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EMBRACING CHANGE AND DRIVING FORWARD If you had said to me a year ago that I would be writing my own editor’s letter having just launched into Beverly Hills with a new CEO, I would have said you were crazy! But this is what I have just done. The last year has seen a huge amount of self-sacrifice, pure determination and guts as we have launched a new magazine and built it on the global stage to a point that now, I am taking it to the next level. Pamela Harper, our new CEO, has a wealth of ­experience in TV, politics and fashion, and she is a hugely popular figure in Orange County, California, so I would like to extend a very warm welcome Pamela. We are all very excited; we truly are an international magazine.

Another fantastic achievement for the ­magazine is to be able to warmly welcome Isabell Kristensen, the world-famous ­ couture fashion designer who will be a ­ ­regular contributor to our magazine. ­Isabell is highly respected in the couture fashion ­industry and dresses some of the most famous celebrities and nobility in the world, and I am personally very proud to welcome such a talent to Luxury Life ­International.

This is testament to my belief that everything you need to turn your goals into reality is planted in the future, and you can build immense self-belief within you and develop a monumental drive to succeed. These are all topics I will be expanding on in my new e-learning course launching this year, which will allow me to share with you the highs and lows of starting a new business, and how to do it, and how to develop the skills you need to keep driving forward, no matter what happens. Follow me on Instagram to keep up to date!

Before us, we have some major events: the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel; the Monaco Formula 1; the Cannes Film Festival; Top Marques Monaco, where this magazine will be ­present; and the Monaco historic Grand Prix. There will be a special Summer Issue to feature this very special event, so we have a very exciting few months ahead of us here at Luxury Life International.

In March, I will be in Monaco, co-sponsoring the Luxury L ­ ifestyle Gala at the iconic Fairmont Monte Carlo organised by Club ­Vivanova. This will be a very proud moment for me and the ­magazine.

I do hope you enjoy this Spring Issue of our fast-growing magazine, and wherever you are in the world, may 2018 bring you massive success.

James W. Phillips, Editor


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Peter Cumbo London MD, plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Harley Street Skin clinic





It’s a wonderful life! International jet-setter, humanitarian, actress, and CEO, Pamela Harper of Newport Coast counts politicians, professional athletes, human rights activists, ambassadors and royalty as close friends. What a wonderful life it is. BY JL MILLER.

Many people around the world live a luxury life, but it’s what you do that defines you, and one woman who is not only enjoying the fruits of her success, but most importantly giving something back is Pamela Harper. Born into a fascinating and luminous life, Great-niece to Sir ­William Treloar Lord Mayor of London, Pamela’s father ­introduced her at a young age to the excitement of politics, b­ usiness, and travel, while her mother’s passion for helping children ignited a lifelong philanthropic journey that lead to the founding of the Grace and Hope Foundation, named after her daughters, Pamela has never forgotten those less fortunate than herself.

At Hotel Metropole, Mont Carlo. Photo: Bruno de Marquis

Accustomed to the rarified world of country clubs, charity ­galas, and luxury skyboxes, Pamela has enjoyed the Cannes Film ­Festival, Concours d’Elegance, Monaco Grand Prix, Paris Fashion Week, Bal de Noël à Monaco, and modeling throughout Europe, often captured gracing society pages. The daughter of a politician and businessman, young Pamela was often found at her father’s side. Anaspiring congressman, land developer, and successful entrepreneur, his ability to ­orchestrate complex business ventures, as well as navigate the political ­arena, fascinated her. The lure of politics had its personal fledgling beginnings in Russia, through a college political science studyabroad program. From the governing powers, citizenry, and cultural aspects, to the pediatric wards and orphanages, Pamela found herself ­deeply moved with a budding vision of the global community, not ­simply for what it was but for what it could be. Guided by this gripping conviction, Pamela’s tenacious interest in government

coupled with an unflagging appeal for justice continue to open ­international doors. National print-work became the impetus to an enterprising ­teenage American. International commercials, ad campaigns, and spokesperson opportunities thrust Pamela from page to screen and saw her career take off from an early age but it is Pamela’s ­belief in the restoration of dignity, love, and care to children in need that is perhaps her most captivating quality. Attributed to her mother’s deep-seeded faith and continued ­charitable contributions, Pamela also has a strong Christian faith, and her earliest memories are visits to orphanages, pediatric wards, and those without shelter. It is this very faith that remains the genesis of her humanitarian efforts. Passionate about helping those with no voice, Pamela supports Lifeline, Plastico, project PAMELA’S TENACIOUS INTEREST IN GOVERNMENT COUPLED WITH AN UNFLAGGING APPEAL FOR JUSTICE CONTINUE TO OPEN INTERNATIONAL DOORS

CURE, Compassion, Zion orphanage, La Creche, and countless others and has a deep respect for Jewish culture and tradition. ­However, it was a tiny blue tattered shoebox tucked in the corner of an ­orphanage that became the catalyst for establishing the Grace and Hope Foundation. Pamela recounts making travel arrangements, much like she had dozens of times before. After choosing an i­ nternational ­destination, she immediately reached out to an orphanage ­within driving ­distance of her accommodation. The orphanage was d­ elighted to hear from Pamela and upon her arrival, she was u­ shered through a darkened doorway, a small blue worn box discretely pushed


Photo: Michael Peak, Newport Beach, California


to the side. Entering the modest office of the ­organization’s director, she took a seat. Curious as to the ­significance of the box, Pamela asked what it was used for. The ­gentleman explained that just two months earlier, a voice was heard from outside the entrance to the o­ rphanage, crying out, “Baby, baby.” There on the step was the small shoebox. Its ­contents a shivering ­underdeveloped newborn. The baby’s pail blue skin indicated an urgent medical need. Rushed to the nearest h­ospital, the ­diagnosis was ­delivered with somber faces: ­immediate surgery was n­ecessary. Without the expertise of a qualified surgeon or the proper facilities, the baby would die.

With philanthropic munificence, the Grace and Hope Foundation serves its local communities, collaborates with like-minded ­not-for-profit organizations abroad, and sponsors global ­ child advocacy, while endeavoring to build its first ­orphanage. The fulfillment of a lifelong dream, Pamela’s vision for a safe and nurturing environment where children could truly thrive ­ would soon be a reality. The foundation’s mission: to raise awareness, inspire advocacy, and restore dignity to children in need around the world. Continuing the legacy woven into her childhood, Pamela and her daughters serve in any capacity ­afforded them.


After three long weeks with infant Rami clinging to life, permission was given for his passage into a region of the country where a heart surgeon would perform his life-saving procedure. Moved to tears as the details of each passing moment unfurled, Pamela’s humanitarian work would clearly take on a new dimension. This orphanage, like so many others, did not have a 501c(3) charitable status. Simply stated, it would not be eligible to receive the support it so obviously lacked. The solution, the Grace and Hope Foundation, a non-profit global organization established to come alongside children in need.


At home, Pamela’s schedule is as exciting as it is unrelenting. An itinerary filled with charity events, show hosting commitments, serving local ­communities, and being a mother, the only time for drawing in a deep breath is while she has quiet moments on international flights. Pamela is a prime example of what you can achieve if you are in a position to make a difference. A luxury life is not always about sipping champagne and wearing ball gowns, it can be about giving, and generosity in human spirit.


”I love being a mom. It is the most joyful and rewarding experience”

Grace Harper, Pamela Harper and Hope Harper at Laguna Beach, California. Photograph Peter King SPRING/SUMMER 2018 LUXURY LIFE INTERNATIONAL 11


Teamwork makes your

PRIVATE JET DREAMS Astute Aviation and Rosella Aviation have teamed up to deliver outstanding service to our clients globally. BY ZAC HANCOX AND LOUISE BEAN. IMAGE BY ROSELLA AVIATION

Rosella is a boutique, luxury travel and lifestyle management ­company able to offer private jet hire, travelling personal assistants and high-end event production to high-net worth individuals. ROSELLA’S SERVICES ARE BESPOKE BY ENSURING WE HAVE FULL IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE OF OUR CLIENTS’ BUSINESS AND EVENT BRIEFS

Louise Bean, the founder of Rosella, has a passion for travel and all things luxury, giving Rosella a reputation for d­ elivering p­ restigious, high-quality events in London and worldwide, ­including product launches, PR events and lavish cocktail parties to the corporate and private sector.


Astute Aviation is an international private jet charter company with access to every single private jet in the world available for hire. Founder Zac Hancox has a background in aviation, which has ­enabled him to create a company that offers a sharper jet ­charter experience. Through a worldwide network of aircraft, Astute promises to provide clients the perfect aircraft for any trip, w ­ herever they are in the world, managing every element of the flight from start to finish. Through our partnership, we are able to offer an unrivalled, ­global service that is tailored to our clients’ needs wherever they are in the world. Rosella Aviation is a company offering luxury travel

COME TRUE solutions and traveling PAs around the world, able to accommodate even the most obscure requests. It only made sense to partner with a private jet charter company that really understands what our clients expect and can deliver a consistent reliable service they love. Our partnership has enabled us to combine ­expertise from collective industries, ensuring all our clients receive the best possible experience. We specialise in making even the most complicated itineraries possible. Louise has travelled extensively and has achieved 15 years of experience in commercial and private aviation, serving business travelers globally.

“Over the years, I have clearly identified the key factors that deliver a successful luxury experience: detailed travel knowledge, excellent ­organisational skills and a good eye for attention to detail. This is vital to achieve this standard of ­service in both jet organisation and event management. ­ ­ Rosella’s services are bespoke by ­ ensuring we have full ­in-depth k­ nowledge of our clients’ business and event briefs to ensure our service is delivered professionally and consistently, exceeding ­expectations of each client. Presenting a positive brand image is our primary objective.”




The World’s Most Exclusive Auto Show’s anniversary

15 YEARS ON TOP Billed by the New York Times as the ‘most exclusive auto show in the world’, the TOP MARQUES Monaco, will celebrate its 15th anniversary later this year with an eye-popping selection of unique supercars, ­designer timepieces and the latest luxury must haves. BY SUZANNA CHAMBERS. IMAGE BY TOP MARQUES

Organisers for this special edition have pulled out all the stops to make sure this year’s show, taking place from April 19th to 22nd in and around ­Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum, is one to r­ emember, with a number of exciting novelties planned. Fortunately for those already familiar with the format of this much-loved event, however, the show’s USP will not change. Top Marques was founded in 2004 as the only ‘live’ motor show anywhere in the world, where VIP guests have the chance to try out their potential supercar purchases on the streets of Monaco.

“The concept behind Top Marques was to create an e­ xhibition which went ­beyond the static events of P ­ aris, Frankfurt, Geneva and Detroit where visitors could ­actually test drive the vehicles that caught their eye,” Manoj Bairstow, the show’s managing director, said. “And ­Monaco, which hosts probably the most famous Grand Prix in the world, was the obvious v­ enue for the live auto show with test drives taking place on the F1 circuit.” Mr Bairstow was one of the original team behind the very first show, held in April 2004 and he is extremely proud of the way the event has grown since conception. “Last year, we showcased more than 200 products including ­seven world premiere supercars, two flying vehicles, seven superboats and our largest ever luxury launch – a 40,700 ton supership.


“With several restaurant and bars, as well as an area ­dedicated to VIP visitors, last year’s edition was scarcely recognizable from the first Top Marques held in 2004 and we are thrilled by its evolution.” Whilst Top Marques Monaco 2004 was solely focused on ­supercars, the event now showcases every facet of a luxury lifestyle from exclusive watches, j­ewellery and art to superboats, helicopters and the latest luxury innovations.

beating supercar with more torque than the B ­ ugatti ­Chiron.’ The hybrid supercar, which has electric front wheel drive and petrol rear wheel drive, has 2150 NM of torque – some 550NM of torque more than the Bugatti Chiron – and top speeds of 290 km/h (180m/h). Phil Bevan, CEO and Founder of BDI, said: “The ­Enigma has more torque than the Bugatti Chiron, it’s quicker on acceleration because the 550 NM of torque at 4400 rpm is supplemented with two electric hub motors driving the front wheels that ­contribute a further 1600 NM of torque.”

TOP MARQUES MONACO is an event that takes place annually at the Grimaldi Forum in the ­p rincipality of­ ­M onaco. It features exhibitions by ­n umerous purveyors of luxury aircraft, automobile, banking, boat, footwear, handbag, ­j ewellery, real estate and wine products.

Crowds three-people thick line the roads to watch some of the world’s most exotic vehicles roar passed, with ­hotels during the event at full c­ apacity to a­ ccommodate the scores of car lovers that ­descend on the Principality over the four-day event. Many of these auto aficionadas come to M ­ onaco in their own supercars creating a magical – and total unique - energy around the event.

The hybrid supercar can also go 50km on electric power – meaning 0 emissions.

One feature of the Top Marques Monaco that sets it apart from other a­ utomotive e­ xhibitions is its use of the adjacent ­F ormula 1 Grand Prix racetrack to display cars in action and conduct test drives.

“Top Marques Monaco is the perfect platform to launch our new supercar and we can’t wait until April. We’re big fans of Top Marques and it makes perfect sense to unveil our supercar in Monaco,” said Mr Bevan.

A quarter of the event’s ticket sales are d­ onated to Monaco Aide et Présence, a charity ­e stablished by Monaco’s ­r eigning Prince Albert.

“It’s the beginning of the ‘Season’ in Monaco – the ­Monte-Carlo Rolex ­Masters is on at the same time, and Monaco is packed,” Manoj explained. “There is this amazing atmosphere and you can’t help but get drawn in. That’s something that we didn’t i­magine when we were planning the first event – how Top Marques ‘fever’ would spill onto the streets of ­Monaco and vloggers from all over the world would come to our event just to take videos of the cars driving through the streets.”

In addition, visitors to Top Marques 2018 will also be able to see a record number of ‘green’ vehicles, a sector of the automobile industry that it extremely important to Top Marques and its ­patron, H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The test drives on iconic stretches of the F1 Grand prix circuit remain the show’s focal point however, with more than 1300 test drives taking place last year.

During this year’s milestone edition, there will be an ­unprecedented number of test drives in ­Monaco. More than 30 supercars will be lined up in the test pits ­including the brand new ­ZENVO, drivable for the first time ­during the show & high-performance ­tuners by ­ Moldavian ­ customizing company ­ ALANDI ­PERFORMANCE. Meanwhile, inside, visitors this year can expect to get up close and personal to no less than four world s­ upercar launches, including an ultra-lightweight hybrid hypercar with top speeds of 380 ­ km/h by S­ lovenia supercar s­ pecialist Tushek & bespoke ­supercar from British n­ewcomers BDI called the Engima. British design and development company BDI has handpicked Top Marques as the podium on which to launch the “Enigma”, ­being billed as a ‘world


The Principality of Monaco has long been a b­ eacon for ­ecological and environmental innovations, and is ­currently on track to achieve a number of a­ mbitious plans including an overall r­ eduction in its energy consumption by 2020. “Monaco has been at the forefront of ecological ­developments long before the ‘green’ revolution became ­fashionable. We are delighted therefore to be able to ­co­­ nfirm that there will be a number of exciting electrical and hybrid vehicles on display at Top Marques this year, including an electrical car that has been manufactured ­especially for our patron H.S.H Prince Albert,” Manoj said. Visitors wanting to enjoy an extra special ­experience at Top Marques this year can take ­advantage of a new VIP pass, which offers test drive pit access as well as the chance to benefit from ­multiple refueling pit-stops in the VIP Lounge. There will also be a new Top Marques ­Restaurant, open to all visitors, which will offer first class ­dining in a discrete setting within the exhibition. For more information on Top Marques Monaco, please visit the website:



Alessandro Egger


Many young people dream of being a model—the jet-set glamorous lifestyle, the fame and fortune. Here, we profile Alessandro Egger, whose mother, Cristina, also from a modelling background, let’s us into her son’s rise to stardom. BY LUXURY LIFE INTERNATIONAL. PHOTOGRAPHY OF ALESSANDRO BY MANUEL SCRIMA. PHOTOGRAPHY OF ELISA BY ANGELO GUARRACINOA. STYLING BY WWW.DEGORSI.COM INSTAGRAM: ALESSANDROEGGER

Alessandro was born in 1991. His pedigree would never be in doubt having ­parents who were both former models: Cristina a catwalk model for Valentino in 1987 and his father a former Versace model from 1987 to 1993 appearing in campaigns and catwalk shows in Milano, Paris and Miami. At an early age, Alessandro began asking his mother to help him become a ­model. She tells us she was absolutely against it and never helped him, believing this was not a career she would want for her son. However, after graduating with a foreign language degree, his modelling ­ambitioned burned within, so he went alone to a modelling agency in Milano without saying a word to his mother, and he climbed the modelling ladder every step without help.

“My wish was to have a lawyer, doctor or a top manager and not a model!” says Cristina. He was very committed and began his career in 2004 as a model for kids ­collections and toys, and in 2007, he was cast in a sitcom for Italian TV. He took a small part in a movie with Christopher Lambert, Shades of Truth, and presented in Cannes in 2016. Today in Italy, Alessandro is one of the favorite models for important brands such as Iceberg, Etro, and Moncler. His modelling career culminated when Dolce & Gabbana chose him as their brand ambassador for the company’s ­studio collection. Alessandro met his soul mate in 2011, and together, they are running a very ­disciplined life dedicated to healthy food, sport, yoga and daily meditation. He loves nature, animals and is respectful to everyone he meets, as he is not only a top model, but a gentleman who descends from Russian aristocracy on his mother’s side of the family. Cristina tells us, “Alessandro’s upbringing was very strict: no cigarettes, ­alcohol, tattoos or motorbikes, and no girls! All were prohibited. I taught him that beauty comes from inside, and that this beauty stays forever. Tradition and heritage are a must in our family.’ Alessandro’s plans for the future include starting his own family and running his own business. He is an absolute example of how a young person can follow their dreams without the help of anyone and work hard on his body and soul to became what he is today with discipline and a dream. But the good-looking family genes don’t stop there, Elisa Caterina Egger, ­sister of Alessandro has been chosen as a new face in one of the most prestigious ­agencies in Milano, the city of fashion and is working with the young designer ABODI, a popular brand in LA. Her partner in this photo is Goffredo Schettino, also a new face on the fashion stage in Milano and is a son of former top model and artist Erika Trojer wearing Stone Island And GUCCI.






DESIGN IN LOS ANGELES You can imagine the challenge of launching a new luxury magazine in a saturated market like Los ­Angeles, where almost every find seems like a “been there, read that.” To that end, we took a dive ­“below the LA radar” to bring you a best-kept secret: Edward Sotto, an award-winning LA designer who specializes in UHNW projects and discreetly lives behind the scenes. BY LUXURY LIFE INTERNATIONAL.IMAGES BY EDWARD SOTTO

Coming from a Hollywood family (his aunt was a costume illustrator for ­Edith Head at ­Universal and Paramount; his grandfather was a ­scenic ­artist at MGM), Sotto became one of those ­“Disney I­ magineers” who creates themed ­attractions, parks, and resorts. He ascended to Senior Vice President of ­Concept Design, running an i­nnovation lab there. He’s since left the Mouse to export that creativity at the highest levels for those who have an impossible dream and want it ­executed in great taste. His strength lies not only in design, but in his deep knowledge of technical and artistic sources to make anything a reality. You can only imagine what he can do with an aircraft, home or yacht. He has commercially worked with brands like Ferrari, Aston-Martin, Porsche, and Embraer Aircraft. His design boutique is known as SottoStudios/LA.

How would you describe what you do, and can you share some of your work?

We met in his private Brentwood Studio, best described as a working library, digital command center, and sample room, filled with everything from clay capitals to bronze hardware. It’s all perched above a local celebrity haunt, the ­Brentwood Lounge. It’s black leather booths, old-school feel and low lighting conceal a “who’s who” dinner and legendary after-hours scene. S­ otto found it to be a great “commissary” for working late or meeting with clients.

Most can never be discussed or published, so I have to be a bit abstract. Several have ­described what we do as “wish fulfillment.” The client may have an idea but can’t quite get their arms or minds around it, and we l­isten to that. ­Because we think more like set ­designers than architects, we want to bring a ­client’s wish to life in a compelling way that’s ­beyond ­expectation. Unlike a typical a­ rchitect who may be selling their look and wedging the client into it, we listen and use our skills in ­service to what moves the client, and we d­ esign to d­ eliver on it. It may be a home, a car, or even an a­ ircraft. In the case of an Aston-Martin dealer, it was a James Bond inspired showroom. Vegas ­mogul ­Steve Wynn wanted a way to feature Ferrari as art, so we placed the cars within a sculpture ­gallery. We say “form follows feeling.”

Why did you choose this location?

Give me a sense of how an idea becomes a ­d esign. What is the process?

We hide in plain sight. Our studio is very private, and we wanted to be able to meet with and dine with clients, then retire upstairs to review and d­ iscuss the work in a way that’s casual and very low-key. We keep things very confidential, so we’re driven by referral.

It begins with a client’s wish or even an impossible notion, like, what if a yacht could fly? What came out of that was a classic-styled yacht interior ­inside an Embraer Lineage 1000e private jet. We called it Skyacht One. It has ­navigation as it’s story and the legacy of a man who built a plane to match his yacht back in 1939 as the inspiration. The story informs the design and creates a subconscious continuity.


modular to c­ onform to your taste and were inspired by e­ questrian riding saddles. More Hermes than Hondo. We are very much into the fine detail and relevancy to the ­story or emotion we’re trying to convey. This ­project won Best Concept Design at the IYAA show last year in Venice. That sounds amazing. Do you only work with E­ mbraer?

We like Embraer very much, but clients have their own preferences, so we are non-exclusive and can design to retrofit any aircraft, yacht, or home; we provide design inspiration wherever it’s warranted or wherever the client has a dream. In fact, we helped Scientist Danny Hillis with his dream of a 20-story clock that chimes once every 10,000 years, something that eventually sparked the ­interest of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Storyboarding and helping Danny­ ­visualize his abstract of a “clock in a mountain” was a fun assignment. It was wonderful to work with such great minds. What types of projects excite you the most? How are these themes relevant to how people live today?

We pay attention to that. Luxury plays out ­differently here in LA. Celebrities pack into gritty warehouses for a fine-dining ­experience beneath bare light bulbs. Casual luxury is where it’s at. The finer things without the formality. We ­wanted to bring something less precious to an aircraft i­nterior, yet still every bit as ­luxurious. Taking ­advantage of the solitude of being at 35,000 feet, we d­­esigned a meditative experience, a mental spa called SkyRanch. It’s not about cowboys; it’s ­driven by the relaxed feeling of wide open s­paces. Even the customizable seats are

Things that have not been done are the most ­attractive, but in truth, it’s great clients who excite me. You are only as good as who you are working with. I really enjoy the sparks that fly with smart people and collaborating in a way that enables them to do something extraordinary they did not think was possible. Complimentary skills are magical. We have never been the low-cost provider of what we do, but we strive to over-deliver and thankfully, that has brought clients and their friends back for the last decade. Thanks, Eddie. I’m sure our readers enjoyed that sampling of some of your work. You can find more about what they do at ­ SPRING/SUMMER 2018 LUXURY LIFE INTERNATIONAL 19



Monaco London & be As an international designer in demand, after establishing the brand in the fashion capital of London, Isabell expanded to the French Riviera where she opened her second Couture boutique in Monaco in the year 2000. PHOTOGRAPHY AND WORDS BY THE HOUSE OF ISABELL KRISTENSEN

Over the past two decades, the Couture house founded by d­ esigner and ­creative director Isabell K ­ ristensen has b­ ecome synonymous with the g­ lamorous ­international world of high fashion. In this time Isabell and her ­designs have come to epitomise the elegance and ­glamour ­required for the world’s most exclusive and f­ abulous ­occasions, whether it be on the green grass at Royal ­Ascot’s R ­ oyal Enclosure or on stage at the Oscars, I­sabell’s ­creations are a ­favourite. During the rich & diverse history of the brand, House of ­Kristensen has been fortunate & grateful to have dressed some of the world’s most beautiful and t­ alented women. Including Nicole Kidman, Dame Shirley Bassey, Kate W ­ inslet, Paris Hilton, Joely ­Richardson, Shania Twain, and Katy Perry to name a few. Unable to resist her passion for fine eveningwear Isabell ­unveiled her specially designed ‘Red Carpet Collection’ at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, ­featuring some the House of Kristensen’s ­finest beadwork & embroidery. Also in 2017 House of Kristensen ­returned to tradition launching a British ­Summer ­Collection at UNABLE TO RESIST HER PASSION FOR FINE EVENINGWEAR ISABELL UNVEILED HER S­ PECIALLY DESIGNED ‘RED CARPET COLLECTION’ AT THE 2017 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, FEATURING SOME THE HOUSE OF KRISTENSEN’S FINEST BEADWORK & EMBROIDERY

the Grand Ball Room of the Mandarin Oriental, London, themed ­towards classic British fashion calendar occasions such as ‘Royal Ascot’ and ­summer weddings. Other recent shows include the 2 part collection, ­‘Beauties of the Mediterranean’ launched on the roof terrace of the Yacht Club de ­Monaco during the Super Yacht Show & ‘Beauties of the Cote d’Azur’, r­eleased on the l­anding pads of the Heliport de Monaco where we were honoured & ­humbled to welcome HSH Prince Albert II as our guest of honour.


Currently Isabell and her team are working tirelessly on her next range of ­fabulous pieces to walk the red carpets of 2018, most ­notably opening the year with a Fashion show which launched House of Kristensen’s A/W collection to grace the BAFTAs in February. Specialist bespoke ­pieces allow Isabell’s designs to uniquely ­cater to our clients most important events, be it p­ ersonal occasions such as weddings or important appearances enjoyed by millions of ­viewers, for example as worn by Dame Shirley ­Bassey for her ­performances at the Oscars, Royal Variety Show, and ­performance for Her ­Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Diamond ­Jubilee. Along with her ­couture c­ ollections Isabell has also created a Bridal line as f­ eatured on the cover of the UK’s No.1 Best- selling Bridal magazine BRIDES. However, Isabell’s talent for design and multifaceted and creative attitude is not limited to the catwalk, quite the contrary, Isabell has immersed herself in various industries including; the film ­industry, through her role as costume designer for feature films such as “Shanghai Baby”, the hospitality ­industry, as Isabell has been ­commissioned by luxury hotel branches such as the ­Dorchester Collection and the Churchill Hotel – Hyatt Regency, whom she ­designed uniforms for. Isabell has also established herself in the world of interior design with her own home-ware line whilst simultaneously designing for two ready-to-wear lines and nurturing her ambition of breaking into the cosmetics industry by c­ reating her very own unique fragrance. In 2004 the world-renowned ­couturier became the first ever Danish designer to release her own fragrance, launching her line Dreams, which soon emerged as a best-selling ­perfume in Scandinavia. The immediate success of Dreams inspired the ­creation of­Isabell’s ­second fragrance Endless Dreams, which





i­ncludes a beauty range with body creams and fabulous lotions. This was soon ­followed by PUMP IT: Purple Mist, ­designed for the ­partygoer, ­inspired by ­music. Her next fragrance Monaco was a tribute to the warmth and charm ­Isabell has e­ xperienced living and working in Monte Carlo but more ­importantly, a tribute to the enchanting and e­ nduring beauty of the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco to HSH Princesse ­Charlène. This event will ­always hold a whole and true place in Isabell’s heart after she was so humbled and ­honoured to have been ­chosen by HSH ­Princesse ­Charlène to serve as her Maid of ­Honour on this very ­special day. The latest fragrances in the r­ enowned Dreams line are Moments of Dreams, launched in 2014, and My Dreams ­released end of 2016.

Fashion show 16 February 2018



Overjoyed and elated to have welcomed our friends & clients to the first House of Kristensen Couture Show at a London Fashion week for more than 10 years. After so many years showing exclusively on the Continent, ­J amaica and in LA, it was our great pleasure to return to London! Most importantly we felt London was the perfect place to launch this collection that was created through great optimism, hope and ­p ositivity. Hence the name ‘Silver Linings’, as every cloud in London as in life has a silver lining. A fun side-note is the double meaning here as many of the pieces in this collection were indeed lined with silver silk! Hosted in the Princess Anne Theatre & David Lean rooms at Bafta 195 ­P iccadilly, the show was held just two days before the BAFTA Awards ­a llowing the Stars to catch a glimpse before the gowns grace the red carpet at the Royal Albert Hall! Guests were welcomed with flowing ­c hampagne, music and an array of dazzling sculptures each an exact life size 6 foot model carved out of solid ice! All of which, r­ epresenting re-creations of Isabell’s designs from a selection of past c­ ollections, including a design unveiled at our 2016 fashion show on the roof ­terrace at the Yacht Club de Monaco, our 2017 fashion show at VIP Room JW Marriott, Cannes film f­estival, and our last fashion show held at the Ritz London. This final sculpture was centred within the ­h orse-shoe shaped catwalk for this LFW show, for all to enjoy whilst the models worked their magic! The front row was enjoyed by many friends, valued clients, and guests including model Iskra Lawrence, Made In Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson, ­O livia Bentley & Digby, TV personality Lizzie Cundy and Her Excellency The Mayor of the Royal Borough to name a few. We are so happy to have had the ­p leasure to host so many fabulously talented and dedicated fashion bloggers, influencers, and stylists including Shaikha Majed, Lina Matluma, Timas Fashion, Danielle Copperman, Natalie Robinson, Rachel Gold and many more. We want to thank the influencers and bloggers who attended as we were able to reach an audience of over 5million. Following the show, as a special treat to our valued guests we a­ rranged the private screening of a film first premiered at the Venice Film ­F estival, ‘The Path of Inspiration’.

From photoshoot in Jamaica


We would like to thank Bykov’s Jewellery for accessorising every look on the catwalk with such gorgeous works of wearable jewellery art! We would also like to thank Bellefontaine for their generous gifts which were ­included in our guests’ gift bags and Blow for the fabulous hair and make-up they provided for our 20 beautiful models.

London Fashion Week

Super Yacht show London Fashion Week

Super Yacht show

Super Yacht show



Exploring the glittering

WORLD OF GOLD Gold – this little word (from the Old English, geolo, or yellow) means big things to many ­people. It was one of the first metals available to man, mainly because it can be found in its elemental state, with no need for messy smelting or complicated chemistry to purify it. BY DAVID PHILLIPS PHD. MATERIALS SCIENCE. IMAGE BY PEXELS

Gold comes ready to run from Mother Nature. ­Unfortunately, it is also one of the least-useful metals, ­being too soft for a tool and too rare for any large-scale applications. This doesn’t mean gold has not been highly prized as an ornament and as a store of wealth. Three things I bet you didn’t know about gold

There might be a lot you know about this popular metal. It’s dense, 50% more dense than lead, melts a bit above 1000°C, is shiny and can be beaten out into incredibly thin foils, much thinner than the aluminium foil used in the kitchen. But, here are some things you probably don’t know but maybe should if you want to impress your ­golden friends: 1. Because gold is used as a food additive, it has its own EU recognised code: E175. It’s also one of the rarest food additives, being sprinkled on sparingly as a decoration for exotic dishes and cocktails. It has no taste. 2. Enough gold has been mined since the start of human history for there to be about an ounce for every man, ­woman and child alive today, if it were shared out equally. That would be four gold sovereigns each. 3. There is about 100 times more gold dissolved in ­seawater than has been mined from deposits on land. Clever German chemists thought they might be able to extract some of this to pay off crippling reparations after WW1. They couldn’t. What’s a karat?

Confusingly, jewellers use two similar words to mean two different things. For the gold enthusiast, karat refers to


the purity of the m ­ etal expressed in terms of the weight of gold present in an alloy. Twenty-four karat gold is nominally 100% pure; 18-karat gold is 75% pure, and so on. It comes from the Greek word for the carob seed, which was once used as a unit of weight. For the diamond geezer, carat is a unit of weight equal to 0.2 g. It has the same origin in carob seeds. The largest ever cut diamond, the ­Cullinan 1 or Great Star of Africa, weighs in at 530 carats. This 106 g diamond is part of the British crown jewels, and has an estimated value of $500 million. At c­ urrent prices, this would be the equivalent to nearly 20 tons of gold. No w ­ onder smugglers prefer diamonds. Incidentally, Olympic gold medals are mostly made of silver but are required to contain at least 6 g of gold, worth about $200. Where does gold come from?

It’s one of the heavy elements formed in ancient stellar explosions and collected in vanishingly small amounts by swirling clouds of interstellar gas before being gathered up by planet earth. Most of the earth’s mass is in the lighter elements but luckily, there’s just enough of the heavier (bigger nuclei than iron) to make our technocracies viable. Even luckier, natural processes such as mountain building concentrate into gold-rich mineral veins, which can even contain the pure metal. It’s this that eventually washes out to ground water and then into r­ ivers where it can be found amongst the sandy deposits on the river bed as alluvial gold. For most of human history, this was the only source of gold, but as mining and e­ xtraction technologies got better, it became possible to get at the mother lode and mine gold on an industrial scale. This has led to modern levels of production, of three thousand tons annually, which dwarfs those of the pre-industrial era. Who owns all the gold?

Gold is not shared out equally. Today, ownership is spread out between national banks and individuals. About half of all the gold today is in the form of jewellery, and about a fifth is held in private hands as an investment in coins or ingots. A similar amount is held as part of the reserves of national banks (including the IMF), while about a tenth finds its way into various industrial


uses, mainly ­because of its excellent properties as a conductor of electricity and heat. If you have a mobile phone, you might be pleased to find that it contains some gold – abut one fortieth of a gram. That’s not a lot, but it is at a much higher concentration than economically attractive gold ores where 1 g per ton is worth mining. Ownership distribution has changed over time, as banks have become less ­interested in having piles of gold bars stashed away in their vaults (but beware of Gordon Brown’s mistake) and Indian housewives seek the security of gold as a hedge against an uncertain future. Have you got your fair share? Gold and personal wealth

The earliest (inflation adjusted) gold billionaire was King Croesus of ­Lydia, who minted coins from the alluvial gold found in the river Pactolus and ­controlled much of the east-west trade between Europe and Asia before 550 BCE. His name lives on today through the phrase “as rich as Croesus,” but his personal wealth paled into insignificance when compared with the ­richest individual of all time. This was the Roman general and politician Crassus who, through ownership of land, slave trading and general corruption, ­ended up in 50 BCE worth an estimated 2 trillion dollars in todays’ values, although­ ­inflation adjustment over two thousand years and between different ­civilisations is problematic, to say the least. Gold and the New World

In Medieval Europe, land was the basis of wealth, both as a store of value and a source of income and power. Gold and silver, both in short supply, were the means of exchange. When Spanish and Portuguese explorers found almost unimaginable amounts of both metals in the Andean regions of Central and South America, both flooded in to Iberia and eventually the rest of Europe. By the sixteenth century, about a ton of gold was being sent back every year. The main effect was inflationary, ruining many of the aristocratic landed gentry. The secondary effect was to enrich some people and to add liquidity to the

market, to create demand for goods and commodities and to open opportunities for a new middle class. European economies boomed. In total, some 200 tons of New World gold (and far more silver) was taken, worth getting on for $10 million in today’s money. This was of course not such good news from the indigenous New Worlder’s view, who not only lost precious ornaments but in most cases also their lives through disease spread by the marauding ­Europeans. Gold as currency: the gold standard

Man has always traded to survive and soon came to realise that bartering, the exchange of goods of agreed equal worth, was inefficient. It was better by far to have a more portable surrogate store of value in the form of a currency of general acceptability. Many kinds of objects have been used as currency, such as conch shells (the shells of medium- to large-sized sea snails), natural pearls, ABOUT HALF OF ALL THE GOLD TODAY IS IN THE FORM OF JEWELLERY, AND ABOUT A FIFTH IS HELD IN PRIVATE HANDS AS AN INVESTMENT IN COINS OR INGOTS.

gemstones, and pieces of precious metal, such as silver and gold. All these objects have characteristics in common: they are durable, portable, in short supply and have little intrinsic worth but hold a great attraction for many. No self-respecting South Sea islander would be without his stash of conch shells, and he would get pleasure from counting them every night. Unlike in China, where banknotes have been in circulation for over a­­thousand years, in Post-Renaissance Europe, money that wasn’t in the form of gold or silver was viewed with deep suspicion. But governments and individuals saw the merit of increased liquidity beyond that which the limited supply of these metals could provide. The answer was for bankers to issue ­promissory notes backed by a guaranteed convertibility into gold or silver. Since most ­people didn’t need to cash-in their notes most of the time, this ploy ­multiplied ­available liquidity and at a stroke, made possible a great expansion of the ­economy and trade. This was underpinned by the assured exchange rate ­between the paper value of the notes (banknotes) and usually, by a specified



amount of gold. This assurance became known as being on “the gold standard,” and from then on, no worthwhile currency was on any other. US practice was typical, with early attempts in the ­eighteenth century to produce a dollar currency s­ uffering ­repeated failure and galloping inflation because of greed and lack of central control. This was followed by ­federal regulation that required all payments to be made in gold or silver, and in the 19th century, the US dollar was ­officially pegged to 1.5 g weight of gold. Then the US ­currency effectively became the gold standard, and IN MEDIEVAL EUROPE, LAND WAS THE BASIS OF WEALTH, BOTH AS A STORE OF VALUE AND A SOURCE OF INCOME AND POWER. GOLD AND SILVER, BOTH IN SHORT SUPPLY, WERE THE MEANS OF EXCHANG.

o­ fficially so by 1900, where it remained until 1971, when it became clear that even for the mighty USA, the market could no longer be manipulated to keep the dollar value up to match an ­increasingly expensive amount of gold. The $35-per-ounce official ratio was at last abandoned.

u­ pheaval. In the three years following the banking crisis in 2008, the price of gold nearly ­trebled. In the short-term, the price of gold fluctuates, ­typically within a narrow band of a few percentage points, and on an hourly basis, or even faster. You can buy and sell into this market, principally through the London Metal Exchange. But current well-meant advice is that in the short-term, gold, as with any traded commodity, is a risky investment. Better to invest in gold shares, in ­companies that make their living from mining gold. ­Better still, to avoid being over-­ dependent on one sector, invest in a portfolio of shares to spread the risk and ensure some return through dividends. But, where’s the fun in that? In the long-term, we are, of course, all dead. Commodity speculators ­eventually know this, so they generate mathematical models to help them predict future gold prices more quickly. They should (and perhaps do) take note of the major oil companies. They have long since given up ­trying to understand the market in which they operate and have abandoned ­trying to forecast the unknowable. National ownership of gold production

Gold robberies

Nature has not shared out these gold deposits fairly. Most countries can lay claim to some gold, but mostly in only small quantities. The big ­productions and big reserves are in a relatively few. In 2016, the top five producing ­countries were (in order) China, Australia, USA, Russia and South Africa, ­responsible between them for about 40% of global output.

In The Red-Headed League, Sherlock Holmes t­hwarted a robbery of 30,000 Napoleons (French gold coins weighing in total almost 200 kg) from a London Bank. ­“Elementary, my dear Watson.”

The world’s smallest gold producer in 2016 was probably Scotland. Its newly opened Cononish mine auctioned off its first output for £46,000, 11 ounces of gold in the form of medallions. There’s gold in them thar hills!

Perhaps the biggest and best-known actual gold ­robbery in more recent years was the Brinks-Mat heist of 1983 when £26 million (nearly treble that in todays’ ­value) worth of gold bars was taken from a warehouse near Heathrow Airport. That theft was dwarfed by the ­systematic plunder of European central banks and private ­individuals (including their teeth) by the Nazis during WW2 when hundreds of tons of bullion was requisitioned to help finance the German war effort. (The British were so worried that the same might happen to them if there were a successful German invasion that, in 1940, in the secret military o­ peration “Fish,” most of Britain’s gold reserves were shipped across the Atlantic to Canada. About one thousand tons of gold was transferred without loss to specially-constructed vaults beneath the Sun Life ­building in Montreal. This was the largest ever gold ­shipment in history.)

Can you make gold?

Medieval chemists manged to convince enough wealthy patrons to fund their alchemy, some of which was intended to turn base metals into gold. A good recipe was for a mix of unpleasant organic ingredients and a base metal or two. The most popular base metal for this exercise in chemical ignorance was lead, suitably heavy and relatively inexpensive. It’s not clear how much effort was put into this European experiment and what beneficial spin-offs there might have been. A comparison with the Large Hadron Collider is unjust since the latter has had success in meeting its aims. Alchemy never could, and of course, didn’t.

Is gold a wise investment?

Paradoxically, in the post-atomic period, we now know that base metals can be turned into gold. For example, if you were to irradiate mercury with gamma rays, you get an unstable mercury isotope, which then ­slowly decays into gold and an electron. All you need for this modern-day ­alchemy is a nuclear reactor and deep pockets, because it takes a long time to get a measurable quantity of gold by this atom-by-atom process. Much better to stand in a river with a shallow pan and swish the river bed deposits around, especially if you pick the right river.

In the long-term, the value of gold as expressed in terms on convertible currencies has increased, very roughly keeping pace with inflation. Gold producers try to keep their market on an even keel by controlling the supply to match demand. But this is not easy. Overall demand ­increases while the total supply is finite, and demand can vary wildly in response to economic and political

For those who want a proper conclusion, how about this? Gold is just a traded commodity but unlike some (cocoa, wheat), its supply is finite and not ­subject to the vagaries of the weather. It is not consumed (as is oil) but constantly ­recycled (mostly). It has little intrinsic value but still provides a valued hedge against the whims of politicians and the failures of bankers. And the demand for it seems insatiable.






Moser Glassworks, in the west of Czech Republic, has been producing some of the finest luxury crystal glass in the world. Internationally recognised as a first-class hand-blown crystal seller since 1857, it’s just unveiled the 2018 collection at Maison&Objet in Paris. BY MELANIE FALDO. IMAGES BY MOSER


The new collection, “The Story of Colours,” is a unique collaboration b­etween renowned Czech designers and the Moser glass-masters, who closely guard the well-kept secret of producing the ­bespoke Moser colours. We went along to Karlovy Vary for a behind-the-scenes look at their meticulous process of ­producing some of the finest crystal glass money can buy. Karlovy Vary’s rich history is intertwined with that of Moser Glassworks. Born in 1833, Ludwig Moser opened a shop of engravers in the town at age 24. But it wasn’t until he turned 60 that he opened his own production facility. It was this milestone that helped propel Moser to worldwide fame. ­Working with the very best glassware designers, their products, including lead-free crystal, b­ ecame highly sought after. It wasn’t long before the rich and famous wanted to own Moser pieces, and the company was appointed exclusive supplier to the ­Hapsburg Emperor Franz Josef, and later for Shah Musaffereddin of Persia and King Edward VII of England. Fast forward to today, and many of the ­company’s signature designs from over the decades are still being produced with some as special retro ­editions. Because of its originality and beauty, Moser ­ ­luxurious crystal has been used in the d­ istinguished homes and palaces of monarchs, politicians and governments for over 160 years, and has been sought after by prominent figures throughout the world. It’s in this tradition that Moser crystal is called the “glass of kings.” Each piece is unique thanks to its design and the precise hand craftsmanship of its glass makers, cutters, painters and engravers. The secrets of artistic and craft skills are traditionally passed from generation to generation. To be a master at Moser Glassworks means to be a world-respected expert in the profession.

What makes Moser different from other glass is that it is 100% handmade with cutting, engraving and painting all done by hand. One luxury fruit bowl, which was just two days from completion during my visit, had been under construction for two solid months. Hence, it was costing the client £40,000. Moser regularly updates its line of products with ­regard to the changing tastes and needs of a younger generation of customers. However, the t­raditional


A tour of the glassworks factory is truly ­mesmerising and a must-see visit if you’re ever in this part of Prague. The main hall of the glassworks is the inception of the glass-making process, and it was here we saw expert glassblowers do their work. We watched lumps of raw molten glass ­being ­transformed into pieces of art with the use of ­furnaces and moulds. The lung power used to blow the glass may have looked easy to the eye, but when I had a go at blowing my very own glass, I realised exactly how much effort I had to put in. It became obvious why it takes over 20 years’ experience to become a master glassblower.

core portfolio continues to remain attractive. The company regularly presents its new collections at exhibitions in Frankfurt, Milano or at the Maison & Objet Design Exhibition in Paris where “The Story of Colours” was unveiled in January. The secret to producing the Moser colours has been carefully preserved for over 115 years, known only to a few people at any time and passed onto each generation. The concept of colour within the glass was the creation of Leo Moser, son of ­company founder Ludwig at the beginning of the 20th century. This innovation quickly became

the symbol of originality of Moser glassware and ­represented a new level of luxury. Another factor that helps Moser Glassworks stand out, is their focus exclusively on the production of crystal without lead mixtures. Working with such glass is difficult; however, lead-free ­crystal is ­distinctive for its high lustre, sparkle and its ­hardness, which allows for detailed cutting and engraving. The glassworks uses thin-walled and heavy-walled glass and has mastered the ­techniques of fine gilding, platinum plating and other ­ d­ emanding treatment processes. It’s no wonder numerous designers aspire to work for the ­prestigious company, including the now employed talented designer Lukáš Jaburek. The collaboration of Moser glass-makers with the young, upcoming generation has a tradition lasting more than 150 years. It would be a shame to see this kind of glass making diminish. You only have to see the glass-makers in action during a visit to learn how truly special it is. It’s art at its finest. UK stockists include Thomas Goode, Asprey ­London, Fortnum & Mason and Glancy Fawcett.




in Shanghai French DJ and musician Sun Philips, who has DJ’d at the best clubs around the world, including Spain, France and London, has fallen in love with performing in China after being treated to a trip of a life-time. BY RODNEY APPLEYARD. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ANTHONY CHADAILLAT PHOTOGRAPHIE

Sun recently sampled a taste of the high life in Shanghai when he was invited to DJ at one of the biggest music events in the world, Music China 2017, as an ambassador for Zoom - a ­specialist manufacturer of music technolo-gy.

“I stayed in one of the best hotels in Shanghai, called the ­Jumeriah Hotel, which was simply ridiculous in terms of ­luxury and was only three minutes away from the event,” ­recalls Sun, with great excitement.

During his four day trip, he performed in front of 150,000 people and creat-ed live music using a new piece of cutting edge equipment called the Zoom ARQ controller.

“I could have turned up at the hotel with nothing but my clothes. They had everything you could ever wish for. I even had my own driver.

Sun was invited to perform at this event after winning an ­international com-petition in the U.K. set-up by Zoom to find the best DJ/musician to be the face of the company at music exhibitions around the world.

“Zoom also paid for me to eat at the best restaurants and bars in the city, with top music bosses from around the world who manage the music indus-try, including Music 2017’s ­directors. Bar Rouge, which is one of the best places to drink in Shanghai, was mind-blowing because of the views from its deck of the spectacular Shanghai skyline.

Although he is too modest to make a big deal about this achievement, it is clear that Zoom only picks musicians at the top of their game to represent the company at the most ­prestigious venues in luxurious locations. THE PEOPLE I MET WERE VERY WELCOMING AND IT’S WRONG FOR US TO HAVE A FALSE IDEA IN THE WEST THAT THEY STILL LIVE IN A COMPLETELY CLOSED OFF WORLD

When he returned back to earth after jumping for joy at the opportunity ahead of him, it was not long before he was flown to Shanghai, with all ex-penses paid for the whole trip. Before he knew it, he was indulging in a life of luxury that is usually reserved for international musicians, such as Calvin Harris and David Guetta.


“In particular, the food was amazing in Shanghai! I have never eaten such delicious Chinese food in my life (plus the company was great of course too…I didn’t forget about that). It’s completely different to the Chinese food we eat in England and France. It’s not fried or greasy. Instead, it’s full of fresh vegetables - and so much tofu instead of rice. You can literally choose from eight different types of tofu.” But it was not just the food and luxury hospitality that blew Sun away. He learnt a lot about the Chinese people too. “DJing in Shanghai has definitely changed my perception of Chinese peo-ple. The people I met were very welcoming and it’s wrong for us to have a false idea in the West that they


still live in a completely closed off world,” ponders Sun. “It is true that they face political restrictions, such as not having access to Facebook, Twitter and Google but they do have their own Social Media channels. Individually, they are also very open to the world and are grateful for what they’ve got. “You can see how they are finally experiencing new freedoms for the first time. Many of them have travelled regularly over the last few years, seen the luxuries enjoyed in other countries, and they are now taking the ideas they have learnt back to China, which is helping to enrich the lives of other people in the country.” He added that music tastes are also opening up in China and the whole scene is set to explode musically over the next few years, which will ­ ­introduce even more people to new freedoms in life they never had before. “They have only enjoyed the DJing universe for the last two years! But they are so open-­minded ­despite the restrictions and having their view blocked for so long. Imagine what they would be like with even less restrictions? They are going to bring something special and unique to the music scene because they have a different point of view that will be infectious

and some-thing we could learn from in the West. He also noticed something special in the audience when he DJ’d his set us-ing the ARQ controller. “I performed in 20 minutes sessions in front of the crowd at the exhibition. I quickly realised that when I played hit tunes from the US, UK and Europe that would normally get the crowd going, they did not react because they did not know them. But when I switched to playing music that I was p­ ersonally really into, they reacted to that much better. This taught me something new because they connected with me when I had the most fun. “I am going to take this experience away with me and think about. I loved the fact that it was the ­honesty between myself and them that c­ onnected us. And the ARQ helped enormously with that.” The ARQ controller is a machine shaped like a ring that you can hold in your hand, with a ­number of buttons positioned around the edge. These b­ uttons feature pre-recorded sounds, such as strings, drums, keyboard sounds and voice ­recordings, which can be automated using other controls in the middle of the ARQ. “So you can programme it to play sounds in a ­certain sequence and then add other instruments as you play with it, sing live and DJ,” adds Sun.

“It’s amazing! You can use it as a stand-alone instrument to make music on the spot and ­ ­improvise. I noticed when I really got into using it spontaneous-ly, the crowd reacted very strongly. To me, that was when I really felt I un-derstood the Chinese people and felt close to them as ­people.” It was the combination of this special experience with the crowd in such a prestigious venue surrounded by talented musicians, plus the luxuries he enjoyed on the flight, at the restaurants, in the bars and when he was at the hotel, which made the whole trip one of the most memorable of his life. “I can’t wait to visit and perform in China again,” adds Sun. “ Currently, I am enjoying my day job of DJing in clubs and creating my own music. But I’m also really looking forward to working with Zoom in the future because it’s just like being part of a big international family with a fantastic ­forward-thinking vision.” Sun already has his next trip planned at an exhibition representing Zoom in Tokyo, which will also involve him performing in clubs and bars around the city. So the luxury life for Sun will continue to take him around the world to experience the best hotels and restaurants on the planet. All in all, it does not sound like a bad life for Sun. SPRING/SUMMER 2018 LUXURY LIFE INTERNATIONAL 31




Amber Lounge is the ultimate VIP lifestyle experience at Formula 1’s most exhilarating Grand Prix ­destinations. It’s where guests c­ elebrate the race weekend with F1 drivers, celebrities, royalty, sports and movie stars. IMAGES BY AMBER LOUNGE SITE: AMBER-LOUNGE.COM


Amber Lounge Fashion Show, ­charity ­auction, gourmet dining and the g­ lamorous Fashion After party. SATURDAY EXTRAVAGANZA

Non-stop entertainment including international DJs, dancers, saxophonist, drummer and headline sets from a world famous singer SUNDAY GP AFTER PARTY

Where F1 drivers and their teams c­elebrate the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. E ­ xperience live headline ­performances by an iconic international artist and ­s­pectacular feature acts. AMBER LOUNGE FASHION

Established in 2006 under the High P ­ atronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, the iconic Amber Lounge F ­ ashion Show is the only event in the world to feature F1 drivers on the catwalk, ­modelling the latest designer menswear. Monaco pushes the fashion envelope by ­combining ­couture, motorsport, and thrilling live e­ ntertainment with a fever-pitch auction. 32 LUXURY LIFE INTERNATIONAL SPRING/SUMMER 2018

Past Amber Lounge F1 Models include Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas. Collections have included Ted Baker, ­ Julien Macdonald, Hervé Léger, Missoni, La Perla, ­ Chopard and Jimmy Choo, to name but a few.   Amber Lounge Fashion has raised ­ awareness & more than USD 5 million for notable ­­­inter-­­ ­national charitable organizations.


Al Fresco Dining – mellow vibes, a ­gourmet menu: the perfect way to begin your Amber Lounge ­experience U*NITE PACKAGE PRICES

Friday from 6:30pm – 4:00am Packages include: signature pre-show cocktails, seats at the fashion show & ­charity auction, fine dining, live performances and after party – all with unlimited bottle service.



Ultimate Weekend Package - The most ­desirable, tailor-made weekend p­ ackage. Please enquire for more details. Methusalem Tables is simply the best tables in the house, located adjacent to the dance floor. Tables receive a bespoke service, with a 6L M ­ ethusalem bottle of champagne and a 3L Jeroboam bottle of premium vodka. A personal table waitress and private pavilion on the terrace complete your ­ ­unforgettable F1 party experience. Jeroboam Tables positioned in the heart of the action and served with 3L Jeroboam bottle of champagne & unlimited bottle service. VIP Tables are well-positioned and served with unlimited complimentary bottle s­ ervice including premium champagne.

AMBER LOUNGE CELEBRITY YACHT 2 day race viewing package

Experience the Grand Prix in true Monaco style from one of our luxury tri-deck yachts which o­ ffer unrivalled race viewing. Over the course of the weekend, F1 Drivers come on board for ­exclusive interviews, hosted by international TV presenters with a guest Q&A, picture and a­ utograph s­ ession. Enjoy exceptional hospitality and dining, ­including an open bar with free-flowing ­champagne and premium spirits, whilst viewing the race from ­ one of our spacious decks or modern salons. An ­unforgettable experience, guaranteed.


The VIP Package

Includes the same as above as well as Amber Lounge Dining prior to the club opening.

• Saturday & Sunday Race Viewing • Trackside Mooring • F1™ Driver Appearances, Exclusive Interviews & Autograph Signing • Luxurious Tender Transfers • Continental Breakfast • Gourmet Buffet Lunch • Afternoon Tea • All-Day Open Bar including unlimited Champagne • VIP Gift Bags with Official Team Merchandise

Classic Tables presented with unlimited complimentary bottle service including house champagne. SAT SHARED CLASSIC TABLE PASSES

Includes the same as above as well as Amber Lounge Dining prior to the club opening All tables are priced for and seat 8 guests and ­receive hostess and waitress service. Individual Passes - give access to all areas in the club, open bar including house champagne and free access to the chill-out terrace Amber Lounge Dining - A delicious 3 course Asia style menu accompanied with fine wines, soft drinks coffees and teas. From 20:30 – midnight. Party times:

Friday from 11:00pm - 4:00am Saturday from 10:30pm - 4:00am Sunday from 10:30pm - 5:00am


With over a decade of experience, our highly skilled team helps you to create a truly unique and immersive weekend that takes exclusivity to a new level.Our aim is to tailor each package to your ­individual needs, which is why we go the extra mile to create your perfect Grand Prix weekend.

Formula One Paddock Club & Team Paddock Club

Be part of an exclusive race weekend experience with unrivalled race viewing and ­ ­driver ­appearances. See the race from a team’s ­perspective. From the Paddock Club you will have access to exclusive hospitality during your entire GP weekend. From tours of the pit lane to e­ njoying interviews with drivers and team ­personnel over the race weekend, this is F1 ‘up close and ­personal’. The Club Suite offers interactive fine dining, ­entertainment and music. Paired with multi-screen coverage of all the action on track, including the live timing screens used by the teams, the Paddock Club experience will keep you at the heart of the action. RACE VIEWING TERRACES & SUITES

We carefully select the finest race-viewing options from magnificent hospitality suites and terraces, offering gourmet cuisine with champagne, fine wines and other beverages. TRANSFERS

Limousine • Helicopter Transfers • Private Jet Transfer

Amber Lounge Hospitality covers


the following areas:

We have exceptional relationships with hotels throughout the Riviera, therefore can access the perfect accommodation to suit your ­ individual needs, including hotel rooms, yacht cabins, ­apartments and private villas.

Luxury Accommodation • VIP Transfer •Paddock Club •Race Viewing Terraces • Yacht Charter • Corporate Incentives • Team Building • Private Events






It is that time of the year again when the most beautiful and mega-talented people come down to the Cote d’Azur, overcrowding the streets of the charming City of Cannes. May is the month when one must look one’s best on the French Riviera, dazzling on the red carpet day after day, attending the most glamourous parties night after night. Sounds fun? Follow me to discover what is really ­happening behind the curtains of the world’s most famous festival. On Friday May 19th, 2017 I was invited to make a Red ­Carpet appearance during the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival with the fashion designer Yam ­Yagoodaev by a leading Monaco luxury events business. The P ­ remiere of the movie Killing of the S­ acred Dear, starring Nicole Kidman and Collin Farrell, was just around the corner on May 22nd. Thrilled, but knowing what it takes to thrive in such a ­demanding environment, as it was the second year I had attended Cannes’ movie premieres and award ceremonies, I panicked. Time was not on my side! Usually, before an important red carpet appearance, I like to go to the spa to get a facial, to relax, and to mentally prepare. When I think of the red carpet, I imagine a war field. You must survive long hours in a tight haute couture gown with perfect hair and makeup, walking gracefully while you are being pushed by the merciless security. It doesn’t matter

how big of a star you are, you will be shoved left and right by the guards at some point. During the festival, expecting the unexpected is the only sure variable. As there was no time for spa treatments, I dipped into my bag of home tricks and tips to achieve SOS red ­carpet beauty. I took a bath charged with rose quartz and ­lavender essential oil to relax, visualsing that no matter who pushed me, like last year when Mel Gibson was ­arriving late and causing chaos, I would be standing firm and pass slowly like a queen through each camera, as it was my moment and my job to shine. To assure a glowing complexion, the night before, I ­applied generously my beloved Silver Screen Glow ­Serum by Illumina. The delicate Eye Candy Gel and ­gentle touch of cold clear quartz face activator woke me

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL In the world of film, the Festival de Cannes - known to many as the Cannes Film Festival is the largest international showcase of cinematic art and previews new films of all g­ enres, including documentaries, from all around the world. Founded in 1946, the ­i nvitationonly festival is held annually at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. This year the Festival de Cannes is held for the 71th time.


up in the morning, reminding me that the big day was here. When I met Yam Yagoodaev, the talented designer of my amazing gown, my first words were, “I want a very long dress, so random people can’t come close to me and ruin the shots.” She laughed, but I firmly said, “Trust me, a long dress is my shield from people who would ­suddenly attach to take pictures when least expected.” We changed the dress. I was so happy!



Even though I knew makeup and hair were provided, I brought my own makeup as well. Thank God! The traffic was so heavy during the festival that the hair and makeup artists, by no surprise, were impossibly late. I applied my own makeup and they just pinned my hair up in literary 3 minutes. All dolled up and ready to go, we were pushed into a limo and on our way. DURING THE FESTIVAL, E­ XPECTING THE UNEXPECTED IS THE ONLY SURE VARIABLE.

When we arrived, we first passed through the enthusiastic crowd. The observers in Cannes were cheerful and genuine, so I truly e­ njoyed taking a few selfies with the fans! Next step, and the part I disliked the most, was the ­security. They like to hold everyone squeezed into a semi-circle. I felt like a gladiator about to be released, a prepped fighter just about to pass through a thousand laser swords and a million eyes. The flashes, the photographers, the screams of the crowd—it was show time! Even after years of fashion shows and all the colours of glamorous appearances, I still felt the adrenaline rush and my heart beat faster. There is nothing like Cannes Film Festival and its famous red carpet! I love it!

Photo: Julia Blanche Hristova

CREDITS Julia Blanche Hristova, Model Jean Nguyen, Photographer Yam Yagoodaev, Dress Designer  Gadi Altman, Saphire Bracelet 





Tattoo, permanent, semi-permanent, m ­ icroblading, dermo-pigmentation, ­micro­­pigmentation, hair strokes, powder effect, feather effect, 3D hair strokes, 6D hair strokes... No wonder you get lost! So many terms are used when it comes to permanent makeup, but let me tell you one thing: there are only 2 techniques that are used, not thousands. The rest is all marketing and invented names to make it all more sellable. Before I start telling you everything about permanent makeup, I would like to c­ larify what permanent makeup is and what ­microblading, as I have so many people asking me. Permanent Makeup vs Microblading

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic machine that implants pigment into skin via small needles that puncture at high frequency. The needles leave behind pigments that are implanted closer to the ­surface of the skin than a normal tattoo machine, which goes deeper. As a result, it doesn’t last forever— only to 1 to 2 years, depending on skin. COSMETIC TATTOOING IS SAFE ALTHOUGH THERE ARE NO PROCEDURES THAT ARE WITHOUT RISK.

Microblading, which originated in Asia, is the newest trend in permanent makeup. It involves a manual scalpel or a small blade that makes tiny cuts to inject ink into the skin. Retouches are more likely to be made with this technique, because the amount of ­pigment is less. Personally, I don’t ­advise this technique because it creates scar tissue that in the long-term will p­ revent future hair growth, and then the skin will no longer take the pigment. How are your eyebrows going to look in a couple of years? For me, microblading is a trend that will eventually be passed by.

us have light features we’d like to enhance, or for we may want to avoid sweating off our makeup or having it wash away when we ­engage in water activities. For some, it can restore hair that has been damaged by chemotherapy, radiation, trauma, or a burn. Let me tell you my story. For a long time, I had no hair at the end of my eyebrows due to over-plucking in my teenage years. It took me 20 minutes in the morning just to redraw my eyebrows every day, JUST THE EYEBROWS! Then I had to put on the rest of makeup before attending my classes. I woke up before my ­boyfriend to redraw them so he would not see me without eyebrows. It was such an issue! That is until the day I decided to do them. IT WAS LIFE-CHANGING! It takes me one minute in the morning now to get my face ready, and I no longer have to wake up ­before anybody else.

such as an allergic reaction to the ink and ­infections. As long as everything is clean with strict aseptic ­rotocols for handwashing, gloves and use of single-use d­ isposable needles, it all should be fine. Does it hurt?

The process involves implanting pigment into the skin by small needles that p­ uncture the skin at high frequency. I use the longtime liner machine and pigments that are world-renowned. I only use the highest quality pigment for my clients. To ensure a complete take of the pigment on the face, there are always two ­appointments ­scheduled two weeks apart. The appointment lasts for about 2-2.5 hours for one procedure. More time is needed when combined treatments are done.

When I got it done, it didn’t hurt much. It wasn’t comfortable but it wasn’t painful. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. On some clients, I use numbing cream, but not on everyone. I do h­ owever apply numbing cream for the lip procedure on every client. Permanent makeup has changed through the years to become more natural with ­better techniques, machines and pigment.

Permanent makeup fades. It can be ­amplified with the PH of your skin, the ­oiliness of your skin, and environmental Factors, such as the sun. That’s why touchups will be needed. When you get your permanent makeup done, in the beginning, it will look very dark, but it will heal, peel, and fade to its final result.

My specialty as a permanent makeup a­ rtist is to create beauty in the most natural way by working with colours and designs that will naturally blend with your skin tone. Whether it is your eyes, lips, or eyebrows, your features will be enhanced. It will change your daily life for the better by never having to worry about your makeup smearing or rubbing off.

Cosmetic tattooing is safe although there are no procedures that are without risks,

To book a consultation, go to

Why Have Permanent Makeup?

There are many reasons: it saves time in the morning when you are in a rush. Some of 38 LUXURY LIFE INTERNATIONAL SPRING/SUMMER 2018



It was a day like most others. I was working in London as a photographic assistant to one of this country’s true greats: Mr. Mike Owen. He had taken me under his wing and was teaching me how to look at life through the eye of a photographer. It was an exciting time for a wet-behindthe-ears Essex boy, like me. I had already done a stint at Chalk Farm studios and had worked for some pretty high-profile fashion photographers before knocking on Mike’s door. But he was different; he was more interested in producing images that were beautifully-lit and crafted using an old 5” x 4” plate camera and innovative film processing techniques. He was a true artist, and indeed still is. His reputation was for shooting advertising and editorial fashion, but also for shooting people from the music industry, film and television. Mike was busy every day with one exciting commission after another rolling through the doors at his 5th floor studio in Clink EVERYTHING WENT INTO SLOW MOTION, TOTAL SILENCE, AND DISBELIEF AS I READ TWO WORDS: KYLIE MINOGUE

Street, now the heart of London’s trendy Borough Market. Back then it was more “Peaky Blinders.” In fact, his studio was on the site of London’s first prison, “The Clink,” which made late night lock-ups a little hairy, to say the least. I had become slightly complacent about who would be the next lucky celeb to sit for Mike, so as I wandered over London Bridge and down past Southwark Cathedral that warm sunny morning, I had absolutely no idea how my life was about to change that day. I climbed the steep concrete steps to the fifth floor, unlocked the many ­padlocks, bolts and chains that offered some ­protection against the riff-raff who would occasionally help themselves to Mike’s equipment. I walked through the calm, silent studio to the office. There, sitting on the desk like the Holy Bible, bathed in sun-

light from the floor-to-ceiling ­windows, was “The Diary.” Listed in this unassuming little blue book were most of the big names that the early nineties had to offer, and looking back at it now, I should have been far more excited to be moving in such illustrious circles. But like a true geek, I was far more interested in how Mike was going to shoot them, light them, what film he would choose, black and white or colour, cross-possessed or tungsten. It was much later that I realised the subject was always the most important i­ngredient, and the tool and techniques used to capture their image were only there to support the relationship that a great photographer must develop with his model. As I leafed through the weeks and months, the ­pages eventually fell open to today’s date. Everything went into slow motion, total silence, and disbelief as I read two words: Kylie Minogue. She was my Bridget Bardot, my Sophia ­Loren, my Elizabeth Taylor, and my Christy Turlington all wrapped up in one perfect tiny package. Let’s just say, I was a very big fan of Miss Minogue’s work. This was going to be a great day for this nineteenyear-old Essex boy. As the studio started to fill with all the people who come together to make a photographic shoot work, I went about my daily business, r­eadying all the equipment, loading dark slides, getting the coffee on, and making sure the music was just right. I must have looked like the Cheshire Cat, with a smile from ear to ear. When Kylie arrived, she was as lovely in person as I had imagined, and I had done quite a lot of imagining by that point. She was funny, kind and easy-going. How could this day get any better? Well, it did. Mike decided to shoot her in a swimming costume on the roof of the ­studio with London’s skyline as a backdrop. My job was to be in charge of the

hose that would spray a watery curtain Kylie would jump in and out of, while Mike snapped away. She was a great sport, and I’m sure there was more than a little fun poked at the spotty oik holding the hosepipe while one of the decade’s biggest and most beautiful stars skipped about in a bikini, but I didn’t care. I had died, and I was in heaven. I was bright pink when we returned to the shady shelter of the studio, and not just as a result of embarrassment. I had, as usual, cooked my skin in the harsh sunlight. Kylie ­disapproved of this greatly and told me that it was most important to use SPF every day if I wanted to look good when I got older. Now, I would have jumped off the roof if she had told me to, so wearing a little SPF every day seemed like a good compromise. I have done so ever since, and we have now included it in our own moisturiser, which we developed thirty years later. ­Scientific studies show that it was sound advice then, and it still is today. In fact, I think our ­Antipodean cousins were a little ahead of the curve on this one. Hopefully, you will take Kylie’s advice too, and in the long run, you will have more to thank her for than just gold hot pants. Although, that would be plenty in my book. SPRING/SUMMER 2018 LUXURY LIFE INTERNATIONAL 39



This winter, I’ve been traveling a lot. The cold and flu season really took its toll. I hate taking antibiotics, but sometimes it’s required. Many of my clients over the past year have been using IV vitamin infusions as needed to boost energy, power up the immune system, detoxify, reduce stress and increase joint strength and mobility. IV therapy spas are pretty widespread now in LA and NYC. Celebrities like Simon Cowell, Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton, to name a few, are enthusiastic about the benefits. In desperate need of recovery, hydration and energy this month, I h­ eaded to Nutridrip in the Flatiron District to ­investigate for myself. IV VITAMIN INFUSIONS BOOST ENERGY, POWER UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, DETOXIFY, REDUCE STRESS AND INCREASE JOINT STRENGTH AND MOBILITY

Nutridrip has fourteen different intravenous vitamin solutions to choose from, or you can build a Nutridrip program tailored to your needs. If you can’t make it to either location (East Village or ­Flatiron), they offer a concierge in-home service. After discussing my needs with the registered

nurse who administers the IV, I opted for ­Nutricleanse ($249) with an extra B ­complex booster ($29). Key nutrients in the mix include glutathione, selenium and vitamin C, plus methyl B12, B c­omplex 100, magnesium, calcium, taurine and ­hydration fluids. I personally hate ­needles, but thankfully, I have giant veins, which I am super happy about! I barely registered the IV needle, the IV pole or the bag of bright pink fluid. Once you are ­connected to your vitamin drip, you relax in a ­reclining heated chair for a­pproximately 30 to 60 minutes. I was there for the full hour. During the treatment, I could taste B vitamins in the back of my throat, but it wasn’t unpleasant and occasionally, I got a little cold despite the heated chair, but I’m usually cold, so you could say I was feeling normal! There is currently little scientific evidence to validate the usefulness of vitamin IVs, but immediately after my treatment, I felt amazing. I had so much energy that ­afternoon I did two workouts, which I can honestly say never happens...ever! My skin also looked better and felt smoother the next day, which I could potentially ­attribute to the previous day’s extra ­hydration (who knows?). Glutathione is known as the master antioxidant. On their website, ­Nutridrip says, “IV glutathione therapy has been the only method to show a d­ rastic increase in ­absorption rate and to boost levels back to


their optimal prime.” Some health experts say you get a great nutrient fix because the sluggish digestive system is bypassed with vitamins that go directly to the cells. Would I go again? Yes, if I was feeling really rundown or knew in advance that I had a really stressful week to prepare for. Until then, I’ll just keep working out, getting plenty of fresh air (maybe not that fresh in NYC), eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and enjoying my sleep! For more information, go to Drip Lounge Flatiron 22 East 21st street, Suite 6R. Appointment required.



Mr. Peter Cumbo, MD, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, graduated with honours at Cochin Teaching Hospital, went on to complete a plastic surgery fellowship in Paris, and is trained in microsurgery. His thesis on TRAM flap breast reconstruction was awarded a Silver Medal distinction.

A twenty-four hour rest is followed with a two-week recovery time for swelling to subside, after which most people are able to return to normal life. Results last up to ten years depending on lifestyle. Expect to pay from £10,500-£14,000. The Eye Tightener

Mr. Cumbo works at the prestigious ­Harley Street Skin Clinic, established in 2004 by co-founders Dr Aamer Khan and his wife Lesley Khan. The clinic offers a wide range of safe, effective and proven treatments, reaching the highest levels of patient care and delivering outstanding results. ­Exclusively for this magazine, Mr. Cumbo explains current trends in r­ ejuvenating procedures and offers expert advice.

Eye bags are common from the 30s ­onwards. Puffiness and loose skin can occur on both upper and lower eyelids. I would always recommend getting eye bags ­removed sooner rather than later; they can put 15 years on a face and will not ­disappear. A surgical blepharoplasty is the best way to tighten loose skin and remove excess fat, applicable to upper and/or ­lower lids.

When it comes to turning back the clock, the non-surgical route is preferable, but sometimes surgery is the best option. ­Going under the knife nowadays is nothing like it used to be; once upon a time, it was all about lifting, stretching and t­ ightening (remember the wind tunnel face!), ­whereas now, the results are so natural, the patient could have just returned from a good ­holiday. New surgical techniques also require minimal local anaesthetic and light sedation. Here, I will outline our three most requested procedures:

Although a minor operation, two weeks’ recovery time is needed for bruising to go down. Expect to pay from £4,000. The Mini Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Not all bodies are the same, which is why a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is not a onetype-fits-all procedure.

Don´t forget

The neck ages at a faster rate than the face because of a different skin structure, leading to a jowly jawline.

Existing loose skin will determine the way forward. A micro tuck, focusing on the lower tummy, can tighten the abdomen and is less traumatic than a full tuck. The incision is small and is best for women who have little excess skin or fat below the belly button. Again, the patient needs downtime following the procedure for at least two weeks.

By one’s early 40s, fine lines appear, ­texture deteriorates and loose skin under the chin begins to sag. The best procedure to address this is a lower face and neck lift. Incisions are made in the creases ­adjacent to the ears, and skin is separated from the underlying tissues and lifted into its new position. Underlying muscles are tightened and any excess tissue trimmed.

Remember, a micro tummy tuck is not a treatment for weight control or a substitute for regular exercise. Costs start at £7,500. A full tummy tuck with liposuction ­requires general anaesthetic and is a major procedure; the scar is from hip bone to hip bone, and the belly button is repositioned. Recovery takes much longer and the cost is higher, around £10,000-£12,000.

Lower Face and Neck Lift

Anyone considering a procedure needs to be armed with the following questions when they arrive for their consultation: 1. How should I prepare for this surgery? 2. What will happen during the procedure? 3. Please talk me through any risks and side effects. 4. When can I get back to normal life? 5. What is the aftercare plan? 6. Are my expectations realistic?

• Always find a surgeon with experience in the relevant procedure. Book consultations with several surgeons with the appropriate experience and insurance. • Never rush into surgery. Allow a minimum of a couple weeks after a ­ ­consultation to reflect on the options. • Avoid surgery after major life events, such as bereavement, the break-up of a relationship or giving birth. • Remember, even cosmetic surgery is still an operation needing ­recovery time. •Avoid all temptation to go for the ­cheapest option, as this can prove very expensive in the long run. Dr. Cumbo is available for consultation at the Harley Street Skin Clinic SPRING/SUMMER 2018 LUXURY LIFE INTERNATIONAL 41




You may have seen Louise Prieto modelling for fashion shoots and jogging around Monte Carlo on her morning run. But what makes this former Miss France runner-up such a likable, self-­ deprecating and cultured woman? What really are the ambitions of an ­international model after she has graced glossy magazines, acted in movie shorts in high-octane Bond-style speed boat scenes and car chases the world over for 10 years, and where can you go after those dizzying heights? Well, Louise takes it from here, and it is not what you expect… After spending over 10 years working full-time as a model, I am now what you can call “a girl next door.” From my experience as a model, I have come to realise how important taking care of my body actually is. I now have some food allergies and intolerances because of the abuse I put my body through to be accepted into the modeling word. But modeling was not all bad. Yes, you had to keep a specific clothes size, but I spent 10 years traveling the world, making new friends, discovering what it was like to travel in a private jet and holiday on beautiful yachts. My best modeling experiences ­include working with wild animals in Milan, shooting with falcons in ­Amsterdam and going crazy on-set with the tennis champion Djokovich

I am very excited to launch my new travel blog: lovinglifewithlou. com. With this blog, I especially want to show women that you can have a family life, stay in budget, work a 9 to 5 and still have time to cook healthy meals, work out and take care of your skin. You don’t need to be a yogi, a fitness trainer, a nutritionist or a ­stay-at-home wife or mother to be healthy. The key is balance. My “peche ­mignon” are French fries, and I cannot go a full week w ­ ithout treating myself to them. When I moved to Milan to start my full-time modeling adventure, I was told I needed to lose 5kgs in 1 month, and my booker at the time made a list of what I could eat instead of what I should not eat. I put my body through hell and back. Over time, and through the advice of my professional sportsmen boyfriend at the time, I realized that you do not have to cut foods out; you just need to have a healthy balance. That relationship taught me to take care of my body. The break-up taught me to take care of my soul and the traveling after taught me to trust my gut feeling. This is why traveling is so important to me, and there are so many different cultures and ways to eat that I crave to discover more and share with all my readers and followers.

When I casted for the movie Fuego with David Caradine, I ­never thought I would actually get the part, and boom, I got it! This opened WHEN I CASTED FOR THE MOVIE FUEGO WITH DAVID CARADINE, I NEVER THOUGHT I up doors and gave me an amazing boost in confidence. My partner at WOULD ACTUALLY GET THE PART, AND BOOM, I GOT IT! THIS OPENED UP DOORS AND GAVE the time was not too happy to learn that I was going to be trained in ME AN AMAZING BOOST IN CONFIDENCE the techniques of shooting guns and doing stunts. I ­persuaded him Coming back to live and settle in Monaco was an educated d­ ecision. by saying that at least I would be able to fake a fight while in Cape My family and closer friends were here, and while in South Africa, I Town in case we got attacked. I think I made him laugh, but looking realised I missed home. This town is the dream of so many people, back, I’m not sure! and I get to live and thrive here all year round. It is a very small town, but I love Monaco, and it is so close to Italy and the mountains. I love acting and being in front of the camera as much as being part of the production company, which is something I ended up doing I have always written, ever since I can remember. I think back to for a while in Cape Town for the set building of The Last Face. But when I was eight years old: I was given a beautiful notebook at being in front of the camera is what I love the most; I become alive. Christmas. I wish I could remember whom in my family it was from, So many people say, “You want to be in front of the ­camera for but I remember always having a journal and loving it. When I ­started fame,” but actually, I simply love it. I’m not that b­ othered about havfull-time modeling, I kept a funny notebook with the ­castings sheet ing to use secret names when checking into a hotel. Then again, who with comments by the side. I still have it and would love to be able would not want to have a laugh and check in as Snoopy or a Minion! to share it one day.


BLOG I love to write and I love to make people laugh and chuckle, but I also want to have a positive impact. I have learnt throughout my travelling years that the most important thing is to be yourself. You do not need to put a mask on just to please people. If they want to stay around, great. If they leave, then that is great too. You don’t have to waste your time pleasing a person whom you will never be able to truly please. Being true to yourself is the most important action for a healthy balanced life.

I am so excited to launch my new blog, as I will be working with Luxury Life International magazine further and feeding into their exciting brand partnership programme, helping businesses with a focus on travel and lifestyle to reach an even bigger audience. Even now, plans are in place to review many of the delights that the French and Italian Riviera have to offer. The aim of my new blog is to convey what it’s like to travel and to stay fit as I explore some of the world’s most beautiful destinations and take you along with me through my blog with regular Q&As. I will make it interactive as much as possible and let you into my life. After all, I am just the girl next door.



Red carpets, like haute couture, have ­always been synonymous with society’s elite. This is in part due to the historically difficult nature of their construction; until the invention of synthetic ­alternatives in the 19th century, the primary global source of red dye was the cochineal bug that lives on cacti native only to Mexico. The efforts MEN OFTEN WANT TO BE THE STAR OF THEIR OWN NIGHT, AND DRESS ACCORDINGLY. THIS MEANS FREEDOM TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES

and expense involved in creating a red carpet lent them exclusivity; they were an incredibly desirable display of wealth and power.

These illustrious beginnings, which shaped the idea of a red c­ arpet in its t­raditional sense, have faded. Now, they ­are likely to be found adorning film ­premieres, award nights and other ­celebrity events. Although they have lost none of their s­ ymbolic value, the exclusivity that gave them such repute throughout history no longer exists. These changes are linked to the ­different world we live in: a g­ lobalized society with altered definitions and perceptions of luxury. In this world, a new surface has emerged: the green c­arpet. Prestigious football pitches are gated and sheltered from the public; normal people cannot walk on or even view the green. With the monumental value now placed on players, these developments begin to make sense. Today’s players on the green carpet are tomorrow’s superstars on the red carpet. Everyone knows David Beckham, but today’s young footballers are far more ­involved in a life away from the pitch than he ever was. Take Hector Bellerin, Arsenal’s 22-year-old right back; he attended front row at LFW, and his name has been on many lips across the fashion world since. These leaders on the green carpet are ­familiar with another ­addition to the life of today’s celebrities: the media wall. In many ways, it represents the modern red carpet: you are nobody unless the ­photographers want to capture you in front of it. So, what should you wear to catch their eye? ­ Historically, men don’t break with ­traditional eveningwear dress when in a formal setting. They are merely an a­ ccessory, highlighting the beauty of the woman by their side. His outfit must complement hers, not outshine it. However, as I have


mentioned, these are different times we now live in. Men often want to be the star of their own night, and dress a­ ccordingly. This means freedom to e­xpress themselves, once again adding in the elements of exclusivity that have been lost from the very red carpet we may walk on. There are a few rules I like to follow when it comes to flawless ­formal wear: always keep your outfit classic, showing ­individuality by wearing something independent and ­promoting local or up-and-coming designers. In a time when the red carpet no longer carries the same weight, it is up to those who walk it to convey its importance. With that in mind, feel free to make a ­statement, such as dressing all in black to show ­solidarity with the #METOO Campaign. Wear something you find ­comfortable, or it will show. For balmy Cannes, lightweight fabrics are best. Try, for ­ ­example, a ­double-breasted cream-­colored linen evening jacket, paired with satin striped black trousers, or a black, raw silk ­single-button evening suit with a shawl collar. Italian cloth makers Caccioppoli are masters of Intarsia, the art of creating ­ tone-on-tone designs (a favourite style of mine). ­Combine their paisleys with a white evening shirt, and don’t forget a contrasting pocket square and black tie to finish off the look. I personally prefer a pair of handmade leather derbies as footwear, but you can mix it up here. Today’s celebrities have a penchant for trainers and handmade ­patent slippers with a statement monogram, but the most important thing is to feel ­confident and comfortable in your armour for the night.




“He bought her a ring, not, as she expected from a tray in Cartier’s, but in a back room in Hatton Garden from a man who brought stones out of a bag in a little safe... then another man in another back room made designs for the setting with a stub of a pencil on a sheet of notepaper, and the result excited the admiration of all her friends.” Evelyn Waugh

earth’s mantle. The growth occurs over ­periods from 1 billion to 3.3 billion years (25% to 75% the age of the earth), and in some twist of fate at some point, they are brought to the surface. So, how do we choose from these ancient pieces of carbon? The Four Cs

Fashion and style are the two keywords for the profession I have been working in for so many years; however, within this industry, there are more key ingredients once you hit the luxury end: quality, craftsmanship, authenticity, artisan, creativity, beauty and preference. THE “MAKE” OR “LIFE” WILL INDICATE A DIAMOND’S ABILITY TO ­SPARKLE. WHEN A DIAMOND HAS A GREAT MAKE OR LIFE, NO OTHER STONE ON THE PLANET WILL SPARKLE AS MUCH

This has brought me to Hatton Garden, home of the diamond trade. I had the pleasure of meeting with Laurence Graff a few times some years ago, and now here I was outside the diamond vaults. Here I met Howard Levine, member of the relevant trade societies, a man with all the knowledge to teach me and guide me in my decision-making process. Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 118 mi) in the


The four characteristics, known informally as the four Cs, are now commonly used as the basic descriptors of diamonds: carat (its weight), cut (quality of the cut is graded according to proportions, symmetry and polish), color (how close to white or colorless; for fancy diamonds, how intense is its hue), and clarity (how free it is from inclusion). Howard is GIA (Gemological Institute of America) qualified and an alumni ­associate. This means he is trained to grade diamonds and have an understanding of all the aspects of a diamond that go beyond the ­certificate. He is now working from the London ­Diamond Bourse. Any bourse is a form of stock exchange, and the Diamond Bourse is no exception. It is ­ssociated to the worldwide Diamond Bourse ­organisation, which forms the world’s hubs

of the diamond trade. There are affiliated bourses in Mumbai, New York, Tel Aviv and ­Antwerp. Just about all the world’s diamonds go through at least one bourse at some point in its life. Like all important trade organisations, membership is limited and all members are vetted by committee. Unusually, Howard is also an expert on pearls. He spent nearly 14 years as the sales manager for Euro Pearls, who are known in the trade for their brand Yoko London, selling pearls to such prestigious names as Tiffany and Graff. The “make” or “life” will indicate a diamond’s ability to sparkle. When a ­ ­diamond has a great make or life, no other stone on the planet will sparkle as much. This ­ sparkle or scintillation is surely what makes a diamond so precious and ­treasured. Let us not forget that a piece of glass can be D in colour and flawless in clarity. The reason the make is not listed on the certificate is because this is an attribute that cannot always be defined by mathematics. It is often the reason in the trade they say that “one diamond sings to us over another”. It’s that somewhat imperceptible attribute that makes your heart miss a beat when you see something spectacular.



This spring and summer seasons will witness the amalgamation of the­­iconic Armani Collezioni label and Armani Jeans becoming the new Emporio Armani ­collection.   Here at TURNERS, we think this is a stroke of genius from the company that has been at the forefront of designer f­ashion for many years. We are proud to still be the only stockist in our h­ometown of ­Colchester in the UK for nearly 25 years. This new Emporio Armani ­ collection includes e­xciting suits and jackets that remain soft in construction and are synonymous with the brand’s history. ­ ­Layering is important both formally and casually, and this is easy to achieve from the extensive selection we have to offer. There is an emphasis on texture and colour, with pastel shades in linen, cottons of pale blue, lemon and mint, and strong contrasting vibrant tones in polos.  Whether you are looking for something for business, a ­wedding, a day at the races, or casual wear for your holiday, our enthusiastic team are waiting to help you.  OUR CUSTOMERS AND STAFF WILL ENJOY THIS NEW LOOK AT A TIME WHEN CHANGE MUST BE SEEN AS A GOOD THING

This amalgamation started as an idea that initiated from Giorgio Armani himself in collaboration with selected stockists, like ourselves. Emporio Armani’s new ­collection is the company’s main focus. Our customers and staff will enjoy this new look at a time when change must be seen as a good thing.   We are restructuring ourselves within the store with a new look that will be ready this spring /summer to highlight the new brands, some of which are already and doing well, such as Tramarossa (the only

jeans in the world to have your initials on), Jacob Cohen, shoes by Oliver Sweeney and Crockett and Jones. Later in the year, Filippo De Laurentiis fine gauge knitwear from Italy will be available.   Another label to become familiar with is Eton Shirts, which is a family-owned ­company that started back in the 1920s. Their pieces are designed with the h­ ighest quality fabrics in pure cotton that have been specially developed so the shirt ­responds to your body heat resulting in a wrinkle-free finish. This is an amazing shirt that will leave you looking immaculate all day. If you fancy choosing your own collar shape, buttons, trim and thread colour, it’s time you asked our staff about this special Eton service.   There remains too may accolades to list about Giorgio Armani, but his vision and need for change is exemplary. There ­probably isn’t a garment in your ward-

robe that hasn’t been influenced by his style, ­including the shape of a T-shirt or the r­emoval of the stiffness in tailoring. These are exciting times for the future of ­Armani’s continued presence within our store. We look forward to seeing you in the ­future for our March 2018 launch. SPRING/SUMMER 2018 LUXURY LIFE INTERNATIONAL 47



THE COBRA EFFECT Lajabu Seven is a call of confident souls to walk in power and strength like Royalty on soles. Like the cobra found in Asia and Africa where kings and queens are an accustomed honour. BY VICKY NGARI-WILSON. IMAGE BY LEJABU SEVEN SITE: WWW.LAJABUSEVEN.COM


The cobra’s perceptibly bold inflation was ­often used to ­repel access to a sacred abode. In u­ rgency, cobra’s gather like a symphony, and the finest rise seductively from conditioning. Here, they rise from classic footwear, charmed by a ­beautiful time in popular culture as the world celebrates Africa’s ­creativity. Creators of Lajabu7, young Leon and Lars who represent the L, were inspired by Africa’s beauty and charm. It is a wealthy land of d­ iverse heritage that ignites a mighty force from ­within, giving ­anyone who visits “­ universal a­ stonishment,” or ajabu, translated from Kiswahili. They magnify this force of strength and royalty in footwear and a­ ccessories, ­reminding us to operate with that power every day. The 7 represents the number of ­completion and luck. Walking in Lajabu7s, your spirit takes on the accents of gods and ­goddesses, ­uncompromising individuals who only settled for the best. One must become accustomed to the same posture: a peaceful, graceful a­ rchetype yet strong, serious and well respected, just like to the cobra. You aren’t chosen. You choose. Several celebrities, such as NBA Atlanta Hawks Point-Guard Dennis Schröder, chose the 5” Black Lava version from ­Edition 1. Only 100 are made in each of the four colours. The end result is a ­classic sneaker, hand-crafted in Italy with the finest ­nappa leather, soft calf skin lining in biscotto, and ­rubber outsoles with an engraved cobra logo. Gold ­accents in the leather gold piping, calf leather laces with gold tips, and the golden spikes crown the vamp at the front of the sneaker, providing a stage for the signature-­lustrous 18k gold-­plated cobra as described by Huffington Post. If that isn’t regal enough, the Diamond Edition boasts brilliant cut diamonds with a bezel set, exuding perfection so detailed, it satisfies the connoisseur’s eye. Only 17 are made in each of the four colours. CRAFTED WITH UNAPOLOGETIC OPULENCE, THIS INNOVATIVE BRAND IS UNITING PURE LUXURY, SCARCITY AND EXTRAORDINARY ART FOR THE GLITTERATI OF THE WORLD

Crafted with unapologetic opulence, this i­nnovative brand is uniting pure ­luxury, ­scarcity and extraordinary art for the ­glitterati of the world. Being a member of this ­establishment requires more than just being intellectually or culturally elite; royal bloodlines have a ­responsibility. In D ­ ecember, Lajabu7 ­committed to donating to from every pair

Edition 1 retail: 980 Euros; Edition Diamond ­retails: 2,160 Euros. Image by Lajabu Seven

sold and is working on a social strategy to ­improve the lives of African ­children. Intentionally unisex with four colours—White Cloud, Blue Sky, Red Lava, Black Lava—­Lajabu7 signifies the equal reign of w ­ omen and men, which was standard according to the ­oldest ­human ­history in the world and is remerging in today’s world. This German-based brand, rooted in South Africa, ­illustrates a global c­ onnection of excellence and a modernised ­translation of ­wearing ­ornamental crowns ­using the ­artistry of ­Italian ­craftsmanship. You will know when you pass a Lajabu7. ­Recognise each other’s imperial inheritance and tread carefully, Your Majesties. Many of us look forward to the future and adornment of ­Lajabu7’s line of fashion, footwear and accessories. Will you be part of Royalty on Soles?





The 21st-century success story behind Côte d’Azur-based luxury flower business, The ­Roses Empire, is as beautiful as the lady who founded the business in Spring 2017: Ms. Loreta C ­ azacu. BY NATALIA LANGSDALE. PHOTOGRAPHY BY PAUL OATWAY SITE: WWW.THEROSESEMPIRE.COM CONTACT: CONTACT@THEROSESEMPIRE.COM

With a passion for luxury and for the world of blooms and n­ ature, Loreta left her native R ­ omania to start a new adventure in France. Throughout her ­professional career, she has gained a truly ­international outlook on life and business. As a natural go-getter, Loreta wished to p­ ursue her inner ­passion of ­creating an exquisite ­offering to a discerning clientele, all the way from South of France, stretching out Europe-wide and ­particularly targeting the superyacht industry and corporations. What began as an idea, quickly grew into a ­romantic love ­story ­between a philosophy and a lifestyle that time and time again brings happiness to those who appreciate the gift of precious blooms that will never wilt. The outcome of months of research resulted in the idea of ­offering preserved natural flowers in the form of opulent eternity rose a­ rrangements. “Eternal roses are natural roses, harvested at their ideal shape in terms of beauty, then treated with a special 100% natural w ­ ax-based solution that will preserve their beauty for years. They are then dyed in a variety of colours,” says Loreta. “The flowers


come from Ecuador/Latin America, which I then ­personally place in beautiful boxes. The result is a classy, luxurious and ­maintenance-free flower arrangement.” The handmade arrangements come in a variety of 10 different colours that include white, ­champagne, red, deep purple, and shades of pink, yellow and orange. The flowers are made up of bouquets of 16 or 2­ 6-32, and they are ideal as either a central piece, as decoration, as a gift to employees, or for superyacht guests. A single-box rose also exists for wedding favours, and they look e­ xactly like a regular rose bouquet. Arrangements can be c­ ustomised to the client’s desires, regardless of the needs and ­requirements. Choose your individual bouquets to match your own taste and i­nterior. ­ Integrating beautiful ­settings is part of the passion Loreta has nurtured throughout the years.

Loreta explains, “The flowers I supply are the ­perfect alternative to ­natural flowers with the concept of having a memory that is forever lasting. The ­flowers do not need any maintenance or watering and are long-lasting without compromising their beauty; they will not fade away.” For upkeep, the flowers only require occasional ­ ­ dusting and need to be kept away from strong ­ sunlight. They are ­ versatile, ­environmentally-friendly and extremely ­cost- efficient as you only i­ nvest once and you can enjoy them ­indefinitely as a memorable ­keepsake for loved ones or for one’s own enjoyment for years to come.

Loreta plans to incorporate other types of ­flowers, such as orchids, along with ­different box m ­ aterials in leather or velvet. The ­flowers represents timeless­elegance, sumptuous charm and luxury in the purest form. Based on the French Riviera, The Roses Empire offers a dedicated ­international delivery service, with plans to expand worldwide.



As Spring approaches our thoughts turn to lighter evenings and warmer weather. It is also a great time to start planning any property revamps you may have been ­considering over the winter. Let’s start with the lighting. Choosing the right decorative lighting is a great way of adding vim and personality to your space. Adding pops of colour and ­texture can r­ eally bring a scheme alive. At The ­Lighting Edition we are constantly ­being asked to recommend our favourite ­decorative fittings so for those of you out there needing some inspiration - here it is! WE SOURCE OUR ­DECORATIVE LIGHTING FROM A HANDFUL OF CAREFULLY CURATED ARTISANS



Our top ten favourite decorative light ­fittings all available to order through: France London +44(0)20 7152 4018







OuiCannes Design

Perfect Phibrows Well shaped brows have the power to change the overall appearance of your face, leading to balance and symmetry. Pibrows is a manual, semi-permanent technique of hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing in which the shape of the eyebrows is determined according to the facial morphology and golden ratio proportions (PHi - 1,618). Laura C is a Phibrows Microblading Master of PhiAcademy, the most prestigious Academy worldwide. Offering treatments for regular clients, celebrities as well as worldwide trainings.



Laura Ciordas - UK Master of PhiAcademy / 07411199559 85 Bourne Street, Belgravia, SW1W 8HF. London, UK




Entertaining in the home is important for extremely successful people. The communal“breaking of bread” helps ­ to bridge the gap between business and ­ personal relationships. Guests can feel ­ relaxed without the pressure of an ­ impatient restaurant host r­ushing their meal to free the table for the next reservation. Diners can speak f­ ­ reely without fear of being v­ ­ erheard by ­surrounding tables and finding their ­stories on Page Six the following day. WE CAN NEVER FORGET THE REASON FOR ENTERTAINING: TO OPEN OUR HEARTS AND HOMES TO CREATE A FEELING OF WARMTH AND INCLUSION

The difficulty with entertaining these days is that everyone seemingly has some type of food allergy. Blame the GMOs, blame the corporate farming, blame whatever you like. The truth ofb the matter is that food allergies are here to stay. Therefore, it is my job to design a menu that saves my clients the embarrassment of not having food to offer their food-challenged guests. Since the majority of my clients prefer to entertain buffet style, I prepare simple food in an elaborate spread, keeping nuts, shellfish and gluten on separate platters. Guests are able to choose what goes on their plates, making it possible for adults, children, vegetarians, pescatarians and full-fledged carnivores to dine at the same table without leaving hungry. A great host will never allow a guest to feel excluded due to a dietary restriction. As a private chef, I must create and execute menus that will reflect the thoughtfulness of the


Rina Menardi and Three Seven platters available at Jung Lee.

host. We can never forget the reason for ­entertaining: to open our hearts and homes to create a feeling of warmth and inclusion. The frigid temperatures are behind us making it high season for brunch entertaining. I always look forward to ­showcasing spring ingredients like ramps, ­asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries bafter months of ­braising root vegetables during the cold NYC winter. I invite you to w ­ elcomeb spring (and your guests) with my rhubarb-mint cocktail. The rhubarb-mint syrup is ­ ­delicious bwith Champagne for a ­seasonal take on the classic Bellini. You can also substitute the vodka with gin, or try it with bourbon for a spin on the mint julep for your Kentucky Derby party.

RHUBARB-MINT COCKTAIL 1 oz rhubarb-mint syrup 1 1/2 oz vodka 1/4 tsp fresh lemon juice 2 oz sparkling water Fresh mint sprig

Combine the vodka, rhubarb syrup and lemon juice with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well, pour into a glass with ice, ­finish with the sparkling ­water and mint sprig. Enjoy responsibly! RHUBARB-MINT SYRUP 4 cups rhubarb, sliced 1 cup organic sugar 1 cup water 1 vanilla bean, split and scraped 6 sprigs of fresh mint

Combine all ingredients but the mint in a heavy bottomed saucepan. Bring to a simmer and cook the rhubarb until it is very soft. Remove from the heat, stir in the mint sprigs and allow to i­nfuse for 30 minutes. Remove the mint sprigs, puree and strain the ­mixture into a clean container. It is now ready to use for cocktails. It also makes for a great accompaniment for cheese or spread on toast!



LUXURY LIFE INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS WITH CLUB VIVANOVA HOSTING A SELECTION OF RARE & UNIQUE GOURMET EXPERIENCES Join Continental Europe’s leading business networking and premium gourmet wine club. Celebrating 15 years of success, servicing a wide-selection of international partners and based in the Principality of Monaco, Club Vivanova brings together a stimulating group of dynamic professionals and international entrepreneurs to unique locations for enjoyment in the finer essences of life whilst building new business opportunities. Club Vivanova hosts over sixty international gourmet wine and networking events each year across the French Riviera, in Monaco and across Continental Europe at leading ­restaurants, hotels and luxury clubs targeting a niche group of international professionals and business leaders. We build relationships between gastronomy, local businesses and a global group of business leaders, entrepreneurs and gourmet enthusiasts. “One of the best nights of my life “ Robbie Regan . Ex-WBO World Bantamweight Boxing Champion “I like Bradley, I like wine and I like good company. Put those ingredients together and you’ve got Club Vivanova” Barbara Brudenell-Bruce . Vida8 Events . London / Monaco “Club Vivanova has been responsible for my two best nights out this year” Sara Palmer Husse . Creator and Founder of Lumity Life, London

Photo: Pexels













LUXURY EVENTS 2018 ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA Tuesday 1st May 2018 MAY DAY LUNCH & RUSSIAN EASTER Château de La Chèvre d’Or, Èze Thursday 17th May 2018 SAUVIGNON BLANC SEDUCTION PARTY TWIGA Monte Carlo Saturday 7th July 2018 SUMMER GALA PARTY Grand Hyatt Martinez Cannes Thursday 26th July 2018 ROSÉ WINE TERRACE WINE PARTY Château de La Chèvre d’Or, Èze Thursday 13th September 2018 END OF SUMMER PARTY Amber Summer Monaco Wednesday 31st October 2018 HALLOWEEN MAQUERADE BALL Château de La Chèvre d’Or, Èze Living Rare & Unique Gourmet Experiences



2018 G7 SUMMIT



For two days in June, the picturesque Charlevoix region in Quebec, Canada will host world leaders from seven ­countries for the Group of Seven, or G7 as it is known. Charlevoix is a part of Canada that is as rich in history as it is beautiful. Open, ­expansive, and welcoming, it is the ideal setting in which to present the G7 Summit in 2018. One of Canada’s greatest gifts is the spectacle of its natural settings. OVER THE PAST 42 YEARS THE G7 HAS BEEN PRODUCTIVE AND EFFECTIVE, HAVING STRENGTHENED INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC AND SECURITY POLICY


The region still vibrates with a plethora of art galleries and studios reflecting the rise of folk art. The region is also a source of inspiration to writers, composers and performers, instantly charmed by the ­ ­river’s air. Famous for its terroir products, ­Charlevoix is a must for gourmets and foodies. ­Local producers, artisans and chefs work ­together to highlight the region’s wealth. Throughout the Flavour Trail, visitors will taste the authenticity of these products, true signature to the finest regional tables.

United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and I­ taly - seven of the world’s advanced e­ conomies. The European Union is ­represented at this summit by the European Council and the European Commission. Over the past 42 years the G7 has been productive and effective, having strengthened international economic and security policy, mainstreamed climate change and gender equality, brought donors together and supported disarmament programs.

The G7 is one of the world’s pre-eminent forums for the heads of government of the world’s leading like-minded economic powers to discuss, and build consensus on some of the most pressing global issues.

Canada’s G7 Presidency extends from ­January 1 to December 31, 2018 and will use that opportunity to conduct the forum in a way that leverages Canada’s strengths, reflects the warmth and energy of the c­ountry and its people, and strengthens ­Canada’s reputation as a global leader.

The two-day meeting, to be held on June 8 and June 9, at the Fairmont Manoir Richelieu in La Malbaie, Quebec, will ­ hold talks with world leaders from C ­ anada, France, the United States of America, the

G7 Leaders appoint personal representatives, known as Sherpas, to assist in ­negotiations and preparation for the Leaders’ Summit. The Sherpas, u­sually high-ranking government officials,

RICHELIEU c­ommunicate directly with each other throughout the year. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is represented by Peter Boehm, a career foreign service ­officer and diplomat. The G7 agenda in 2018 will be framed by the following five key themes:

• Investing in Growth that Works for Everyone • Preparing for Jobs of the Future • Advancing Gender Equality and ­Women’s Empowerment • Working Together on Climate Change, Oceans and Clean Energy • Building a More Peaceful and Secure World.

FAIRMONT LE MANOIR RICHELIEU The Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu offers unique ­g astronomy, spectacular views and an abundance of activities in the ­p icturesque region of Charlevoix. Located only an hour and fifteen minutes from Quebec City, nestled between ­m ountains, forest and the scenic village of La Malbaie. Offering 405 rooms and 4 restaurants this is an ideal retreat whether you are in need of a peaceful getaway or an active expedition. Winter activities at Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu include: snowmobile, dog sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, as well as skiing in one of the nearby ski resorts, Le Massif or Mont Grand-Fonds. During the summer season, countless options are also available to you: whale watching, 27-holes world class golf course, mini golf, tennis, outdoor pools and hiking to name but a few. The possibilities are ­e ndless at Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, and their concierge will be delighted to assist you with any request you may have concerning the area activities, such as the Astronomical Observatory of Charlevoix, the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-­R ivière-Malbaie national park, the Flavor Trail and The Baie-Saint-Paul village.

In addition to the Charlevoix G7 Leaders’ Summit, Canada is hosting ministerial and other G7-related meetings across the country over the course of Canada’s entire Presidency year. These meetings develop best practices on a range of issues from counter-terrorism to inclusive economic growth, to innovation and employment. The role of chairing the G7 rotates each calendar year among the member ­countries in the following order: Canada, France, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Italy.In 2018, Canada will host a G7 Leaders’ Summit that will effectively “let the outside in”. Charlevoix, through its very nature, will energize the leaders’ discussions by immersing them in the ideal toward which the G7 is striving: a clean, safe, peaceful, diverse, inclusive and prosperous world.





A SUPERCAR TOUR OF A LIFETIME BY EXCLUSIVEGP WITH CELEBRITY LEAD DRIVER NELSON PIQUET JR. Combining a mixture of five-star hotels, exquisite dining and a beautiful scenic route which culminates with a weekend of ­first-class hospitality at the Monaco Grand Prix, our Luxury Supercar Tour is the ­experience of a lifetime. Beginning in Vitznau, Switzerland just off of Lake Lucerne, guests will have the ability to choose from a fleet of 25 of Europe’s finest supercars. Taking in some of Europe’s best roads and landscape, our tour will stop off at spectacular hotels and luncheon venues throughout. The tour will culminate in a weekend at the year’s most glamorous and highly-anticipated race of the F1® season, the Monaco Grand Prix, where you will have a choice of three exceptional VIP hospitality venues in ­ prime locations. On arrival at the Park Hotel, a s­ tunning gala dinner awaits in the renowned M ­ ichelin Star restaurant Prisma. In this perfect ­s­etting, Lake Lucerne will be the backdrop whilst you sip champagne and mingle with the other guests and ­celebrities on the tour.

DAY 1: Victoria Yungfrau Interlarken - Lunch Day One. One of Switzerland’s o ­ ldest

and grandest luxury hotels with more than 150 years of history. Great p­ icturesque scenery drive from lunch to Lake Geneva.

5* La’ Reserve Geneva

• Hotel African Game Reserve themed hotel • One of two Michelin* Chinese restaurants in Europe “dinner” • Private access to Lake Geneva • This was the secret hotel that Mercedes Benz used for secret viewing of the new Project 1 “F1 engined” road HyperCar at the Geneva Motorshow last year. DAY 2: Maison Pic: - Lunch 3 Michelin Star Restaurant by chef Anne-Sophie­­­­­Pic -

very ­famous amongst restaurant critics. Drive after lunch includes a special road, from one of our previous tours which test’s the skills of the most experienced ­drivers.

5* La Coquillade - Hotel

• Provencal style hotel surrounded by vineyards in the most stunning setting • The largest Spa in the Provence 1500m sq most of it situated underground • 7-course tasting menu for dinner by their head chef DAY 3: Before lunch, we will drive the top half of the Gorge de Verdon favoured as

one of Europe’s best driving roads and part of the famous route Napoleon. • Lunch in the beautiful setting of Chateau De Taulane a picturesque golf resort hotel, surrounded by beautiful mountains of the Verdon • New Italian Restaurant for 2018 • After Lunch, we will be driving the famous Red Rock Road, a truly breathtaking road carved into the dark red rock of the Gorge du Cians. It is also classed as one of the few balcony roads in France!​​

Once we arrive in Monaco, our VIP Superyacht party awaits you in the ­ ­Monaco harbour where you can soak up the ­atmosphere of the Grand Prix weekend, canapés will be served throughout the evening, along with an open bar serving premium champagne and live ­ entertainment. On ­ ­ Saturday & Sunday, you can “mix and match” between a choice of F1® ­ Experiences luxury hospitality

i­ ncluding a ­Trackside Superyacht, La Marée ­ Restaurant, ­ Ermanno Penthouse or F1 ­Paddock Club™. Throughout the ­weekend, F1® drivers old and new will be joining us for a Q&A where there will be ­ photo and autograph opportunities. Sunday evening you are invited to Amber Lounge - the ­official F1 after party, where you will have a VIP table in the heart of the action s­urrounded by F1 drivers and ­c­elebrities. Whether you are looking to hire a Supercar through us or bring your own car we look forward to hearing from you.





Blake and Michelle Vail, Florida Governor Rick Scott, ­Pamela H ­ arper, Steve Craig at the New Majority. New Majority is the largest Republican PAC in California and is ­focused on promoting  a fiscally responsible philosophy in government and an inclusive mainstream approach ­towards politics. For more ­ information on how to get ­ involved ­visit Photo by John Saade.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, HRH Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and Cheri Kaufman during the Lifeline NY Annual ­Benefit Luncheon 2017 at Le Cirque on October 25, 2017 in New York City. Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images.

Lady Colin Campbell, Thierry Macquet and H H Princess Olga R ­ omanoff at Aquavit London for Battle UK Chances for Children c­ ocktails, and charity auction dinner.

Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Christina Oxenberg, Ivana Trump, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, Dr. Ruth ­Westheimer, Dr. Douglas Jackson and Kick Kennedy ­during the ­Lifeline NY Annual Benefit Luncheon 2017 at Le Cirque on October 25, 2017 in New York City. Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin/Patrick ­McMullan via Getty Images.


Nigel Farage and Pamela Harper at the New Majority. Photo by John Saade.

Luxury Lifestyle Gala at Fairmont Monte Carlo by Club Vivanova. Karen Slater, Cris Egger, John Harrison, Martika Caringella, James Phillips, Pamela Harper, Debbie Clegg, Louise Prieto.




Billy Graham, the influential evangelist who died recently at the grand age of 99, used his infectious charisma to spread the word of Christianity to millions of people worldwide. He also provided spiritual counsel to every US President since Harry Truman, and he made him friends among the world’s rich and powerful, including Her Majesty the Queen. Graham, the son of a North Carolina ­farmer, began his worldwide mission in London in the 1950s, and it was here that he met Queen Elizabeth II. They d­ eveloped a friendship, visiting one a­nother ­multiple times over the following decades. On Easter Sunday 1995, ­ ­ Graham gave the ­sermon in the royal family’s private chapel. “No one in Britain has been more c­ ordial toward us than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,” Graham wrote in his ­ 1997 ­ autobiography, Just As I Am. As he ­recalled on her 90th birthday in 2016, she could not officially endorse his work but was ­personally supportive.

In The Crown, the Queen draws spiritual comfort from her meeting with Graham, and true to British tradition, she offers him tea.

how much I rely on my faith to guide me through the good times and the bad,” she said in 2002.

“You do speak with such wonderful clarity and certainty,” she tells him, later adding, “Above all things, I do think of myself as just a simple Christian.”

The Queen, who had always been religious, was close to the Rev. Billy Graham in his prime, inviting him to preach at Windsor whenever he was in Britain, and meeting with him when she visited the America. He helped her with a Christmas broadcast in the 1990s.

In the episode, the Queen seeks a­dvice from Graham on what to do when ­forgiveness proves difficult, referring to the Duke of Windsor’s wartime association with the Nazi regime. Graham advises her to pray for those she “cannot forgive.” This was the beginning of the real-life friendship ­between monarch and preacher, which went on to cover decades. The Queen, as head of the Church of England, has previously spoken about the importance of her faith: “I know just

“Her Christian faith is fundamental to her,” he added, “in an old-time evangelical way.” John 3:16 King James Version (KJV) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever ­believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


The first meeting between the pair happened in front of a great religious ­ congregation of 120,000 people, a ­ ­number never seen until then in the B ­ ritish Isles. The most influential preacher of the 20th century, Graham preached to an ­estimated 210 million people during his 60-year career. That royal meeting was most ­recently dramatised in a Season 2 episode of  Netflix’s  The Crown. In the episode, the Queen, played by Claire Foy, watches television footage of Graham, ­portrayed by Paul Sparks, preaching to large crowds. Fascinated, she asks for a private meeting with him quipping that he’s “rather handsome.”


Billy Graham stands with Queen Elizabeth II in 1989. The Queen invited Graham to preach to the royal family at Windsor and Sandringham on multiple occasions.

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