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Llandrindod Wells and Area Twinning Association

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Llandrindod Wells and Area Twinning Association

A Message from our chairman to all twinners and friends The end of 2013 approaches and as the old year comes to an end we look back on the events of the past and look forward to a busy programme of activities in 2014. As you will read on page eight of this, the fifth edition of the Twinning Association’s Yearbook, there have been several changes in the composition of the twinning committee. I would like to thank all outgoing members for their hard work over the years, thank re-elected members for their continued support, and welcome all those new to the committee. My first eight months as chairman have been as busy as ever with the highlight of the year being my first event as chairman; the trip to Germany to celebrate the Europafest, I am particularly pleased that an ever increasing number of young people from Llandrindod and our twin towns of Bad Rappenau and Contrexéville are participating in twinning events. This trend will continue in 2014 with a visit to Llandrindod by pupils of the Realschüle in Bad Rappenau, and a visit to Germany by the Llandrindod Wells Scout Group. A group from Llandrindod has also been invited to visit France in August and so if you are aged between 14 and 18 years old and would like to take the opportunity to visit Contrexéville, then please let me or any other committee member know. The Twinning Association relies on fund-raising events and voluntary contributions to finance its activities. The Association is especially grateful to Llandrindod Town Council for it's financial support. Several fund-raising events were held in 2013 and more are planned in 2014. Some of the forthcoming activities are listed on page eighteen. Further details will be published on the Association's website prior to the event. This year's annual general meeting is planned to be held on 19th May. Everyone in Llandrindod Wells and the surrounding area is invited to attend and get involved. New hosts and people wishing to help organise visits and events are always welcome.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to you all

Rob Shelton Chairman

About Twinning Town twinning is an agreement of goodwill made between two or more towns of similar size and character in their different countries. They sign a charter to foster friendship and goodwill between their two communities. Reciprocal two-way visits foster personal friendships and mutual understanding. By visiting a twin town, staying with a family and discussing things of mutual interest, we discover what we have in common and learn to understand and enjoy our differences - such as French cooking!

Who are we twinned with? We signed a twinning charter with the small spa town of Contrexéville in 1992. It is in a region of low mountains called the Vosges, a rural area which shares many features with Radnorshire. Contrexéville was itself twinned with the German spa town of Bad Rappenau, near Heidelberg, and in 2001 a formal twinning charter was signed between Llandrindod Wells and Bad Rappau

The aims of the Association The Association wants to make twinning accessible to all sectors of our community and would like to hear from any local group wishing to make an exchange visit. These are some of the areas in which we would like to see exchange visits being arranged : • education, training and work experience • culture, music and the arts • sport and recreation • business and tourism development • social visits We particularly wish to support exchanges involving young people.

How is the Association run? The Twinning Association is an independent organisation and relies on the energy and enthusiasm of local residents to make the programme work. A small committee of volunteers runs the twinning programme and keeps in regular contact with our counterparts in Contrexéville and Bad Rappenau. The committee is supported by a number of working groups dealing with matters such as fundraising, publicity and hospitality.

How is twinning funded? The Association’s activities are funded almost exclusively from local voluntary contributions. The Association has received some grant support from Llandrindod Wells Town Council and also seeks grant aid from the European Commission for specific projects. However, we rely almost exclusively on the efforts of our fundraising working group in order to meet the cost of receiving visiting groups. We rely on local families to provide hospitality, but additional funds are needed for the receptions and social gatherings which we arrange whilst visitors are here. These events provide excellent opportunities for visitors and local people to meet. Groups and people travelling abroad are responsible for funding their own transport costs. The Association assists groups to find accommodation through our counterparts in ContrexÊville and Bad Rappenau.

How can I get involved?

Llandrindod Wells & Area Twinning Association c/o Upper Mill, Dolau Llandrindod Wells Powys LD1 5TL Phone: +44 (0) 1597 851427

There are no limits to the extent to which the twinning programme can be developed for the benefit of our community. We look to local residents and groups to put forward ideas, so that the programme can reflect the needs and wishes of the community. If you can offer your help on a regular or seasonal basis, for example by helping with fundraising or by putting up visitors in your home, this will help to enlarge and expand our twinning links. This provides opportunities to get involved with your local community and with the French and German visitors. Opportunities will then arise for visiting ContrexĂŠville and Bad Rappenau at the cost of a bus or air ticket and some presents for your host family. If you are interested then please fill in the response form and post to the Twinning Association Chairman Rob Shelton at the above address.

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Members & supporters of the Twinning Association at the annual dinner

Annual Dinner A busy 2013 started with the Association's annual dinner that was held at the Hotel Commodore, Llandrindod Wells, on a cold evening on Friday 22 February. The thirty-three diners, surrounded by items of twinning memorabilia that are now on display in the hotel, enjoyed a tasty three-course meal, in the cosy dining area warmed by a blazing log fire.

Twinning Quiz In order to help fund their activities the Twinning Association organises several events throughout the year. The first fund-raising event in 2013 was a Quiz Night at Dolau Community Hall on Friday 8 March. Ten teams took part in a challenging and entertaining contest, the questions of which were set by the secretary, Peter Davies, who acted as quiz-master ably assisted by his wife Jenny. The winning team named “Whatever” kindly donated their £20 prize money to the Association. The Association is also grateful to supporter Stephen Gilbert for the loan of his computer projector, and Barbara Shelton for providing refreshments during the half-time break. The event raised over £200 that went towards the cost of hosting groups from our twin towns who visited Llandrindod Wells later in the year.

The Twinning Association is grateful to all the local businesses who have placed adverts in the 2013 Yearbook. Without their generous support this publication would not be possible

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Annual General Meeting This year's AGM was held at the Hotel Commodore, Llandrindod Wells, on 15th May. In his report the outgoing Chairman, Jeff Thomas, outlined the year's activities and fund raising efforts. He thanked the committee for all their hard work and support during his five-year tenure, the maximum period permitted in the Association's constitution. Long-serving committee members Wendy Thomas and Sheila Bufton also stepped down as did the secretary Peter Davies after four years in office. The following officers and committee members were elected at the meeting or were co-opted afterwards: Officers: Chairman:Rob Shelton (1), Vice Chairman:Edmund Coady (2),Treasurer: Forbes Lopez (3), Secretary: Rachael Layton (4), Fund Raising Secretary: Deryn Gambles (5), Publicity Officer: Shanaz Dorkenoo (6). The post of Hosting Secretary remained unfilled following the resignation of Barbara Shelton after three years in post. Members: Elsbeth Vipond (German liason) (7), Joyce Hope (8), Audrey Houghton (9), Barb Shelton (10), Anna Coady (11), Nichole Mackintosh (French liason) (12), Greg Palmer (13) and Ruth Curzon (14). The mayor Jeff Green (15), and Elaine Worgan (16) represent Llandrindod Town Council, with Cllr Tom Turner (17) representing Powys CC. The Committee's link to Llandrindod High School is Matthew Morris.


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Bad Rappenau Pupils Visit Llandrindod In May a group of fifteen pupils and their teachers from the Werkrealschȕle, Bad Rappenau, visited Llandrindod for a four-day stay. The school party was accompanied by a group of twenty adults who all stayed at the homes of local supporters of the Twinning Association Mr. David Lewis, Headteacher of Llandrindod Wells High School, invited the German students to spend a day at Llandrindod High School where they were given the opportunity to join in classroom activities in the design and technology department, attend music lessons, and play games of football and rounders. Isa Klopprogge, one of the teachers accompanying the German pupils, said how pleased she was at the way the pupils from both schools had interacted through the medium of English. For most of the pupils it was their first visit to Britain and they made several new friends with their Some of the pupils displaying the Welsh flag before their departure High School hosts. After the school activities the pupils walked to Llandrindod Wells Golf Club where they learnt golfing skills on the golf range and putting green. On the day of the school visit some of the adults were taken on a guided walk to Shaky Bridge followed by a coach trip to Hay-On-Wye. The adults and young guests also visited the Spring Festival at the Royal Welsh Showground and enjoyed a sunny day out visiting the beach and nature reserve at Ynys Las, followed by an afternoon sight-seeing in Aberystwyth. On their return from Aberystwyth the German students were entertained to an evening of activities with the 1st Llandrindod Wells Scout Group who are planning a visit to Bad Rappenau in July 2014. After the activities everyone enjoyed a buffet meal. Before their journey home the deputy mayor, Elaine Worgan, thanked the group for making the long journey to Wales and hoped that they had enjoyed their stay.

Eurofest Celebrations At the beginning of June Bad Rappenau hosted an international festival to commemorate the historic signing of the Elysée treaty by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer in 1963. Over 1,200 guests from twenty-two communities in eight countries visited Bad Rappenau to celebrate Eurofest 2013. A group of thirty-eight people, led by the Mayor, Councillor Jeff Green, represented Llandrindod Wells. The group included members of Celtic Links Scottish country dance group who performed at a number of events over a busy and action-filled weekend Mayor, Jeff Green, samples European cuisine On their arrival the visitors were welcomed by their host families at the Mühltalhalle. The following day some of the visitors were given the opportunity to use the extensive spa facilities in Bad Rappenau – swimming in the indoor and outdoor spa pools – whilst others had a trip along the Neckar valley to enjoy the scenery and cafés in the picturesque villages. On their return everyone attended a party to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of signing the twinning agreement between Bad Rappenau and Contrexéville. The highlight of the visit was the full day of celebrations on Sunday 9 June when the Kurpark in Bad Rappenau was host venue to seven local German towns and fifteen twin towns from seven other countries. The day started with an ecumenical church service followed by a procession of mayors and twinning association chairmen from all the towns represented at the festival. After the procession eminent German and European Community politicians spoke on the theme “friendship without borders”. After a celebration lunch in the Kurpark everyone enjoyed a full afternoon of entertainment provided by musicians and dancers from the twenty-two communities represented at the festival. On the last day the Welsh guests visited the historic university city of Heidelberg on the banks of the Neckar river. Before the group's departure the Mayor, Councillor Jeff Green, thanked the Mayor of Bad Rappenau, Herr Blättgen, the Bad Rappenau Twinning Association and host families for making their stay so enjoyable.

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The group in Cathays Park, Cardiff

Contrexéville Youth Group Cultural Exchange At the end of July a group of fifteen young people and their leaders from Contrexéville visited Llandrindod Wells on a cultural exchange visit. The young people organised a week of activities with assistance from the Llandrindod Wells and Area Twinning Association. The programme enabled them to meet and interact with young people from Llandrindod Wells and the German twin town Bad Rappenau. During their stay the group learned about Welsh culture and history with visits to the Radnorshire Museum, National Cycle Collection and the Wales National Hstory Museum at St.Fagans after which they visited Cardiff town centre and attended a Lady Gaga tribute concert in the evening. On the third day of their visit they joined in a Welsh Folk Dancing workshop at Llandrindod Dance Centre. Other activities included cycling and raft building at the Elan Valley, golf tuition, a culinary workshop, and a coach trip to Aberystwyth and Borth. The visit was funded under the European Union Youth in Action Programme and was designed to develop a sense of responsibility, for participants to be more independent, to make new contacts, to brave the language barrier and to deepen cultural and tourist knowledge. It is hoped that young people from Llandrindod Wells will be able to visit Contrexéville in the near future to consolidate the friendships forged during the stay of the French youth group.

The culinary workshop at Highland Moors

Bad Rappenau Youth Football Team Visit The French visit coincided with that of a group of thirty-two young people from Bad Rappenau. The majority of the group were boys who were members of youth football teams from their home town. The young people stayed at the Elan Valley Lodge for their four-day visit during which they joined the French visitors and their Welsh hosts on visits to local museums and a trip to Aberystwyth and Borth. They also joined a golf tuition morning at Llandrindod Golf Club and a Welsh folk dancing workshop. One highlight of the visit was a football match, organised by Geraint Davies and Ian Halstead from Llandrindod Football Club, between the Bad Rappenau and Llandrindod Wells Football Club's under 14 teams for a trophy donated by the Bad Rappenau Twinning Association. The game was very competitive and played in a sporting manner with Bad Rappenau coming out victors 4-2. After the game both teams were presented with commemorative medals and enjoyed a barbecue together organised by Llandrindod Football Club.

Furkan Türkoglu, captain of Bad Rappenau team with the trophy presented by mayor Jeff Green

It is hoped, in the future, to develop the football links with Bad Rappenau and Contrexéville through a French – German – Welsh mini 5-a-side tournament with a couple of teams from each country participating.

The youth football teams gather after the match

O N D ct



Tree planting

Mayoral Visit At the beginning of October the Mayor of Bad Rappenau, Herr Heribert Blättgen, visited Llandrindod Wells. He was accompanied by a small delegation from the town hall in Bad Rappenau on a visit to consolidate the links between the twin towns. The visit was organised by the Mayor of Llandrindod Wells, Councillor Jeff Green, who had arranged a varied programme of events to enable the delegation to enjoy a wide range of activities whilst in the Mid Wales spa town including rally driving, horse riding, walking, and a visit to the Welsh National History Museum at St. Fagans. During their short stay the Bad Rappenau visitors were able to renew their acquaintance with former mayors of Llandrindod Wells over dinner at Jules Restaurant. As a token of friendship between Llandrindod Wells and Bad Rappenau, Herr Blättgen presented a Ginkgo tree to Councillor Jeff Green which was planted in the grounds of the Pavilion.

Autumn Quiz On 25th October the Twinning Association held it's second fund-raising quiz of the year at Dolau Community Hall. Nine teams entered the quiz answering questions set by twinning supporters and keen quizzers, the Gilbert family. A hard-fought contest was won by the Llandrindod Irregulars. The proceeds from the entry fees and raffle, for which prizes were donated by members of the Twinning Committee, helped boost funds for hosting visits to Llandrindod Wells by groups from our twin towns of Contrexéville and Bad Rappenau.

The Llandrindod Irregulars

Promotional Exhibition at Tesco On 14th and 15th November the Twinning Association held a promotional exhibition, manned by helpers and members of the committee, in the foyer of the Tesco supermarket in Llandrindod Wells. The purpose of the exhibition was to increase awareness of twinning and raise funds for the forthcoming scout trip to Germany. Promotional leaflets were distributed and Hygeia badges were available for purchase, as were Christmas Carol Quiz Sheets that were prepared by Barbara Shelton. Chairman, Rob Shelton, was pleased with the interest shown by visitors to the supermarket and hoped that the exhibition demonstrated that twinning is accessible to all sectors of the local community. He hopes that more residents and groups will now offer help and come forward with ideas for future exchanges.

Verzon Bookshop & Gallery Middleton Street, Llandrindod Wells

Barbara & Wendy “man� the exhibition


S r i a H

01597 824039

e h T FO




Gaynor Roberts

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French Autumn Visit to Llandrindod On Friday 22nd November a group of seventeen visitors from our twin town of ContrexĂŠville arrived in Llandrindod Wells for a four-day visit. The group was met at Highland Moors Guest House by their hosts and the mayor, Jeff Green, who welcomed the visitors to the town. The following bright and frosty morning the guests travelled to Ludlow for the 'Medieval Christmas Fayre' spending the day exploring the historic town and the stalls, in the castle grounds, selling gifts, food and drink, historical goods and a lot more, as well as being entertained by various singers, re-enactors and other artistes. On their return to Llandrindod in evening the group and their hosts enjoyed a buffet meal before attending a packed concert in Holy Trinity Church featuring the prizewinning Gwalia Singers from Swansea and the Mid Powys Youth Choir with soloists Holly Richards and Morgan Field. On Sunday the guests travelled by coach to Cardiff for a day of sightseeing and Christmas shopping, returning to Llandrindod Wells in the evening for a Welsh Black roast beef dinner, with friends old and new, at Llandrindod Golf Club

Our French visitors at the crowded Medieval Fair

Eleanor Madoc-Davies conducts the Youth Choir at the Holy Trinity concert

The final full day of the trip was spent visiting the Judge's Lodgings Museum in Presteigne in the morning, followed by a pub lunch and tour of the black and white villages of the Herefordshire border, sampling Herefordshire cider during an interesting visit to Dunkerton's Cider Mill.

The highest and lowest scorers of the skittles competition receive their prizes

In the evening a skittles competition was held at the Royal British Legion Club where everyone enjoyed a bring and share supper. Early on Tuesday morning the hosts took their guests to the lake to embark on the long journey home to France. Before her departure, Babette Simonin, the Contrexéville Twinning Association President, thanked everyone in Llandrindod for making the visit to the town so enjoyable.

Christmas Quiz

In the weeks leading up to Christmas the Twinning Association raised funds by selling “Christmas Songs and Carols” quiz sheets at £1.00 per entry. The sixty-question quiz was compiled by Barbara Shelton. Entrants had to work out the titles of various festive songs from the initial letters of their titles. This proved a challenge to many competitors as some of the titles were in Latin, French or German, and several of the musical pieces included were not on the usual Christmas playlists. The quiz helped to raise much needed income for the Association. The £50 prize was won by Adam Gilbert from Bleddfa.

Christmas Tree Festival For the second year in succession the Twinning Association, together with several other local voluntary and community groups, participated in Holy Trinity Church's Christmas Tree Festival. Members adorned the Association's tree with traditional German, French and Welsh decorations. Decorating the tree

Information on our twin towns and leaflets outlining the aims of twinning were displayed.

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Hygeia Badges

In Greek and Roman mythology Hygeia was the daughter of the god of medicine. She was the goddess of health, cleanliness, and sanitation. Her image has been adopted by the Association as our logo and features on 20mm x15mm enamelled metal badges that we have for sale at £1.50 each.

Forthcoming Events in 2014

The twinning committee is busy planning events for 2014 including: Sale of goods 26 April –10 May. AGM 19 May. ● Visit to Llandrindod by Bad Rappenau twinners in June ● Scout vsit to Germany in July. ● Three-way golf tournament. ● Visit to Llandrindod by pupils of the Realschüle, Bad Rappenau. ● Visit to France by a group of young Llandrindod and area residents ● Other fund raising events and visits throughout the year. Keep an eye on our website (address on cover) for further news. ● ●

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Yearbook 2013  
Yearbook 2013  

Pamphlet describing events organised by Llandrindod Wells and Area Twinning Association during 2013