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Business to Business for Development Programme

Strategic CSR B2B Programme Forum Oct 7-8 NICARAGUA

Royal Embassy of Denmark, Managua

S-CSR 3P + Sector = Strategic CSR

People Profit


What is CSR - the concept

CSR is how corporations take responsibility for contributing and not becoming a barrier to sustainable social, environmental and economic development

What is CSR: CSR Internationally Sustainable development – TBL – Corporate Citizenship – CSR

Corporate Responsibilities

(People) Social

(Planet) Environmental

(Profit) Economic …

The Copenhagen …?


Kyoto Protokol The International Bill of Human Rights (include labour rights)

Anti-trust Johannesburg Action Plan Rio Declaration The UN Biodiversity Convention

UN AntiCorruption Convention International Accounting/Auditing Standards

What is CSR: Three dominating approaches to CSR UK: Communit y involveme nt

The Issues Approach

DK: Inclusive Labour Market

The Stakehold er Approach Principles-based Approach

US: Philanthropy

Government leaders attended the UN Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development (24-26 June 2009, New York).

How to address CSR: CSR & Corporate Social Opportunities Corporate Social Responsibility – and Opportunity Public Private Partnership Right to Education

UN Global Compact

Proactive (Do good)

Standard Compliance (Do no harm) Living wage

Right to EducationNon-discrimination Working hours Health & Child labour safety International Bill of Human Rights = Essential Steps (BLIHR)

Strategic CSR approach The Issues Approach The Stakehold er Approach

Principles-based Approach Strategic CSR Approach 3P+Sector

B2B Matrix Strategic CSR Nicaragua matrix.doc

Strategic CSR format • Strategic CSR Format draft.doc

Expected Results • • • • •

Strategic CSR advantage (forefront) Sustainable Social Responsibility Sector specific intervention Principles based (Global Compact) IPD Programme (opportunity of renew support) • Competitive Advantage (Post-Crisis)

Factors of Success for B2B Programme in Nicaragua •

Project support through integration of the different DANIDAbusiness instruments: – Nicaragua is a Programme Country, qualifies for IPD programme, IFUfunding, Mixed Credits, 3i Women Entrepreneurs, among other programs

The B2B Programme has created about more 350 jobs in Nicaragua today and expects to reach 500 jobs by 2010.

Transfer of knowledge and long term integration with the local companies and clusters.

The B2B Programme have 14 B2B Partnerships active today and expects to reach more than 20 by the end of 2009.

40 Danish and Nicaraguan companies in the programme by the end of 2009.

Plans 2009-2010 ICT sector Study (HVR) Women Business Event (Matchmaking) 13 Oct B2B Forum Local Network meeting DAIRY sector Study Chamber of ICT (Cosep) Danish-Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce (Proposal) Private Sector Programme PSP for Nicaragua (under design) Techchange Nicaragua 2010 –Agribusiness and MF

Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Danida

Royal Embassy of Denmark, Managua 2009

Thank you for your participation ď Š

B2B Forum Presentation on Strategic CSR  
B2B Forum Presentation on Strategic CSR  

B2B presentation