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Lloyds Asset Management What are the Benefits of Investing in Silver? Throughout the ages, silver bullion has been a mainstay of the world’s financial markets. The durability, malleability, and industrial importance of silver still remains constant to this day, in addition, silver has automatic value as one of the preeminent precious metals. Unlike gold, however, silver is in constant need for industrial purposes, besides its uses in jewelry and other luxury items. Due to silver’s ideal properties including strength, ductility, conductivity, and malleability, the last 3 decades has seen an increase in silver investing due to the high need for silver in the industrial and manufacturing industries. Aside from the constant demand of silver stemming from industrial and manufacturing industries, the healthcare industry also uses a sizeable amount of silver for their medical practices and procedures owing to specific antibacterial aspects of silver. Most wellknown may be a medical device called "The Silver Bullit", that is utilized in burn wards everywhere to stem the onset of bacterial infection in burn victims. A layer of bandage which includes silver is utilized within the dressings for burn wounds and this prevents secondary infection in suffering burn victims. Furthermore, numerous other amounts of silver are being utilized in studies and efforts to put a stop to the spread of disease stemming from silver’s special microbicidal traits. According to experts in the precious metal industry, industries and manufacturers across the globe have successfully used at least 95% of all silver produced to date. As a result, this silver has been totally depleted in these processes, and is no longer available for consumption by either industry or individuals. To provide an example, at the start of the twentieth century, an estimated twelve billion ounces of silver existed around the world. Currently, less than 300 million ounces can be found in a refined form. The entire cache of existing refined silver could conceivably be purchased by knowledgeable investors for as little as 4 billion dollars. The consistent influx of the world’s economies trending towards a global and even more macroeconomic forum, coupled with the geopolitical volatility in several regions, makes an incredibly profitable opportunity for financial analysts taking a serious look into the silver market. The consistent and continued need for silver, either in industry or as a luxury good, makes the future of investing in silver seem very bullish indeed. A good number of the globe’s most knowledgeable and distinguished financial analysts have indeed already capitalized on the outlook and current need for silver and silver investing. As silver retains its inherent demand throughout the globe, in addition to the upside potential of the silver market, a lot of silver investors have already begun to profit from their investments in one of the globe’s most crucial commodities. Through Lloyds Asset Management you can purchase precious metals for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient storage at an independent bank or depository. For more information about Lloyds Asset Management Visit our web site.

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