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Name of Business: ChemFree Carpet Cleaning Name of Business Owner: Lloyd Weisert Address: 346 Cimarron Road State: MN Zip Code: 55124 Office telephone number with area code : ( 952 ) 451- 5001 -Another telephone number (optional): Fax Number: Web address: Email Address: (use address you want customers to contact your company on) Business Facebook page address: pages/ChemFree-Carpet-Cleaning/197141720325548 Linked In address: Any other social media addresses:

5 business categories that best describe your company: Ex: Asphalt Contractor would use: Asphalt Contractor, Asphalt company, Asphalt paver, Paving company, Driveway paver Carpet Cleaning carpet cleaner commercial carpet cleaner carpet cleaning mn steam cleaner

Description of your Business and the goods and services it provides: ChemFree Carpet Cleaning Company is a carpet cleaner servicing the Minneapolis/ St Paul MN area. We specialize in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, steam cleaner and duct cleaning.

What are is the top 10 most popular goods/services your company provides/specializes in: mn carpet cleaning rug cleaners Carpet cleaners professional carpet cleaner carpet cleaning company upholstry cleaner airduct cleaning

What is the history of your company? Who started it? What year? Why? Any interesting story about the success of the company? What makes you better than your competition?

Is your company accredited by any professional organizations? ex BBB, Angies List, BBB Angies list

Does your company have any memberships? ex Minnesota Concrete Association The institute of inspection cleaning and restoration The Carpet and Rug Institute

Hours of operation of your business: 8-6 M-F -Saturday -Sunday

Payment options: Specify how customers can pay at your business, say yes or no besides each option: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Cash Traveler’s Check Invoice -yes American Express Diner’s Club Master Card Visa - yes Financing Maestro Paypal -

Photos: Please provide me with the photos you wish to upload I need at least 10 and a logo. If it is photos of your completed work please let me know the address where the job took place.

Videos: Please provide me with the videos you wish to upload, up to 5. Must be at YouTube, so just provide me with links (optional)

Languages: What language(s) does your company have the ability to speak to customers? ex English, Spanish, French ENGLISH Parking: Is there parking available if a customer wants to stop by your business? Additional Details (ex free estimate, warranty) or other Services you want to add:

How far of an area does your company service? ex 20 miles in every direction of St Paul MN The Minneapolis/ St Paul Metro area

ChemFree Carpet Cleaning  

ChemFree Carpet Cleaning Company is a carpet cleaner servicing the Minneapolis/ St Paul MN area. We specialize in carpet cleaning, upholster...