly. Alfonso was the creator and main coordinator of this project and with the help of friends and family was able to write a proposal to the municipality of Yabucoa and was granted the use of the computer laboratory in the Municipal Library in Yabuocoa to give classes to people of fifty years or more on how to use the computer and internet. Sign up sheets exceeded the amount of a hundred Yabucoeños who wanted to enroll in such program because learning how to use the computer, write e-mails and understand the use of social networks helped them keep in touch with family members, especially grandchildren. “This has been a very rewarding experience,” says Alfonso, to whom many of his student, even though they are much older than him see him down the street and greet him “¡Hola, profesor!” This is just another great accomplishment by our students and we at The Palmas Academy are very proud to be represented by such fine young leaders. To Alonso and Jonathan, thank you for your leadership, service, hard work and effort! May your legacy at The Palmas Academy serve as inspiration to help others become positive leaders who serve the school and the community. We are very proud you and once again, CONGRATULATIONS! s



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Let s celebrate

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Expert advice in re Remodeling and construction can become a nightmare if you don’t contract the right people to do it. Being one that has made many mistakes when it comes to this topic, I decided to look for advice in this area. I interviewed two young professionals strongly related to Palmas: Juan Gracia Jr, son and partner of our PAC director, Juan Gracia, and José Llenín Figueroa, son in law of Hector and Zwisel Lavergne both with many years of experience in the field and who happen to have good taste. Juan Gracia Jr has a BA in Construction Management from Texas A&M University and José Lellín has a BA in engineering and surveying with a master’s degree in Construction Management from Purdue University. They both have many years of experience in construction as well as in remodeling (residential and commercial).  Here is some of their wise advice on matters of remodeling and construction:  What are the considerations when you are thinking about remodeling your house or villa?  • First you have to think if you are planning to live your property or your plans are to sell it in the future.  “That makes a big difference because sometimes people want to make changes to their home that will lessen its market value; but, if their plans are to live there for the rest of their lives, it doesn’t matter, do the changes that will make life living there joyful for years to come.” • The use of the house or villa. The needs of a vacation home or villa are different. Maybe in a vacation villa you

want to create more sleeping space so you don’t need that much closet space, but if you are going to live your villa, the story is very different. This is the case of the remodeling they did for Hector and Swizel Laverge. They converted their home from a beach house to their main home and it is very different. The photos on the opposite page show the difference clearly.  • What is your style? Define your style. Are you a minimalist or are you more retro? This is important at the moment of your meeting with the architect and the construction manager to communicate what you are looking for. You need to communicate how you would like your house to look; all this information is going to determine the final price of the construction.  • The spaces of the house. What are your priorities? Do you want a big kitchen, or do you prefer a big living room and family room? Do you want a big master room?  A remodeling implies redistribution of space and that’s going to be determined by your priorities and needs.  In the case of Hector and Zwisel, the kitchen became the center of the living area, an open space connected to a beautiful enclosed terrace/family room.  • After those decision are made you should find a good architect. They are trained in dealing with spaces and in the case of a remodeling, in the re-distribution of space. They are trained for that and are able to create spaces unimaginable for you.  Then the construction manager works closely with the architect and the owner to execute the design and


Juan Gracia Jr. and José Llenín Figueroa responsible for the remodeling of the Lavergne house feature in this article. The photos speak for themselves. Good job!

fine tune the details. On the other hand, Juan and José emphasized the importance of complying with all the permits to avoid fines and delays in the construction process.  They also pointed out the importance of the construction manager’s credentials and references.  “Ask the Construction Manager for references and call their clients to verify their integrity and work ethic”.  All this will help in avoiding any unexpected surprises that will raise your construction or remodeling costs and in a worst-case scenario, end up with a deficient construction… an eyesore after spending a lot of money.  s


emodeling BEFORE

An open terrace was converted in a closed off family/room with easy open windows for a magnificent green view, light and air circulation. A very cozy space with high ceilings in close communication with the kitchen.


o y a m e 5at thde beach club


a las

at the Palmas Yacht Club


Juan Carlos Rodríguez What a beautiful concert!

Fabian Robles sings to his wife.

Fabian Robles and Juan Carlos Rodríguez (tenors) and María Leticia Hernández, (soprano) were the three voices that paid tribute to mothers on their day. They mainly performed popular songs in Spanish and English with the exception of a couple of outstanding classical interpretations. The combination of voices was perfect and it truly was a musical banquet that lasted almost until midnight. Bravo, BRAVISIMO! /llpalmas

Busca más fotos en www.llpalmas/photos

Fabian Robles & Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Tenors with Maria Leticia Hernandez, Soprano in a beautiful interpretation.

s madres

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Father and son shave their heads on behalf of their niece/cousin, Natalia Fournier who is right now in Boston receiving a bone marrow transplant from her little brother Sebastian, 4 years old.

Especial de almuerzo de lunes a viernes


H A P P Y H O UR EVE R Y DAY! ! : ) L i ve m us i c T ues day t o S unday....




6:37 PM

The Ladies in O

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Orange On April 19th, the Palmas Athletic Ladies Golf Club members had their “The Ladies in Orange – Ladies Member & Guest Golf Tournament”. Each member invited three guests and played a four player scramble golf format in the beautiful Flamboyan course. For nine consecutive years the tournament benefits “Casa La Providencia”, a residential program located in Old San Juan, which helps women overcome alcohol and drug addiction problems. This year we invited one of the Directors, Lcda. Denise Gauthier and an ex-resident, Mrs. Vivian Perez. Lcda. Gauthier gave us a talk on how the program works and about their high success rate. Mrs. Vivian Perez shared with us her experience during rehabilitation 19 years ago. The residents of the rehabilitation center gave each tournament player a gift as a way of saying “Thank You” for their time and donation. We feel very happy and very proud for all the help we give to this institution. We want to thank all our sponsors for their help and

support to this noble cause: QBE Optima Ins. Co, Mapfre Ins. Co., Universal Ins. Co., Marsh Saldana Ins. Co., Ralph’s Food Warehouse, Tere Suarez, Mendez & Co., Popular Auto & Elizabeth Arden. To benefit Casa La Providencia, we also had a competition called “Shoot for the Green” in hole #8, where each participant paid $10.00 to have the opportunity to win a weekend at Wyndham Rio Mar. The winner was Nancy Albite from Cabo Rojo. We had a day filled with golf, food, music, prizes and enjoyment!! The beautiful orange shirts were donated by Mendez & Co and Core Insurance, the bags for the goodies by Elizabeth Arden and the banners indicating the name of the sponsors by Kike and Annie Soler. The delicious breakfast was donated by Megamarca – Kia from Humacao and the pastries from Los Cidrines. The flowers on the tee boxes was donated by Conchita Cestero, the golf car for a Hole-in- One from Club Car, the food oasis of

“majados, serenata de bacalao and frituras” by Mi Cosecha by Carlos Colon, the sandwich snacks from Burger King and the coffee, juices, refreshments, water, beers, wines, mimosa from Coca Cola. The beautiful decoration, the music by Alex D.J., making everybody dance, donated by two ladies club members and Pipo Ortiz, the per-

son in charge of the raffle, with his good sense of humor animated the activity. There were prizes and gifts for everybody. The members and the guests made this event very special and different!!! The best ladies golf member & guest of Puerto Rico: PAC Ladies Member & Guest!!! Don’t miss it next year on February 21, 2014!s

And the winners are. . .

Special prizes Closest to the pin, hole #15: Graciela Escudero Straightest Drive, Hole #9: Chary Morales Net Winners 5th place net: Luz Agosto, Vilma Nigaglioni, Marta Hernández, Elsa Abreu 4th place net: Taty Oliver, Frances, Guzmán, Carlina Rivera, Regina Reyes 3rd place net: Carolina Acevedo, Lourdes Chipi, Angie Veiga, Grisel Hernández 2nd place net: Consuelo Bravo, Sonia Oquendo, Atheline Aponte, Maria Vilarino 1st place net: Koki Arostegui, Lula Vélez, Kimberly Cancel, Tere Roman Gross Winners 2nd Place gross: Norka Morales, Jeannie Belaval, Lilliam Dávila, Lourdes Sobrino 1st place gross: Mari Prado, Janice Cruz, Clari Carbia, Lucía Rodríguez

The Ladies in O

Orange /llpalmas

MIMA&Natalia Subirá In the unique ambiance of Marbella Cava, Mima and Natalia Subirá exhibited their latest creation among a group of Palmas fashion lovers. It was a girls’ afternoon of fashion, wine and tapas. More than one (including myself) succumbed to the exquisite creations of two of our finest designers. They were a real work of art. We hope to have them back soon. s

Suite 133, Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR Tel 787.502.0565

at marbella cava

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a sanz

When deciding what to wear this summer, especially at Palmas Del Mar, think of Resort Living. Fabrics should be comfortable, cool and light. You want to look fresh, elegant and casual wearing something that can take you from an afternoon by the pool at one of the clubs and then out to dinner at one of the fine restaurants in Palmas. At Sonia Sanz Boutique in Palmanova Plaza, you find a large assortment of garments and different options or styles to satisfy every taste. Specializing in natural fibers like linen, silk and organic cottons, the summer collection is sure to fit into the scene. As for colors and prints, white is always a favorite and mini prints are a trend for the season. When selecting a white piece, consider organic cotton or linen. These fabrics are soft to the touch and very appropriate for the hot weather as they breathe and perspiration evaporates easily and fast. White garments in these fabrics will always look very chic and tropical. Accessories to go with the resort style should also be selected with nature in mind. Raffia handbags, leather clutches with animal prints, platform and/or flat leather sandals will always go well in the summer, and they can also be worn during the day as well as the evening. Harmony with nature, relax living and breezy fabrics are the key ideals for resort living. s Fashion shown by Sonia Sanz Exclusive lines: Eileen Fisher, CP Shades, Tolani Shoes: Fiel Clutches: Incandela Handbags: Flora Bella Stylist: Sonia Sanz Photographer: Lissette Rosado Model: Diana Parras







David Antonio is one of Puerto Rico’s favorite designers, not only for his beautiful and elegant creations but also because of his warm and kind personality. His creations are also very “usable” and versatile. David Antonio is known for his liberal spirit and unique creations. His pieces go beyond fashion, as he constantly reinvents his collections per season.  He is famous for his tunics, so appropriate for our climate and our Caribbean resort life style. You can wear his tunics with flats and a ponytail and look fabulous.  And…guess what? He is from Yabucoa!  s

More photos at www.llpalmas/photos /llpalmas

Palmas Academy Mini Swimmers. By Lissette Rosado

Going into the season, the TPA Dolphins’ mini swim team (grades 4ththrough 6th) was considered the underdog of the league and a championship win seemed unlikely, if not impossible. The Dolphins faced stiff competition from schools with traditions in swimming excellence. Many of those schools boasted Olympic quality swimming pools and professional coaches. To make matters worse, the TPA Dolphins only had 5 returning swimmers from the previous season.  They would need at least 24 swimmers to make a full team.  In fact, by the fall of 2012, it seemed there would not be a swim team as the school was having a hard time finding a coach for the team. When a swimming team parent named Michael Waddington heard that there would probably be no swim team for the little kids this year, he volunteered himself, and his wife, Alexandra, to take over the mini swim team.  “We wanted to give back to the community and coaching the team was a perfect opportunity. We both swam competitively growing up and we wanted to give the kids that opportunity,” said Alexandra.  When Michael met with Jose Alvarez, TPA Athletic Director, they decided that they “were going to do this, and that it was going to be done right.” “Jose was awesome. He worked tirelessly to get us whatever we needed to help this team succeed,” said Michael.  The Palmas community pulled together and supported the Dolphins. Our Palmas Athletic Club graciously offered the use of the Beach Club pool for swimming practice.  “The Support of the PAC and Beach Club staff was vital to the success of the swim team,” said Alexandra.  Now came the challenging part.  They had a pool, but needed swimmers that could swim. “We needed to recruit and train about 20 students in two months,” said Michael.  The

res Puig, 4th Grade Boys Relay Wins Bronze (And eroa) Figu n Gavi a, nuev Manuel Pagan, Kevin Villa

message went out, “Bring us your children and we will train them to swim. No experience required!” Students recruited their friends to join the team. Parents got involved and went from classroom to classroom asking for volunteers. The team used a Facebook fan page to attract swimmers and build support.  “Looking back, it seemed crazy to think that we could recruit and train a full team of kids.  But every week, the team grew stronger. We would get 2-3 new kids a week, and by the semi finals, we had a full roster. It was amazing,” said Michael.  Teaching children to swim breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and freestyle in such a short period of time was challenging. But the Palmas Academy students rose to the challenge.  “Some students that could not swim well in January went on to win medals in April. That’s not possible without hard work

5th Grade Girls Relay Wins Gold (Lorena Delgado, Catalina Robles, Marisabel Boschetti, Monica Nassar)

s... the new champions! and determination,” Michael explained. The Dolphins trained by running and exercising on the beach and swimming laps in the Beach Club pool.  “The team would run on the beach and do Army style exercises before they got in the pool and the kids really loved it. These kids have a lot of heart,” said Michael.  “For many of the students, as well as for me, working out on the beach was a highlight,” he said.  To support the team, the Palmas mini swim team parents showed up in full force, attending practice and competitions, getting the team uniforms, and assisting with practice.  “At the semi finals, the other coaches were shocked when they saw our team of 28 swimmers wearing matching Palmas swim caps and shirts,” said Michael.  One coach from another team asked, “where did you get all of these kids?”   In uniform, the Dolphins were impressive.  They looked and acted like a really experienced and well disciplined team. At the finals, several coaches and parents from other schools complimented the Palmas swimmers for their positive attitudes and swimming performances.  By the final competition, the team was ready.  All of the Dolphins made it into the finals and earned points for the team.  At the finals, the team was anchored by 6th graders Luis Cruz and Jackie Laureano who led the team in medals and points.  Palmas del Mar is proud of all the little swimmers and would like to say Congratulations for what turned out to be a wonderful season!! And our recognition to Michael and Alexandra for such a wonderful job. This is Palmas! s

5th Grade Boys Relay Wins Silver (Daniel Cruz, Jesus Aponte, Christian Figueroa, Jack Weidner)


dington, Jackie Laureano, 6th Grade Girls Relay Wins Gold (Emilia Wad Gabriela Nassar, Laura Duffany)

MVPs Luis Cruz and Jackie Laureno Rookies of the Year Daniel Cruz and Mónica Nassar Most Improved Tamara Cruz and Andrés Puig Team Roster 4th grade girls: Gavin Figueroa Kevin Villanueva Manuel Pagán Ándres Puig Roberto Vaca   4th grade girls Valeria Malavé Daniela Oquendo Julianna Vélez Tamara Cruz Lynelis Villanueva   5th grade boys Christian Figueroa Daniel Cruz Guillermo Vázquez Jesus Aponte Jack Weidner   5th grade girls Mónica Nassar Lorena Delgado Marisabel Boschetti Catalina Robles   6th grade boys Luis Cruz Guillermo Arbona Ricardo Prieto Diego Colón   6th grade girls Jackie Laureano Gabriela Nassar Emilia Waddington Laura Duffany

Palmas Insurance,Corp

l ask us! Don’t Ask our clients...

After we bought our property in Palmas del Mar, our Realtor recommended us to contact Palmas Insurance, Corp for our insurance needs. They quoted us with different companies and recommended the best coverage & premiums for us. Their knowledge, experience and competitive products makes them number one in Palmas. Its not only Business, they are good friends and have been very helpful by advising us on all transactions required as new residents of Palmas. Justo Lorenzotti Conveniently located in your neighborhood at Palmanova Plaza, Suite 119


Justo Lorenzotti

She’s back! ...and so grateful. The morning went by slowly while, sitting in the living room, I narrated to my closest friends the story of the terrible odyssey I lived through after my body went into a coma for almost two weeks. It was there, at the San Lucas Hospital in Ponce, where my angels, a group of doctors which included my beloved son, Dr. Francisco Méndez López, that I was the recipient of the most loving care, until I was able to come out of the coma in order to tell the world the miracle which heaven allowed me to experience at that time, which helped me to survive my crisis. I saw myself walking through a very strange and impressive road that made me very scared. All of a sudden I lifted my eyes to heaven, and there was my God, watching me as I walked. Realizing how scared and lost I really was, He extended His hand to me, and helped me to get out of there. It was thanks to that great God, and to my Palmas del Mar Academy family: teachers, students, parents, and employees, who prayed and cried with my beloved daughter Myrna Frances Méndez, my sweet grand-daughter Hannah Gabriella, and my much loved grandson, Francisco Méndez Jr., that I was able to do it. Thank you all! A big hug also to Marcos, who refused to go to tutoring, because Abuela Cuca was not there! Special thanks to my Ponce friends: Margie Rigual, Noemi Peniza, and Carmencita Serra, who has lived in Caguas for several years. That day, after finishing my strange story, my friends Lillian, Mary, Luz, Heidy, Dalia, Pilar and I moved to the dining room to have lunch and thanked our Good Lord for His blessings. While I was sick Pilar went the extra mile together with Pili, Tito, Adriana and Pao, by giving their tender, loving care to my sweet Hannah Gabriella, like only they know how to. Therefore, my daughter Myrna was able to devote all of her time to my care. The acts of kindness of the people of Palmas del Mar towards me, and my family, were endless! When I returned to my home at the Villas en Palmas, I felt their warmth and care and cried a lot! That is why I waited several months until I felt stronger, and was able to tell this story. s


The Connection at Palmas del Mar

CHEZ DANIEL Open for dinner Wednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm - 10 pm Sunday Brunch from 12 noon - 4 pm Closed on Tuesdays

TAPAS BAR Open Mondays from 4:00PM to 11:00PM Open Wednesdays to Sunday 12:00 noon - 11:00 PM Closed on Tuesdays

dont miss the Sunday Brunch at Chez Daniel!

BISTRO RICO Light lunch and dinner. Open from12 noon -10 pm Closed on Sundays


Jonathan Méndez By Lissette Rosado

full scholarship at Cornell!

Jonathan is definitely an example of self -improvement and discipline. I just realized how throughout the editions of Live & Life in Palmas, we have been able to showcase how kids in our community evolve and become adults in front of our very own eyes.  During these past five years covering Palmas Academy’s activities and events, I could foresee how Jonathan was going to succeed.  You can’t help but remember Jonathan.  I remember Jonathan’s impressive performance two years ago in “Rhetoric” week.  I talked about this event all week but I remember being especially impressed with Jonathan. He is a truly talented boy.  Jonathan has been in Palmas Academy since he was five years old in kindergarten and now he is 18. Since sixth grade he has had the highest grade in Spanish.  He belonged to the National Honor Society, he’s good in Spanish, he’s been playing piano since he was 2 years old, he sings, he is good in math,

in drama club, in oratory, in poetry, he is involved in the church, in the community, in the school and he wants to study meteorology since he has always been fascinated with atmospheric phenomena. He is not only a good student but also a leader. Jonathan is also very pleasant and among his peers he is said to be: adaptable, open to changes, open minded, responsible, consistent, gets along with adults and children. What do you believe has helped you to be the person you are now? “Palmas Academy environment has helped me to develop self-confidence. Half of us (graduates) have been together since kindergarten and most of us live here and share all the time like an extended family. My family values and the respect and responsibility they teach me are some of my assets. They teach me not to be the best one but be the best I could be.” Where does he want to study?

In an Ivy League School and his first choice was Cornell because it is the only one that offers a BA in Meteorology.!! Cornell not only granted him admission but also offered him a full scholarship. “In the beginning I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it! But after a short time I got used to the idea. I was going to Cornell. My dream had come true. All the hard work and sacrifice has paid-off and it is worth it after all. I am happy!” Even though he admitted he is a little anxious about the change but ready for the challenge His plans are to come back to Puerto Rico and work with the National Meteorology Center in San Juan but he will also love to work in the National Hurricane Center in Miami and be one of the meteorologist who fly with the

Left: This year Palmas Academy play, Mary Poppins Above: Jonathan with his beloved family and support network.

Jonathan Méndez La Guerra Astral, de su autoría 1st place “Luna, lunita, mi luna, quisiera contigo bailar, perderme contigo en el cielo, dejar mi pasión estallar, subirme y soltar mi deseo, dejar mis anhelos rondar, las galaxias ocultas del bello,ámbito celestial..” Luna, luna, mi luna, conmigo te quedarás a milado por siempre continuarás, tu cuerpo. tus fases, tu alma, conmigo se quedarán, tu aroma de ave pura, aqui permanecerá”. (Fragments)

“Storm Tracker” telling the pilot where to go. I could see him there! Among his achievements in his school years, Jonathan has won many awards and has participated in several important academic programs such as an advanced mathematics course called “Data & Chance”, a course offered by John Hopkins University. To be able to take this course you have to take the SAT test and pass it. Jonathan did it while still eighth grade and was the first Puerto Rican to attend this program. In this course, students develop a greater understanding of data and chance, two areas of mathematics that easily transfer from the classroom to the real world. Students conduct experiments and generate data that they display in graphs, charts, and tables in order to compare the effects of particular variables.  “It was a super rich experience for me,” he stated and explained that there he met professors and students from all over the world. “I made many connections from all over the world. My main professor for example was from Africa,” he said.  Last year he was chosen to take a Puerto Rico Weather Camp in the UPR, Mayagüez at Magueyes, Parguera with other 17 student chosen from all over Puerto Rico.  “It was a great experience because there I also met very good professors”. This year he was also a finalist of  “Los Premios Endi” (Awards offered by El Nuevo Día) with an essay he submitted in Spanish. Jonathan also won the Mayra Santos Febres award in Oratory in 2012 for his creation: “La Guerra Astral”, a poem he wrote which obtained the highest sores in the entire competition! Jonathan, we wish you the best and we are sure you will obtain many more achievements in your life. Palmas is very proud of you! s




Tel 787.523.3131 Cel 787.607.0907

Caciques at Palmas Academy

The Caciques, Humacao’s basketball team, visited Palmas Academy for a demonstration. It was fascinating to see the kids’ faces in amazement as they saw how these big guys put the ball in the basket almost effortlessly. They are not only big but also fit and skilled. By the way, you may see them walking around our community since they are living in Palmas. You can see in the pictures how the students compared their hands with the players’ in admiration. A couple of girls had the thrill of having one of the players pick them up in the air so that she could dunk the ball. I am sure this visit is going to be a memorable lasting experience. It was for me! I spent the rest of the day showing the photos I took and talking about the experience. Our Major, Marcelo Trujillo was also part of this courtesy visit. WALO Radio, our local radio station transmitted the event and interviewed the school director and several teachers. s

tira y encesta!

As part of the visit WALO Radio transmited the event live.

A perfect getaway. A wonderful view. Share your dreams with the one you love Come to Puerto Rico and you will see why we are called “The Enchanted Island”

Club Cala Paradise

is jus t minutes away !

The Beach Bohio... a magic spot in Palmas • drinks • light food • sun & the sea

MUSIC SUNDAYS from 1:00 to 5:00 pm

CPM & REALTORS • sales • r e n ta l s • r e loc at i o n

Open Monday -Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00pm Same light menu with some new additions!

295 Palmas Inn Way #10 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR

(Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays during June)

787-850-4401 787-852-7161




Palmanova Plaza Palmas del MaR

Fresh daily specials! Priced to sell



or assume mortgage and receive



in cash

}} 1,620 ft2 interior }} Plus 561 ft2 open terrace, one of only 4 in Maralago }} 2 bedrooms, 2 baths }} Stainless steel appliances }} Granite counter tops }} 16 foot cathedral ceilings }} Furnished

Certified Angus Beef Best Rice and Beans in town Brochettes Puerto Rican Delicacies Excellent quality at reasonable prices.

Dinner starting at 6pm Closed on Sundays (787)852-7173

CALL 787.536.5757 for more informAtion

Always the be s taste! t

By Dr. Rubén Chamorro “From Istanbul to Athens” was the name of the EF (Education First) educational tour that a group of The Palmas Academy students, teachers and parents took during Spring Break. For 11 days, under the experienced guide, Mrs. Lissette Sanabria, the students were able to take a closer look at the cradle of civilization. In Istanbul, the tour visited Hagia Sophia and the impressive Blue Mosque, a unique monument of Islam. Of course, an interesting visit to the Grand Bazzar was the next stop. An adventure in itself, the Grand Bazaar houses more than 4,000 shops where the group engaged in the ancient art of haggling over prices with the shop owners and/or employees. The next few days were full of history as the TPA travelers went back in time while visiting the ruins of Troy--scene of many epic battles-- Pergamon, Acropolis and Ephesus. Then, more fun awaited as the TPA globetrotters enjoyed a threeday cruise from Turkey to the islands of Crete and the



spectacular views of Santorini before arriving to Athens. Mrs. Sanabria’s art history students had the experience of walking through the monuments of the Olympic Stadium, the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena at the Acropolis among other

Greek historic sites. The trip would not be complete without saying farewell to Greece with the Greek Evening celebration. Besides enjoying the local cuisine and the entertainment the TPA dancers showed off their talent learning to dance to

Greek music. So, The Palmas Academy EF Tours says “Kalimera” (Have a good day) and see you next year… in Australia.s



We are a blessed community and it is manifested everywhere we look. Nature is one of our blessings so let’s protect it by planting trees that serve, not only to enhance our landscape, but also to purify our air and inspire our soul. Every year, when I see this colorful display, I feel overwhelmed and touched, but we have to keep educating our young adults and children to protect and respect it. Let’s get together in our own regimes to promote the planting of trees! s

Let us coun As well as the Pink Oak, the Yellow oak are a gift from Nature.

“Meaito” (Pee Tree) - Tulipan Africano (African Tulip) (Spathodea)

And of course our loyal Flamoboyanes are back with red and yellow flowers as every summer.

unt our blessings! What a spectacular display of beauty in the southeast area by our oak trees! Let us protect these beautiful trees that we usually take for granted‌they are a gift from God.

alida’s latest paintings House with a view

Friends Outside Rural Home

With these paintings, I want people to enjoy, learn about the past, and connect to their roots. Inspired in Tom Lekman’s photographs and the Puerto Rico of the 40’s and 50’s, Alida Cordero’s new paintings recreate rural scenes almost forgotten by new generations. “With these paintings, I want people to enjoy, to learn about the past and to connect with their roots.” The paintings definitely reflect Alida’s passion for our culture and history while showing off her domain of light and shadows. Alida is a homeowner who lives half of the year in Palmas and the other half in the United States. When she is in Palmas... she is everywhere! Alida enjoys all our community events and parties; she is also a good golf player and a charismatic person who is always willing to help others. s

Catering & Food Services 787.285.5036 787.960.3294 • Corporate & Residencial service • On site chef service • Event coordinator services available

787.850.0090 Auto Expreso Retail Location

Fast service & security all the times

Road no. 3 and 906, right next to Palmas del Mar.



• Dewar’s - $22.95 • Bacardi 151 - $14.99 • Don Q Cristal - $13.99 • Bacardi Blanco - $12.99 •Coors Light six pack 8oz a $4.69 • Corona Extra six pack - $7.99 • Medalla six pack - $5.19 • Busch six pack $4.99

Ask for our great variety of wines & craft beers!

.93¢ Medalla & Busch beers!!

HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIM the beach bohio While in San Juan it was raining cats and dogs, Palmas had a beautiful beach day as part of the activities of the Heineken Regatta. Family and friends get together at the beach to watch the sailboat competition and have a good time in the sun. Thanks to the folks at Coopertone, we had music on the beach and most importantly... everyone was protected from the sun.

As you all know, when I turned 60 I shared with you my goal of loosing 30 pounds, which I did. I reached my goal and I have kept my new weight during these past two years. It was not easy in the beginning, it took a lot of will and discipline but after a while it became second nature and, believe me, I feel good and energized. (I need all the energy available to do this magazine!) Now at 62 I have new goals. I want to share with all of you what inspires and stimulates me so that I may inspire and stimulate other people that may be needing a little push. You can do it! To help me with my new goal I am going to be working with Victor Piña, the new Personal Trainer at Los Lagos and Roxanna Tosca an experienced Nutritionist. PERSONAL TRAINING Victor is a certified Personal Trainer and is going to be offering his services at Los Lagos. He is going to help me reach my new goals. MY NEW GOALS Even when I have lost a lot of weight I still have abdominal fat that I haven’t been able to eliminate and my arms needs some muscular mass that you loose naturally with age. I asked Victor what is the secret needed to obtain my goals? “Dedication”, he answered without hesitation. That I have, so I am on the right track.  He recommended exercise at least four days a week and if you want to see results, then schedule your personal training sessions 3 times a week. “It’s an orchestrated combination of diet, cardio, y resistance (weights) that is going to make it happens,” he said. In my case he said we have to work mainly with resistance to target the muscle and make it re-grow.  “Diet is going to be also important, with a good protein intake”. ADVANTAGES OF A PERSONAL TRAINER • You reach your goal faster • You obtain knowledge about how your body works • Avoid injuries • Motivation  I will also recommend finding a buddy that works out with you, it’s more fun and the day you feel about giving up you have somebody to push you.

New goals at62

A personal Nutritionist

Whether it is weight loss, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, consulting a Nutritionist is a wise idea. It’s the opportunity to change your eating habits forever.  They have the knowledge to discuss what you consumed and how you do it. Nutritionists have an in-depth understanding of the effects that nutrients have on your body. They can help you meet your dietary goals because they understand the way your diet affects your overall health.  Sporting activities may require you to build or develop certain kinds of muscle groups or eat a specific diet to maximize your athletic performance. Nutritionists can help you determine the right foods to eat and the foods to avoid. Consulting a nutritionist will help you manage your weight or gain muscle. You may wish to lose weight or gain weight. You may need to build muscle mass for health reasons. A nutritionist can help you find a safe and healthy way to accomplish your objectives.  Roxanna Tosca, the Los Lagos nutritionist explained to me that it all depends what your goals are and your specific health situation.  “If you are on a diet to burn fat, you may have to look very closely at what you eat,” she said and for my surprise she stated that fat is not our main enemy… it is SUGAR! Some times it is better to eat regular food (not low fat food) because when they extract the fat they elevate the sugar content.  For my surprise she told me that what I eat every morning as breakfast -yogurt and granola - is not that health because granola has a lot of fat and sugar. “If you use granola it has to be as a topping,” Roxanna pointed out that variety is important. “It’s better to eat something different every day for your breakfast maybe one day oatmeal, scrambled eggs with more egg whites than yolk, Greek Yogurt, Cottage Cheese with fruits so that your body doesn’t get used to the same thing. “It’s the same with exercise. You have to vary because if not the body will stay in a “comfort zone mode” and the metabolism stays on a standstill.  “You have to confuse your body, so that it doesn’t know what you are going to do next to keep him alert and active,” she said.  Some of the foods Roxanna mentioned as very nutritive and low fat are: • Sushi, especially the Salmon and vegetable -stay away from tempura • Protein shakes • Almond milk  • Hummus • a green apple with two Teaspoons of Peanut Butter (2 teaspoons of Peanut Butter is equivalent to 1oz of meat) • Yogurt • Cottage cheese with fruits • Protein bars 

Roxanna Tosca has 15 years of experience as a Nutritionist and is MHSN witch means that she has a Master degree in Health, Science & Nutrition.  Roxanna is also a Registered Dietitian (RD).  Roxanna is going to be offering her consulting service on demand at Los Lagos.

Telas y materiales par a renovar, tapizar y decor ar • Canvas • Microfibra • Tela Exterior • Tela Comercial • Piel Sintética • Vinil Marino • Cojines • Foam Rubber • Grapadoras • Limpiadores • Patas Mueble • Alfombra Auto • Broches • Pegamentos • Pinturas • Plástico Clear • Saco • Velcro • Zippers Más de 1,000 bellas telas en stock para hacer realidad su proyecto de cambio y renovación. Materiales de 1ra calidad para tapizary restaurar todo tipo de muebles del hogar, terraza, restaurant, oficina, negocio, autos, botes y cortinas

San Juan (787)783-8565 Bayamón (787)785-5823 Caguas (787)744-5680 Carolina (787)768-3700 Ponce (787)841-8206 Mayagüez (787)831-7380 Vega Baja (787)855-5848

Lunes a Sábado 8am a 5pm *Vega Baja Sab. 8am – 12m


Open seven days from 8:00 AM

Rubén Chamorro....

By: Dr. Rubén Chamorro I am a normal guy, working at the office from Monday to Friday, soccer and volleyball practices and games with the kids, and enjoying Palmas’ community life with my wife Lissie. Many years ago I took up running as a way to keep fit, gain stamina, control my weight and as a relaxation activity. Palmas provides a perfect setting for walking, running and cycling, so it was just natural to enjoy the great outdoors. Once upon a time, a friend who used to participate in marathons invited me to join him at the World’s Best 10K across the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. At that time I had never ran more than 30 to 40 minutes non-stop, so I took it as a challenge. I started training and six weeks later ran my first 10K. Since then I have been running 5K’s and 10K’s all over the Island, I was happy… My competitive mind has been challenging me for a long time with the idea of taking my running a little bit further, the half marathon! The half marathon is a 13.1 mile race, more than double the distance of my favorite 10K. So I finally ended my procrastination and signed up for my first half marathon. And what a better place to start than where Fantasy is all around you: The Disney Marathon. After five months and many miles of training, I lost ten pounds in the process; I arrived at World Disney World ready to rumble. Over 23,000 runners were registered for the half marathon and over 30,000 for the full marathon, so I was pretty confident I was not going to finish last. The camaraderie among the participants was awesome, the fitness expo was huge, and the organization was great. It was a dream come true. Mickey was in charge of the full marathon and Donald Duck was in charge of the half. At least three times during my 2:38 run I felt accomplished, and a little bit emotional: when the gun indicated the start at Epcot (This is it!), when I came face to face with the brightly lighted Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom (Wow!) and crossing the finish line (I did it!). After 13.1 miles of almost effortless running, you bet, I believe in Magic! What’s next? The full marathon? Not for a while, let me enjoy my success a little bit longer. s

What is it about Palmas?

a reflection by Muriel Goldberger, from Woodmere , NY

As we drive through the main gate of Palmas for our yearly visit, there is a warm greeting and salute from the guard. We are home again and we continue on to the gate at Beach Village where we feel so lucky to be back. The guard at the gate seems just as happy to have us back, thus our vacation begins. We have leased the same villa for the last fifteen years. The location for us is ideal. We are situated on the 4th hole of the Palm Golf Course and just a few steps from the water. To sit on the terrace, be it early morning, afternoon, or evening gives us a sense of peace and tranquility. Truly, the beauty is indescribable. The cloud formations never disappoint. As a psychotherapist, I often examine my own feelings and reactions as well those of others. What is it at Palmas that inspires such pleasure in all of us? One reason may well be the air we breathe here. A friend, also a Palmas enthusiast and a retired professor of experimental psychology, has explained that the air we breathe at Palmas is borne on the trade winds from Africa. There is little or no heavy industry in the way to pollute this air. Perhaps, this is why we all feel so energized and relaxed once we arrive. There is also a psychological impact at Palmas. If someone smiles, I will smile back. If someone is warm and accepting, I feel warmly accepted. When my husband goes to the golf

course, the people who work there give him a hug, a handshake and high-fives…it feels like family. We both experience this warmth in many ways at Palmas. The Puerto Rican people are genuinely welcoming and so are the homeowners and other guests. Muriel with her two sisters that It seems that no one come to Palmas every year and they too love it. They are all Psyhere feels stressed. We chotherapists and the shirts they all move and play at our are wearing with the three glassown pace. There is a gen- es of wine are engraved with the phrase: “group therapy”. erosity of spirit and an acceptance of diversity. It feels like a lot of love going around. Little wonder that people call Palmas PARADISE. s Muriel, one of our loyal snowbird for fifteen years, practices psychotherapy at Woodmere, NY and has taught at the New York School for Psychotherapy.

Full Moon


Busca mรกs fotos en www.llpalmas/photos


the Palmas Yacht Club /llpalmas

Happy Hours & Chef Specials...

Every day! Fridays ...kareokee music Available for privates activities

Kitchen Hours 5pm-10pm Wednesday and Thursday 5pm -11pm Friday and Saturday (Bar until 1:30am) 5pm - 10pm Sunday *Bar menu one extra hour

787.852.5600 787.236.7682 101 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR

A new concept in frozen yogurt opened in Palmanova. What makes this concept so special? It not only tastes amazing but it’s actually good for you according to many nutritionists! They recommend it as a low calorie, healthy treat. It is a natural source of protein, calcium, and contains probiotics to help support a healthy digestive system and immunity. Yogen Fruz is made with real fruit flavors and fresh milk, and the clients add the fresh fruits, almonds, sweets they like. There are many delicious yogurt flavors to pick from. In short, it is a heavenly experience. Some of our homeowners stop by twice a day for their healthy treat!! And now, the Fruznation Reward Program, using a card that you register through internet started, which awards points for purchases, birthdays, facebook posts, referrals, etc. All in all, a great addition to Palmas’ repertoire of taste experiences!

Casino Royale at the PAC Club House

Busca mรกs fotos en www.llpalmas/photos /llpalmas

Dra. Laly Aguilar Palmarina Club was in a festive mood last April as it celebrated the birthday of Dr. Laly González with a very nice party where all residents of Palmarina and friends of Laly were invited! Glam decor, mariachis, excellent food and excellent company were the ingredients that made this beautiful afternoon at Palmas very enjoyable. We wish her the best! s

Dra. Semiramis (Laly) Aguilar ready to welcome her birthday guests at Palmarina.

BDay Dra. Laly Aguilar with her two grand daughters, Fabiola and Lorena.

Beautiful Villas for rent & sale in all areas of Palmas del Mar. Call us for sales, short or long term rentals and property management

Dr. María Juelle, Dr. Elba Guerra, friends from St. Thomas, Dr. Juan Walker, Dr. José Meléndez, residents of Palmarina Club, Dr. Laly Aguilar, Manolo Terrón, Marta Roque and Carmen Ana Miranda residents of Palmarina, seating Juan and Rafael Aguiar, Laly’s sons and Palmas resident, Provi Walker.

WWW.COMETOPALMAS.COM 787.285.5058 RITA’S CELL: (787) 487-2995

VIP PROPERTIES in Palmas del Mar! 22years

! n o o s g n i Com Long Weekend Jazz Fest @Palmas

Palmas del Mar está de fiesta con su primer festival de jazz el sábado 22 de junio. Desde las 7:00 pm el público se deleitará con la música de: Guess Who Jazz Quartet, Frank Suárez y su grupo y con la presentación de Charlie Sepúlveda & The Turnaround. La entrada es libre de costo y este es el primero de una serie de actividades durante fines de semana largo. Las otras fechas serán: Julio                27 Septiembre    7 Octubre          12 Noviembre     9 Diciembre      28  Este evento es el comienzo de una serie de actividades en coordinación con PHA, para el disfrute de la comunidad de Palmas e invitados.


BCBG/Maxazria 2013

Vacation Bible School

Sponsored by the Palmas Community Church At the Palmas Homeowners meeting rooms July 15 to 18 from 10am to noon ages 5 to 12 years • Puppets • Music • Games • Crafts • Bible Stories For more information, call 787.344.9749

Fa th er ’s Day Jun e 15 , 20 13

JULY 13, 2013 5:00pm at the Country Club, Palmas del Mar Humacao, PR $60p /p (IVU included)

Golf Tournament

San Juan Night at the Beach Club Sunday, June 23 2013

Tickets available at Sonia Sanz

For tickets call 787.319.2677 • 787. 502.0565

editor’s choice

Reasons to have a home in Palmas de Mar, Puerto Rico? A master planned community bordering with Sandy Beach. A County club with 2 -championship 18 hole golf courses. A Beach Club with restaurant, pools, fun themed area for children and relaxing areas to sport some sun and fun. A Tennis center - one of the largest in the Caribbean. A Mega Yacht Club. An English Academy from pre- K to 12. An Equestrian center, spa’s and most importantly, a way of life. This is just a small list of the wonderment of Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico a 2750 acre resort community - A Destination. For more information call 787.850.4401

cannot mis s this! PHA’s summer of fun and cycle Be a part of PHA’s summer of fun and cycle your way to fitness with your friends, neighbors and family while enjoying some of the best views and natural settings in Palmas. Join us Saturday, June 22, 2013 at 4 PM at the entrance to Guayanes at the end of Palmas Drive. Sponsored by DalePedal Bike Shop, Humacao. All riders must wear a helmet, gloves and appropriate cycling attire. All minors must be accompanied by an adult. A technical inspection will be performed prior to the start courtesy of DalePedal. Courtesy refreshments and snacks will be available with an oasis at the halfway point. * a $5.00 registration fee will be required per person. For more information call Joseph Maqueda 787-914-8034.

Tejedoras de la Palabra present the book...



t h Kitty Michael

The Kitty Michael Golf Tournament was held in our PAC golf courses. The teams from USA, Canada, Jamaica, Bermuda, Guadalupe, Bahamas and Trinidad Tobago participated in a three-day competition filled with excitement and activities. The members of Team Puerto Rico were selected after three days of a qualifying process. The Puerto Rican team members were: Rebekah Alfond, Atheline Aponte, Saskia Alvarado, Jeannie Belaval, Elena Camilo, Carolina Rivera, and 4 PAC members: Marilyn Heråndez, Norka Morales, Mari Marchand and Marie Prado. s

golf Tournament at Palmas del M ar


Kitty Michael golf Tournament at the

Yacht Club

Puerto Rico was selected for the 35th edition of the Kitty Michael Golf Tournament and Palmas del Mar was chosen to celebrate the event where almost 100 players participated. There were participants from Canada, USA, Jamaica, Bermuda, Guadalupe, Bahamas and Trinidad & Tobago. A “Welcome Party” and dinner at our magnificent Palmas Yacht Club was held to welcome our guests. It was a beautiful afternoon at the sunset only made it more spectacular. It was certainly a fun soiree they will always remember. s

Busca más fotos en www.llpalmas/photos /llpalmas

Kitty Michael golf Tournament

Paso Fino

Busca mรกs fotos en www.llpalmas/photos Hacienda Buena Vista /llpalmas

What a show!

A beautiful Paso Fino show was held at our Palmas Stable, Hacienda Candelero in honor of the competitors of the Kitty Michael Golf Tournament. Paso Fino, a very rooted tradition in Puerto Rico, dates from the Colonial days when this naturally gaited light horse breed was imported to the Caribbean from Spain. The Paso Fino horses are known for their smooth, natural, four-beat, lateral ambling gait. There are two groups of Paso Finos: the Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino, originated in Puerto Rico and the other is the Colombian Paso Fino, developed in Colombia. Though from similar Spanish ancestors, the two groups developed independently of one another in their home nations. The activity also counted with a “frituras” (typical Puerto Rican fritters) Kiosk and typical country music from Puerto Rico. The photos speak for themselves. s

heineken regatta

Against all odds (bad weather was forecasted), the Heineken Regatta took place in our spectacular Palmas del Mar Yacht Club as a four-day event that included, not only the sailboat competition, but also live music everyday, cocktails and parties all day and night!

at the palmas yacht club

Thanks to Manolo Terrón for his collaboration with Live & Life in Palmas. All the pictures of the boats and it’s crew members were taken by Manolo.

La veuve clicquot...

Ladies cocktail at the Palmas Yacht Club swimming pool area

The Grey Goose Party at the Yacht Club A private Grey Goose cocktail party at the Second Floor of the Yacht Club was held as part of the Regatta activities. As always, it was very well organized and elegant. The hors d’oeuvre by chef Juan Carlos were exquisite and the Grey Goose drinks fabulous.

Live and Life in Palmas # 33  

Junio y Julio 2013

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