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GSP NEWS The Community Magazine for Grenfell Park, St Thomas and Port Tennant Chair:

Les Jones

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Chris Lewis


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Dave Lloyd

Contact GSP News at St Stephen’s Hall Gelli Street Port Tennant Swansea SA1 8NJ Call the GSP Office on 01792 472021 Email us at : Visit us online at: new web page coming soon gspcommunityregenerationpartnership

What’s on at St Stephen’s

GSP Directors Les Jones Chair Pat Brown Secretary Dave Lloyd Treasurer June Aspland Cynthia Lloyd Janet Roberts-Lewis Richard Brown Rev Chris Lewis Martin Summons John Tancock

Second Chance Team of Volunteers Joan Grove Maria Jones Jill Poole Clare Williams Pat Williams Page 2

Monday: Second Chance Fitness League

10 AM — 1 PM 7:30 PM — 8:30 PM

Tuesday: LASA Credit Union Homework Club Karate

10 AM – 12 PM 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM 6 PM — 7 PM

Wednesday Second Chance

10 AM — 1 PM

Thursday: Mother and Toddlers Weight Watchers

9:30 AM – 11:30 AM 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Friday: Karate

5 PM—6 PM

For more information about any of the above activities, contact the GSP office on: Tel: 01792-472021

Issue 25

As most of you will be aware, when the GSP moved from St. Thomas Church Hall to St. Stephens Hall our rental was paid by grants from the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) up to November 31st 2010. We are now in the position of having to find the means to pay the rent if we want to keep St. Stephens as the main base of the GSP. In the present economic climate the majority of funding streams have dried up and we have not been able to secure funding for future rental of St. Stephens and we don't feel it would be the correct use of our reserves if we used it to pay the present rental. We have been in discussion with the St. Thomas parish and are hopeful that we can agree a rental that is affordable for us even if it is only for our use of the Hall on the Second Chance days of Monday and Wednesday. We will keep you informed of any changes. The main emphasis for us now is therefore to become sustainable in our own right and this is what the Board is hoping to achieve during 2011. We find that we have a cost of over £1,500 with just the Public Liability and Events Insurance that we are forced to pay just to exist. If we include the communication charges and basic office costs that figure increases to close to £3,000. After the amount of Rent that the Parish decides upon is added to the £3,000 we will have a figure that we must decide whether it is achievable and sustainable. We have identified 3 main streams of fundraising to pay our costs and become sustainable: The Eastside Carnival is the biggest event we organise and as was shown this year when we had no outside funding we were still able to make over £300 profit. If we had been able to sell the full 1,000 programmes that we had printed and also reduced expenditure on the Carnival Queen Event we think that it is possible to have a surplus of over £1,000 from the Carnival. Another fundraising event is the Awards Night where we are able to raise funds through the Sponsorship of the various categories and when we receive the 2 outstanding Sponsorships from this years event we will have a surplus of over £1,200 on the event. As we were only able to secure Sponsorship for 6 of the 10 categories there is scope for a further £1,000 income so this event can raise between £1,000 and £2,000. As the Awards Night is a bi-annual event we have decided to run a GSP Fundraising Event in the intervening years and hopefully raise a similar amount as the Awards Night. Further details will be announced early in the New Year. The final fund raising event is The Second Chance Project as reported on page 6. Assuming that the sales level is maintained and we increase our Commission to 20% we think that we can raise over £1,000 from this project. The GSP Board is truly grateful for all the support we get both from the Business Community and the General Public and we sincerely hope that in 2011 we can improve on 2010. We therefore call upon the Whole Community to fully support all our events in 2011.

GSP COMMUNITY MEETING Due to the very poor attendance at the last Community Meeting held on November 26th it has been decided to hold a further Open Community Meeting of GSP Members and Residents on Tuesday January 25th in St. Stephens Hall starting at 7:30 PM. This is the first of what we hope will be regular Quarterly Community Meeting so that we can report back to you what we have achieved, what we would like to achieve and to hear from you what you would like us to try and achieve on your behalf. However if we again get no Residents attendance at this meeting the GSP Board will have to reconsider their position within the Community. One of the main items at this first meeting will be a report back on the 2010 Carnival, what we have planned for next years Carnival and to hear what YOU, the Residents would like us to change for next year. Remember it is your Carnival, the GSP is only organising it, without your support nothing will happen. Put January 25th in your Diary and turn up to the Community Meeting.

December 2010

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CROSS OF PEACE REMEMBERANCE SERVICE October 30th was the date of this years Remembrance Service at the Cross of Peace at Danygraig Cemetery. Youngsters from the local Primary Schools of Danygraig, St. Illtyds and St. Thomas joined with Civic Dignitaries, Veterans and the General Public to pay their respect to all those who have given their lives in the Service of the Country. The Royal British Legion organised event was again very well attended with a Bugler, Piper and both Regimental & Service Standard Bearers in attendance. After the laying of Wreaths it was a pleasure to see the pride that the children took in planting small wooden crosses in the garden at the foot of the Cross.

GSP COMMUNITY PROJECTS FUND At the last GSP Board Meeting it was decided to formally establish a GSP Community Projects Fund of £1,000. Any organisation based in the St. Thomas Ward is entitled to apply for a grant not exceeding £200. Final decisions on the grant will be decided by the GSP Board. An Application form and associated documents are available from the GSP at St. Stephens Hall.

2011 GSP CALENDAR The GSP has published a free 2011 calendar containing dates of Special Events and other Special Dates happening within the GSP Area. Collect your copy from St. Stephens Hall when Second Chance is open on a Monday or Wednesday from 10am to 1pm.

St. DAVID’s DAY LANTERN PARADE St. David's Day, Tuesday March 1st has been set as the 2011 lantern parade. An Artist is being funded to assist with both our Lantern Parade and Eastside Carnival and it is hoped one will be appointed by the New Year. The Artist will hold Workshops in the Local Primary Schools, Community Centres and other Public Places within the Ward. As soon as the Workshops are arranged they will be published in the local media and on the Notice Boards throughout the Ward. Page 4

Issue 25

Grand Santa Project A MESSAGE TO ALL OUR YOUNGER READERS Our Younger Readers will be glad to hear that the GSP has been appointed by the Man from The North with a White Beard to become one of his Postal Agents. This appointment enables us to collect your LETTERS TO SANTA and forward them to him at the North Pole so that he can read them and then reply to you. You will see special Red Santa Post Boxes like this in each of the 3 Doctors Surgeries in St. Thomas, there will also be a box in St. Stephens Hall. If you want to receive a LETTERS TO SANTA get started writing your letter now and post it in one of the special Santa Post Boxes. Don’t forget to include your NAME & ADDRESS in your letter so that Santa can send his reply to you. FOR THE MUM’S & DAD’S SANTA POST BOX LOCATIONS The Santa Boxes are located at the following locations: St. Thomas Surgery Ysgol Street St. Thomas

Port Tennant Surgery 125 Port Tennant Road Port Tennant

Tawe Medical Centre 6 Thomas Street St. Thomas

St. Stephens Hall Gelli Street Port Tennant

To avoid disappointment please make sure that the Name & Address is clearly legible, possibly you could write it on the back of the envelope.

The Ship Inn Lunch served daily 12.00 ~ 2.30pm Home cooked Sunday Lunch 12.30 ~ 2.30pm Only £6.95 for three courses (For Sunday Lunch we advise you Book in advance.) Group & family bookings welcome! Tel: (01792) 644047

ROBIN HOOD - OH YES IT IS! The St Thomas Dramatic Society is busy organising and preparing for a pantomime based on Robin Hood which will be performed early in 2011. The performances take place in St Thomas Church from Tuesday, 25 January 2011 – Saturday 29 January 2011. Doors open at 6.30 pm for evening performances beginning at 7.00 pm (Tuesday – Friday). On Saturday there is one performance which is a matinee when doors open at 1.30 pm ready for a performance beginning at 2.00 pm. Tickets are available from the 1st week in December this year. Telephone number for tickets and enquiries – (01792) 427011 or 07969 560520. Good luck to all taking part. To others, book your tickets now before the dates pass and it is all behind you!

December 2010

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CHRISTMAS services in the gsp area ST THOMAS PARISH

Gwyn Mission Kilvey Road

St Thomas’s Church Dec 17th: Dec. 19th: Dec. 21st: Dec 24th:

6:30pm 11.00am 10:30am 7:00pm 6:30pm

Dec 19th:


Dec 25th: Jan 2nd:

9:30am 10:00am

Christingle Holy Communion Holy Communion Tapestry of Carols Carols & Family Communion around the Crib

Dec 6th:


Dec 19th:


Carol Singing with Father Christmas Children's Carol Concert

St Stephens Church Worship with St. Stephens Playgroup Holy Communion Parish Communion

All Saints Kilvey

Waterfront Community Church Langdon Road The Waterfront Community Church schedule was unavailable when we went to press.

Fabians Bay Congregational Church

St. Illtyd’s Roman Catholic Church

Balaclava Street

St. Illtyd’s Crescent

Dec 19th:

11.00am 6:00pm

Children's Service Candlelight Service

Dec 22nd:

5:30 6:30 pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation & Individual Confession

Dec 24th:

6:00pm 12:00pm

Christmas Vigil Mass Midnight Mass

Dec 25th:


Christmas Day Mass

Dec 26th:


Feast Holy Family Mass

SECOND CHANCE UPDATE The Second Chance Project officially started on Monday September 21st 2009 when the general public came along to join and leave their goods for sale by Second Chance. Four weeks later on Monday October 19th payment was made to those who had deposited their goods on the first day. The first weeks total sales amounted to £67.95 and after the 10% commission had been deducted we were able to distribute £61.16 to those members who had participated. We have now been operating for over 12 months and have a total of 181 members from all areas of Swansea with a few residing in Neath, Port Talbot and Llanelli. During the first year we have had sales of £5,231.55 giving us a commission of £523.16, but better still £4,708.40 was the amount members received from the sale of their goods Although we received commission of £523.16 we did have initial set-up costs such as purchasing clothes rails and storage boxes which amounted to over £250. As is mentioned elsewhere in this Issue Second Chance needs to try and become more self sustaining and with that in mind the commission in the New Year will increase from 10% to 20%. I am sure everyone agrees that Second Chance Project has been a great success for the Area and we look forward to possibly expanding during our 2nd year.

2011 GSP CALENDAR The GSP has published a free 2011 calendar containing dates of Special Events and other Special Dates happening within the GSP Area. Please collect your free copy when Second Chance is open on a Monday or Wednesday from 10am to 1pm.

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Issue 25

AWARDS NIGHT The 2010 GSP Awards Night was held on Friday November 12th at the Swansea Dockers Club. It was a very well attended evening which saw the announcement of the winner of each of the 10 Categories, a Raffle, a Buffett, entertainment from local vocalist Beca Lynn and the evening concluded with Michael Roberts, our DJ for the evening playing his music until the end of the event. The GSP were unable to obtain Sponsorship for the full 10 categories this time but are extremely grateful to the six Sponsors that did support us this year. A big thank you also to the Sponsors Representatives for presenting their Awards. Thanks must also go to Sian James MP for her kind words in opening the evening and to Val Lloyd AM for presenting the GSP Sponsored Awards. Everyone who attended the event will testify to the excellent Buffet available on the evening. The buffet preparation was a joint effort so a big THANK YOU to all the LADIES who helped in the preparation of the buffet. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Winners & Nominees

Lloyds TSB Young Citizen of the Year Winner: Sam Clement Other Nominees: Eli Garner

GSP Citizen of the Year Winner: Other Nominees:

Percy Gilbert Charles Thomas Daniel Thomas

The ABP Child/Youth of Courage Winner: Other Nominees:

Rebecca Lilley Bailey Challis Macey-Lou Griffiths

Eastside Insurance Sportsperson of the Year

Premier Cement Ltd Neighbour of the Year

GSP Outstanding Contribution to the Community

Winner: Other Nominees:

Winner: Other Nominees:

Winner: Other Nominees:

Clive Raddenbury Nigel French Rhys Leonard

GSP Business Support to the Community Winner: Other Nominees:

MAKZ Mile End Inn (Hooker Dyers) Jo-Jo’s

Maureen Scannell Bill Osborne

The Admiral Insurance Lifetime Achievement Winner: Herbie Williams Other Nominees: Georgina Scannell (Michael Sullivan accepted on behalf of Herbie Williams & Edith Allen accepted on behalf of Georgina Scannell)

Billy Aspland Jannette Thorne Edith Allen

The Grwp Gwalia Cyf Unsung Hero Winner: Other Nominees:

Jack Webb Paul Squires Bryn Bidder

GSP Spirit of the Eastside Winner: Dianne Telfer Other Nominees: Clive Jones (Michelle Treasure accepted on behalf of Clive Jones)

December 2010

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HOOKER DYERS (THE MILE END INN) Everyone at the MILE END would like to thank all our Customers both Old & New for their continued support during 2010. We would further like to wish everyone A MERRY XMAS & A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR




Fresh from Zante Local Legend KARL LEWIS From 4 PM

Performing 4 - 6




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