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lloyd furey | product design | objects

965 leneve pl el cerrito, ca 510 // 759 // 5972

lloyd furey experience

3d operations and trending visualization | uliko studio

education 2010//2011

operate rtt deltagen and deltatex daily for marketing of materials for studio partners and presentations to potential clients modeled 3d footwear assets for internal and external marketing of studio and studio partners established and build global brand identity collateral for studio, studio partners and clients through modeling, renderings, presentations, and research transition ideas and turn them into detailed 3d models of materials as deliverable for international patent approval brand ambassador of studio services to potential supplier partners and brand clients

industrial designer | studio gorm

university of oregon | 2007 - 2011 bachelor of fine arts | product design bachelor of science | material and product studies bachelor of science | art with a sculpture focus minor | business administration study abroad | university of london


worked on national and global award winning design projects assisted in building the studio gorm brand nationally and internationally design and material research reduce production and shipping cost through the re engineering of products 3d cad modeling and cam operator continuous prototyping

professional artist assistant | tannaz farsi




rtt deltagen // rtt deltatex rhinoceros rhino cam // t-splines // key shot // v-ray adobe cs5 illustrator // photoshop // indesign microsoft office suite

design, engineer, and fabricate globally shown sculptures and large installations organized supply chain, scheduling, budget, and outsourced fabrication costs independent material and fabrication research modeled 3d cad environments and sculptures during planing stages of builds

facilities management | tippet studios

foreman of large scale construction projects executed on time and under budget over the span of ten motion pictures digital 3d scanning of actual models to be further developed in a digital environment design and implement power and data networks including design and implementation of 2 machine rooms model building, large and small scale


burn box glassware


fallen table


rib cage chair


300 watt night light


floating boxes


rubik’s box


beautiful utility

lloyd furey | product design | 2012

burn box glassware, 2010 one of a kind bottles built by using their mold as packaging and storage. using this method creates varying textures and means each bottle can only be re seated its mother mold.

lloyd furey | product design | 2012

fallen table, 2010 when tree #509, a 100 year old oak fell through the university of oregon’s provost’s car we were asked to turn it into furniture for his office. This is the result. a japanese inspired table that is an abstract representation of the tree.

lloyd furey | product design | 2012

rib cage seat, 2010 using cad and a cnc router the rib cage seats one comfortably and can collapses down to a one inch tall package.

lloyd furey | product design | 2012

300 watt night light, 2010 contrasting expectations the 300 watt night light uses an antiquated 300 watt bulb as a shade for an led light housed in a base is made from laser cut corrugated packaging.

lloyd furey | product design | 2012

floating box, 2009 through using renewable bamboo, floating box creates warm bass tones and crisp highs notes. quality sounds for the environmentally conscious listener.

lloyd furey | product design | 2012

rubik’s box, 2009 limited edition puzzle inspired packaging for a rubik’s cube.

lloyd furey | product design | 2012

beautiful utility, 2009 finding beauty in the mundane, beautiful utility re purposes pipe fittings into an elegant porcelain coffee cup.

lloyd furey | product design | 2012

thank you

lloyd furey | product design | 2012

lloyd furey potfolio of objects  

some of my more meaningful designs.