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Wish Upon A Hero Rebrand Project Book

Table Of Contents 1.0 Research

2.0 Creative

1.1 Campaign Overview

2.1 Competitive Survey

1.3. Competitive Audit

2.3 Moodboard

1.2 Communications Audit 1.4 SWOT

1.5 Creative Brief

2.2 Design Research

2.4 Logo Development

3.0 Style Guide

4.0 Final Designs

3.1 Brand Description

4.1 Print

3.3 Use Of Logo

4.3 Online ads

3.2 Logo Elements 3.4 Typography 3.5 Color Guide

4.2 Billboard 4.4 Blog site

4.5 Mobile app

4.6 Instagram Promo 4.7 Facebook app

4.8 Twitter Chat 4.9 Video Series

1.0 Reseach 1.1 Campaign Overview

1.2 Communications Audit 1.3. Competitive Audit 1.4 SWOT

1.5 Creative Brief

3.0 Style Guide

3.1 Brand Description 3.2 Logo Elements 3.3 Use Of Logo 3.4 Typography 3.5 Color Guide

3.1 Brand Description

Brand Description


ish Upon A Hero is the largest peer-to-peer social network in the world. It is the only social good site that allows people to grant others wishes. With the rise in social good sites, it’s imperative Wish Upon A Hero separates itself from the competition and gain world recognition. As part of Wish Upon A Hero’s rebranding campaign, the logo needed. Wish Upon A Hero inspires people to make a difference in someone’s life. People can directly help others without going through a 3rd party source. A family can get their wishes answered for a bed to sleep on and new jackets for the winter. The idea behind the logos was too show to exchange. People grant others wish. The hand to star to hand combo was designed to demonstrate the exchange and granting of wishes. Wish Upon A Hero will have enough brand equity to let the hand combo to by itself.

Original Logo

New Logo


Wish Upon A Hero

3.2 Logo Elements

Logo Elements It’s imperiative to follow the logo usage guidelines to maintain the brand. The logo should only be used in the selected colors and typeface choice. Above are examples of how the logo should be reproduce in any situation.

Acceptable Use of Logo

Wish Upon A Hero


Unacceptable Use of Logo

Wish Upon A Hero


3.3 Use Of Logo

Use Of Logo The logo comes in one form for now. The logoform along with hand exchange by itself. Below will help maintain the logo as designed in different design situations. See the samples below.


Wish Upon A Hero

Full Color

Wish Upon A Hero

Black & White

Wish Upon A Hero


3.4 Typography

Typography Typography helps set the tone of the message you want to convey. It’s important for the typography to complement the images that will inspire people. Most charities use a serif typeface. The chosen type will set it apart from other helping organizations. Serifs are a little more decorative than sans serif. BBC (2010) notes the difference between serifs and sans serifs, “One of the crucial dilemmas is whether to opt for serif or sans serif. In a serif typeface the letters have extra curls and bobbles, reminiscent of calligraphy, whereas in sans serif (literally without serif ) the letter forms have clean lines without any protruding bits.” Wish Upon A Hero uses Lucinda Grande from the Lucinda typeface family. It’s easy to read and matches the ever changing social media lanscape. Facebook, another social network also uses a font from the Lucinda family.

Wish Upon A Hero Wish Upon A Hero Wish Upon A Hero Wish Upon A Hero


3.5 Color Guide

Color Guide The narrative choice behind the Wish Upon A Hero campaign is inspiration. Wish Upon A Hero brings happiness when people have no hope. The social helping network inspires people to make a difference in someone’s life and for others not to give up. Blue, yellow, and white for contrast accurately portrays what Wish Upon A Hero stands for. Chapman (2010) states, “Yellow is often considered the brightest and most energizing of the warm colors. It’s associated with happiness and sunshine.” Chapman also states, “Blue is also used extensively to represent calmness and responsibility. Light blues can be refreshing and friendly. Dark blues are more strong and reliable. In design, the exact shade of blue you select will have a huge impact on how your designs are perceived. Light blues are often relaxed and calming. Bright blues can be energizing and refreshing.”



Y = 100


R = 255 G = 242 B = 45

C = 81



K = 18

R = 62 G = 156 B = 203





R = 255 G = 255 B = 255



The Final Draft for the Project Book