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Zuther Ensign Manga Magazine - Kickstarter New young adult (teen) manga magazine bringing to readers new, high quality, cutting edge content, also supporting the art community. This Project is to help us with printing ZEM Issue #1 only, not future series. WHAT WE ARE Zuther Ensign Magazine is a manga magazine that has been months in the making. We have gathered a multitude of talented individuals from across the globe to launch our dream of becoming the premier young adult (teen) manga magazine in existence. If we reach our goal, with your help, we will be the first American manga publishing company that has taken foothold on the market without the backing of larger Japanese companies such as Viz Media. OUR PURPOSE Our dream is to give hope to artists around the world who create beautiful manga literature and give them the credit they deserve. This allows Zuther Ensign Magazine to bring its readers new, cutting edge content, while supporting the art community. How Zuther Ensign Magazine Works Our magazine will serialize manga just as other magazines have done in the past, however, we give our readers ultimate control over what stories will come into print. On our website, there will be a place to vote for your favorite mangas allowing fans to choose what stays and what goes. Artists from anywhere in any country may submit work and it will be reviewed by our art panel to make sure we release the highest quality of artwork to the public. ZEM Website: Note: Website isn't anywhere near completion but we decided to live it while we keep working on Making it better and user friendly, The Vote/Rate Plugin is still under development. ZEM Alpha OUR ALPHA ISSUE The first issue of Zuther Ensign Magazine will contain three stories and advertisements with a inside page length of 60. The three pieces chosen were among many submitted for the first issue. We are committed to a high standard of quality and will incorporate more high quality works in our second issue with your help of reaching our goals! This issue is just to get the Series of ZEM off the ground.

Magazine Content Page FEATURED MANGA Two of manga chosen for the Alpha issue are one shot stories, which means they can stand alone on their own, or they can become longer the more issues of the magazine we produce. This way, you will not need to wait till the next issue to find out what happens in these stories. In the next issue, we will launch longer ongoing pieces. 1. Forever Alone- This short story is about a boy named Dean who has just revealed a secret that he has carried around with him that he just has to get out to the world, or maybe to just to one specific person. 2. Pillow Fighters- This shonen style story is about an epic battle that takes place in a strange land. We can’t say much else or we would give away the story. Guess you’ll just have to read it to find out more. 3. Dear Diary- This piece follows a girl named Vanna as life is seen from her world. INFO ON SECRETS TO COME While our Alpha Issue only contains three stories, we have contacted artists to feature their manga as our magazine unfolds. If we reach 6500 we will begin working on the Zuther Ensign Magazine Official Series right away. That is why we need your help to reach our goals!


Zuther Ensign Manga Magazine - Kickstarter  

New young adult (teen) manga magazine bringing to ...