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January 30, 2013 Ms. Eunice Holt 745 Copper Creek Circle Milton, GA 30004 Dear Ms. Holt: As requested, I have inspected portions of the residence located at 745 Copper Creek Circle in Milton, Georgia (Photos 1, 2, and 3). Per instructions, the scope of my inspection was limited to the exposed structural elements and/or deficiencies associated with the building structure. These findings are based upon observations made during the course of a brief visit to the site, and therefore, are not represented as being the results of a technically exhaustive investigation. This home is a two-story single-family residence estimated to be approximately 17 years old. Construction details include poured-in-place concrete foundation walls, finished basement, attached garage, bearing wall system supporting wood I-joist floor systems, and stick-type roof framing. Because most foundation walls and floor framing are not exposed, these components were not observed. During the course of the inspection, I noted the following specific situations present at the subject residence. GARAGE OVERHEAD DOOR OPENING OBSERVATIONS The top of the garage right side overhead door openings has deflected slightly (Photo 4). As a result, stair-step mortar joint cracks developed above the opening. The cracks have since been patched (Photo 5). These displacements appear to have been caused by one (1) or more of the following conditions: an inadequate steel lintel, an inadequate wood header, and/or the lintel is not properly secured to the header. It is encouraging to note that the mortar joint cracks have not re-opened since there were patched. However, because overstressed wood components can lose bending strength with age, it is still possible that additional structural displacements may occur in the future unless the top of the overhead door opening is properly reinforced. RECOMMENDATION Engage a qualified general repair contractor to install an oversized supplemental lintel from inside the garage area in order to reinforce the top of the deflected garage door opening.

Ms. Eunice Holt January 309, 2013 Page 2 of 3 DRIVEWAY OBSERVATIONS There are two (2) areas of concern regarding the driveway. 

Concrete surface has been patched adjacent to the garage right side overhead door opening (Photo 6). It is assumed that this was done because there had been past displacement in the driveway slab at that location. Upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that new cracks have developed in the patched surface (Photo 7). This fact indicates that the driveway is continuing to move.

There’s a void present between the underside of the concrete slab and the top of the soil adjacent to the left side of the driveway. When a steel rod was inserted below the concrete (Photo 8), it was determined that the void is at least 4 feet long. This long void is problematic because it could allow this section of driveway fail under a heavy loading.

RECOMMENDATION Engage a qualified foundation repair contractor to inject pressure grout below the driveway as required in order to reinforce the slab at the garage overhead door opening and void location. DECK AREA OBSERVATIONS The following deck construction details require further attention. 

Deck upper floor platform is not adequately bolted to the main structure of the house (Photo 9). Existing bolts are not large enough, and they are spaced too far apart. In addition, metal flashing has been omitted, and therefore, the ledger board is subject to sustaining moisture damage.

Tops of stair stringers are not adequately secured to the floor platform (Photo10).

Wood columns are not properly secured to the lower floor platform rim joists (Photo 11).

It does not appear that appropriate footings have been provided for the stair landing wood columns (Photo 12).

RECOMMENDATIONS Engage a qualified general repair contractor to undertake the following. 

Further secure upper floor platform to exterior wall with ½-inch bolts spaced no more that 16 inches apart

Provide metal flashing at the junction of the upper platform with the exterior wall.

Ms. Eunice Holt January 309, 2013 Page 3 of 3 

Further secure deck stair stringers to the platform with appropriate metal hangers.

Further secure wood columns to lower platform rim joist with appropriate metal brackets intended for that purpose.

Provide proper footings for stair landing columns. This may require installing retaining walls.

CONTRACTOR REFERRALS General Repair contractors J. R. Bryant

(770) 962-0317

Frank Callaway

(770) 565-7928

Scott Moore

(678) 361-7107

Foundation Repair Contractors Gibson Pressure Grouting

(770) 435-3676

Southeastern Pressure Grouting

(770) 452-0390

Trotter Company

(770) 458-0810

All of the other exposed structural elements at this home appear capable of supporting normally anticipated loads.

ABOUT THIS REPORT: This report expresses the opinions of a professional engineer about the conditions existing at the time of inspection. It is not a guarantee, nor is it a warranty. Because the inspection was only visual, it does not cover any portion not actually seen or not capable of being seen. The report is not intended for the purpose of fixing value, and it does not reflect any opinion regarding the advisability or inadvisability of purchase.

January 30, 2013 Ms. Eunice Holt 745 Copper Creek Circle Milton, GA 30004


Structural inspection at 745 Copper Creek Circle in Milton, Georgia


Thank you.

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structure report