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November 2011 | issue no: 2

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northeastern university - department of housing and residential life

the LLC Ledger spotlight on a living learning community: Global Frontiers

Community Service: Smith, Willis Leadership: Stetson East Sustainability & Green Science: Light Bouvè College: Stetson West CBA Corporate Explorers: Speare

A Whole NU World!

The Global Frontiers LLC has continually embraced its name and College of Engineering: Stetson has provided the residents creative West and informative outlets to get to know one another and the Connections: Stetson West surrounding Boston community. College of Computer & From various meditations from Information Sciences: Smith across the globe to making assorted Criminal Justice: 153 Hemenway international apple dishes, the CBA Leaders in Society: Speare

Honors, INV, WVC, WVF Pre Med: 337 Huntington Undeclared: Speare Creative Expressions: Kerr, Melvin Interactive Media: Kerr E.M.B.R.A.C.E.: Kennedy Interdisciplinary: Kennedy


entire staff has truly been inspired by presenting a worldview to all of the residents of White Hall, the residence hall that houses students from 57 countries! On the horizon: a trip to the United Nations! Here, the residents will get to see how the UN operates by getting a tour and partaking in various activities while there. The RA Staff is continuing to explore interesting programs and are looking forward to many including “No Walls Between Us”, an opportunity for residents to see what the role of graffiti in revolt is, while also getting the opportunity to create their own “graffiti” mural. Keep up the amazing work, Global Frontiers!


Looking for another RA or staff member to coprogram with? We bring you the CoProgramming Classifieds: send the LLC Ledger your ideas and needs and we’ll send them out to other LLCs. Send all e-mail inquiries to:

Global Frontiers: White Political Science & Urban Policy: 153 Hemenway

LLCs by #s LLC Programs as of 10/31: 184 Total Attendance: 3,838 Programs with Faculty: 88

GLOBAL FRONTIERS: Katie Potter is hoping to present a program next semester on microfinancing philanthropy – for example, helping people in developing countries develop & execute a business plan, providing a community small loans to improve their lives continuously, and so on. Depending on the types of philanthropy discussed, that could include Bouvé, Community Service, and Sustainability just to name a few.






RA Spotlight: Ashley Tatro Congratulations! Ashley Tatro, you are November’s RA Spotlight! Since the very beginning of the year, Ashley has gone above and beyond in all facets of the RA position. She has developed extremely close relationships with her residents. They consistently rely on her for support and guidance. She has handled difficult situations effectively and consistently watches out for those in Stetson West. Ashley is a presence on the Stetson West 2011-­‐2012 Facebook page (which boasts over 430 members at this point). She takes

initiative and ensures that the community is aware of all programs that are occurring. She has taken every opportunity to expose our first-­‐year students to some experiences in order to prepare them for what is to come. She even organized the program centered around International Co-­‐op with Cynthia Sweet! Serving as a great LLC RA role model, she is at the top of her game, gets things done on time and continues to be reliable, all while excelling in her academics and working for the Resident Safety Office.

RD Spotlight: Patrick Lesswing The RD Spotlight for November is Patrick Lesswing, RD of West Village B&C! This New RD oversees the Upper-­‐class Honors LLC and has provided his staff with amazing support and guidance and has truly established himself as a hardworking and dedicated member of the Residential Life Staff in his brief time here at Northeastern. Here is some of what one of Patrick’s staff members had to say: “He has so clearly brought to the position enthusiasm and a strong work ethic but most importantly, a passion for his work. This passion is contagious

to the rest of our staff, and encourages us to perform well and fulfill all responsibilities. He brought our staff together and built us into a strong, cohesive team. He successfully helped to establish a united front among us. He has gone above and beyond in his role and I believe that I can speak for all of my staff when I thank him for the incredible work he has done thus far and I look forward to all he has to bring to the Northeastern community.” Congrats Patrick, you deserve it!

NEW 2012-2013 Interdisciplinary LLCs globalization & the 2012 freshman

Interdisciplinary LLCs fusion floor Do you want to expand your perspective by living with a group of students from different majors, interests, and backgrounds? In the Fusion LLC students will learn from one another’s experiences, as well as from a dynamic cross section of interdisciplinary faculty members at Northeastern. Students in this LLC will discuss their experiences as first-­‐year students as reflective, holistic understandings of their collegiate experiences.

building a sustainable world This is the LEED Gold Standard of LLCs! Students in all disciplines will come together to share unique perspectives on how we can construct a more sustainable future. Focusing on architecture, engineering, environmental science, and urban studies, students in this LLC will spend the year problem-­‐solving and brainstorming sustainable solutions for our modern world. from novel to big screen Interested in how a classic novel is turned into a box office hit? The Novel to Big Screen LLC looks to unite students who share interests in reading, writing, media, and production to create an all-­‐encompassing environment for learning about what happens behind the scenes before you buy your ticket. Programming will include film screenings, discussions with faculty members, and analysis. Students will gain a deeper appreciation for media arts through living in this community, and will have opportunities to recognize career paths in cinema arts.

As the world has become increasingly connected and interdependent, a host of new challenges have emerged. This LLC will explore the vast social, cultural and economic changes that await NU students as they go out into the world after graduation. Students will utilize a variety of perspectives to explore globalization, including sociology, economics, political science and international affairs. Students will also discuss ways in which they can thrive in a globalized world. inNUvate Explore. Discover. Revolutionize. In the InNUvate LLC, students will be challenged to expand their academic horizons. Students will not only experience, but also become a part of the cutting edge world of the sciences. In this community, students will be encouraged to explore their passions, whether it is through the world of biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, or other science disciplines. Academic support, interactions with faculty, attending co-­‐op and research panels, or even applying knowledge in an inspired way is all a part of the InNUvate experience. Residing in an interdisciplinary floor, students will be afforded the unique opportunity to learn from their peers in other fields of study and become more informed members of the scientific community. By choosing the InNUvate LLC, students will join a dynamic and stimulating group of students who are invested in advancing the scientific world.

Past LLC Programs

CCIS: Past, Present and Future Co-­‐ops Unite Over Code On Saturday, October 8th a group of bright-­‐eyed young computer scientists joined their RA, Jean Nei, and a few talented CCIS Alumni from Novartis in a four-­‐hour intensive training session on the HTML and JavaScript programming languages. In order to provide participants with hands-­‐on and personalized attention, the program was limited to the first 24 residents to sign up and registration filled in less than fifteen minutes!

The residents of the CCIS LLC began learning the basics of each of the programming languages and before long were creating rich and interactive web applications. These skills not only give these students a leg up in the classroom but put them well ahead of the competition when it comes to co-­‐op. In addition, the residents were given the opportunity to hear about what the co-­‐op experience was like from an inside perspective as Jean and both of the NU alumni all have co-­‐ op experience at Novartis. The alumni currently supervise Huskies as full-­‐time Novartis employees and loved the opportunity to network with the next class of co-­‐op hopefuls. Community Service: Walk To Cure Diabetes On Saturday, October 1st a small but energetic team of Community Service LLC residents braved the cold wet conditions to join the Greater Boston community in the annual Walk to Cure Diabetes sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The group, and more than 7,000 other supporters, kicked-­‐off this year’s walk just before 10:00am at the the iconic Hatch Shell on the Esplanade. All together the walked raised more than $1.1 Million to support diabetes research and continues to build awareness for the cause. Well done huskies! Honors: The Haunted Ghost Tours were a big hit with our Honors LLC. It was so popular we had to have two nights! Students got to take a guided walking tour though the Boston Commons and other spooky Boston sights, while getting a immersive educational experience. Stetson West Staff: The staff over in Stetson West has been busy! They have taken residents to the MIT Museum, on a Walk Against Diabetes, on a trip to the Garment District, and to Six Flags: New England, where students studied the physics of roller coasters! The RAs have also hosted a ResHall Brawl, a Halloween Horror Movie night, and a 5 Under 25 event, with professionals working in the field who are under the age of 25. INV: International Thanksgiving is a night of food and festivities from around the world to get everybody ready for the holidays. In the spirit of the season, the INV staff ran a non-­‐perishable food drive to be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank, as well as a “I am Thankful For...” Table where residents filled out a note card describing what they were most thankful for, which will be displayed in the INV lobby.

Upcoming Programing Creative Expressions: Life in a day, what does that look like for a husky? RAs Anthony Savvides and Neal Swain are looking to find out. The two Kerr Hall RAs will be screening the new documentary film directed by Kevin Macdonald called Life in a Day. In this film the director, Kevin Macdonald and producer Ridley Scott took a year’s worth of YouTube submissions to create a global view of a single day. RAs Savvides and Swain will be screening this film to their residents of Kerr Hall in an effort to show them life through another’s eyes. This screening of this film will follow with an opportunity to the residents to create their own short piece, which will be complied and screened at the beginning of the spring semester. Pre-­‐Med: Pre-­‐Med RAs Connie Lu and Quinn Bott are currently working on getting multiple advisors from the College of Sciences to come in and do some check ins with their students (since many of them aren't strictly pre-­‐med). Quinn is also working with Adam Maclasco in Stetson West to plan a trip to the Taza chocolate factory for a tour, which will then be followed up by Dr. Sceppa, a nutrition professor, who will give a talk about eating healthy and chocolate. Global Frontiers: White Hall RAs Pat Henrick and Abbie Kaiser are planning an event called “No Walls Between Us.” The program will be presented in 2 parts. The first evening, PhD candidate Samantha Christiansen will present on the role of graffiti in youth voice and revolt around the world, as well as help the students plan a 4’x24’ mural based around the “No Walls Between Us” theme. It will focus on our community, its global nature, and the sense of belonging in that global community. The second evening, the students will actually create the mural with the assistance of Professor Christiansen's husband, who will help the students with spray paint techniques. Pat and Abbie hope to find a place on campus to display the mural as well as elicit coverage of the actual painting process by the Huntington News.

LLC Ledger Issue 2  

LLC Ledger Issue 2

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