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Fluid Brick Odessy Landscape Machine Transparant Hammam Blanc Espace

Transparant Hammam Project: heating system Tutor: Joost Conijn This project was about creating heat with the use of analog (low-tech) and digital (high tech) means. I chose to create a Hammam (bathhouse) that I remember from my youth in Tunisia. I asked myself the question:’ can I make myself a working ‘‘hammam’’? And, what can this hammam be? Especially to look at it as a contemporary community bathhouse and try to reinvent its use in public-space. I designed it as a transparant and inflatable hammam which can be executed in different scales.

Flexable Molding Project: flexable mold Tutor: Teyo Remy I collaborated with Mehdi Vilquin an exchange student from ENSAD. He is also a good friend and we shared a lot of interests. One of our fascinations was the architectural and engineering method of constructing with concrete. With examples like Felix Candela and Heinz Isler. We tried several kinds of molds where we used textile and elastic fabrics. We ended with an analog parametric mold where we laid down our pillows filled with concrete, which we eventually put into place on a wooden structure for its further defined shape.

Filling Books Project: Daily extreme Tutor: Jeroen Kramer



The daily extreme was about taking a ritual or object and make it extreme or radical. I chose to research my books and see if I could make a cabinet that would be able to allow radical use. It began with the history of cabinets and the most awkward ways of showing and dividing your books. I photographed all my books, analysed them and concluded that the so-called filling books were mainly used to fill in the gaps. I wondered if I could make them more functional by giving them more importance. So the ‘filling books’ would create space for your more important books. It’s also a way to organise and curate what you want to show.

Blanc Espace Project: DIY-week Tutors: Anne Holtrop, 1 minute-foundation During this week we had to think about a undefined space, and what possibly can happen in there. v The template for this workshop was making short one minute-movies. I collaborated with Eva Schalkwijk a student of Immediate space. These videos were moments of doing nothing, as a crucial part in the process of ‘making’. They were also selected and are officially part of the one minute foundation.

Landscape Machine project: Landscape Experience Machine Tutors: Melle smets, Cynthia Hathaway This research was pure about seeing the landscape as a machine designed and engineered by a human being. Maps imply how we should read and interpret it. Reading a map is a language that has been taught in our education. With this I could create a fantasy landscape that everybody could read, so I used the vocabulary of maps to understand its power and use it to make my own world.

Fluid Project: Fluid design Tutor: Michiel Meurs This assignment was to create a fluid design, I chose an ornament which can be reproduced endlessly and can function as a window faรงade that influences the light coming inside.

Kufic Modern Project: Ode to a font Tutor: Richard van der laken Translating a typeface into a 3d object in space using my favorite font, which we had to sculpt into an object in the schools courtyard. I chose a font called Kufic square and was first used in public space during the cultural golden age of the islamic caliphate (kingdom). The text I chose for my sculpture was the last verse of the Fatiha: ‘The path of those upon whom you have bestowed Your blessings, those whose (portion) is not wrath, nor of those who have gone astray’. So the meaning of this verse played also a role in the visualisation and function of the sculptured building. The only contrast in my opinion is its historical context.

Unpacking Project: Package for yourself Tutor: Richard van der laken I wanted to unpack myself and do this in a surreal environment, which was the Ito building in the Zuid-as district. This unpacking was done by shaving my hair, a ritual performed during the hadj (pilgrimage). As a metaphor for being reborn.

Brick Odyssey Project: Brick Tutors: This annual brick workshop with the Academy of Architecture I collaborated with Valerio Falconi who is studying to become an architect. The concept was to use a brick as a vehicle for ‘nature’. Allowing moss or plants to grow on the wall. In that way also to know your orientation, so in the north you mostly will have a lot of moss and in the southern part there will be plants growing.

Paper Folding Project: Paper Tutor: Jeroen Wand During this workshop week we had to create an object through experimenting . There was one restriction which was the use of only paper. So I laminated a-4 papers and gave it a simple fold, and from this I created a diamond shape which eventually can be given a function as a stool or chair.

Ongoing project

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Waël el Allouche Dennenrodepad 207 1102 MW Amsterdam 0642084655 Nederland Zarzouna, Tunesië 27 april 1990

Education 2012- present Gerrit Rietveld Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten en Vormgeving

Bachelor of Design (BDes)

2010-2011 ABKM (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design)


2003-2009 Pleincollege Eckart in Eindhoven VWO, diploma.

Skills Computer skills: Adobe photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator 3-d cad programma’s: Rhino, Autocad, Grasshopper, vectorworks Practical skills: Woodwork Metal, Welding Model & Maquette Ceramics Moldmaking Languages: Dutch English Arabic

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