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INT. MIX MARTIAL ARTS CENTER - DAY TERRANCE RIDLEY walks into the Mix Martial Arts Center. Inside there are two boxing rings and one UFC octagon caged ring. Scattered through out the center are several physically fit young males fighting and exercising. TERRANCE is greeted by a tall, strong man standing inside one of the boxing rings JACKSON May I help you? TERRANCE Umm, yeah. I work just across the street from here in the factory and I see you guys fighting over here all the time. I was just wondering what exactly you guys do. JACKSON This right here is mixed martial arts. These people all around you work day and night to perfect their fighting skills. Some are here just to get a good workout, others are here to become professional UFC fighters. TERRANCE Are you the trainer here? JACKSON Yes I am. I’ve been here for the past five years. Who exactly are you? TERRANCE My name is Terrnace. How would I be able to join your gym? JACKSON This isn’t just some gym where you purchase a membership and come in to do whatever you feel like doing. This is a fighting gym. you will get your ass kicked, no matter tough you think you are. I don’t think this is the place for you. STUDENT (interrupting) Who is this guy, master?




JACKSON Just some guy that wants to join our gym. STUDENT (laughing) Are you serious? My sister could probably beat the shit out of this guy. JACKSON Hey, watch your mouth. As for you Terrance, I think it’s about time you leave so i can get back to teaching my students. TERRANCE No! I am not a little bitch anymore. All through out high school I’ve been stepped on. I’m tired of people ignoring me, and teling me what I can and can not do. I’m done! I want to join your gym. STUDENT Whoa, looks like pussy boy is on his period. JACKSON Didn’t I tell you to shut up? Now get back in the ring or get out of my gym. TERRANCE Are you going to let me join or are you going to be just like everyone else I have ever know and tell me I can’t. JACKSON Do you realize how much time and effort you have to put into this sport? TERRANCE Yes. I’m prepared to do whatever it takes. JACKSON Okay, be here at 6am tomorrow morning, and don’t be late.

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