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You hear talk about burning fat and building muscle all of the time. We say the words but do we really understand what it means to burn fat? Before you begin a burn the fat, build muscle workout, it is important to understand what this phrase means. This article will explain its meaning. So what is fat? This is a tissue found in everyone's body (even the most lean and ripped). It can provide energy to the body. Just about any foods that you eat will contain some degree of fat. There are different kinds of fat. Essential fat is used for bodily functions such as digestion or aiding in blood flow. It can also serve as an energy source for the body. Unfortunately essential fat is relatively scarce compared to the other kind of fat - stored fat. Stored fat is found in larger quantities than essential fat. This type of fat if "stored" in the liver or kidneys as well as in fat cells throughout the body. Our bodies will use stored fat and an energy supply to help us function throughout the day. A calorie is the unit of measurement used to measure the energy that stored fat gives us. A burn fat, build muscle workout is designed to accelerate the fat burning process that naturally takes place everyday. Yes, some people burn fat faster than others. They may have a high metabolism or perhaps they are simply more active than others. This may help them lose body fat more quickly than someone who is sedentary. For those of you that do not seem to lose weight easily you have to make a conscious effort to stimulate your body to accelerate what it is already trying to do - burn fat! So what can you do to help your body burn more fat? Start eating the right kind of foods - foods that are designed give you energy and increase your metabolism. Start exercising. If you are not used to exercising then just increase your activity level everyday. Walk a little further, climb some stairs, jump up and down, move some doesn't really matter. Just start doing something that will stimulate your heart rate and help you burn some calories.

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==== ==== Proven Method to Reduce Fat and Get the Abs You've Always Wanted!! More Details at: ==== ====

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Proven Method to Reduce Fat, Build Muscle and Get the Abs You've Always Wanted!! More Details at: