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Can you cover a song and still have it be great? Better yet, can you cover a great song and still have people like what they hear and buy your music? I say yes, but with a couple qualifiers. First, in order for your cover of a song to be great you must select a song that is well written lyrically and musically. That's the easy part, everyone can tell the difference between a bad song and a good one. Second, and most important, you must take that great song and make it your own. Don't try to sound or imitate that artist. You will sound like just another cover band. Instead be yourself, give that great song your style and make that song work for you. Sing it how it feels right to you. You will be surprised what happens when a talented artist takes a great song and runs with it. If you need an example of this go listen to the original version of Me & Bobby McGee by Kris Kristofferson and then listen to Janis Joplin's take on it. Now if you are wondering how this relates to a business, just replace the word "song" and insert "business". Everything will still apply. I'm using the example of a song because it's something almost anyone can relate to. Covering a business on the other hand is not something most people can easily relate to. Most of us think that in order to be successful as an Entrepreneur you have to invent the next great thing or have piles of cash to start a company, but that's not case. Plugging yourself into a system that has proven to be successful and then carving out your own identity within that system is the easiest and most successful way at becoming a triumphant Entrepreneur. The good news is, you don't have to sing like Janis Joplin to be successful in covering a business. You just have to take that great business and be yourself. Follow the words and melodies of that business, but make it your own and put your stamp on it. If you do that, the people will buy and see you as the artist you really are.

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==== ==== Hear the sweet melodies of updated versions of great songs from the past. Find out more at: ==== ====

Covering a Song and a Business  

Hear the Sweet Melodies of Updated Versions of Great Songs From the Past. Find out more at