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Liana Yedidiya Shira Kela 3\5\11

IntroductionCity guidesThis trend started in written books, magazines and other forms, to give information for tourists or even to the locals about certain cities. Information about the monuments, interesting sites, museums, historical sites, restaurants, coffee places, shops and so on… It was more about the things that never change or change only once in few years, but then when the writers and publishers understood the power of these kinds of guides they developed it even more. Which means that these guides didn’t only include the expected and “normal” information about the specific city, but also the “hip” things, the more relevant and actual things that are happening in a certain time frame such as; street performances, festivals, concerts, conventions and random things that are happening in the mysterious places of the city. It gives the guides like an “under-ground” feeling that gives it an added value. City guides gives you the confident you are not missing anything while traveling and “guides” you to things you are more interested in and fits your personality and interests, instead of just being satisfied from the “must see” sight seeing that is such a cliché these days. People are looking for individuality, not only in fashion and art but also in every other life aspect. They want to know who they are and to show it to the society, to hang out in clubs and places that enrich them culturally the way they like it. Off course, that time goes by and technology changes and developed in all other aspects and fields, hence the magazines had to go through a transformation as well into web pages. Making it even easier to explore the city and the different things and experiences it offers. You don’t have to go through the contents and flip through the pages, it is online research system, and this behavior can be defined as laziness or lack of interest. But in our world and reality this is the way to get people attention and popularity of a product. Consumers behavior has changed in the last decade, everything needs to be fast, attainable, clear and easy to use. Our world requires conformability and things that are easy to use like our smart phones that include everything in them- this is the classic example. We don’t have to take our camera, music player and phone, they are all combined together, and on top of everything they have Wi-Fi and Internet access, that developed into applications that are installed on our smart phones. This is the reason that the city guides has to develop into this application world. To stay in vogue.

2.0 apps goals and objectives-

The site “readers”\ “followers” from what we can tell are mainly young people between the ages 17-45. It is an assumption. According to that “market” of followers we need to aim our 2.0 applications on the b-guided site. Our goal is to let the followers to show their opinion about everything that is offer in the site, meaning that the objective is that without them the site won’t exist. Almost like facebook and twitter. Their say has a lot of influence and impact on the sites content and information. We would like to be a part of the social networks, such as: •

Facebook- people will be able to mark sites, restaurants, bars and such as “like”. To help recommend to other readers the things that they enjoyed from the site suggestions, as well a facebook page for the site as a marketing strategy for the young worldwide facebook users. Twitter- link at the site for “twitting” news about promotions, cool new things to do at the moment that are being updated constantly. So people can comment and write their own opinion on the suggestion.

Additional changes: • •

News feed stream- like the news sites has about new things that are happening at the moment, we would like to update an on-line stream for the users that don’t have facebook\twitter account or ust find it more comfortable. Comment box- the followers should feel that they have a say and that they can participate in this city guide. For that reason we would like to add a comment box next to every suggestion and a general comment box on the front page that people can write their opinion about the site and its Content. Map- The idea is that each day people can mark their top 5 favorite places and things that they did and the day after the site decides which is the best route that was suggested and with a collaboration with a venue in the specific city the winner will get a prize, for example- a dinner for two in a “hip” restaurant. We think that as a start, for our goal change to be a successful and attractive 2.0 site these changes and new platforms will attract new people and their attention. So we get more followers and more information about how our site is going and if it contributes and function as we want it to. From this point the site can only go higher and get more progressed. It won’t be left behind anymore. Our main goal is that this site will become like a blog about the cities that it talks about and people will use it as their platform instead their personal accounts in the blogging field.

CRM Costumer relationship management is a strategy for companies to keep in touch and hold information about the costumers themselves and their needs in the most actual and relevant way. The information will be used for marketing, costumer services, technical support and so on..

Infect these days’ brands and companies are eager to get even more transparent then they are now, it makes them more believable! Costumers, the consumers and we are becoming day after day smarter, as well as that today the best form of advertising is the costumer itself. This is the reason that it is so important to have a good relationship between the two factors. The main goal is to attract and maintain the costumers that are already in use of the site and its applications, as well as to bring back the costumers that are not using it anymore and make it more attractive for them. Off course it can also help a lot on the financial side, with saving money on marketing, for example: instead of paying money on a billboard add, you can publish something for free on the application. An example that we would like to point out is “foursquare”. We are both users. Since the minute we downloaded this application and signed up the management of this app has our details and can see our actions. The venues that we check in at, the amount of times, the areas that are more popular etc… According to this information the app can change and transform to something even more useful like give promotions in a bar that you are the “mayor”. Free shots if you checked-in 25 times, these kind of promotions and surprises within the application will make you want to use it more and be interacted with it. Our CRM system is based on the application we are doing for the smart phones. The site is offering cool venues and events for the tourists or just the citizens of the city. So we would like to know as an example was given about the “four square” application, on the hot spots that are most visited, the kind of people that are visiting in each place and in general the kind of people that are generally using our site. Then we can promote it and it’s opportunities that it’s giving to its users. The main goal of this is really to have a good relationship of “give and receive” between the site and its followers and users. To know as much as we can about the registered users and their needs and interests, and for them to feel like they are giving us something back. It’s almost like a symbiotic relationship, equality and most important that it goes with them and us everywhere so it stays updated all of the time- like our world is running today.

The applicationThe application that we thought that will fit perfectly the site needs and purpose will be a map of the city you are at the moment, whatever the follower wants to know about. To have in addition to the “normal” and basic information that the site holds in, a daily map of 8-10 recommended venues for the day that the person that

will follow it will not only be satisfied because of the recommendations themselves but will tick himself in each of the venues and will get points in the application. From these points we hope to have a collaboration with one of the bars\ coffee places or restaurants in each city and give a free drink or dinner for example. The map will include daily a restaurant, coffee place, a concert, exhibition etcâ&#x20AC;Ś Whatever is happening that day in the city matching the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s character and personality. In addition the people can make comments directly from the application on their phone while eating a good or bad dish in one of the recommended restaurants, or make a cool comment about a good party in an unknown place in a free space that will be customized especially for new things. The goal is that it will be convenient, attainable, informative and fast.


b-guided magazine project


b-guided magazine project